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The University of Phoenix Phoenix Campus

Total Grad Surveys 38
Females 14
Males 24
Avg years at University 2.1
Research Quality B- (6.2)
Research Availability B- (6.3)
Research Funding C+ (5.3)
Graduate Politics B (6.9)
Not Errand Runners B- (6.3)
Degree Completion B- (6.2)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C (4.3)
Sufficient Pay C (4.3)
Competitiveness B- (6.3)
Education Quality B (7.1)
Faculty Accessibility B- (6.3)
Useful Research B (6.7)
"Individual" treatment B- (6.1)
Friendliness B (7.1)
Safety B+ (7.5)
Campus Beauty B- (6.3)
Campus Maintenance B (6.7)
University Spending B (6.9)
Extracurriculars C (4.3)
Scholastic Success B (7.1)
Surrounding City B+ (7.4)
Social Life/ Environment C+ (5.4)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi]C
Prospective students please beware:Jul 20 2012Business - Management and Administration
Prospective students please beware: I have had the opportunity to interact with complete idiots at this "so called university". The staff are less than marginal regarding follow-up and professional conduct. If anyone is considered a veteran of the armed forces...I am sorry to advice that the team veterans are assigned to are FREAKING IDIOTS! UOP receives more financial aid than any university in the nation and ONLY averaging a 15 to 16% graduation rate. What is wrong with this picture? Additionally, the graduate program is a joke. Yes,I am an excellent writer. However, that's the only I actually learned while in attendance is to perfect papers and make sure they are formatted in APA style. Do I feel confident to land a higher paying job now that I have earned my MBA from UOP? Actually, NO MORE PREPARED THAN HAVING RECEIVED AN UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE FROM A COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL. The teachers are all part time...and are quick to communicate to students that they aren't paid well by the university. The professors do not teach...the grading is VERY SUBJECTIVE..and the university does not have a high rate of student retention. The staff are unprofessional at the Military Division located in Arizona. I have prepared and submitted a Cease & Desist Order for a member of the university to not contact me and submitted it to the Director. However, the university adamantly ignores paying students concerns and treat veterans like dirt. The university is only concerned with money or funding being transmitted to the school. The university is not concerned with a students success. Additionally, the school's mentor program is a joke and after 3 to 5 requests to sign up for a mentor as if I NEVER did is a good example of how unprofessional and unproductive the university operates on a daily basis. Please do not refer friends or family to this school. Professors are unprofessional and act as if they are equal to "GOD". I wish I never racked up the debt from this freaking university that should be audited and closed down. Instead the UOP gears its course of study to stay in alignment with the accreditation...not in alignment regarding the students best interest. I am unemployed and regret deeply that I obtained my degree from UOP. The school is a scam and simply lie and encourage students to sign up. What a joke........
Oct 29 2011Psychology
The high tuition rates are not worth the AWFUL professors that you sometimes get for weeks at a time.
Great schoolJun 29 2011Business - Management and Administration
Great school. No nonsense. G et in class, do your reading and writing assignments and get involved. If you don't do this, you are only short changing yourself. Get your money's worth and use the resources available. I enjoyed the experience and it has paid off with an advancing career, but I did this myself and did not expect everyone to do this for me.
I went to BucknellMay 01 2011Business - Management and Administration
I went to Bucknell for my undergrad accounting degree. I was skeptical going to a university online. I'm abouut 60% through my MBA degree and it's been a very positive experience.
Overall excellent curriculum andDec 03 2010Psychology
Overall excellent curriculum and faculty, admissions could use a little bit of work but great interaction in the learning environment, faculty, and other classmates.
This is a word of warning to anyoneAug 03 2010Nursing
This is a word of warning to anyone taking Nursing Research
at University of Phoenix
It is a weeder class- Don't expect to be taught research- If you go in this class you better hit the ground running.They will not teach you reserch they will grade you on it!! So beware- they fail you less than a B and everyone was terrified. Im an A student and this is a terrible expereince if your not prepared. You better study reserach before you take it.
I am just about ready to finish my MBAMar 04 2010Business - Management and Administration
I am just about ready to finish my MBA. I attended George Mason University for my undergrad, and attended American University for about 6 graduate credits. I can honestly say UOP is a decent school when talking about its academics. The graduate MBA courses cover the exact same stuff the "traditional schools" cover. The teachers are good, I never had a bad teacher out of my 12 courses!! I think they challenged us quite a bit, with lots of homework and writing! There were a lot of papers due for each course. If you dont like writing your in the wrong field!! The problem with the school is the length of the courses. They are generally 6-8 weeks in class, and then your resposible for the outside readings and Team oriented home work outside of class (which is an incredible real life Learning experience) which makes up the difference. The problem is that you cant teach finance and accounting in that short of a time frame...Yes we did go over some great situations in those areas of study, but it just felt like we needed to do a little bit more...UOP is very close to being a QUALITY QUALITY academic school. I think if they just input some form of entry requirement and increase the length of course time, say maybe 8-10 weeks, over time the schools reputation will start to thrive!! I met some really cool people from the governement sector to the private sector and they were all so bright and full of energy!! This will be a great school someday.....right now its really good, but someday it will be great!!
I graduated in SepFeb 09 2010Criminal
I graduated in Sep. 2009 with an MS in Admin of Justice and Security. I have been a state probation officer for 11 years and this education supplemented and enhanced my job knowledge. I am currently enrolled in a doctoral program at UoP.
I have had nothing but positive experiences whileJan 02 2010Business - Management and Administration
I have had nothing but positive experiences while at University of Phoenix (on-line). I received my masters, and currently working toward my doctorate, holding the university with every high esteem. The university is very large, with many campuses and on-line programs...and if a few people have some unfortunate events...then that is a few, out of hundreds of thousands. No university is exempt from mistakes, and people should realize this when passing such negative judgement. Everyone makes mistakes, even the students, but we do not hear the university passing judgement on the students.

There are often times when students do many things, i.e. paperwork at the last minute, or even after the mintue, and the university often accomodates us. But yet, students want to bash the university.

Well, I am a phoenix, and I will always be a phoenix. The academic standards, rigorous curriculum, professionalism of the instructors and relevant course work, excellent research and instruction, is superb.I am sorry for those who expect the university to handle everything for them instead of being proactive and taking responsiblity of their own actions. I do exactly what I am supposed to do, and the university does what it is supposed to do, prepare me for the future.

Despite the negative comments against UnivOct 06 2009Business - Management and Administration
Despite the negative comments against Univ. of Phoenix, I had quite a positive learning experience there-I am not being paid to say this either. The same negative statements said against Univ. of Phoenix have been said for just about any other regionally and AACSB or ACBSP accredited college or university, even worse in some cases and that includes top tier with their major focus on generating endowments, return on investments and other revenue generating endeavors. I find that, like against other schools, the root beind these negative statements come from disgruntled individuals who failed to some degree in their academic pursuits and instead of holding themselves accountable, they blame the school. Univ. of Phoenix like any other regionally and pragmatically accredited university is bound by accreditation standards to maintain a marked level of academic delivery and excellence. Yet the school cannot be held responsible for the student's lack of motivation and ability to maintain an acceptable level of academic performance. On a positive note, I noticed that Univ. of Phoenix has become more active in alumni activties giving its graduates a since of still belonging; greater emphasis on extracarricular activities like other so-called traditional school and a culture that attempts to give the student a since of ownership and pride in their university. In my opinion, Univ. of Phoenix continues to grow and evolve into a well respected university. It is what it is!
One of UoP's faculty has 11 graduate degreesMar 30 2009Business - Management and Administration
One of UoP's faculty has 11 graduate degrees from top university, and a doctorate from Harvard: you think that doctor is a hoax, don't go to the above link. He has pictures on his website that show him meeting with President Obama, Clinton, a few others. He is only 32 years old.

Dec 31 2008Accounting
I had the opportunity to meet with people from all over the United States
I am a proud 2007 MBA Healthcare ManagementDec 18 2008Business - Management and Administration
I am a proud 2007 MBA Healthcare Management graduate from Unv. of Phoenix. There is one other important point I would like to express about Univ. of Phoenix. Unlike other colleges and universities, Univ. of Phoenix being the largest university in the U.S. with learning centers located in many areas, as an alumni and privileges associated with that, I have lifetime access to learning center resources such as computer usage and online resources. With most other colleges, an alumni may have access to their resources, but at very limited locations, usually the main campus and perhaps one or two satalite campuses. Yet, Univ. of Phoenix with learning centers in just about every state in America, I have access to all of those learning center resources at no charge. When using computer facilities at places like Kinkos and other computer centers and at $12 per hour, I find this privlege at UOPX to be exceedingly covenient and advantageous. If I am away on a trip and I am in a city or town where a Univ. of Phoenix learning center is located and I need to use an application I don't have on my own computer, I have the convenience of going to that learning center and using those resources.
Research Topic(s): Healthcare Regulation
I enrolled in one course, fall 08Oct 15 2008Education
I enrolled in one course, fall 08. complete waste of time and money. No real teacher. canned responses to comments that didn't fit comments!? Instructor never there to answer questions about unclear directions and assignments.all students in class were confused. I'm too old to be run around by the nose, so I dropped it after the first week and that cost me $279. Had some discourse with advisor during this process that was dishonest on thier part--very suspicious. Anyway, going to a real school now, Penn State and it is very good. Live and learn. I think UP has done a very good job of organizing and promoting themselves but there is no substance. Just send us your money seems to be thier biggest concern. there was no explaination about why the teacher was not answering her sight, Thier advice was , "just stick with it and everything will be OK". Live and learn for me. Heed the warning and stay away from this sham of a school.
I am having a problem with reaching theAug 22 2008Education
I am having a problem with reaching the goals of the Online Masters in Education program. I have been there now 3 years. The program was supposed to be a 2-year program. I have finished the coursework, but have been told that I must find my own student teaching assignment. After having contacted the schools in my surrounding area, I have been told it is a college or university's job to find their students placements. Therefore, my 2-year degree has turned into a 3-year degree still waiting to get a student placement.
I am still attending the University of Phoenix,Jul 14 2008Education
I am still attending the University of Phoenix, and I have to say that I have some good experiences and some experiences that are not so good. My classes were incredible, I learned a lot in those classes, and I had to take the PRAXIS II test and most people have to take the test two or three times, and UOP prepared me for the test, in addition, I learned a lot of techiniques and teaching pedagogy from the school. I had a wonderful experience with my classes, and I will give them an A+ for that. However, I cannot say the same for my Academic Counselors and my Teaching Educational Specialists, and the department who works with the districts to put you through the student teaching process. I was supposed to be entering into my student teaching June 10, 2008. Three days before I was supposed to start, the school contacted me and said that I could not start my student teaching at that time, they then pushed my student teaching back to July 28, 2008. They then called and said that they were going to push the date back to Septemeber 2, 2008. Then they wanted to push back my student teaching date to September 25, 2008. So, instead of me completing my program within 2 years or less, I will be finishing my program in the beginning of 2009. In addition; initially they told me that I could work while doing my student teaching, and at the last minute, they notified the principal, not me, and said that I could not work while in my student teaching, which is leaving me in bind, and I am not prepared to financially to take care of my bills and my family. I am very disappointed with the education program at the University of Phoenix for this matter. I will reccommend students who want to go into the Education degree program, that if you are looking to get licensed, then do not do online programs, go to a ground University.
I've completed MSN onJul 08 2008Nursing
I've completed MSN on campus. The program was well designed and relevant. The faculty were generally knowledgeable and helpful. Towards the end of the program, I received a few of nice job offers and last week I learned that I was accepted into DNP program at George Washington University.
May 07 2008Other
I have had a very positive experience at U of P. I quite frankly haven't seen any of the negatives that critics speak of.
"Cooperative team" papers are 30% of UoP studentJan 04 2008Education
"Cooperative team" papers are 30% of UoP student work - the entire core courses almost all "team" papers were done entirely by me - so that I was required to do my work and my "team work" to ensure that I would receive a good grade. Complaints to teachers were ignored; condescending or rude responses were given.

Worse than the core courses (which were actually not complicated if you are able to write good papers) were the unprofessional student teaching situations. I did not receive all of the formal evaluations (that are required) from my supervisor and she flunked me from student teaching two weeks before I was to graduate on the grounds that she "didn't feel I spoke loudly enough and therefore did not keep all students engaged in my lessons". She also left about 1/8 of my one formal evaluation blank (by checking a column entitled "did not have a chance to observe", thereby reducing my score so that it looked as though I did not have the work completed. By not completing my one evaluation, the supervisor automatically gave me a low student teaching score (even though the majority of her responses were actually on the high end of the scale) which made it impossible for me to pass and graduate. Unethical!

I appealed her decision (barely able to as my supervisor would not answer my calls to get the appeal info). The appeals board simply stated that they did not know my case and that I did not complete student teaching therefore I have flunked. A kangaroo court!

I spent $25,000 on my courses at UoP, always completed excellent work, was harassed into paying for a course that I did not need then given an F for the course that I did not attend, given another F for a failure on my cooperating teacher's ability to work and therefore had to repeat a student teaching seminar, and while my student teaching may have had a few small flaws, the supervisor's complaint was unfounded - I was a very good student teacher and the students answered me appropriately, demonstrating that they heard me. However, a false accusation enabled the supervisor to flunk me!

Avoid the University of Phoenix at ALL COSTS! It may seem as though this is a quick way to enhance your education so that you are able to compete effectively in your career choice, but it is a scam. Students are never evaluated by exams, syllabi are generic and simplistic (and oftentimes convoluted), teachers play favorites and do not even always read the papers, team members may not do their work and you will suffer grade-wise or at least knowing you are turning in poor work if you don't do their work. In short UoP offers an overpriced, poor quality education. Courses are much more meaningful and cost effective at any traditional accredited city college, state, or university. Shame on the Department of Education for accepting this paper mill as a viable university alternative.

Research Topic(s): Incorporating the Visual Arts into the Language Arts Program at Kalihi
I have multiple graduate degrees from traditional UniversitiJan 03 2008Education
I have multiple graduate degrees from traditional Universities, e.g., UCONN, RPI and I find the academic rigor, academic resources, and the teaching staff/advisors to be superb. UOP has clearly laid out a path to complete my doctoral degree. However, it is an arduous path. I read an enormous amount, research constantly, write more scholarly papers then I could have ever imagined, and as the result, I am learning. Imagine that pay for a degree and learn at the same time, what is education coming to!!!

On a more serious note, my specialty is Adult learning and distance learning. Programs like UOP require strong self-directed learning skills, exacting organizational skills and independence. This doctoral program is not for the faint hearted but if you have a sound work ethic UOP will enable you to succeed.

Thanks Denis

Just graduated with an MBA through the LittleDec 22 2007Business - Management and Administration
Just graduated with an MBA through the Little Rock Campus.
Quality of learning is highly dependent upon the learner. My instructors offered diverse backgrounds and perspectives with relevant real-world experience. I learned a lot during my time in the program. The curriculum, resources and instructors afforded me ample opportunity for learning.

Other positives include:
1) Flexibility.
2) Friendly and helpful staff.
3) Excellent Online resources and tech support.
Negatives of the program include:
1) learning teams are often troublesome. I had good and bad learning team experiences. The bad experiences outweighed any value added by the good experiences.

2) At the Little Rock campus I was disappointed to see what I judged to be grade inflation. I was frustrated to work in learning teams with individuals who were incompetent, unprofessional, and seemingly ignorant of the course concepts. I was even more frustrated to see those individuals pass course after course.

I took my last class in August of 2004 for a Master in Secondary Education. I had to find and hunt down my own student teaching placement. What a nightmare. Most school employers frown on UOP. Not a big surprise. They all ready had the 411 on UOP. I didn't know it was so badly viewed. The college of education made sure that I was not successful on my second student teaching placement. The site supervisor also a corporate person injected herself into the situation (student teaching placement) and gave me an F for student teaching of 50 plus days. I passed all the certification tests and I get this type of treatment. It is too expensive and really not a good place to learn, sadly. $20,000 gone down the drain and a legal battle for years. That's my UOP education. What a freaking joke. If you ask me, it is a Diploma Mill to the 20th power. Took my money and didn't care if or how I pay it back. I can't, now! I have no job and no degree for which I have been working now for 8 years in the field of education. My motto is: One day the smoke will clear. UOP is going down. Sounded Advice to the readers--Just you don't be a part of the smoke and mirrors of UOP education. Shame on the Department of Education and the Federal Government for letting this type of educational institution exist in America.
The good:Oct 13 2006Unknown
The good:
1. Easy to be admitted to any program. There are practically no admissions requirements. Will they take anybody ? yes. No GRE test is required, no references, no “letter of intent”. No need to hold your breath waiting for months to be “accepted” into some specialized program after competing with 200 other applicants.

2. Flexibility. Classes are scheduled to meet the needs of working people.
The bad:
1. Professors are not real “professors”, as such. They are labeled “facilitators”.
2. I signed lots of paperwork (the usual enrollment stuff, financial aid, etc.), and not once was I ever given a school catalog, no matter how much I requested it. I never did find out who the instructors were or what their academic credentials were for the program of study I was planning on taking.

3. They do NOT like anyone asking in-depth questions about the “instructors”, the nature of the program, or the specific curriculum. After asking lots of essential questions about the school, the program, the age of the particular program I was taking, and other things, I was told in so many words, “…you need to go somewhere else to get your degree…don’t come here”

4. The classroom learning format is based around “groups” or “teams”. This makes sense if the instructor is not a real instructor, just a “facilitator”. When I asked about this so-called “group” learning format, and how I was to be graded, I received some very disturbing answers. Example: students are expected to collaborate with each other on their own time with learning projects. Also, if one student in a group is lazy and doesn’t do their part of the “team project” …well too bad. “This…”, I was informed, is “adult learning”

5. I felt like I was on an assembly line conveyor belt when it came to enrollment. They seem to have one main overriding concern when it comes to enrollment: get ‘em in quick, get ‘em, signed up a.s.a.p., and don’t answer any embarrassing questions.

This University is a diploma millApr 22 2006Business - Management and Administration
This University is a diploma mill. If you want an MBA program that teaches you skills you should already know, like how to do an Internet search, then this is the place for you. In the MBA program I took we spent 3 credits (and about $1000) learning useless things in a class called Ergonomics. If you want an easy 'A' all you have to do is show up and turn in the assignments. The quality of work doesn't matter so much. Most classroom sessions are spent going around the room describing what it's like to work where you work at. I'm not sure this qualifies as graduate level instruction, but at UOP it does. The teachers, I mean "facilitators" are OK. Any monkey can do their job, they just follow a syllabus and lead a classroom discussion where you learn from your peers... although I never could figure out how listening to fellow students talk about their place of work taught me anything except how they did things at their company. I even had one instructor start the class by saying "I don't know why they asked me to teach this class." If you need financial aid be very careful. This company does NOT return phone calls and you can never talk to someone in charge who can do anything for you if there is a problem. They have such high turn over in financial aid, admissions, and counselors that no one ever really knows what they are doing. When you talk to UOP, just ask the people how long they've been there. And don't be pressured to sign up before you're ready. There are classes starting all the time, but they will say there's a class starting next week, hurry up let's get you in that one. They don't tell you that they always have classes starting so there is no rush.

They have no admissions standards except being able to write a check. So even though some decent people might go there, you also get a lot of complete idiots. Idiots that you'll get stuck with on your study teams and you'll have to probably end up doing their share of the work. And then when you're done and graduating, these idiots will be standing next to you getting their degree. How is that going to make you feel about your degree knowing that a complete moron skated though and got the same degree as you?And the alumni network? I've greaduated and haven't heard anything from them. There is no real alumni network, and there is no job placement.

Apr 13 2006Business - Management and Administration
Good program for working adults.
The so-called university does not exsistFeb 04 2006Education
The so-called university does not exsist. It is run through a high employee turnover that is a joke to deal with. instructors don't even read the papers.Residency is run out of a local hotel, because the university does not have classrooms. It is in the buisiness of making money, at your expense. Do not go to this college. "abandon all hope ye who enter here"!
The University of PhoenixSep 03 2005Business - Management and Administration
The University of Phoenix excels in one main area: Flexibility. As a working Army Officer, who gets transferred a lot, the online format provides maximum flexibility. However, you pay for this flexibility. U of P is relatively expensive.
I graduated with a MJun 14 2005School of Information
I graduated with a M.S. in Computer Information from the Online Campus. Every class was a challenge and I feel that the quality of the education was excellent. For the working adult, UOP Online provides the education you need, on a schedule that is bearable.

My only complaint was the requirement for team projects. 30 percent of your grade depends upon work completed by your improvised class team. It was often difficult to motivate other students or to get the to provide their portion of the team project. This often lead to one or two team members completing a project assigned to four or five people. I feel that this time would have been better served through individual assignments.Within days of graduating with the M.S. degree I started my new job with double the salary. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my UOP experience.

For someone that worksAug 17 2004Business - Management and Administration
For someone that works full time, this is the best MBA program for the money. Then again, MBA's are a dime a dozen. No one will care where you went to school and UOP at least allows you to discuss topics with some relevance.
Jul 27 2004Education
My experience with the online Master's Degree program was very positive. I worked hard and learned much.
Ever since the start of my MBA GMJun 30 2004Business - Management and Administration
Ever since the start of my MBA GM course at UOP, I have been receiving the highest level of cooperation and support from instructors, academic advisors, financial advisors and the technical support. The library resources are excellent for research. The availability of e-texts for all courses is another plus point.

Course contents are well structured. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to attain good grades. Unlike the regular brick and mortar class environment, the online learning environment is much for demanding and disciplined. The pace of online classes are fast and those who miss logging in on a regular basis will face difficulties in catching up with class discussions. The best part about online learning teams is that team members are rotated with each successive class. This gives students the experience and flexibility to form similar high performance teams at the workplace at short notice.My company's management has benefited greatly from my ongoing education at UOP. I would highly recommend UOP to all those who are comfortable working in a disciplined and structured learning environment.

Some of the comments seen here reflect moreMar 04 2004Business - Management and Administration
Some of the comments seen here reflect more on the person writing the comment rather than UOP. As an online institution (I have no experience with the physical campuses), the learning experience is as good as it possibly could be. One gets out of it what one puts into it. Even the team based projects, while trying of one's patience, have a core of learning and experience involved that is invaluable. One can be very bright but fail utterly in working with a team. Also, given the movement to a global economy, these virtual, onine teams are a very valuable exercise in how to work across timezones without in person contacts.
only one commentApr 16 2003Computer Science
only one comment... watch out for those "professionals" posing as "professors." Man, I had this one accounting professor... Aside, this is an excellent university.
Compare UPhoenix-PhoenixSave UPhoenix-Phoenix

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