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The University of Guelph (Canada)

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GoodNot so brightMechanical Engineering
- Challenging environment because of their disorganization
- Project based
- Co-op program experience available
- Best profs are in the math department so enjoy your classes, very helpful and caring profs who really care about your understanding of the material

- High tuition $5000+ tuition, final total after fees $6000+ (my final bill was for $6600 for 1 semester of 3 courses)

- Paying stupid fees - ei "vagina monologues", "peak", "G-Opirg Fee", etc. I could do without all of these fees thanks -- $400 of fees

- DO NOT PAY YOUR EQUIPMENT FUND, its $40 a year and for your final term project (4 month project), you will spend 2 months of it applying for the money and then 1 month waiting for parts to arrive. You pay $200 a student over your school career so if your group of 4 students plans to spend over $800 then pay for it else it is a waste of your time and any components paid for with the lab fund money MUST be returned. So basically, your paying to help their lab fund increase and your losing your $200 because you don't get to keep your final project

- Co-op office doesn't do it's job correctly and yet I pay my co-op fees, very unhelpful and high fees, $270 for your 8 academic semesters and $270 for each work term you do. And if you enter in late missing the first two semester fees they provide a revised payment schedule saying your following semester you owe for 3 semesters of $810. The co-op office is suppose to inform the accounting office of this change and they don't, and if you don't catch it yourself only after you apply for graduation will it be realized your missing this money. They then will give you 1 week notice to pay otherwise your convocation papers will be withheld.

- Many homework assignments are either given non-readable answers if answers are provided at all. Some homework problem solving questions are provided as the sole source of practice and no solutions are provided to indicate that your doing the work correctly. Many times it is up to the student to track down a TA and find out if your doing the work correctly, if you can the TA and if that TA speaks english.

- Many TAs don't care and don't speak english, same with several profs - some you can tell they are their for their research and the classroom is 2nd or 3rd in their books

- Last year of my schooling, had no lab technician and the school had plenty of notice that they needed to hire someone to replace Nate the previous technician. So several labs we used faulty equipment, had no assistant in resolving lab difficulties. I had a faulty connector and could not find a replacement cord and had to go back to the lab another day to finish this work - hours wasted between original lab trouble shooting and then redoing the work.

- Courses are jam packed with so much material that profs do not always finish the material. The next semester will always say something like "you should of learned this last year" and we respond with "no" and the prof continues to teach like we already knew the material.

- Mechatronics course was highly disorganized, no structure the new prof was giving this course with little notice weeks before it began and had to create material on the fly. He then proceeded to teach this course like we took this one really hard optional class where maybe 4/24 students took as if it was a pre-req. He attempted to teach this entire optional class within a 3 week window of the mechatronics class <--- all unacceptable

- Many engineering classes not held in the engineering building and you sometimes have only 10mins to RUN across campus from stone road to college road. In the winter this commute is very tough and very windy as the campus has no tunnels.

- You will start almost everyday of week at 8:30, and some days you will go to a night class finishing at 9:50pm and have huge gaps in between.

- Some classes do not give any prep material and some profs reuse 6-10 year old tests word for word and number for number. So it was advantageous of those students lucky enough to have studied from those tests and totally unfair to others.

- Some classes will provide a "must pass written exams in order to receive your lab grades". So this school is saying only regurgitated info is relevant and real world experience is not. BE careful, one prof tried to pull this on us and did it in an illegal way by informing us after the drop date and they tried to withhold 20% of my grade and fail me. You can fight this, and make sure you do so asap because you have a short window to submit a complaint. I did this and won and passed the course because I was like 2% off passing the written portion and I had like a 98% grade of the lab side of the class, this made a huge impact on my final grade - this class was also a class where the prof barely spoke english and his teaching style was copying and pasting pictures from the textbooks on slides and jsut flipping through the slides in class <-- unacceptable teaching method I can flip through and self teach myself from the text book I don't pay for school to have a textbook narrated to me.- this con list can go on and on, attend another University unless you want a school that is disorganized and charges more than most other schools for it's engineering department <-- 3 classes final semester = $6000 eventhough these were not 0.5 credit courses, they were a 1.0 and two 0.75 credits this price is staggering for 3 classes especially since these classes did not required extra work on the teaching side or TAs, these were high in credits because the work load of the student is higher since all 3 were design classes. $6000 = 3 classes, lol

5th Year Female -- Class 2016
Perceived Campus Safety: A, Education Quality: D
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The university of guelph's library study carrels areAverageMechanical Engineering
The university of guelph's library study carrels are unclean. I placed some alcohol hand washers on a cleanex, and after robbing it on the desk, it was darkened. Unclean marks can be seen on the study carrels' front and side separators. Immoral statements written on them are superficially cleaned perhaps once a year. I had to clean a very offensive statement from the wall of a study carrel.

The library's study carrels are perhaps cleaned once in a year. This contributes to bacteria, germ and microbe accumulation, since many people who are ill use the study carrels, sneeze and cough while they work--and subsequently the bacteria are transmitted on the study carrels.

The library's study carrels must be cleaned every night--but are cleaned once a year--since many ill people use them and transmit their illness on the study carrels by sneezing, coughing and blowing their nose.

1st Year Female -- Class 2019
Useful Schoolwork: B+, Education Quality: F
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Date of Review: Tuesday, December 9th, 2014BrightMechanical Engineering
Date of Review: Tuesday, December 9th, 2014
University: University of Guelph in Guelph, ON
Faculty: Engineering
Program: Mechanical Engineering
Year of Program: Third year
Reviewer's interest in Mechanical Engineering: High interest in the discipline with a lot of interest in the background and theories of engineering concepts and their applications

This review is mostly for Mechanical Engineering at the University of Guelph, and also generally for the University as a whole.

I try to point out the advantages and disadvantages in engineering and the university overall. I tried also to point out some important disadvantages in the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Guelph. I described the biggest disadvantages at the end of my review.

-Projects give the students hands on experience, which can be useful for practical applications and work assignments with employers

-In many engineering courses, there are biweekly small quizzes that may help the engineering student practice some of the material. The quizzes; however, are MUCH easier than exams and they do not represent the level of difficulty in exams.

-The program is quite broad which gives students a variety of knowledge about several engineering applications

-Much of the lab equipment and the engineering facilities are brand new, making them easy and pleasant to use.

-Professors post notes and assignments online
-Many professors are friendly, welcoming, and helpful; while a few are not very generous with help, and not very welcoming

-The campus is quite beautiful with a lot of trees and a variety of older architecture. There are also very modern buidlings with very nice interiors, such as the Science Complex.

-Guelph is a clean city, and safer than most big cities; although bigger cities have more resources and more furniture stores, and storage facilities, or Uhaul, etc.

-There is free two hour parking that is very close to the University campus; however, they give fines sometimes exceeding $30.00 if you park in a two hour zone for 2.5 hours or more.

-Parking is free on campus after 5 or 6 PM.
-Food is good on campus; however it is expensive, but you can save 10% by paying with the Guelph student card.

-High tuition. University of Guelph is one of the most expensive universities in Canada. Each semester in Engineering costs more than $6000 (six thousand), and one full year costs more than $12,000. Other programs in agriculture and arts and science are cheaper. If you take only three courses per semester, you pay about $2000. If you take four or more, you pay at least $6000. You pay by semester and not by course.

-Food is quite expensive on campus; however, you can save at least 10% of the food cost on campus by using the student card to pay for meals.

-The buildings are mostly not connected. In the winter, Guelph is usually windy as much of Southern Ontario is. In January, it can get really cold on the campus and the students have to walk outside in the cold wind. There are no tunnels or skywalks connecting the buildings. Many lectures take place at the War Memorial Hall and the building is very far from the engineering building.

-Engineering professors at the University of Guelph usually do not provide practice exams before final exams. There are lots of other universities in Canada that provide lots of material and practice exams before the final exam of the course.

-There are very few marked assignments in engineering courses. There are mainly marked lab reports. The engineering practice problems are one of the most useful tools to understand the problems and the course concepts. Since they are not marked, they don't get handed in, making it easy to procrastinate when the student is tired during a busy week. The practice problems are usually left to the end, almost right before exams. It, then, becomes difficult to do them quickly and effectively; making the student less ready for final exams.

-The BIGGEST disadvantage, at least for me: LITTLE TIME TO STUDY, due to:

1. Courses are combined. First year statics and kinematics, second year Fluid mechanics, third year thermodynamics are combined into one course for each subject. Each one of the mentioned subjects is normally taken over two courses at other universities (i.e. Fluid Mechanics is two courses at most canadian universities, and only one course at the University of Guelph). This results in very fast paced progression through course material. The professors usually struggle to finish all the course material, and the students struggle.

2. Projects are frequent, lengthy, and time consuming with long reports due at the end of the term.
3. The semester is short, only 12 weeks, compared to other 13 week semesters at the University of Alberta, University of New Brunswick, University of Calgary, McGill University, etc.

4. There is no reading week during the fall term, just a short fall break that consists of an additional day off after thanksgiving Monday. Other Canadian universities, like the University of Saskatchewan, provide a full reading week in the fall term. There is also no big break before exams start, only a weekend. The course finishes on Friday and exams start Monday morning. The University of Waterloo gives at least a full week off, for the students to study and review course material, between the time when classes are done and the time when exams start.

The machine design course in the Mechanical Engineering program has been difficult during this semester, fall 2014. Dr. Marwan Hassan, the course professor gave a really lengthy and difficult final exam with a lot of specific details and calculations. The TAs for the course were not helpful and did not answer emails regularly. It was usually hard to get help from TAs for this course. In other courses, TAs have been much better. The course professor did not provide practice exams and did not do review sessions before the very challenging final exam.Support from Prof and TAs has been bad this fall 2014. It has been the worst semester for me in both this university and other universities.

2nd Year Male -- Class 2017
University Resource Use/ spending: A, Education Quality: C-
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