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Fresno City College

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Do not go to this college, it's notBrightArt & Design Department
Do not go to this college, it's not worth the time and stress. Things that should be simple are complicated by the staff. Students just want it to be over. You can't even get financial aid appropriately, they do what ever they can to kick you out of it. Prices have gone up like 10 bucks for every unit each year I've attended. The faculty does not care about you, they just want the day over with too. They yell at you, give you attitude, and if they mess up they blame you. If you are lucky you will get that good teacher and you will get an A, but most of the time you will get the teacher that hates their job, hates the students and does things to make it easier for themselves. They try to convince you that it's better to go to their college because it's the same as any other college like Princeton or Berkeley but costs a lot less, it's not at all. You really have to try and dig for good teachers that genuinely want to teach you, and counselors that want to help you, even if you find them you probably won't get them. The school is way over crowded and over priced (even food wise), there are a lot of ghetto kids yelling, smoking, and fighting or trying to start fights everywhere. There are even homeless people roaming around asking for money every now and then. The students are the kind that are still trying to be the cool kids and act like they're better than others, people don't really talk to each other unless they knew them in high school. And I haven't even mentioned everything bad about it.

There is a area around it called Tower District that is suppose to be nice but all the 'cool kids' usually hang out there so it becomes annoying. There are druggies and hobos there too. Recently there's a lot of shootings/killings. You just have to go at a good time. There are some fast food restaurants but they give you the worse quality food you will ever see, don't buy it. Make sure you have a lot of time in between classes if you want to eat, it's really busy in the area so it takes a while to get your food. Especially on campus. The Yoshino's there doesn't use their normal food, they buy frozen chicken and stuff. Don't get a parking pass, there will be no room. Everyone I know that got one never used it and parked in the neighborhoods, but be kind to the people that live there. People try and break into cars, even if people are in them a lot, just to steal simple things too like a book. If you want a parking space go at least an hour before, to be safe go 2 hours before, people usually have to drive around for a spot for about an hour. And people don't have manners so they will drive crazy and act crazy.

If you're going for Art, they keep cutting the Art classes, you will have to make your schedule work around them because there are so few.

Fresno State is cutting students too so they all go to FCC, it's overpopulated a ton.
I rated it as challenging, not in a good way. It's challenging because they don't care about you, they try and make things difficult. You can be graded unfairly due to your ethnicity, teachers don't want you asking questions, they will say you can but treat you horribly if you do, you can't have things like cell phones out or they'll kick you out, they make you sign a contract in each class saying that you won't use them. And the longer you're there the harder they make things for you, like getting classes or financial aid.

There's so much more I could say about how no one should go here but I'll stop.
Overall it's just completely bad. It's a waste. Please, for your own good go somewhere else !Sorry this is messy there's just too much to say.

4th Year Female -- Class 2013
Surrounding City: B, Education Quality: F
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I've been attending FCC on and off forQuite BrightEnglish
I've been attending FCC on and off for about 7 years now, and am finally down to having just one more semester left to graduate.

I can't completely blame the amount of time it has taken me to finish on the school itself; I had my own personal issues that got in the way at times. However, FCC and the city of Fresno itself kind of have a 'wasteland' feel about them. I know very few students that actually like the school, and it seems that everyone just wants to get out, but lack the motivation.

As for the faculty, they are overall pretty unhelpful. It just seems like no one really cares, and they're just teaching because it's the only job they could get with their own degrees. I also found some of the professors/instructors to be kind of arrogant and even condescending towards their students. There are a few older professors, though, that are extremely knowledgeable and inspiring.

ANother downside is that because FCC is a community college and Fresno is way overpopulated, there are just waaaay too many people going to the school. It's hard to get enrolled into the classes you need, and even the wait lists fill up pretty fast. And the parking is horrendous. The on-campus parking lots can accomodate only about 30% of the student population, and everyone else either has to stalk people in the lots to take their spots when they leave, park in the surrounding neighborhoods (which aren't very safe, especially at night), or use other forms of transportation (bus, bicycle, walking, etc).

One good thing I will say about FCC is that the campus is actually very nice and visually appealing. There is a lot of grass, trees, and flowers and some of the older buildings (especially the Old Admin. Building and the library) have so much character. They have also done a lot of remodeling and most if not all of the classrooms are now equipped with functional projectors, screens, and surround sound.

It's hard to say a lot of good things about FCC, but most of the downsides are just due to where it's located, the budget, and overall the bad economical state that this country is currently in. Not to mention that it's a community/junior college, not a university, so you shouldn't have very high expectations anyway.

I would recommend this school to anyone living in Fresno who is undecided on their major and just want to get started with their GE classes and at a much cheaper price than a 4-year university.

4th Year Female -- Class 2013
Education Quality: B+, Surrounding City: D+
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I believe Fresno City College is a goodQuite BrightAnthropology
I believe Fresno City College is a good school. At this moment so many people are attempting to get into the school, luckily for me representatives came to my high school to enroll. If you have to enroll at the college campus it could be a hassle with how many people are trying to get in. Of course this means you just have to come extra early or take extra care to get admission stuff done (I had to wait about three hours in a line to get financial aid but I had to do it so I have no complaints).

The education is fine. Classes for me aren't too challenging, as long as you do the work. I do notice that people who slack tend to have trouble. This is fairly obvious and if you turn in all assignments and do moderately well on tests you'll get a passing grade. Professors are people too: Sometimes you'll have classes with ones you like and other times you'll have classes with ones you don't like. I've only had one professor I didn't really like and I used so I knew ahead of time what I was getting into. I suggest you use that site. SO far it's been extremely accurate for me. I'll throw out a name for my favorite teacher: Dr. Vang who teaches Sociology. She's amazing.

I've read about staff being not so helpful. Like you'll run into anywhere else when you interact with people you'll find nice people and not so nice people. I really respect the counseling department. However, if I have one complaint it would be the business office. On average I've not ran into many friendly people. But let me say this: If you want to have people be helpful and nice to you be polite and smile and happy with them. If you're nice and don't cop an attitude I guarantee your interactions will be pleasant :]

I don't really interact with the students very much because I'm honestly there to learn and get my units done to transfer. I'm friendly but I'm not interested in screwing around or partying. So that means I'm not too helpful about the student body. I do know that people in class, although they appear to be serious, are friendly if you just talk to them. Try it, it's incredible what happens when you are friendly first to people.

My biggest complaint is...the parking! This is not something that can be sugar-coated or played down. Face it, parking here sucks. But I should say that this is more so at the beginning of the semester and once people start to drop out (after a month or so) parking becomes easier to find. You can park down the street in the neighborhood if you don't mind walking, but the convenience of being three minutes from your car (as opposed to ten or so) can be pretty nice. And if you park in the neighborhood at night there might be a little concern about safety walking to your car. I've never had a problem but I could be somewhat naive about the situation. But while I' mentioning parking and walking let me say that this is Fresno. You may not be a very happy camper if you get to Fresno City and find no parking so you have to park in the neighborhood. You'll get out of the car and realize it's 100 degrees or very close to it, sometimes over. Yes, it can really be annoying and that is one of the reasons I'm ready to transfer away from Fresno. If I could I'd take Fresno City College and put it in a city located on the coast where it's about 20 to 30 degrees cooler on Summer days and I would say it's the perfect school experience. I would also like to note that the campus is pretty in my opinion. I've walked around Fresno State and between the two Fresno City College is so much prettier and more interesting to me.To sum up this rather long review let me just say that at first getting into classes will be hard, but if you stick with it things will get better. Waitlisting may not be fun, but keep an open mind when registering for classes. Once you get some units down you'll have better priority for registering and your life will be easier. If you live in Fresno you should attend the college to cut the costs of your first two years of college: I didn't attend a CSU or UC immediately out of high school and I'm very happy that I chose this path.

1st Year Male -- Class 2011
Education Quality: A+, Surrounding City: D
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