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Auburn University

Total Grad Surveys 24
Females 11
Males 13
Avg years at University 2.4
Research Quality B (6.7)
Research Availability B (6.6)
Research Funding B- (6.3)
Graduate Politics B- (5.9)
Not Errand Runners B+ (7.3)
Degree Completion B+ (7.8)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B- (6.2)
Sufficient Pay B- (6.2)
Competitiveness B (6.6)
Education Quality B+ (7.6)
Faculty Accessibility B+ (7.5)
Useful Research B+ (7.7)
"Individual" treatment B+ (7.3)
Friendliness B (7.1)
Safety A- (8.2)
Campus Beauty A- (8.5)
Campus Maintenance A- (8.5)
University Spending B+ (7.8)
Extracurriculars B+ (7.5)
Scholastic Success B+ (7.8)
Surrounding City B- (6.5)
Social Life/ Environment B (7.3)
Graduate PoliticsB-
Campus BeautyA-
I just completed a Master's degree in NutritionNov 03 2014Nutrition
I just completed a Master's degree in Nutrition. I found the Nutrition program had very high standards, although staff was flexible and willing to work with you in classwork and research. The staff has passion for their research and it rubs off in the classroom. I enjoy working with a diversity of international students and Auburn University provides several extracurricular and study abroad opportunities to enjoy.A word of warning, research in the Nutrition department is highly lab-based (focusing on molecular mechanisms in cell culture and rodents). The department is small, and there are limited positions available for dietetic students. Students with limited background in biochemistry find classes challenging, be ready to study.
May 30 2014Education
few graduate assistantships
This school is overratedJan 16 2014Animal Studies
This school is overrated. I graduated from here in 2005 and have had a very hard time trying to find a job afterwards. Auburn itself is a really cool city, it's clean and it thrives on Auburn Football. But attending here was not my best decision. The social life is awful! I had a African American friend get scolded at and kicked out of multiple parties all because of the color of his skin. If you're not in a frat or sorority, your social life will suck. The apartments are really nice, as are the dorms. Also please for the love if god do not buy into their lies when they tell you their engineering department is the best. I've had a number of friend, all majored and got their degrees in mechanical engineering, agricultural, etc.., and had to go back because no one would hire them. This is not to say they don't have a good engineering department; but you ask most Auburn fans, they will tell you it's the best in the south, which is completely false. The faculty is nice, the teachers grade way too hard and are unhelpful, the students are really snobby and rude. I love Auburn and always will, but god is it frustrating to hear our fans talk constantly about that school in Tuscaloosa. If you are from out of state, be prepared. Auburn football is fun but you'll find many Auburn fans have an inferiority complex and it is insufferable.Auburn is a "good" school, nothing less. Unless you get your masters or you are in the Vet program, be prepared for a long search and wait for a job.
I recently graduated from the Executive MBA programJun 24 2012Business - Management and Administration
I recently graduated from the Executive MBA program at Auburn University. My experience with the university, the faculty, the administration, and the study body were all extremely positive. Auburn is very much committed to the "Family" and it shows. The University will literally bend over backwards to accommodate you.

The campus is not overwhelming in size, but it is pristinely manicured. Auburn is very much a sports college and most obviously a football school. Jordan-Hare Stadium has a massive presence on the campus. The college just oozes tradition and it you love that atmosphere, Auburn is definitely for you. The town of Auburn is a typical small, southern town, but it is quaint with a lot of character. There are plenty of food options and places to have a good time in the evenings.

My classmates were all down-to-earth, real people with diverse backgrounds and educations. I did not think anyone was there to compete with anyone. I think we really had a team-oriented class. Everyone was there to help each other get through the program. I felt that the school is very military/veteran friends which I liked too. There is a bit more conservatism here than in other schools, which I think its a bit refreshing, and can be expected in the South. Overall, however, I felt like there was much less "politics in the classroom" than I have seen at other universities. Most of my student-body was from the South, but there was representation from all over the United States. We even had a few foreign students.

As for quality of education, I would give it a solid "B" grade. I definitely did not feel overwhelmed, but I did feel like I earned my degree. I think they do an excellent job accommodating the needs of the adult student with work and family committments. There is definitely a time investment outside of class though. I would say at least 10 hours per week minimum and 15 hours being more realistic. I thought the quality of the professors were good, obviously some better than others. Overall, I felt they were intelligent and cared about providing a quality accademic experience. Some of the courses did seemed a bit rushed though. I also would have liked more concentration options. But, there is definitely an international business "theme" throughout the program.

As for the format, I loved it!! You get the on-campus experience with 5 residencies (1 week each), with the remainder of the program being distance-based (CD-ROM and Online). We also had a 10-day international trip to China/Hong Kong. Total program is 21 months. Time really flew by.

Tuition was expensive, but reasonably priced when you compare the costs of other programs with AACSB Accreditation. The best part about the tuition is that it truly is all-inclusive. The only things I had to pay for were most dinners during residencies, and transportation to the residencies. The international Trip was fully covered with the exception of most dinners. The program does cover some group dinners though. Books, lodging (great hotel, single occupancy rooms), supplies, cap and gown, iPad, all included. You also will get various "goodies" throughout the program - t-shirts, backpacks, etc...

Great place! Great education! War Eagle!

Oct 21 2010Education
Don't go here. HOrrible experience.
This university's staff will lie and tell youMay 11 2008Communications
This university's staff will lie and tell you anything to get a person into the program. Then once you are in and have signed a lease, been granted assistantships, etc; they cascade you with all the requirements of the program that anyone in their right mind would not accept. If you have a concentration in PR or anything outside theory and research, DONT COME HERE! The professors talk to grad students as if they are dogs, and send condescending emails every other week. This program is a joke and a waste of time and money.
Spent four years undergrad and then 3 yearsJun 21 2007Pharmacy
Spent four years undergrad and then 3 years in pharmacy school. Spent my last year in pharmacy school working/living in Tuscaloosa. Auburn is easily a better city to live in and adjust to. I can't compare the universities too much because I am not near UA. Auburn's campus has gotten much better in the past few years by making roads into walkways and improving/adding new,modern buildings.
I am an international student (from Spain), thoughSep 12 2006Psychology
I am an international student (from Spain), though I attended boarding school and undergraduate school in the United States. I have been extremely impressed with my experience in graduate school here. I perceive graduate students to be far more serious than undergraduate students, though I suspect this is the case at many universities. The graduate faculty is world class. Many deans and department heads are graduates of the most prestigious universities throughout the U.S. and world. The research is top notch on any scale.

My graduate program is very challenging academically. A great deal of research is involved, and high standards are maintained by the department. There isn't much extra time for any activities unrelated to study. (This is why I said that there seems to be a significant difference between the coursework obsessed graduate students and the football/Greek system obsessed undergraduates. It is almost like two different worlds in one.

The city of Auburn is a small town in a largely rural state, so coming here expecting to find a SoHo glam nightlife and worldly, imposing Gothic architecture would only be so bright. Such architecture exists in the U.S. in very few cities in probably five states at the absolute most. Auburn can be a little boring if one isn't studying, though I always am studying when school is in session. It is a charming town with a quaint village feel, though very small and quiet. It is growing very quickly, however. Homes are surprisingly expensive in many of the new subdivisions ($300,000 for a not at all large house is common). It is more expensive and more upscale than most small towns throughout the region by far.

I can count the times I have been the victim of racism, ugliness or harrassment as a foreign student. That would be never. Not even once (and I have been here for over a year now).The students are very friendly for the most part. Some of the undergrads are quite materialistic, many undergrads are interested primarily in parties. Most of the graduate students are busy with very challenging academic careers. Most of my fellow international graduate students are happy here. They have come for serious study of their disciplines of choice, and didn't expect Manhattan architecture and Amsterdam club scenes in east central Alabama. A very small minority of international students seem to believe they should have some sort of celebrity status, and when they don't find it, criticize the university, its students and the town.

After reading a few of the reviews writtenMar 14 2006Agriculture/Horticulture
After reading a few of the reviews written by international students I had second thoughts on applying to this university but I ended up being here.I've liked the place and the university since my first day.People are friendly and the faculty is approachable.The campus is really beautiful but if you want night life,you'll be disappointed.There's hardly a blink and its gone.My experience here has been good so far and I would recommend it to anybody who's serioulsy interested in getting a good education.
Do NOT come here if you are lookingFeb 26 2006Unknown
Do NOT come here if you are looking to live in a place with art, music, diversity, history, museums, interesting architecture, parks, quirky shops or good nightlife. This place is quiet, plain and vacant. There is no town to speak of only strip malls out on the highway with no public transport to access any of these amenities. There is only 1 bus out of here which only goes to Atlanta airport! Therefore a car is essential and coupled with health insurance this will also leave you skint as health insurance has to be paid in large sums of money. The overall atmosphere is dominated by football and everyone says its a great place to bring up kids, why? Because its safe and this is becasue there is nothing happening here. Forget inviting friends or family to visit, where would you take them, there's nothing to see here??? Im transferring to another university and the sooner I get out of this depressing and non-eventful environment the better!
Living in Auburn has been an incredibly depressingFeb 26 2006Other
Living in Auburn has been an incredibly depressing experience. The town is virtually non-existent and most of the shops are located out on the highway on stripmalls with no public transport to access these, thus there is no heart or town centre. Consequently I had to buy a car and coupled with health insurance and rent this pretty much usurps my entire monthly budget. Most of the students I know have to share 1 bedroom appartments and get rides to the supermarket with some church group (great is you're an atheist NOT!!!)- so no chance of privacy or independance unless like me you severely suffer financially. If you are looking for culture, diversity, art and music, history, interesting arhitecture this place is NOT for you. The overall atmosphere of this place is quiet and vacant and there is very little to do or see, forget inviting friends or family to visit, where exactly would you take them?? I am so sick of living in such a boring environment which is dominated by football and nothing else that I am transferring to another university and I can't wait to get the hell out of here! For some bizarre reason many of the people here are obsessed with this place and a hell of alot of people are clothed in Auburn paraphenalia, the only reason I can possibly attribute this to is the fact that most people who come here are from other parts of Alabama. This place is probably fine if you are looking for a small quiet safe environment.
I transferred to AU after 2 years atDec 02 2005Mechanical Engineering
I transferred to AU after 2 years at UMaine and received a BS in 04. I stayed for grad school and will receive a MS in 06... and hopefully a PhD in 2010. This school is great. The courses can be challenging, but the key is knowing that you get out of them what you put into them. Some students are very negative towards school, and just want the end result of obtaining a degree. They are bothered by the necessary process of working for it. I suspect those are the ones who raked AU poorly (and Alabama fans). Don't go by these ratings, visit AU and see for yourself.
Evry one there is greatMay 02 2005Biology
Evry one there is think you know evrything,well ngo to Auburn University and you will learn alot you only thought you knew.
Jan 27 2005Aerospace Engineering
go to auburn now!!!!!!!
I have loved myApr 02 2004Music Education
I have loved my experience at Auburn University. I am finishing my Master's in Music Education and am staying for my Ph.D. I can't imagine having the opportunities I've had to teach and to learn at any other university. I love it here.
As an asian international student, the beautiful campusMar 07 2004Biology
As an asian international student, the beautiful campus was a pretty good impression to me when I first came there. however, bad things happened just several days later, several guys (i am pretty sure they are students)drove close and yelled dirty words at me when I walked on campus, then this kind of thing never stops...... someone even threw something at me when they drove close to me one time, I had to buy a car ASAP to make myself feel a little bit safer. I can't even remember how many times it happened to me. a lot of, if not every, international students have the same experience and transfered to other schools. there are so many racists in this university including not only students but also professors and staffs. that is what auburn notorious for. it is a horrible place! academically, it is just so so, nothing worth your time and money. it even having problems in getting accreditation right now. in less than two years, three professors in my department left for better places. I am pretty happy that I transfered to somewhere else.
AU is probably the most friendly campus inDec 29 2003Music Education
AU is probably the most friendly campus in Alabama. I've been very impressed with the expectations and quality of most of the classes here. This is not a big party school, though there is opportunity to do so for those who wish. This is mostly a family atmosphere where the professors seem to care about their students and the students help to look out for each other. It has been a great experience for me. The degree I wish to complete has not been reestablished here, so I may have to transfer. I would come here again for one of my degrees if I had the opportunity.
For an non-white international students, this university SUCMar 05 2003Biology
For an non-white international students, this university SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! there are so many arrogant and rude racists around: student, faculty, staff, resident, local businessman, whoever. If you want to be threatened, abused by someone frequently with dirty words in the campus, this is the right place! you can easily find out this reputation through internet. leaders of the university always pretend to improve the condition but it just got worse and worse. many international students transferred to other schools just as me due to the bad circumstances and the so so research. many faculties left too. this university is going down everyday financially and academically. My whole lab moved to another university last fall and we are very happy now. I would definately recommend this university to any international student whom I hate most. you can live in a very beautiful campus with so many ugly faces. I hope my review won't be edited.
It is sad thatMay 18 2002Civil Engineering
It is sad that a university I graduated from is about to lose its accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. If I had known that Auburn would constantly be embroiled in controversy, I would have chosen another school.
After a semester at Auburn, I feel likeFeb 12 2002Business - Management and Administration
After a semester at Auburn, I feel like I have been lied to from day one. During my visit to campus, I was told about all the great things about Auburn including national rankings in certain areas by their recruiters. An example would be that I was told Auburn ranked as one of the top "Most Wired Schools" in the nation by Yahoo. Since, I have discovered that this was simply false (Check out the rankings for yourself). Actually, Auburn ranks very low compared to what I was told. The students here are extremely backward, as represented by two white fraternities that conducted mock lynchings of African-Americans in the fall of 2001. This incident made national news and can be explored further at The Chronicle of Education website at Because of Auburn's reputation, I have had people try to label me as a racist for attending this university. I made a poor choice by attending Auburn and will have to live with it for the rest of my life.
Auburn University is one of the best keptJan 31 2002Business - Management and Administration
Auburn University is one of the best kept secrets in the country. The campus is arguably the most beautiful in the country as well. Many of the buildings are historic and date back to the civil war, but many buildings (like the brand new business building) are thoroughly modern while maintaining the architectural heritage of the school. The campus is in the rolling plains of southeast central Alabama about 1.5 hours from campus.

One of the first things you will notice at Auburn is that you become a member of the "Auburn Family". Everyone greets you with a hearty "War Eagle" and southern charm abounds. You will not find a more inclusive school regardless of race, creed, religion, gender or sexual orientation. From Toomers Corner to Jordan Hare Stadium you will encounter smiling faces. Another amazing aspect of Auburn is safety. It is in a small college town that is immaculate and well policed. Once you are a member of the Auburn family, you will have an instant network of people that you can count on World Wide.

The faculty is simply amazing. Auburn is in Yahoos top 10 "most wired universities" so you can walk in any building and go to a computer terminal and use your student password to access your e-mail, grades, account, financial aid, faculty, research, etc. Everybody you meet from Professors to the people who register you are helpful and friendly. The faculty is academically outstanding, I had professors with Ph.D.'s from Harvard, Duke, Stanford, Columbia, etc who really cared about my understanding for the material. You will not believe how accessible they are.

My education at Auburn has thoroughly prepared me for doctoral studies in marketing research which I will be doing starting the Fall of 2002. I have been accepted to all 5 of the schools to which I applied (including Duke, North Carolina and Florida). I hope to return to AU one day as a professor.War Eagle!

I was recruited to Auburn with the ideaNov 07 2001Engineering Department
I was recruited to Auburn with the idea that it would be a friendly, quite, atmosphere to study and further my education. I was very disappointed in the racist atmosphere that is prominent there. The school is basically a large undergraduate haven for Bubba's. You can feel the redneck presence on every corner of the campus. Also, the Chemical Engineering program was not challenging at all. I attended undergraduate school at another university and it was much more challenging. I transferred from Auburn after two years and have moved on to better things. I would not suggest this school to anyone. In my opinion, the quality of education I received at Auburn was very poor. I am much happier at another university.
Auburn University
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