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Yavapai College

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Magna graduate. If you enjoy radical feminist that ruin our young men I highly recommend Yavapai College.
Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
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Yavapai College, as far as I can tell,BrightPhysics
Yavapai College, as far as I can tell, used to be a good place to go. And in reality, it is still a good place to go academically, but ONLY if you are not staying at their dorms. Apparently, before the new housing director (named Shar) took over (sometime around 2013 or slightly previous), things were pretty nice at the dorms (although I heard it got a bit wild with parties and stuff, which may be why Shar was hired? Not sure.). But after she stepped in, things got really terrible, really fast. They are a dry campus, meaning they don't even let you possess alcohol if you are over 21. Though let's face it, there are probably only a handful of new residents who are going to wait to drink until 21 (the strait-laced)--which would be fine at most places--maybe a slap on the wrist from an RA or something if they caught you--but at Yavapai's dorms, they will call police and charge you criminally with a minor in consumption, as I saw happen to many kids pretty often when I lived there. What kind of place does that to young, naive, experimenting 18/19 year-olds? It is purely and simply disgusting. This happened to not just kids that were drinking but also with those using marijuana, which is objectively less harmful than alcohol, but Yavapai will make sure you are screwed for it to the greatest extent of the law by involving cops and criminal charges. I'm sorry, but that's just crazy and unacceptable for young college students exploring themselves and experiencing self-responsibility for likely the first time.

To be honest, it felt very predatory. There are something like 6 or 7 cops (maybe more) there that patrol the campus (for a not-all-that-big community college? wtf?) like there's something super serious going down. The weird, uncomfortable vibe that place gave me really caused a lot of stress, and not just to me but to numerous others. I would HIGHLY recommend NOT going to Yavapai if you plan to live on campus and are AT ALL interested in ever drinking alcohol while living there, or especially if you think you may encounter cannabis with a mind towards use or even experimentation. These people will come down on you hard in an apparent attempt to ruin your later job opportunities by saddling you with a criminal record (and the cops there aren't "nice" outside of being polite. They will hurt you with everything they can find to make it worse for you if you are caught?trust me, I've seen it happen to kids multiple times). I'm sorry, but I just can't stand behind ANY institution that would involve police in a serious fashion at a fucking college with kids barely stepping into the new world they've found themselves in.

Prescott is already a strange place because of the weird over-abundance of cops when proportioned against the population of the town. Since one of the main industries in Prescott is their rehab clinics for drug addicts, the police are able to sustain themselves (and flourish and grow to the point of over-saturation) off of the cash they receive after they inevitably bust people who relapse after getting out of rehab. I have personally been pulled over several times in the span of months (for arbitrary mistakes like turning into the far left lane when making a right turn instead of turning directly into the right lane and then using a blinker to merge left--certainly not speeding or anything serious), which is simply unprecedented in my experience (I live in Phoenix, and haven't ever been pulled over here). But I feel like I would've been fine with all that if the dorms at Yavapai were pleasant (like Prescott Colleges dorms, which from what some friends living there have said are pretty nice and have none of the serious problems Yavapai's dorms have), but as you have read, it is most definitely NOT pleasant there.

Aside from all that bullshit, Yavapai's dorms host a large athlete presence (for soccer, baseball, volleyball and softball). Ordinarily this wouldn't be a bad thing, but since there are quite a few athletes when compared to regular residents, it ends up feeling incredibly clique-ish, like high school or something. The sports teams separate themselves from everyone else (whether intentional or not, it's weird) and I even remember them calling non-athletes ?Randoms.? As if they are destined for stardom after their brief stint at a small town community college. Seems like a pretty glamorous experience living there, eh? (that was sarcasm. It sucks.)

In conclusion, I'd just like to say that I am grateful and appreciative for the internet, and especially for websites like this which allow for people to artificially select for survival those institutions which are most fit to survive based on our (the consumers) preferences and how those institutions represent (or harm) our interests. Though that's not to say my review will cause the dorms at Yavapai to go empty (there will inevitably be some who miss this post or otherwise don't feel like it applies to them in any way, or even those who don't believe?go ahead, ask previous residents that lived under Shar's direction if you are able and if you trust their opinions). Hopefully though, with any luck, this review can help those on the fence to make a sensible decision.

JohnP.S. this comment is also posted on CollegeTimes

2nd Year Male -- Class 2018
Faculty Accessibility: B, Social Life: F
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Well there's a lot of bullshit on here,Quite BrightPolitical Science
Well there's a lot of bullshit on here, so let me give you some perspective. You've been reading a lot of reviews on here, right? If you've read up on more that 3 colleges, you've seen a lot of bitching so far, and you are probably sitting there thinking, "are there ANY colleges worth going to??" The answer to that is, "YES."

I'm a non-traditional student: Homeschooler, bad at math, GED. I moved to Prescott from Hawaii (yeah, you read that right) to go to Yavapai College. (Hawaii is incredibly hard to live in and go to school...everything is hella expensive there.)

I made it in to YC, no sweat. Yavapai isn't a hard college to get into, so if you didn't get in, you probably missed something, somewhere.

I thought I would have a really hard time at YC...I thought that because I was such a failure as a high-school student that I would get my ass kicked academically...but I was determined to do my best.

Well, I've done my best, and I've worked my ass of, and guess what? I have a 4.0 GPA--and I earned it. Yes, I did get my ass kicked a few times, but the teachers are incredibly approachable. I've been here five semesters, and I'm about to graduate. I've yet to meet a teacher that was a total jerk. Sure, some are hard, some are easy: that's college ANYWHERE for you. But I felt like each teacher really cared about their students. My hardest English teacher really made me a better writer, and she always had an open door for me to come seek advice. I worked hard for her, and she rewarded that. Other teachers were much the same...the work wasn't "easy mode" all the time, but I found out if I did what the teachers asked, and I put effort into it, I got A grades. Pretty simple huh?

Granted, there are some awful teachers here, but I've lucked out and never gotten one. Asking around helps...everyone knows who the douchebags are. It's a smallerish sized detective and get your facts straight before you register.

Financial aid was easy for me...just do it when they tell you to. Don't fill out your FAFSA in July and expect a full ride for the fall semester starting in August. That's stupid--at any school. I've gotten numerous grants, and a good chunk of my money has nothing to do with my grades.

The financial aid office is a good group of folks...just realize they deal with morons wandering in a week before school starts saying, "So like, I wanna go to school here in a week and I have no money. Help?"

The campus itself is ok. It's not crazy awesome, and it doesn't suck. The Library is a nice study environment. The classes have some very decent technology.

The food is's not awful, but eating it every day could get old. The kitchen staff are nice though...everyone loves Leo and Flip!

Campus Police are usually retired cops. Yeah, they're bored. But honestly if you just obey the speed limit they don't bother you. I've taken my car and my crotch rocket on campus all the time and they don't give me any trouble.

Hint: If you park for 5 hours in a 30 minute spot, you're in for it. (duh).
The sports teams...the Soccer team is one of the best, but I have pals on many of the teams, and they all tell me the teams are a bit dirty...drugs, etc. There's drug problems in the dorms, but mostly it's just pot. Not that I like pot (I don't--I think it's lame as hell), but at least there's not coke residue on the toilet seats.

The Phys Ed department is great...very decent gym, pool, great dance teachers, etc. Nice sports fields, and it's in a safe part of town. Prescott is a chillaxed place. OK, so there's not much to do, and it's a quasi-retirement town.

Wah. Try going to Flagstaff where it's violent crime central...or UA in that shithole called "Tucson." (I went to Tucson recently...I regretted not taking my handgun with me. That place is so dirty I felt like wearing a rubber just walking around). Prescott is a quiet town. PV is only 20 minutes away (tops) with theatres and more fun stuff. If you are looking for a party school, hit up ASU. If you want an education, come to YC.

All in all I like Yavapai. It actually costs way more than what they charge students...a huge chunk of it is subsidized, so really you are getting way more education that you are paying for. YC is one of the cheapest colleges in the state... and I feel like I've learned a hell of a lot here.

As for the students who hate it...well, usually they're the ones who show up to class late (if at all), hungover, sit in the back, don't take notes, sleep, bitch about everything, and don't do the work. Then they call the teachers "crappy". Show up here with a good attitude, and work your ass off and you'll love it--and you'll probably pull great grades. Some classes I've gotten A's in without a lot of effort. Newsflash: do what the teacher asks, and you got nothing to worry about. If you're looking for a place to just buy a degree...try one of those dodgy online degree mills.

One final thought: Now that I'm applying to schools out of state, I realized how great YC is. YC made it easy and really cheap for me as a Western State Undegrad Exchange (WUE) student to come to YC. I spent maybe 10% over in-state a Hawaii resident. Yeah, I know, huh?

I've been applying to other schools...I can't even get a call back from the friggin' admin office at some of these schools. Even ASU has been a shining example of idiocy and ineptitude compared to Yavapai. I mean what the it really that hard? Getting into YC was easy...ASU, Lynn, SLU, ERAU and others have been a massive pain in the ass--just in the preliminary stages! I guess ya don't know how good ya have it till ya have to deal with morons.Anyway. That's my take. YC will be what you make of it...the positives outweigh the negatives, and most students want to be here. That makes for a great class environment, and a great community college. Don't stack YC up next to Stanford...but compared to most Community schools, I think it's pretty damned good. You'll do awesome here...only if you want to.

2nd Year Male -- Class 2012
Faculty Accessibility: A+, University Resource Use/ spending: C-
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