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Arizona State University - Tempe

Total Grad Surveys 27
Females 10
Males 17
Avg years at University 2.5
Research Quality C (4.8)
Research Availability C (4.4)
Research Funding C- (4.2)
Graduate Politics C (4.3)
Not Errand Runners C (4.4)
Degree Completion C+ (5.1)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C- (3.9)
Sufficient Pay C- (4.1)
Competitiveness C (4.5)
Education Quality C- (4.1)
Faculty Accessibility C- (4.1)
Useful Research C- (4.1)
"Individual" treatment D+ (3.2)
Friendliness C- (4.1)
Safety C+ (5.5)
Campus Beauty C (4.8)
Campus Maintenance B- (6.3)
University Spending C- (3.5)
Extracurriculars C+ (5.3)
Scholastic Success C (4.8)
Surrounding City B- (6.3)
Social Life/ Environment C+ (5.1)
"Individual" treatmentD+
Surrounding CityB-
The university stole my moneyNov 06 2021Nursing
The university stole my money. I paid all of my tuition out of pocket. I returned the federal financial aid check they sent me without depositing it. My records show this and so do theirs. Both sets of records agree that they received $885. more than they were owed. Yet they cannot seem to find a way to refund this money to me. It has been three months of back and forth. I don't get it. All I can say is buyer beware.
Every experience I?ve had so far has beenMay 07 2019Computer Science
Every experience I?ve had so far has been negative. Firstly, I have a high GPA, so this isn?t coming from a spiteful place. Here?s some things to consider when applying to the engineering school for a graduate degree:

The advisors are jaded at best, overworked, and don?t care if they?ve wasted your time and money with bad advice. That?s assuming you?re able to get time with any of them. This goes all the way up to the head of the advising department.

Expect ?part-time? enrollment to require a full time investment of time. Any meaningful learning happens outside the classroom because you are rarely tested on lecture material. These programs are not designed for domestic working professionals; they are catered to international students who legally can only work part time - a majority of students are international and they are charged higher tuition. ASU is in the money-making business, not the education business.

ASU is a degree mill. There is no meaningful refund policy - you won?t get your money back AT ALL if you drop after the first week. The testing in EVERY class is designed to produce a certain letter-grade distribution, not actually measure learning. Even the Vice Dean of the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering does this with his classes, despite having a professional background in Quality Assurance.

Thesis is a living nightmare. Professors treat you like a lap dog and bear no mind towards the advancement of your ACTUAL thesis work. I spent at least 90% of the time for my thesis developing my professor?s personal project, not working on my thesis.

Tutoring centers either don?t exist or are a waste of time, despite how often they are promoted by the staff. I?ve been to the Math tutoring center dozens of times and never got any useful help. Always have to go to the Professor for meaningful help.

Professors teach as if they don?t actually want to, and only care about research. I?ve heard them refer to students as ?complainers? and ?whiners? on multiple occasions, which illustrates a shocking lack of empathy for an educator. This is especially a problem since the grading practices are so broken.I?ve heard good things about schools OTHER THAN the engineering school, however there might be similar issues - if less prevalent. The campus is very safe and actually very nice architecturally.

ASU has the WORST finances departmentAug 22 2017Education
ASU has the WORST finances department. It shouldn?t be so hard to pay my tuition but ASU makes it hard! If you have a question be prepared to be transferred at least 4 times back and forth and sit on hold for at least 2 hours. I have a scholarship and it shows on my account but ASU still put me on the payment plan and charged me fees because it has to be split in half. They can see all of the money is there but they say there is nothing they can do. They do not care about their students they just want your money. Their classes and instructors are great. My student advisor is great. The finances department is the WORST! If your deciding between schools and have a scholarship think twice about ASU. Dealing with the finances department is just as bad as having to call AT&T. Your questions are never answered because they simply do not care about you they just want more of your money by charging you more fees!!
I went to ASU to study computer scienceJan 05 2016Computer Science
I went to ASU to study computer science. The faculty was decent. Of course, you have to be careful whom you choose. There are good ones as well as bad ones. The graduate engineering programs are filled with International students. I had professors who let plagiarism go and also professors who gave academic dishonesty grade(X).

Things are improving. since when I was there. The academic standards are increasing. Most CS grads end up with decent jobs unless of course they spent all their time up taking easier courses with no vision.

Beware if you are thinking to take the thesis option for masters. The department is underfunded(when I was there) and most people end up staying at the university for years or taking up PhD instead.

Tempe is a pretty safe city with below average crime. There are tons of new companies coming to the lake side.

I ended up learning stuff and with a decent job. So I guess it was alright. And what they say is true, The parties are DOPE. GO DEVILS !

ASU ruined my life, likely because it isJul 05 2014English
ASU ruined my life, likely because it is in the armpit of the southwest that has not developed since the 1900s. The cohort I came in with were the worst people I have ever met. Although I was glad to work with the faculty I came in to work with, it was all wahsed over by the crap I had to deal with from shite grad students with little to offer other than petty HS bs. Avoid--there are far better schools with far better funding and Far BETTER FELLOW GRAD STUDENTS--its the ghetto of grad school without the glamour of a first rate uni and the funding of a pac ten or ivy
ASU ruined my lifeJul 05 2014English
ASU ruined my life. The cohort I came in with were the worst people I have ever met. Although I was glad to work with the faculty I came in to work for, it would never replace that crap I had to deal with from shite grad students with little to offer other than petty HS bs. Avoid--there are far better schools with far better funding
The research work I did and the coursesMay 10 2014Electrical Engineering
The research work I did and the courses I enrolled for were instrumental in helping me secure the job that I hoped for when I started the program. So the end result was positive. However, the process, course content and grading, years of research made it feel like a hard-earned degree. Overall, felt like I had achieved a tough and a fruitful Master's degree.
Apr 19 2014PreLaw and Legal
i lost my dog and everyone laughed at me in this school.
I really wish IOct 26 2011Other
I really wish I had gone somewhere with a more supportive and higher quality environment. I just had enough of ASU and the Speech department.
Tempe campus reminds ofMar 17 2011Psychology
Tempe campus reminds of a war zone with unsafe environment inside and outside area.
Administration at MFT program is very unprofessional, particularly program director!This establishment should be a shame to ASU!
I was in the Applied Biology program atAug 18 2010Biology
I was in the Applied Biology program at ASU, that is on the Polytechnic campus. The graduate program is very weak. In theory it sounds good and seemed very promising before I began. But since starting the program, I have received no guidance or help from faculty. The classes were satisfactory, but completing a thesis is a different story. I got absolutely no support from the school and the graduate college is impossible to work with. I have had to pay tuition for 3 semesters while I wait on thesis feedback and signatures. I am still trying to find a job (no help from ASU!) but can't seem to wrap things up with ASU. It never ends - and it's only a masters, not a PhD. I'm starting on my 4th year and still no end in sight (though I've completed and successfully defended my thesis). This was not only my experience, but others in the same program.
Funds are tight everywhereJul 14 2010Education
Funds are tight everywhere. With the economic issues ASU positoning themselves much like a for profit organization. Fees are outpacing programs and quality education. Students are not being given ample time to complete programs ASU has in place at the time of enrollement and now have cancelled. With respect to the education field my programs has changed three times since I've enrolled one year ago. ASU keeps changing the rules so to speak and are pushing people through their now non-existent programs too fast. As an adult learner, ASU does not have the knowledge or interest is seems to understand that I'm not a 21 year old with only college to worry about. Pretty sad that ASU has outpaced the tuition for the very unpopular University of Phoenix in AZ. Adults should weigh out how ASU treats your scheudle and life versus the flexibilty of other programs out there. ASU has I'm afraid put themselves at risk for the future by handling the new way of 501-c as really a profit center (albeit hidden) to most if they're not paying attentin. If you're an adult shop around - ASU is too expensive now and not family/adult friendly.
Jan 21 2010Computer Science
An excellent university to boom in your career and also a huge party school
I would not recommend this university based onMay 30 2009Industrial Operations Engineering
I would not recommend this university based on my experience. They somehow portray they are the best of I misunderstood that ASU is a good one for research. But the professors are unhelpful and they dont know what research the students are doing.. Finally, when you present your thesis, that's when they get involved and screw you up. Personally, I would prefer a university where the professor knows and involves himself in the research.
Research Topic(s): Not interested to mention
Oct 27 2008Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc
Art department is a decade behind the times.
Good facultyApr 14 2008Music - Performance
Good faculty. It's not a competitive school, if you're pasionate about music. If all you want is a degree is fine. Aesthetics suck! People are self-absorbed.
If you're an international student, especially Indian orSep 11 2004Electrical Engineering
If you're an international student, especially Indian or Chinese, then you might be at home here. Although there are many extremely brilliant foreign students around, some of them do resort to blatant plagiarism and lower the standards. It is saddening, and shameful (I am Indian, and I have witnessed this with my friends many times) but cannot be helped much.

The funding scenario for graduate students is not too good. It is quite a struggle to find any assistance, and grades wont help much as everybody has a GPA over 3.5! The standards of the school have been improving of late, and there are a few very good professors out there in the EE dept. Facilities are good, and have certainly been improving. The weather is fairly good most of the year, and food as well as accomodation is cheap. Its a fun place to be in, and you will make many many friends from all over the world!

This department (Industrial Engineering, in the College ofJul 09 2004Industrial Operations Engineering
This department (Industrial Engineering, in the College of Engineering) has overwhelming problems with academic honesty. Plagiarism is rampant, and neither the faculty nor staff are inclined to do anything about it, even when really egregious cases are brought to their attention. International students are held to lower standards to the detriment of local and domestic students. University regulations are broken to hamper and exclude domestic students. The shame of it is that this could be a decent department if it wasn't going overboard trying to be the Tempe branch of the Indian Institute of Technology.
Arizona State University - Tempe
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