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Alabama A & M University

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I'm leaving after 1 semester at A&M.BrightEducation
I'm leaving after 1 semester at A&M. To be honest I wish I had seen this site before even coming. I thought it would be a nice experience away from home and I always hear about HBCUs. However, all I got in peers was close-minded,ignorant kids from the south - and faculty is lazy and arrogant. The first month it was ongoing joke to pull fire alarms to the point we lost visitation and currently don't have it for an unknown reason to me. The class work is remedial and kids can skip most of the class and still pass. The campus is not kept up and claims to be smoke free but there are kids walking around with blacks and rolling up on the quad. All the boys are disturbingly thirsty and most of the girls are loud and irritating beyond belief. I am transferring and thank goodness leave at the end of this semester (4 days) Unless you don't have other options don't come here and even then just go to community college its better than this unaccredited shithole.
1st Year Female -- Class 2018
Social Life: C, Education Quality: F
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I hate to be the bearer of badQuite BrightFinance
I hate to be the bearer of bad news and bring negativity into the board, but this is a review website. You don't want to waste very precious time and money somewhere where you're not happy. At AAMU, the bad outweighs the good. The school was absolutely dreadful. "College is what you make it". True. But certain things are beyond your scope of control and have little to do with how much you put in either way.

I had my tuition lost and dropped out of the system back in 2000. That should not have happened. I didn't find not being able to eat a "college is what you make it" experience. Yes, it happens at other schools, but that's beside the point. It shouldn't have happened period. When I attended, it was common to stand in line for hours on end just to register for the upcoming semester classes. They had not figured out that we were no longer in the dark ages and online registration was common and more logical than standing in line for hours on end. Where are you going to stand in line for 4 hours again in life? Even the DMV is less of a hassle. Again, that has nothing to do with "college is what you make it".

I felt like students were friendly but a little self absorbed and too concerned with fashion. Most of the young women were dressed reminiscent of a former club outing with high stiletto heels, painted on skintight jeans and skimpy tops. I believe this was done to garner attention from the guys since there was a very unbalanced female to male ratio on campus.

I feel you could get the most out of your experience here if you live off campus and have your own car. Transportation is darn near nonexistent and you don't want to get called the N word by resident rednecks while you are walking to the nearby Walmart. The cab drivers are pretty much the same way. If you live in an apt, you won't have to deal with the horrible issues you are bound to have in the dorms like not having the maintenance respond to your requests at all or trying to wash clothes when only 3 of the washing machines work and they're all being used. That situation worsens during end of semester move out time. Again, it would be more logical to have to a washer and dryer on every floor versus having washer and dryers on one floor for both sides of the dorm. They would fix the washer and dryers periodically, but the students would break them by taping string to quarters and getting the coin slot jammed.

Academically, I felt like the biggest challenge was trying to interpret whatever it was that the foreign teachers were saying. There were a lot of foreign teachers and their accents made it ten times harder to understand what the material. Some teachers were very good, others were not. You pretty much just have to show up to get a passing grade, but most of the other people in class aren't there.

The school was great socially, though I felt like too many events were located off campus. The events for the most part should be on campus because that's where the school is. This is another reason why your own car is needed.

Make sure you eat during the times the cafeteria is open or you will be stuck blowing cash on a pizza from Domino's. No other restaurants deliver to the campus unfortunately because of racism. The cafeteria should stay open until it closes at night, but again certain things haven't caught on here. The cafeteria will be open for 2 1/2 hour intervals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it will be closed after each interval. Breakfast-6 to 8:30 Lunch-11 to 1:30 dinner-4 to 7. If you don't eat during those times and you can only eat once, you're SOL. They did have a greasy spoon, but the lines were super long and food would be halfway cooked. This is another example of how having your own apartment comes in handy.

I probably wouldn't recommend going here. If you must go to an HBCU, please try some of the better ones like Howard and one of the ones in the AUC.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2004
Social Life: B, Faculty Accessibility: F
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I am a african american aswell a majorityQuite BrightAgriculture/Horticulture
I am a african american aswell a majority of students that atennd this university. First off let me began by saying at first my perception of alabama a&m was good. I'd say about 2 weeks later I realized i had made a terrible mistake. To start I walked into a unprepared dorm that was full of chairs to the point I couldnt move in my stuff. I had to ask for someone to help remove the chairs and after that I began moving in. The room itself was dirty and had broken tile chips scattered across the floor. Cobwebs were still hanging from the celing. Dirt and grime still covered desks and other furniture. So before i could finish moving in I had to clean up a mess that was supposed to be handled. After this i finally got setttled in and motioned to turn on my ac on this hot summer day. As soon I turned the outdated ac unit on it began smoking. I alerted an ra(resident assistant) and was told it would be checked on. Two weeks later without ac in the hottest point of summer they finally came in check on it. It took another two weeks and a letter to the head of dorms to get it installed. In my room that day I went to hookup my speakers only to realize there was only one outlet in the whole room! A surge protecter had to be purchased and after plugging in my electronics i encountured a series of short circuts. How could i forget to metion the first day? Well the first day i toured the campus and got my id card and other neccesary items. Later that night me and a couple friends went to the campus apartments(normal hills) and after being there for about an hour gunshots let off. From a 1st person viewing experience I witnessed a student shoot his self in the leg. The police came and nothing happened. The police at a&m typically cover incidents like this up and watch fights before helping anyone. After this I went back to the dorms to chill outside. After being outside for an hour with a group of friends four gunshots let off. Take it this is all happening on the first day! This time nothing happened; no police nothing! Many other events suchs as a student getting thrown out the 4th floor window. A student getting sent to the hospital after getting jumped. Another student getting jumped in the cafeteria. Numerous break ins to several people I know. If you live on campus your personal items are not safe! Thier is absolutely no campus life on alabama a&m campus. Their are no gamerooms or areas for students to hang out.All the students at alabama a&m do is smoke weed, drink and talk. This is no exaggeration I've seen it countless times and fell victim to the utter boredom of alabama a&m. The food is a step above your highschool cafteria. Of course you have pizza and hamburgers but would you like to eat them everyday? The cafe menu never rotates; not even for the second semester. The cafeteria often runs out of specific drinks and are slow at serving. Recently we just got our first alternative to the cafe.Its called the greasy spoon 2 which is basically food from the cafe prepared with seasoning. So if your expecting a fastfood resturaunt on campus its not here! Overall the alabama a&m experience has been anything but rewarding. Its been a complete waste of my time and did I mention were in danger of losing our accredidation.

sidenotes: The first time we all lost visitaion was because someone spread fecies all over the walls of one building. The second time the girls lost it and was result of someone peeing in the elevator. The bathrooms are highly unsanitary and are filled with filth such as: hair,soap,leftover underwear,soap boxes,mildew and other comtaminants. Bottom line the janitors dont clean and you can expect halls riddled with trash in any place imaginable.(People are to lazy and often leave trash by doors or hide it behind hallways doors.)Sincerely Disatisfied Alabama A&M School Student.

1st Year Male -- Class 2014
Education Quality: A, Individual Value: F
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