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Western Connecticut State University

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I think WCSU was a great school

Oct 03 2013Political Science
I think WCSU was a great school. I worked very hard for my degree. You are definitely going to come across those one or two professors that are difficult to work with or are completely unapproachable, as with any school, but for my program, the staff was wonderful.I was an instate student, living in Danbury my whole life. I will agree with previous comments in that there really is not much to do in the surrounding area. Stores and businesses come and go but campus life is not that bad if you get involved in something. A lot of the individuals writing negative reviews about the University are people that did nothing. If you don't get involved, of course you are going to hate it. Campus life hosts free events on a regular basis for students, as do the Greek organizations on campus, in addition to West Fest and other things that they offer on the quad. WCSU is what you make of it. If you aren't going to get involved and put in the effort, you are going to have a miserable time, plain and simple.
5th Year Female -- Class 2012
Education Quality: A, Innovation: F

Socially: This was like going into another year

Aug 20 2013Psychology
Socially: This was like going into another year of high school The kids are extremely close minded and try to be the same as each other. Everyone parties on thursday because people go home to see their parents on weekends. Your in college. Grow up. They DO NOT want to see you as much as you think!! In high school, I avoided gossip easily by never associating myself with talkers, in WCSU, I lived in the dorms though so I could just smell it in the air.

Academically: I learned little to nothing coming out of this school. It was a challenge for me to pay attention because all of my professors were either dinosaurs who stopped giving a shit because retirement is around the corner and they have worked at the school for so long that they know they won't get fired and are friends with administration; OR, the teachers were just very depressed with their own lives and seemed to take it out on the students. Every possible staff position at WCSU that can legally be filled with a student is. I think its nice to give students a job, but their main goal is budget cuts and it results in a bunch of dumbasses who contradict everyone else in the department. NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Students even run! Even once I left WCSU after my freshman year, I almost didn't get into my next college because I had to ask them 3 times to send my transcript! It took them 2 months to and I got into the college last minute. I just finished transferring from my second college to another college, and WCSU just got my transcripts to them today. I asked them 2 months ago and once again had to ask them a few more times. Classes now start in a week and I missed every class to register for because even when I don't attend WCSU, they mange to get in the way.WCSU also is notorious for having advisors (intentionally??) mess up peoples schedules so they have to pay for another year of college. I have plenty of friends this happened to, and they all tell me to never go to an advisor. DO IT YOURSELF! You will see how crooked the school is run here and there, but its the kind of school that if you don't questions what they fuck they are doing, you WILL get fucked.

1st Year Male -- Class 2015
Collaboration/Competitive: D+, Education Quality: F

I am currently a freshman and I am

Sep 10 2013Other
I am currently a freshman and I am a commuter student. I am a pre-nursing major. I've never felt so lonely and depressed in my entire life. I'm highly considering transferring because this school is not for me.

During college fairs WCSU likes to point out that they're close to NYC and blah blah blah, but in all honesty not many students actually go to NYC because they cannot afford to go. The danbury train station allows no parking unless you go to the Patriot garage, which costs $$. Then the train ticket is $22 round trip, but it does take a stop at Norwalk and you have to hop on the train to Grand Central. Most WCSU students aren't up to NYC unfortunately.

Social life: What is a social life at WCSU? If you are a commuter it automatically disadvantages you for doing things on campus because after classes usually you want to go home. Even if you live on campus, everyone already has a clique of friends who they knew from high school. Everyone is from surrounding towns in CT. Not many out of state students. The clubs are always during class times so getting involved is really hard to do. Personally I think clubs should be on weekends so students can stay on campus more and not go home on the weekends. At every state school in CT, all the students go home on the weekends, making it really dead. Westside tends to have better parties and other events, plus nice dorms. You get those if you are in the honors program though. In high school my social life was WAY better than now. The clubs are for the most part disorganized and the members do no care as much. Everyone with the exception of like 10% of the student body is the same and dresses the same. Not much creative minds here...Coming from a huge diverse high school, this school is NOTHING. Even with many nationalities represented, this school lacks in cultural representation. the only thing I like about being a commuter is that I do not have to live in the shitty dorms with the fattening meal plan, plus I don't see the campus on weekends, like I want to anyways.

Financially: WCSU is very affordable, and I think thats the best part of the school. As a commuter it is extremely affordable, especially if you waive out the health insurance. Anyone can waive out the health insurance and I recommend to do so because it adds another pointless $700 to the bill. I feel bad for resident students because they usually pay for everything, even for the commuters. WCSU has a problem retaining the commuters for the full 4 years here, so they try to make things cheaper/free for them to keep it a reason to stay here. Also, the bookstore, as with every college bookstore, is extremely expensive and I highly recommend emailing profs about books a week before class starts so you can get the books off places like, etc. Some profs don't even use their textbook though, so during the first day of classes you'll find out.

Academically: It depends what major. If you are planning to go into nursing, please take consideration that this is he hardest program in CT and very hard to get into. They take only 60 students per year and it is all based on GPA. It is a very good program, and very rigorous. However it is one of the best in CT and regionally. The reason why though is because they have 60 students and less as the years go by. I would highly recommend if you are a pre nursing major think of a plan B (like transferring to another school for nursing/something else or do something different at WCSU) because the chances of you getting in are slim. because theres usually over 200+ people you are competing against.

For music, WCSU is pretty good and the program is growing and getting a lot better. I would recommend for music majors to go here. A Business major also is not bad here because a lot of store/restaurant owners in Fairfield County graduated from WCSU. Plus, the Business Law program here is VERY good. Rated very highly in the country.

This school has some perks, like the money and aid, plus small class sizes, but making friends here can be tough since everyone knows each other here. The clubs in Danbury are not great, and the bartenders are purposely set out to rape others. Just FYI. Danbury is a failed industrial town as well, and theres not much to do here.Please visit the campus before deciding.

1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Education Quality: A, Collaboration/Competitive: F
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