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The Florida Institute of Technology

Total Grad Surveys 13
Females 8
Males 5
Avg years at University 1.8
Research Quality C (4.8)
Research Availability C (4.7)
Research Funding C- (4.2)
Graduate Politics C+ (5.1)
Not Errand Runners C (4.6)
Degree Completion B- (6.4)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C- (4.1)
Sufficient Pay C (4.4)
Competitiveness C+ (5.3)
Education Quality B- (5.8)
Faculty Accessibility C+ (5.6)
Useful Research B- (6.0)
"Individual" treatment C+ (5.5)
Friendliness B- (6.1)
Safety B+ (7.7)
Campus Beauty B (6.6)
Campus Maintenance B- (5.9)
University Spending C (4.6)
Extracurriculars B- (6.4)
Scholastic Success C+ (5.3)
Surrounding City C+ (5.5)
Social Life/ Environment C- (4.1)
Social Life/ EnvironmentC-
Research is great and I really enjoy workingNov 13 2019Computer Engineering
Research is great and I really enjoy working with my advisor. Most of the classes are good, but some instructors are off their rockers.And parking is a freakin nightmare - tickets for everything and they charge you a bunch for a parking ticket but it's really hard to get a spot. The parking office is really snotty and they have no plan on fixing it. They ticket for everything and ticket everyone - faculty, staff, and students. Don't bother trying to have the ticket re-evaluated. They just charge you more. They make thousands and thousands from giving out parking tickets.
The school cares about one thing - moneyJun 24 2015Physics
The school cares about one thing - money. As an undergrad, you will be allowed to get away with absolutely anything. You can cheat, you can abuse your teachers, and you will not fail. The faculty (both grad students and professors) are not allowed to fail people, and if they do, their grades are changed and they are fired from teaching. Half of your classes will be filled with rich foreigners who can barely speak English and have almost no work ethic because they bring in a lot of money for the university. The politics at this school is astoundingly bad, and well-hidden from undergrads. Grad students are underpaid, overworked, and abused by the faculty. Very few actually make it through their PhDs - many don't even make it through their masters degrees. I would never in a million years recommend anyone come here unless you want to waste thousands of dollars on life-shortening stress.
I was doing good at this school untilNov 16 2014Accounting
I was doing good at this school until it came closer to the time of graduation. All of a sudden the teachers became rude and arrogant and will fail you for no reason all to get more money out of you. For the most part the teachers in the accounting department were helpful until you get into the intermediate and advanced classes. Think ill stop attending here and try someplace better where the teachers are actually helpful and encouraging.
Research Topic(s): Beware!!!
I earned my BA at Florida Tech UniversityJan 09 2014Business - Management and Administration
I earned my BA at Florida Tech University and the experience was good. So when it was time to go for my MBA, Florida Tech was the obvious choice. They offered online programs and the teachers were good based on my experience with my BA. As a 20 year veteran in the work force I can tell you that what Florida Tech offers in regards to a MBA is a joke. I would not even call it College level work. The MBA is a degree mill and do not expect to learn anything new if your BA is in Business. In addition, the program is super expensive and there are many other choices when it comes to a Masters on-line. Do your homework and remember just because a school has a good Undergrad program, that does not translate to a good graduate program. In addition the folks at University Alliance are rude. After I told them I was dropping the program, they enrolled me in the next semester and it has been a mess trying to get financial aid fixed. They also made me pay $18 to send back the books that they sent me in error! Remember this is a school that I spent $60,000 for my BA there. Once they understood that I was dropping the program, they did not care. The School itself claims that they have nothing to do with University Alliance ( the company that manages the online programs) and those folks are terrible. In closing RUN the other way if you are looking for a quality online Masters Degree.
Reading the earlier review below I can understandMay 03 2013Naval Engineering
Reading the earlier review below I can understand the frustration of my colleague about the school's financial priorities. However, I have been able to enjoy excellent instruction and coursework in Oceanography, AI/Robotics, and Digital Signal Processing. I am specializing in sub-sea robotics and have been receiving a very well-rounded education in mechanical eng., electrical eng., computer sci., and oceanography. I have found that the department is very eager to support your learning if it is on your own initiative. I have unfortunately been too busy to play an active role in any of the research headed by the chair, so I cannot validate or reject any of the claims by the earlier post. There is very little funding for the department from the school which might also be a cause for the dissatisfaction. Sounds to me like a simple case of misunderstanding....
Do not go to school here unless youMay 02 2013Naval Engineering
Do not go to school here unless you want to waste your money. The school WILL lie to you about funding opportunities to get you to come, but will quickly change their tune once you are enrolled. The administration and faculty are only concerned about maximizing profit. No real attention or care is given about actual educational endeavors. I have met a few good professors, but they are in the minority. The ocean engineering department is laughable in its quality and the chair is completely self-consumed and inept to any real academic pursuits. Despite my 3.7 GPA and ample hard work, I have been unofficially excluded from relevant research by the chair because of my refusal to be his lapdog and personal slave. I came to this college to learn, but I have realized their priority is not education. I have as a result been forced to take coursework outside of my department in the hopes of salvaging at least some of my wasted money. The computer science and electrical engineering departments have had the better instructors in my experience. If money is not a problem and you are not concerned about any real or valuable learning this is the college for you!
MAE Department at FloridaApr 26 2013Aerospace Engineering
MAE Department at Florida Tech had been a top notch department. The courses are challenging and fun. Research carried out in excellent.
I am on my fifth of eleven requiresAug 11 2012Business - Management and Administration
I am on my fifth of eleven requires courses for in the Master of Science in Information Technology program and all courses have taught material at the under-grad level. I can say that with confidence because I have already had the same courses. When I reviewed the curriculum prior to starting the program, I thought they would be graduate-level courses in the same subject. If I weren?t so invested in the program I would terminate and find another school. My current course, Information Security, utilized a textbook that is seven years old, which should be unacceptable for an Information Technology course at any level of instruction. There were no requirements to do any research of current issues on the topic and the weekly discussion questions merely required students to write definitions, word-for-word, from the text book.

The web lectures do not provide any added value to the courses. Slides are word-for-word from the text book and the presenter merely read the slides. No clarification, explanation or examples are provided. The narrator of the slides for the Information Security course may have a Ph.D., but his monotone delivery and inability to properly pronounce terms is very distracting and does not lend to a learning environment. I have worked in the IT field for 20 years and can honestly say a person off of the street could read the slides just as well as the good doctor, perhaps even better. The presentations are horrible and of no use. The instructors have not provide any added value to the course material. All I do for is read the book and take simple, multiple choice exams. It is ironic that an ?Institute of Technology? would utilize out-of-date textbooks and technology in the technical classes it provides. The student interface for the online classroom discussion board and the email interface are extremely lacking and in need of an upgrade. I have taken online classes at UMUC, St. Leo, and three different community colleges and every one of them are far superior to FIT. I have an ?A? average and am sure I will graduate with one, simply because the work is so easy.I would not waste my time or money at on the MSIT program at FIT, unless all you want is a worthless piece of paper that says you have a MSIT.

Mar 08 2012Unknown
this college sucks!! dont go there
This university online is the worstNov 20 2011Business - Management and Administration
This university online is the worst. The tests are terrible, the lack of extra credit terrible, the help with mistakes by the professor terrible, grading terrible, communication terrible. I wouldnt reccommend this university to my best friend. It's an uphill battle to success. They are the only one's right in an appeal. They wont ever help or favor the student. And after you take your final and finish a test, good luck finding the professor. I actually got zero knowledge from testing besides anxiety and a no win chance. Dont go to FIT online for your master's. It is the worst!
This school does nothing to help you obtainApr 27 2010Business - Management and Administration
This school does nothing to help you obtain a job once you finish your degree. There are no internship programs to help you obtain employment before you finish. I feel like I wasted a year of my life and 10,000+ dollars! If you don't already have experience in the field that you are getting your degree, go somewhere that offers an internship. I will be starting my MBA at UAH this fall. This is where I should have gone in the first place, they have an excellent internship program!
Run as fast as you can from FiT! They are a RIPOFF!!! TheDec 11 2009Computer Science
Run as fast as you can from FiT! They are a RIPOFF!!! The closer you get to program completion, the more problems you will have. I took an "advanced" programming course (which was actually an undergrad course (most FiT grad courses are actually undertgrad courses everywhere else in the real world). In this course, even though my records showed a B, I received a D from the instructor. Appealed, and the university went with the instructor, so I got suspended for a year. Took the same course again thanks to the D... all I did was change the dates on my program headers, and got a B. Is it a miracle? I think not. They got double their money, which seems to be the only reason this program exists. Now here is the REAL kicker. I am 3 hours away from graduation with this "Masters Degree", and they dismissed me! (Their policy is written in such a manner as to really give you no hope of readmission on appeal either.) Because of the B in the Java course! They came out of the blue and said I HAD to make an A in that Java course to stay in their program. What a smoking crock of crap this is! So, unless you want to end up like me, with 27 useless "graduate" hours and $30K of school loan debt...DO NOT GO TO FIT!!!!!
I'll qualify this review by stating that IJun 01 2009Business - Management and Administration
I'll qualify this review by stating that I am an online student. I have been to the campus, however, and found it to be a nice layout. The faculty and staff have always been friendly and helpful, even after classes were completed, making themselves available nights and weekends to assist.

The online program is high quality. I was apprehensive about the prospect of earning a graduate degree online, but after grilling the Associate Dean about the program (I'm very thorough when I set my mind to something) I was confident enough to go into debt for a degree here. I have found the courses to be challenging, informative, and in conversations with my boss, who also has a Master's degree from another institution, the curriculum is just as rigorous as any other established university.Like anything else, you get out of the program what you put in. I've seen fellow students submit papers that were closer to high-school level and they suffered for it. Others, like myself, put in a lot of time to learn the material, understand the concepts and do the work required to prove we have learned the material, and we are successful. I put in 20 hours per week studying in addition to holding down a full-time job. It can be done!

Jul 17 2008Psychology
Run...go elsewhere. There are other programs which can deliver the depth of experience without the excuses...
The Florida Institute of Technology
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