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The University of Colorado Colorado Springs

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I used to be a math tutor atSuper BrilliantElectrical Engineering
I used to be a math tutor at this school and am now attending a different one because of the abuse I've received. Even though I had a bad feeling about CSU-P and so did my friend I thought maybe we may have been quick to judge and I was excited to go there. I am normally not a negative or hateful person but judging from the treatment I have received from the people at this school, this is the worst school I have ever been to. I have never felt so much hate concentrated in one area in my life. First of all, the math professors and maybe all staff are very low people. The math professors treat you like they are better than you just because they know math. Also, they are constantly disrespectful, show preferential treatment, and they treat students like children. Anytime I showed any weakness I was treated very cruelly which made me feel even more down. I asked Professor Louisell for help one time with homework and he yelled at me for not understanding it until I cryed and finally yelled back. He later apologized and told me he has done this to other students. Dr. Barnett seemed very nice at first but I found out she gives preferential treatment. She was very nice to this popular girl and constantly gave her complements and this girl was very malicious to me when she was not around. She would also treat me better than other students because I was good at math which I thought was unfair even though they all probably hated me. I noticed when I dressed better and acted cooler I got treated very well. This is expected from students which is wrong anyways, but teachers? Also, I saw Dr. Barnett yell at someone I knew for doing something they did not do and I knew for a fact that they didn't even do it. When I tried to defend him she went in her office like a coward and slammed the door. Professor Zizza was not talkative at all and seemed to hate me for nothing. This school was a lot like going to high school again because of how immature and evil the students were. I know I feel this way because I do not join in on ganging up on people or favoritism in any way. I did not feel like one person in this school was genuine. This girl hated me, practically stalked me, and would be malicious to me every time people weren't looking and sometimes when people were. In the tutoring center I was trying to help her with a subject that I wasn't even required to tutor just to be nice and when I didn't seem to know the answer she was extremely rude and my answer ended up being right. I also experienced other negativity in the tutoring center. The tutors would put down engineering majors as though they were stupid which I thought was ignorant and mean. Additionally, I do not feel like the classes were worth it at all. I did not learn much except that I don't want to be a teacher because I do not want to be arrogant or insecure like the ones there. I feel like I almost lost my humanity from the constant hatred I endured from everybody. Just being at the school and even on my best days I could feel the bad atmosphere affecting me. Sometimes when alone in some of the creepier buildings the atmosphere felt so bad I thought someone might rape me or commit some other evil crime. I felt like I could not speak to anyone there including the students, professors, and everybody else because they were so insecure, fake, dishonest, and cruel that they all had to try to make everybody else feel bad about themselves. Some people may actually like the school because they either don't know what is going on there or actually enjoy being cruel to other human beings. Nobody deserves this treatment and if you have a chance to, go to a school that has better people and a good atmosphere. Even if it costs more, get a loan if needed because this abuse is not worth it.
1st Year Female -- Class 2014
Campus Aesthetics: C, Useful Schoolwork: F
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This school was great when I first beganQuite BrightOther
This school was great when I first began attending. Shortly after I was denied in-state tuition as well as other tuition adjustments that should have been made since I lived in Colorado for over a year, paid my own bills, as well as claimed myself on my state taxes. The education became repetitive over the last 2 years of my degree (health science) and the prices kept going up! Parking was raised to $400+ per year and there was never any guarantee you would find a spot. After graduating, I continued to get small charges from the school with no explanation as to why! Every time I would ask questions in regards to my tuition being so high or charges that were on my account, the only answers I would get was, "Because that's the way it is. You owe us this amount!" I'm simply fed up with this school and would not recommend it to anyone thinking about attending (they just want your money).
Alumna Female -- Class 2000
Preparedness: B- Reputation: F
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UCCS, like all colleges, has pros and cons.BrightOther
UCCS, like all colleges, has pros and cons.
However, lately the cons are simply getting out of control. The parking situation is ridiculous as the free parking is away from the main campus and the shuttles that are supposed to run every 5-10 minutes are never on schedule. There have been numerous times, I've shown up at 7a.m. at the free lot and was still late to an 8a.m. class due to the shuttles; and there is no way I can afford $300+ for a pass to park on campus. Other colleges I've attended either had full free parking or their passes were $50, so why UCCS's are so expensive I cannot say.

The instructors range from the friendliest, most helpful professors I've ever had the pleasure to learn from, to ones that seem like they have zero interest in actually teaching a class. It is very frustrating when you need to teach yourself everything just to skate by in a required class because the professor would rather focus on person endeavors.

Next, is the recent change to a more writing focused program for all majors. This is the third time curriculum for my major has shifted since I started attending and it keeps adding new classes I need to take, or it changes classes that have no actual writing involved outside of one massive sized required research paper, that you won't receive feedback on until just before the end of the semester despite this one paper (which is usually due in the first few weeks of the semester) being worth 10% or more of that class's grade. This also adds a lot of unhelpful busy work to other classes just so students can fill a pre-determined writing quota. The quota, to my understanding, is the same regardless of major and even certain writing/english classes DO NOT qualify for the portfolio or quota required to graduate for reasons that have never been fully explained to me.

Exams are ridiculous. My major is game design, yet most of our exams have to be hand written because of administration requirements. Further more, most of my classes are team classes now. Meaning usually in a team one member is responsible for the actual code of the game, while the others are responsible for art, design, etc. This is good for learning how to work in groups but when test time comes around and your grade is based on programming, if you were not the one person assigned to program you have little actual practice since most of the class time is left to your team to work on your project instead of actually covering how to code anymore. Classes also never communicate despite (at least in my major) all classes being taught by the same small group of instructors. This results in huge deadlines, exams, and papers all being assigned at the same time and due within the same two to three week period.

But the worst thing lately has been the campus wireless. Everything needs a wireless connection from enrolling for classes, getting assignments, submitting assignments, and paying tuition (unless you want to pay extra for processing fees on an already expensive bill). This wouldn't be much of a problem if the wireless was reliable. Signal in the library and study rooms cut in and out, the student portals and blackboard website crash and need maintenance almost on a weekly basis, and sometimes my classes can't even do their few practical exercises because the internet in the main game design room loses signal all the time.

When I first started attending UCCS, it had a much better feel and felt like the students were the focus. In some cases this is still true, but as far as administration is concerned it's all about prestige anymore. Students are now either just a stat to brag about to other colleges or a check to keep expanding the campus without improving what is needed to ensure student success.My advice, go to a community college like Pikes Peak to get the main core classes done and then transfer to UCCS to complete the higher and more specific level classes where the professors who actually care and want to teach are in charge. It will save you money, time, and frustration.

3rd Year Male -- Class 2016
Friendliness: A, University Resource Use: F
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