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American University

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Alright,History/Histories (art history/etc.)
for the females,
Come with the mindset to work alot and not get laid (even if your standards in men are ok).
1. 70/30 female male ration. (the 60/40 is bullshit)
2. If your used to messing around with hot guys it aint happening. why? bc there arent any hot guys here. A few averagely attractive ones (very rare, usually athletes, chill at the gym but besides that no one knows where they are), then there's the average looking ones (who generally think their the shit bc the pretty girls crowd around them) Then the unattractive ones, the majority, who are also asexual due to their lack of exposure to sex. The rest are gay.

3. if you are a very pretty female you will score with an average dude but don't expect much more. Either lower your standards or go off-campus and a. chill with the old creepy foreign guys at clubs or b. chill with old guys at bars

Focus on education or else you will become desperate and needy for male attention as the rest of the straight female population.

This review isnt meant to scare you but to provide realistic facts about this schools gender scene so you will come prepared and without any great expectations. In fact I wish someone would have told me before hand.

more→Sep 27 2014
Male -- Class 2000
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AU is definitely one of those schools thatQuite Bright
AU is definitely one of those schools that has a lot of really good things going for it - but royally messes up in a few key areas.

The Good:
Generally the programs in the 4 specialized schools (SIS, SOC, Kogod, and SPA) are very good academically.

Overall, professors are generally helpful and willing to put in extra time at office hours.
Lots of the professors are well-connected in DC and will write recommendation letters.
Students are generally well-informed of the world around them.
Pretty easy access to DC and all it has to offer.
Usually the departments and professors are flexible with deadlines, student needs, requirements etc.
The school is has some high-ranked programs and the school overall climbs in the rankings every year (and they are expanding the campus with new buildings for some of the less well-known departments which will surely jumpstart those programs). In ten years, the reputation of the school will be stellar and my degree worth a lot.

The Bad:
Housing and Dining Department generally sucks at doing what it is supposed to. Both are fraught with poor management and services. You can get good food at an okay price (by DC standards) but you have to look for it.

Pretty much any program not in one of the four specialty schools is tiny. Some of these programs are still good - but the course offerings are so slim that you are basically forced to take what is offered at whatever time it is offered.

Lack of suitable labs and tech centers. The Business school has a fantastic IT lab but basically any other technical major is stuck with really sub-par facilities. (This will be fixed in a few years but for now it sucks).

Standards are very haphazard. The business school is the only school that attempt to standardize lower level core classes. Everywhere else, your learning and grade are based entirely on the instructor. I've had 100 level classes that were harder than my 400 level ones solely because of the teacher.

For a school with a stellar IR program, I found that the language department kind of sucks. There are some fantastic professors, but most are adjuncts who are native speakers (and clearly know their stuff) but are thoroughly unable to teach other people.

AU is definitely about what you put into it. To be honest, in most programs outside of the hard sciences you can totally coast, learn nothing, and get a B or B+. However if you put effort in and truly want to learn you will learn loads.

Also be aware, that if you are looking into SIS: Once you get passed your lower level classes (after about two years), choosing your upper level classes defines whether you will actually get anything out of the degree. 50% of the classes are good. The other 50% are complete BS classes that don't teach much of anything so choose accordingly.

On a side-note: I found that the business school was very underrated. The job placement is fantastic, they help you get internships, etc. SIS basically leaves you to your own devices - they can look at your resume and tell you where to apply. But the business school has deals with companies in the area to take only their students for certain positions and (provided you are doing well in school) they will basically give you the internship.

more→Jun 30 2014
4th Year Male -- Class 2014
Surrounding City: A+, Individual Value: D
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I want to follow up a previous reviewBrightPhilosophy
I want to follow up a previous review that I made about AU.
When I was wrongly evicted from the dorm at AU in 1997, I received the following response from The Housing Dept signed by Julie Weber:

"For 'reasons of confidentiality', I will not discuss,the client's, case with you. American University is firmly committed to a policy of non-discrimination, including compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act."

First of all, I would like to reply to this letter now, so that prospective students might understand a little more about why I was evicted from my dorm, and how this action violated my rights.

First of all, the University does not care about confidentiality nor privacy. They ransacked my room while I was in the hospital. They accused me of "ritualistic behavior" for having a "crucifix," in my room. So, I take it, that practicing your faith is "ritualistic" and therefore against the rules. This was also never discussed at all with me nor my attorney.

Also, I did nothing wrong while I was at the Dorms. I was a diligent student with a B+ average.
I was successfully treated at a hospital for a brief stay while in between semesters, and this should have been a private situation handled between me and my doctors. Instead, the administration handed down a self-autonomous decision to evict me from my room. In addition Ms. Weber, and the administration did so in a dismissive and arrogant fashion, as demonstrated by their terse, unapologetic, correspondence.

more→Apr 15 2014
2nd Year Male -- Class 1997
Campus Aesthetics: B+, Individual Value: D-
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American University

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