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The Catholic University of America

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BrightElectrical Engineering
Worst decision of my life.
Don't choose this school if you are an international student.
3rd Year Female -- Class 2017
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Worst mistake of my life going to CUAAverageEconomics
Worst mistake of my life going to CUA
There goes $53k of tuition.
Here is CUA in a few paragraphs.
The girls are spoiled rich brats who won't give a rats ass about you unless your parents make more than a gross income of 300,000.

The guys here were all losers in highschool and obviously try to change their image in college for their "fresh start"

Every member of the Non-Hazing Frat is a wanna-be ugly bro, its the weirdest group of overweight, skinny/fat, douche baggy group of high school rejects who have nothing to be douchebaggy about, and pay hundreds of dollars a year for guaranteed paid-for frat "brothers".

Every sport house party (football house, rugby house, lax, ect.) is filled with unathletic D3 athletes who think they're the shit when they just got scraped off the floor by our Rival deaf and hearing impaired neighbor university.

Single Sex Dorms? Are you serious? All tour guides and CUA student staff are trained to avoid this topic or to make it seem better, it isn't.

The chances of you having a girl stay in your room past 11pm is slim to none because the RA's check the sign in book and knock on your door to make sure the girl actually is gone and somebody didn't just sign her out.

This school is the most stereotypical white male, conservative, liberal hating, gay hating, abortion hating, school. So GOOD LUCK IF YOU ARE NOT WHITE.

Idk why non white people even apply to this school, like do they want to have no friends or be forced to be friends with the other minorities who look ugly AF. Like you could've picked any other school with the same rankings and you decide to go to the most racist, non white school, like wtf?

Oh and poor white kids, good luck, if you're not wearing anything but Sperry boat shoes, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, ect. your $20 Wal-mart shirt and 49.99 pair of plastic shades will stick out like a sore thumb and will essentially be pussy repellent, unless you're ripped or above average attractive, then you can be as poor as you want.

You can tell that the less attractive and skinnier guys religiously wear expensive clothes just to show that they have some value in dating them, because they're ugly and skinny.

Most of the students at CUA have also never worked a day in their lives, nothing in high school, and straight to college, ask 10 kids if they know what bussing or running food means (restaurant term), see how many know.

Half the friends that i made, that were also down to earth, transferred by second semester to UMD Towson or GW. Some kids even study harder so they can leave this shithole. Hey but at least we got our own metro stop, which isn't covered by our tuition, it comes right out of pocket. Unlike other schools that pay for kids metro.

2nd year they raised tuition, and still nothing gets done.
wanna have a serious relationship? good luck hiding your girl in your room, and having to be dead silent in fear that an RA might hear you.

Wanna have sex? well think twice, you don't wanna get fined per condom that you have, or they find. Because RA's do have the right to search your rooms.

Oh you wanna sit down and eat lunch? nope, everyone eats lunch at the same time and theres no where for you to sit.

Oh you wanna have your food within 10 minutes of entering the pryz? Ha, enjoy staring at your phone for 15 minutes while waiting on line and awkwardly saying hi to all your classmates/past sexual partners/guys you have ignored, while you wait on line, single file...

Oh you want teachers that speak english, good luck, make sure their name at least is pronounceable.
Oh you think your RA will be cool and go easy on you because you never bother anyone and are chill, but the one time you fuck up, he pulls the "Its my job, don't take this personal card".

Oh you want to fuck up and have not many people know about it? oh well you see the same people at every party, and the same kids as you walk through campus with the same schedules.

This is Highschool V2.
Worst experience of my life, excited to go to a more down to earth GW, in the fall. I gave CUA a second chance with the second semester, and its so bad that i have to leave my good friends whoa can actually bare the ignorance.

never seen a school with such unattractive people, with cocky kids who have nothing to be cocky about.

Don't even get me started on the sorority with the fat asian chick and the pizza faced chubsters.
Fuck you CUA, you can have my 30+ credits because this school has made me hate my major, this school does that to almost everyone, its not even the students' faults, its the shit proffessors who either don't speak english, are graduate trainee's(smart, but shit teachers), or the students who create such a shit environment,i often thought to myself,"shit is this kid the same major as me, wtf, i don't wanna be associated with him or anything about him".

And a big fuck you to Desmond Daniels, the fakest most pretending to be on your side person you'll meet. If he finds one opportunity to fuck you by the book, he'll do it raw, and lay out the hardest punishment your asshole can handle or afford.

1st Year Male -- Class 2019
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If you are not white, chances are your time at this school is going to be living hell. These are "wills" not "maybe's"

You and one other person will be the only non white students in your class.
You will be offended by comments by other people based upon the color of your skin.
You will be asked at least 30 times if you went to a public school or private/catholic school and you will hear the phrase "I went to a catholic/private school my entire life" at least 10 times.

People say it isn't a big deal if you aren't majorly catholic and go to this university, HAHAHA BIGGEST JOKE I'VE HEARD ALL OF LAST YEAR, these private snobby kids will make friend groups avoiding people who aren't like them. Conservative, liberal hating, kids who have never worked a day in their lives and ask money from mommy or daddy weekly.

If you have sex at this school, you will likely get written up for it and be fined and or placed on disciplinary probation which last up to a semester on minimum.

If you are caught with alcohol or drinking in your room, you will be fined 100-200$ minimum.
For each condom an RA finds it is a 25$ fine. you buy a 30 pack? you might as well hand them your housing check.

There are two fraternities and one sorority. Both frats are chill but aren't real fraternities. One doesn't even haze and the other if a catholic fraternity. The one female sorority is made up of girls who range on a scale of attractiveness from 1-5

The food here is disgusting. Pizza and burgers everyday unless you put an effort to wait or make your own healthy food which can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the line since there is only 1 damn sandwich station.

The internet here is so bad people make jokes about it daily on yik yak.
"I wish ResNet would go down on me as much as my girl did"
ResNet gets so bad during 12-5 pm that you can't watch a youtube video without having to pause to wait for it to buffer.

The best time to do anything on ResNet is anytime from 1Am-9Am while everyone is asleep and not using it.

It hits about 1-3 MBPS from 1-5 PM and about 30-60 MBPS at 2-6AM
Being a minority at this school is limiting. Just like most other minorities out there, our friends we made are from childhood and our skin color is ignored by friends from high-school since we all knew eachother.

At Catholic, some people here have never had a brown or black friend in their life and are so close-minded that there parents are speaking through their mouths or thinking for them when racial situations come about.

At this school you are forced to take two semesters of Philosophy, One semester of Rhetoric English, and one semester of Theology.

If you have never taken a class in theology before in your life, you're screwed. If you don't like reading 300 year old source text from Descartes/Hobbes/Kant/Nietzche, Aristotle, plato, you're screwed.

If you are a music major or art major, you are still forced to take these classes which will help you in no possible way for your major.

This school has so many alcoholics it is ridiculous. More people have gone to Michigan Liquors daily then the Mullen Library.

If you have a Fake ID then you go to University Liquors which is 200 yards away from Campus and buy yourself alcohol. People drink in their rooms with friends because there are no parties on weekdays and the ones on weekends are 5$ for guys and girls.

The area surrounding CUA is Brookland, is 70% African American including CUA's students. This year alone there has been 6 robberies 200 yards away at the dominoes pizza. A student IN THE PRYZ was robbed last week by 3 african males. about 8 students were held AT GUNPOINT in the woods 100 Yards away from Opus, there cellphones were stolen, and backpacks too. a male from the group that was robbed said it was the most terrifying moment in his life. The school covers it up by saying they were walking in the woods and it just so happended they were held at gunpoint, NO!

These students were smoking marijuana and they were all known as the stoner group at the time. A lot of people smoke at this school. This school purposefully canceled a Gay pride event in the pryz and was indefinitely postponed it for a later date... which never came.

Homophobia is present at this school. I know half a dozen students who had their roommates switch rooms because they were gay.

Also there are more Pro-Life people than Pro-Choice people at CUA its a fact on paper.
Every girl here is crazy, not regular crazy, catholic crazy. A mix of psychological problems with a dash of Daddy issues as sugar on top.

There are so many more things wrong with this school but these are just the tip of the iceberg.
To sum it all up, you will hate this school if you are either:

Black/Brown/Asian/Indian (Not white) * Unless you are wealthy
Not catholic or aren't a strong catholic.
Enjoy eating healthy
Liberal in the slightest
Like to never hear the word "Buffer"
Are openly gay (Obviously)
Are closeted GayA light drinker, you will be made of

1st Year Male -- Class 2018
Surrounding City: A-, Campus Maintenance: D
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