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The University of St Augustine for Health Sciences

Total Grad Surveys 13
Females 9
Males 4
Avg years at University 1.9
Research Quality C (4.6)
Research Availability C- (3.9)
Research Funding C- (3.9)
Graduate Politics B- (6.1)
Not Errand Runners B- (6.0)
Degree Completion B (6.9)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C+ (5.5)
Sufficient Pay D+ (2.9)
Competitiveness B (6.7)
Education Quality B- (6.5)
Faculty Accessibility C (4.7)
Useful Research C- (3.9)
"Individual" treatment C (4.8)
Friendliness B- (5.9)
Safety A (8.9)
Campus Beauty B (7.1)
Campus Maintenance B (7.2)
University Spending B- (6.2)
Extracurriculars C (4.8)
Scholastic Success B- (6.2)
Surrounding City B (7.0)
Social Life/ Environment B- (6.1)
Sufficient PayD+
The most unorganized University everJan 16 2018Other
The most unorganized University ever. They do not care about you as a student. You are purely a number providing money. Emails do not get responses in a timely manner. They do not provide you with all of the fieldwork opportunities they promise. Some of the professors do not care at all. (Some are amazing, and its the couple of good professors that keep you sane for two years). Overall this school wants your money and could care less about you. They won't work around any life event, and will not advocate for you in any situation. I would never go to this school again but at least I got my MOT degree. That and some friends are the only things I got out of it. It wasn't worth the two years of torture, go to a different school and actually get a good education.One last thing...everyone at this university cheats. Some of the PT's had answers to almost every exam they took. It makes the school even more of a joke than it already is.
This school is toughJan 28 2015Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
This school is tough. Hands down. It is intense and it will make you work hard and make you feel like you are truly deserve your DPT. You will be frustrated for about 2 1/2 yrs. But in the end, it is all worth it! You WILL come out of this University with a GREAT education and as a very good therapist. As a New Grad, I see now how the intense curriculum worked in my benefit. I hated going through this program. ABSOLUTELY hated it. It sucked. It was hard. It was a lot of late nights, a lot of hating on the professors, and hating of the classes- a lot due to pure frustration and because there are a lot of BS classes with BS assignments that will annoy that crap out of you. But now that it's all done and over with, I know that the tough classes and overload in school work is what brings the USA students out on top when compared to other PT New Grads.

MANUAL THERAPY is this University's strong point. I don't know how many times I've heard from classmates (and even first hand experience) that we are interviewed and hired merely for the sake that USA has a great reputation in manual therapy and the students come out as good therapists. When you are done, you will have no problems with the hands-on approach to treating patients. The University of St Augustine will set you up to be a great manual therapist. You WILL know your anatomy like the back of your hand, as well as understand mobilizations. You'll want to be progressive in our profession, promote EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE, know how to work hard and especially, YOU WILL know how to work well under heavy stress.

The program is getting better. Don't pay attention to any of the reviews older than 2012. The new program director (Dr Rot) is great. He's working hard to make the school more student-focused than it has been in the past. His door is always open to talk to students about their experiences, problems, and issues with whatever it may be- academically and personally. Beware, that not all professors have an equal student-first approach. Some have been there for too long and just teach out of memorization. But some are truly amazing professors that you'll fall in love with.

Another important tid-bit is to know that though this program is super tough, you are not alone. You don't have to be smart to get through the program, just dedicated. In each class, the students become very close. Everyone becomes family and you will learn to lean on classmates like never before. Everyone studies together and helps each other through the tough exams and practicals. The end result is totally worth it. I highly recommend this school on the fact that when you get out, you'll have NO PROBLEM finding a job, based on the reputation of this school alone.GOOD LUCK!- You'll need it!

Research Topic(s): Patient Case Report of your choosing
After working in the hospitals, I knew quiteJan 11 2015Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
After working in the hospitals, I knew quite a lot about physical therapy, but I knew going in that I still had a lot to learn. Unfortunately, this school was not the place to learn it. The teachers don't teach, they merely read from slides. They are condescending and say they are there to help you, and yet, they never answer e-mails, or when they do it is with a nasty response. Just like the other few students who had actually worked in the field prior to going to the school, I had to re-learn so many things. Their skills class is worthless. Fi you tried to do some of the techniques they taught at a hospital, you'd be laughed at, at best, and at worst, you'd injure a patient. Their modalities class is just as big of a joke. As a tech, you must learn everything they teach you in 2 days during a check off, no need for an entire class on the "lack of" information. Furthermore, there were so many time I had to keep my mouth shut when the instructor was completely wrong about the instruments, or medications mentioned.

So aside from these poor classes, expect to be saddened by the number of students cheating at the university, while the administration does nothing about it. Or you can have teachers changing grades only for particular students, and not for others. This is an expensive school, and extremely difficult. The motto there is "Cs get degrees," where the majority of the students are just praying for the C to pass them on so they don't have to repeat the class, or get kicked out. So many students worked their tails off to pass with a C while having to witness other students cheating. The cheaters ruin any chance to refute a teacher's question/answer, ruining it for everyone else.

Another issue is that the testing methods are not standard across all classes in a format similar to the board exams. If nursing schools, med schools, and other pt schools standardize their questions, why can't this school? Probably since they can't take the time to make new questions.

The majority of the teachers are demeaning and condescending, and have only outpatient experience from the clinic downstairs. They seem to have zero knowledge about real world physical therapy in hospitals, so don't bother asking. There are a couple of teachers who care, but they only care about their "special select" students.

I have found that the students that are arrogant, and aggressive seem to make it, and the ones that don't are nice, and can't fathom doing the things other students do there. Oh, and be careful of the student council/honor society students, they seem to be the ones with the easiest access to cheating materials, and plus, who would accuse them, right?

In the end, I made great friends there (mostly OTs since they are nicer), learned by teaching myself, and would not do it again if you paid me the 12 grand per semester. So choose wisely. Message real students on social networks, or privately talk to students on the campus (not tour guides). It is not worth the money (that increases continuously and you never see improvements), nor is it worth the stress. Go find teachers who care about molding the minds of amazing therapists (not teachers who look at you like future competition), and go find a school that teaches well rounded material (not their personal method which is not used professionally). Most importantly, go find a school that values you.

I graduated 2 years agoJun 24 2014Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I graduated 2 years ago. After my first trimester there, I honestly thought of transferring but knew that I'd have more work ahead of me. Their clinical education department is very disorganized with a high turn over rate ( I had a new adviser every other trimester so i never knew who to contact). I felt like the education I got was good, but some of the professors would rather argue why you are wrong instead of explaining why they are right. most importantly to me, was the fact that it felt like the school only cared about money. Facilities were nice but there was much room for improvement. I'm not sure where my 12k/trimester was going. It disgusts me that I just looked and saw that the costs just went up again. So in 4 years, they've gone up 4k/trimester. That's ridiculous! I will never recommend this school to anyone because I want my school to treat me like I'm important to them for more reasons than just a payday.
The University of StMar 30 2014Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
The University of St. Augustine boasts a 94% retention rate, I can tell you 6 people dropped out of the program the first trimester and more followed within the first year. This school is NOT student centered and they will not think twice about letting you go after spending thousands upon thousands of dollars. There is not cohesion within the faculty, as lab instructors will often contradict and put down the lead instructor. Often the instructors will not respond to emails and many of their classes, example neuroscience, which is an on-line 5 credit course does not even have a lecture component. many of the classes the students are thrown to the wolves to fend for themselves. For the price tag attached, I highly encourage a visit to the campus and speak to other students before you sign on the dotted line. Even given the amount of people in my class who left, there are still many who are dissatisfied but are "seeing it through."
Nov 22 2013Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
The University is advertised very well. They got me in by having the offer of being able to do both the OT and PT degrees at the same time. They do let you know ahead of time the intensity of the program 18-22credits every semester, but the low quality of professors was not. Yes some know their stuff but unfortunately they are unapproachable. They lecture and give tests there is not much crossing over into case studies or relating it to real life. They have some professors that are cornerstones of the University that are unwilling to adapt to change in the profession. Also if you fail a class you are cast off into no man's land and automatically go behind a full semester, this is not only good for moral but it will cost you another $10,000 for that extra semester. The school is so expensive you can not afford to attend without taking out large amounts from Sallie Mae on top of your federal loans to pay for it. I have heard of students leaving with over 150-200,000 in debt. Yes the program gets done quicker but you go year-round at higher credit semester to do so. The University was just recently sold to a company that runs online Universities as well. But you pay a private universities tuition. They just recently lost their OPA program as well, because they are being sued by past students because in the workforce they are only being recognized as medical assistants. They have since been restricted by the government to call it an OA program, but they still admit students into this much lower salaried degree 3 times a year just like the OT and PT degrees. I just beg of you to think of the amount of money you are spending and what your quality is in return, as well as if family is cosigning large loans, if you stumble in this University academically at all they will dismiss you and you will have HUGE loan debt that could possibly bankrupt you our your family member that cosigned for you.
I had to comment based on the firstJul 19 2013Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I had to comment based on the first comment that was left back in 2007. This school ABSOLUTELY is evidenced based, faculty is approachable and it is a wonderful university. I graduated in 2012 with my DPT and would still choose the same school fi I could go back in time. Each class (term) developed very close bonds with one another and we became a small family, helping and guiding each other a long the way. Great campus, weight room available during business hours, lunch room, basketball hoop in parking lot. I could go on and on about this school. Highly recommended.
Such a great school! Going to this schoolApr 17 2013Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
Such a great school! Going to this school was the best decision I ever made. I started out at Loma Linda University in California in their entry level DPT program and left very quickly and LUCKILY by the grace of God found the University of St Augustine. Loma Linda University in California which was beyond terrible! University of St Augustine has the best teachers and students! Everyone is very friendly! I made some of the best friends I ever made in my life at this school! They have FREE tutoring and the professors care about you and your progress! If you are looking for a entry DPT program this is the one you want to apply for! The school is somewhat expensive but is comparable to other schools. The school is more geared toward Orthopedics but also has a great Pediatrics teacher Ms. Nichols and excellent Neuro teachers such as Dr. Lowe and Dr. Howell.
I taught myself what i neededMay 03 2011Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I taught myself what i needed. Although the school has intelligent professors the majority treat you like garbage....especially minorities. Although there is a dual program they do not support fact they criticize students that are. They do not care about any personal issues you have. This place is a business not a place for educational opportunity. I finished a degree there but it was not worth it.
I am a recent graduate of University ofFeb 04 2011Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I am a recent graduate of University of St Augustine and wanted to warn all to STAY AWAY! This school appears to be "professional" and "great" on the outside but is nothing but a money-hungry business. You will pay 3 times the cost of public schools (over $10K per semester) and not get what you pay for. The admin staff are deceptive with tuition and fees and show visible anger when you question them. Some of the professors are chronically late to class and give out notes that are not peer reviewed. If you challenge them on anything, they will single you out and make your academic experience very difficult. DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL!!!
USA is a for-profit school, and you areMar 29 2007Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
USA is a for-profit school, and you are treated that way. The resources are horrible, and you have to pay extra for EVERYTHING (even though tuition is $8,000 a trimester). Faculty routinely skip scheduled appointments and most pawn you off to a TA. The school is very political and closed minded toward other (researched based)treatments. I usually am not a negative person, but I really don't want others to make the same mistake as I have. If you can get into any other PT school I would choose them, looking back I would have. But this school does accept anyone and everyone (profit) so if this is the only school you get accepted to and you really want to be a PT I could understand. But remember this school is not based on preparing you for the boards so there no guarantee you could a license after graduation (many students are having a dificult time passing the boards now, the numbers given on the website are very outdated). I was very excited to attend USA my first trimester, the marketing at the school is very good, but it should, thats where most of tuition probably goes. Think twice before attending USA

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