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National University

Total Grad Surveys 22
Females 11
Males 11
Avg years at University 2.0
Research Quality C+ (5.8)
Research Availability B- (6.2)
Research Funding B- (6.2)
Graduate Politics B (6.7)
Not Errand Runners B+ (7.9)
Degree Completion B (6.9)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C+ (5.1)
Sufficient Pay B- (5.8)
Competitiveness B (6.7)
Education Quality B- (5.8)
Faculty Accessibility B (6.7)
Useful Research B (6.6)
"Individual" treatment B- (6.2)
Friendliness B (6.7)
Safety A- (8.3)
Campus Beauty B+ (7.8)
Campus Maintenance A- (8.6)
University Spending B+ (7.5)
Extracurriculars C+ (5.2)
Scholastic Success B (7.2)
Surrounding City A- (8.4)
Social Life/ Environment C (4.9)
Social Life/ EnvironmentC
Campus MaintenanceA-
Veteran hereNov 13 2014Business - Management and Administration
Veteran here. This College puts you on the path to a degree in blazing speed. Prepare to do a lot of work for each class. They are expensive for a non profit, but you will have a very valuable degree in half the time. I wouldn?t recommend NU for Computer Science or any similar field that you need hands on, but NU will work just fine for an MBA or Teaching Credential. Have heard of many alums making competitive wages upwards of $100k after getting an MBA here. Compiled with my military experience i fully expect to earn that amount or more upon graduating.Warning! If you want the traditional party atmosphere or life changing experience better go someplace else. The students here are no nonsense and goal focused so don?t expect to be hanging out at the local frat house after class. Most of us are 30 somethings trying to build off of our current careers and willing to take on tedious amounts of work in addition to class lectures.
There are more negatives than positives about NationalDec 22 2013Education
There are more negatives than positives about National University. Before explaining my experience at the University, I want to provide a brief description of the institution. First, National University claims itself to be a non-for-profit organization that delivers both high quality education and educational services. Second, the institution has multiple mini campuses throughout California, and a few in other states such as Nevada. Third, the institution's main campus is at La Jolla, California. Fourth, the University offers online, on-campus, and combined online and on-campus courses for all majors. Fifth, the University has a wide selection of majors, but only offers the following: Bachelors, Masters, and certificates.

I started attending National University in the summer of 2010. The reason why I chose National University in the first place is because I wanted an online teacher education program that is certified by the California Teaching Credentialing Department. Being both a full-time employee and a caretaker of two ill family members, I do not have the time to attend a traditional university. Upfront I knew that the cost of education at National will be quite expensive because it is a private educational institution. However, I did not know several other aspects about the University's financial aid practices, quality of on-site services, and quality of education.

I relied on the information provided by the National University's website, which introduces the school's mission statement. Also, I relied on the information about the school provided by the admissions officer at the Costa Mesa, California campus. After a year and a half of attending National University, I realized that things were not getting better. The things that I am talking about are the quality of education, the services being provided to students, the attention given by the faculty, and the cost of education.

First, I notice that every three to four months, National University sends an increase in tuition letter to all of its students. The students who are already attending the school have to pay the difference in the increase in tuition. I feel it is unfair for the students because they were told that the program will cost a certain amount at the time of entrance. For instance, I was told by my Admission advisor that the total cost of the teacher education program will be $22,000; instead, the amount became up to $30,000, because of National's financial practices. I learned recently, National just opened a new mini campus somewhere in California, which probably came out of students' pockets. It is quit bazaar that the school claims to be a non-for-profit organization.

Second, in the process of my student teaching, I learned that National University is not the best school to get the best student teaching placement. Several school districts do not accept National University students, and there are multiple school districts that place the University's students last on the list. For instance, the director of student teaching placement Mr. Don Wise, had a difficult time finding a placement for me. Also, I was told by another National University student that Garden Grove Unified School District places National University's students last on the list. This student that told me the information said that she had spoken to one of the board of directors at the District.

Third, the faculty, the department heads, the financial aid officers, the administration, and the credential advisors are all emotionally, and mentally distant from the students. I will try to explain a little bit better in the following sentences. The university?s staff are not involved or connected to the students' concerns and problems. The faculty members do not invest time helping the students grow both professionally and mentally such as educational wise. They have no empathy and sympathy for the students. More importantly, they do not care about the students' welfares and overall educational experiences. Instead, the faculty are more concerned about their own welfare such as getting a paycheck, and the university's welfare in terms of its connection with other institutions, and its financial goals. For example, the teacher education program directors and faculty members were not concerned on helping me improve and grow as a future educator. The education department directors and student teaching coordinators were too invested in listening to the words of the assigned Master Teachers. They are blind sighted in certain aspects when observing the student teacher, and they tend to misinterpret certain information. To me, the misinterpretation comes from the inability for the faculty members and directors to effectively communicate on an interpersonal basis. I describe an effective interpersonal communication process as one in which both the receiver and the sender listen, understand, and reach an agreement with each other. This did not happen with me when I was working with the professors, directors, and my master teachers. I did not receive an adequate amount of support, and advice for professional growth from all of the following: master teachers, professors, and directors. At the end I had to pay a huge price that is up to $30,000, which includes interest on an education that was not worthwhile.

I tried to get some type of compensation back from the University's officials at the main campus. No one has contacted me back, which shows that they do not care.

I went to National for the online programJul 29 2013Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc
I went to National for the online program and would not recommend it. This school is all about the money. I did my research and despite what I read online, I applied, was accepted and decided to attend.

I can't really comment on the students or faculty because it was online but they weren't very helpful in financial aid.

The problem is that the classes are only six weeks long and go at an extremely fast pace. I tried to make appointments with the writing center for my essays but because of the time change zones I was unable to get help. For instance, if the appointment is at 2pm, you have to be logged in at 2pm California time.

I took an African-American film class that was taught by a white guy, which is fine but I had to order the films, we watched one weekly and by the time it arrived, the class had moved onto the next film. Also, the white guy didn't agree with my viewpoints, even though I'm African-American and he's white. I just can't help but wonder if I had been the teacher, and the student was white... (They don't have a lot of minority faculty and even less AA graduates).

I got a C in the class and was put on academic probation. I then took another class on Hemingway, and got a D on my paper. I emailed the professor and no response. This is typical of this school. Everyone wants to do minimal work and just enough to get your off the phone or frustrated.

After this, I was kicked out of National. I was told, by letter that if I wanted to come back, I would have to explain why I didn't do well in my classes and prove that this would not happen again. Also, I had to wait six months.

I waited, even though I was not happy, I reapplied and was rejected. I feel like this school basically took my money and then shitted on me. I wouldn't recommend this school to my worst enemy's grandmother.

National University is one of the worst schools that I have attended, and although I cannot say another about their on-campus classes, I cannot recommend taking them online.

I was quite surprised at the level ofApr 09 2013Psychology
I was quite surprised at the level of challenge I've faced with this curriculum thus far. One month = one course. It's a whirlwind, but I'm learning a lot and honing my skills as a writer and researcher. The academic rigor is excellent, so if you're looking for something easy, you're wasting valuable time and money.

One of the best aspects of this school is the faculty and staff. Top to bottom, from admin to instructors, these people are among the most responsive I've ever seen from a sheer customer oriented perspective. Not what one expects from a not-for-profit. Intelligent and experienced faculty answer emails quite thoughtfully, all hours of the night and seven days a week, while even the admin advisors do the same. The only shortfall is I really think they should be more selective with admissions. I see some very clear indications that many of my cohorts just aren't prepared for this level of academic engagement. It's tragic, really, to think about what they seem to be wasting on apparent failure.

The biggest mistake that I ever made isAug 19 2012Education
The biggest mistake that I ever made is going to National University I graduated from one of the top three schools in the state. Ntional University is a Diploma Mill, and claims to be a non profit institution. They are doing absolutley nothing to help combat the education crisis in our public schools. National paints a rosy picture of teaching in public schools. I believe that National should be investigated by the federal gov. many of their policies verge on being illegal. the professors are not allowed to give students C grades. if I was a principal I would not hire a National Graduate that had recieved his BA and teaching credential from National! NATIONAL IS A DIPLOMA MILL AND THE VALUE OF A NATIONAL EDUCATION IS A FAT ZERO O!
Research Topic(s): overall quality
First, I am not flunking and have neverJun 16 2012Unknown
First, I am not flunking and have never flunked any courses at NU. My lowest grades are B's. So this is not one flunked-student reviews.I filled out a grade appeal after struggling with a professor I felt was not grading my assignments fairly (if you've ever had a professor who graded your work based on his personal beliefs other than following the school's guidelines, then you probably know what I mean). Of course, the school didn't approve of the appeal. After this, I realized the two professor's I've had are saying similar things as the previous professor regarding my work (even though I follow THEIR rules for the assignments) and giving the same grades. I wouldn't mind calling this a coincidence if for the past four years I've been in college I hadn't received the appropriate grades for the SAME type of assignments (writing activities, journal entries from reading assignments and comments on students' stories). And I know I'm still a hard working student and if anything, I've made much improvement. So, what exactly could be going on here? Now, the advisers and student services are excellent in contacting me when I have question about something. So are the professors. But it seems to me like the professors from this program are going overboard with their expectations on how students need to answer to each other's work. Sometimes, it almost seems like if you don't see things their way, then you're wrong. I had one professor who even when I would follow his suggestions on commenting would not be satisfied, and probably wouldn't be even if I was to give the very answers from He'd come up with. It was like a child asking why why why why why every you answer a question. I'm currently taking a course in which the professor is behaving similarly and I'm wondering, is this my punishment from the school for filing an appeal or what? For the MFA program, I'd recommend another school.
Masters in Digital CinemaFeb 27 2012Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc
Masters in Digital Cinema is something to stay away from. You will NEVER graduate!!!
The professors have little or no actual experience but think they know everything. Your work will not matter it is all based on what they feel at the time they are looking at the work.Stay far far away
MFA Digital Cinema is a waste of timeFeb 27 2012Other
MFA Digital Cinema is a waste of time and money. There are very few professors and most of them have little or no actual experience.

They do not give you proper information, change the syllabus and rubrics after class has begun. They are extremely disorganized and judge on bias rather than competency.Beware that once you complete your last course, starting your thesis you will be working on it for at the very least a year - as the class is moved into a 'U' while you do so. You will be required to start repaying loans even thought you are not out of school.

I felt it necessary to provide a moreJan 27 2012English
I felt it necessary to provide a more balanced critique of the NU MA in English, as the one above seems to have been written by a staff member intent on rebutting criticism and placing the blame on students who have legitimate issues with NU. Recently, NU has come under heavy criticism on a number of fronts from students throughout its programs and how has the university responded? With a publicity campaign rather than remedy the concerns of its students. While it is true that every school has its ?issues and service problems? that is not an excuse; nor does it absolve a school of its responsibility to address its issues and recurring service problems. Browse the Net for NU reviews, and you will find over and over many of the same issues that I address below. Students are consumers of a very expensive educational product and deserve nothing but excellence in the delivery of that product ? excuses and rationalization are simply unacceptable.

The Good: The MA in English is an online program and thus, convenient for parents, working teachers and other professionals. Students can take their courses from the privacy of their own homes and manage their own schedules within the parameters of the program requirements. There are some good courses and solid professors leading them; I emphasize ?some? and more below. The excellent professors are good at teaching, and, teaching online courses ? which is an entirely different pedagogical approach. When you get a professor who is clearly competent in the technology, combined with an eagerness to engage students ? the combination is well worth it and one can see the benefits of this type of program.

The Bad (and ugly): There are some really awful instructors in the program with absolutely no clue about how to run an online course or engage students in this new technology. I have had professors who do not post to student discussions or engage in the course discussions but merely award discussion points each week with no feedback; it is like having a professor who never comes to class. I have had professors who simply did not understand the technology and several of them did not know how to update course content, so when the course went live, it was outdated and incorrect. Several professors do not post grades in a timely manner and so one does not receive feedback until it is too late to improve on one?s performance. All courses (except the final thesis course) are 4 weeks in length. Unfortunately, one often doesn?t know which courses/themes/instructors will be offered because NU does not post this information very far in advance. The result is, you have little or no control over planning a program that suits your needs, or in some cases, professional or other licensing requirements, you may not be able to get texts ordered in time, etc. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of the program. (For examples, I knew of one teacher who was required by her institution to take a course in Shakespeare, a course rarely offered at NU ? in an MA in English program.) I have heard many students complain about these issues, privately and on course boards. One would think NU could put out a six-month schedule so students could plan their programs accordingly. On the other hand, if you are not as engaged in your program and simply want to take the required courses NU assigns you ? that would work for you. Other issues are administrative support that is inconsistent and minimal. The Financial Aid Office is often late processing student aid and about half the time will simply not respond to your emails. The program director is a wonderful teacher, but a poor manager. He seems aware of the issues and seems interested in student feedback; yet when students have issues (recurring issues) it becomes obvious he has done little to address those issues and in fact comes up with the same excuses over and over. The reality may be he simply has no power in the NU hierarchy to engage and improve the program.

I wanted to share a more balanced view of the issues at NU and not simply blame students as I feel the previous review did. Yes, there are students in the program with unrealistic expectations and yes, some are lazy and have been my classmates! But, the majority are students who are diligent and focused and interact respectfully with their peers. And, as a point of agreement with other reviews ? it is true, online learning is NOT easy. In fact, I find online learning to be much more demanding. If I were asked to give the program a grade, I would offer up a ?C+? with plenty of room for improvement.

I graduated from National's MA English program andJan 07 2012English
I graduated from National's MA English program and found it very challenging and far exceeding my expectations. While the program is very demanding on my time (about 20+ hours a week), I found the curriculum and my other classmates a perfect blend. I have three other college degrees, and this program is no different in student expectations and demands.

Some may think online learning is easy or not nearly the same as being in a classroom environment. That may have been true when the Internet was new and many bogus schools appeared, but regionally accredited schools are meeting the online demand with great programs that are equal or sometimes far better enriched due to the technology. Online programs require a learner to be self-disciplined, prepared, organized, and motivated to succeed. I have had a few online classmates who were told about the demands of the program and accepted the task, but became angry with the school because they did not manage the workload well. How is that the school's fault? The curriculum demands are the same in an online class, if not more demanding, than a traditional class.

I have read several posted reviews and I frankly do not understand the complaints. Every school has its issues and service problems. I found that most problems I had with my prior degree problems was with the public university where I could not get the right person or department to help me properly. I have not found that with National. Is National perfect? No. If I would have a major problem, I would never hesitate to call the administrative office and get the proper help--immediately. I could not say that about the public university I attended--the administration would most likely not even take the call.

Bottom line, you will get what effort you put into it. National has been around for decades and has the test of time behind it. It is a nonprofit university (which I like) and it is a perfect alternative. It is a private school which means it does cost more to attend then public schools, however, this is normal and the tuition is well within the average range of other private universities.

Overall, I am very pleased with the onlineNov 04 2011English
Overall, I am very pleased with the online MA in English program at NU - in fact, it is much better than I had anticipated. Its strengths are the faculty and course selection and its weakness is the administrative function and advisors who don't really do anything other than add and drop classes for students. A nice selection of relevant courses and a well organized online platform.
I started NU and after my second classOct 21 2011Business - Management and Administration
I earned my teaching credential and Masters throughOct 17 2011Education
I earned my teaching credential and Masters through National University. The classes were easy, expensive, and unbelievably slanted in a liberal direction (especially in the Master courses) but we all know people deal with this for speed and convenience. The reason I rated it so low is because they have no honor. They misinformed me repeatedly about the APLE program and in the end it cost me roughly $6000. I explained it several times, went through the better BBB and they would not own up to their error. I asked them to split the difference with me and they refused. They made over $20,000 from my time there and would not own up to what would have amounted to a $3,000 mistake. My experience has been shared with everyone I know in education and now all of you and I am sure it has cost them more than the $3000 they cheated me out of.
Be prepared to workSep 23 2011Computer Science
Be prepared to work hard here, it's not Ivy League but it's on a par with state universities imo. Class difficulty varies from medium to hard, depends on professor. Overall very satisfied, good school w/good accreditations and reputation.
If you want aJul 15 2011English
If you want a basic, solid education--this univeristy is it. Enjoyed my experience at National University. I found the professors helpful and friendly and classmates sharing the same goal as mine.
75% of the instructorsApr 29 2011Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc
75% of the instructors I had were good with 2 being exceptionally good. 25% of the instructors were not worth the price paid for the class. I don't think that's a good sign. I hope that class reviews are taken seriously.
NU was a great choice for me asAug 17 2010Education
NU was a great choice for me as a working professional (full time teacher) because I will be completing my Master's entirely online in just over a year's time. The accelerated format works great; while it is a lot of content to cover in a shorter amount of time, I like not having to take multiple classes at once. I like that NU has a smaller online department, so I don't feel like "just another number" in the system.
Jul 10 2010English
Fantastic and challenging courses!
The Masters in Digital Cinema is a completeFeb 09 2010Other
The Masters in Digital Cinema is a complete train wreck. As far as faculty go it is the blind leading the blind.They are inexperienced, most of them, if they have experience, have it in television and have no idea about film digital or otherwise. They give information that is not only not industry standard, it is just plain wrong. The courses are awful-disorganized, badly written and useless. Most of the course work is online and the online courses are completely disorganized with incorrect dates, no real syllabus with due dates and grading requirements that have nothing to do with the actual assignments. Almost no feedback is given. The on campus residency is a joke. Students are forced to make films from scripts they have little say over that come from a playwriting program and are extremely unsuitable for film. Students are told one thing before enrolling and confronted with an entirely different reality. It is concealed from students that the residency will be triple charged and will negatively impact financial aid-that students may depend on for living allowances.

The University administration sets a new low standard in receptivity and care about students. The financial aid office is incompetant at best and deceptive and deliberately obstructive. Information on the online student portal is meaningless and frequently completely incorrect.

Run away fast before you waste time and money on a degree where your thesis will be judged by people that aren't qualified to judge a the most amateurish festival entry, but who will attempt to impose ridiculous requirements.You will be told that the university helps you to organize funding for your thesis film and this is patently false. You will be stuck funding the entire thing with no resources that any other schools offers.

This is the worst university and program INov 04 2009Accounting
This is the worst university and program I have ever had the misfortune to spend money on. None of the faculty are aware of the program structure and are therefore completely unhelpful, none of the material is addressed thoroughly, and the curriculum in unreasonable given the time constraints. Everyone is blindly working their way through a program that no one can educate us about, but which we spent $16,000 to attend. Completely ridiculous.
While most of the school's professors are great,Apr 09 2009Education
While most of the school's professors are great, there are a few that will make you pull your hair out. The worst part of this university is not the professors, it's the administrators! I have been to three other colleges and none could hold a candle to the rampant apathy running through most of the administration. My credential advisor was an officious twit who insisted that I make appointments to drop off paperwork and had little contact with me until deadlines were approaching and then was breathing down my neck. He had no advice that was the least bit helpful. They never advised me to take my tests early and they ended up putting my student teaching off until September. In the meantime they would not cover part of one month's tuition because I hadn't signed up for more classes. I had finished my coursework for the program...why would I take more classes??!!?? Now they want the money for that tuition that financial aid wouldn't pay and are giving me hell for that!!!! Hello!!! That's why I'm on financial aid!!!
The education at National University is serious andNov 08 2008Business - Management and Administration
The education at National University is serious and is oriented to working adults and professionals. Do not expect to find the “college experience” here or to be very well received if you lack the maturity of your peer group. As for academic quality, it is the same if not superior to the UC and Cal State schools. But as it is with any educational pursuit, you only get as much out of it as you are willing to put into it.
National University is aJul 10 2008Business - Management and Administration
National University is a very practical option for the working adult. Fantastic library system. Most faculty members are highly successful in private industry or government service. Outstanding support for the military community. "Campus Life" is not a valid evaluation point for this university.
After ten attempts ofMar 30 2008English
After ten attempts of filling out the request for information, and sending several e-mails to a department head, this institution failed to respond.
If I knew then what I know now,Dec 14 2006Education
If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have gone to this university. Staff is uneducated in the requirements of their programs, so that almost every student I know hasn't graduated on time, myself included. I was treated like a number rather than a person. When I had trouble no one had answers for me, problems they created for me they were unhelpful and unapologetic of the situation. One teacher in particular heads the internship program and creates hurtles for her interns. I feel like I've been robbed of my money and still wonder if I'll make it through my credentialing program.
You get out what you put inJul 13 2006Education
You get out what you put in. This is a university designed so that you can work while you get a degree but you pay for that convenience. I have learned alot and enjoyed my classes. I am proud of the work I have done. If you go to learn then you will enjoy it. If you think the set up makes it easier than colleges, then you are wrong. If you do not like to write reflections and essays then you may not want to go to this school for a graduate degree in education.
National Univesity provides education for those willing toOct 28 2004Engineering Department
National Univesity provides education for those willing to work hard for it. Yes, there is a lot, I mean alot of work that needs to be done to pass a class. That may turn off a lot of people and so they call it busy work, but if you do the work (homework, research papers, labs, etc) with the intention to understand the material and not just get a degree you will learn and you will set yourself up to have many doors open for you in the future.
Compare NationalSave National

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