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Florida International University

Total Grad Surveys 20
Females 10
Males 10
Avg years at University 2.8
Research Quality B (7.1)
Research Availability B (6.9)
Research Funding C+ (5.7)
Graduate Politics B- (6.4)
Errand Runners B- (6.1)
Degree Completion B (6.7)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B+ (7.8)
Sufficient Pay B- (6.4)
Competitiveness B- (6.3)
Education Quality B (6.7)
Faculty Accessibility B+ (7.5)
Useful Research B+ (7.8)
"Individual" treatment C+ (5.5)
Friendliness C+ (5.5)
Safety A- (8.1)
Campus Beauty B+ (7.3)
Campus Maintenance B+ (7.5)
University Resource/spending B (7.0)
Extracurriculars B (7.0)
Success-Understanding B (7.1)
Surrounding City B+ (8.1)
Social Life/Environment B (7.0)

I received a degree from FIU in 1999,

Mar 06 2014Other
I received a degree from FIU in 1999, but returned to enroll in a different masters program in 2012. I had negative experiences with both the university administration and the professors administering the particular department in which I was enrolled. On the FIU administrative level, we were charged a fee of $230.00 per credit above and beyond the standard grad in-state tuition of $422.16. This increased the program cost by $14,000.00. This fee was not properly disclosed to students. When I began to ask about it, I was told by 2 different administrators that without it being charged, the program would be shut down. However, they would not tell me the purpose to which the money was applied. Through my inquiries, I found that the fee had never been properly and legally assessed and approved.

On the departmental level, one of the central professors gives exams that contain invalid questions. Some questions require knowledge that was not made available in the course. Others were so poorly written that it was difficult to understand what was being asked. This professor assigned no other work than 3 exams per course. If you receive a grade below B (including B-) you have to pay and retake the course. If that happens twice, it is grounds for your termination from the program, which means all your tuition money, study efforts, and time in practica will be lost. This professor never changed his exams, so students had been able to obtain them previously when the courses were given online. Students were studying from the exams, and knew that was the only way they could pass. Those who "cheated" passed, and those who didn't cheat failed. I tried to communicate with this professor, but he was intransigent and would not admit that anything was wrong.I was appalled by the lack of professional ethics at FIU.

Waist of time and money

Sep 15 2013Biology
Waist of time and money. You get your degree from this university and you will have problems with finding jobs. University is not doing enough, actually nothing, to help its graduate students to find jobs. In fact some of the advisors are discouraging their students from continuing doing research, even if they accomplished a lot. It's like they want to eliminate competition. Post graduate mentoring is a fiction in most cases. There are some great faculty members and some that just want to produce as many graduate students as possible, which helps them get their tenures. It's like a factory; students don't matter much, what matters is numbers; how many grad students they produced. Some graduate students are briliant and some should never ever be admitted even close to PhD or in some cases, masters program. University prestige should be measured based on hoe many students upon graduation can find jobs. Unfortuntelly, FIU would not be in the first 50. The campus is too Cubanized. I am not a racist but this name, International University, should mean something. If it is latin/cuban oriented university only, than it should be renamed to Florida Cuban University. No one except for cubans cares about this third world country. All communist countries freed themselves, but cuba. Rediculous! There should be some rule about diversity at this university. All the comments that I see here are not too far from truth. Even though I met some amazing people here, the local people are just lazy and think abut how to get the degree the easiest possible way without overworking themselves. I would not recommend FIU. I love the campus appearance but this cubanization, especially in administration should stop NOW.

This is a pretty good university

Nov 08 2011Business - Management and Administration
This is a pretty good university. People (student and staff) are approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable. After attending Florida State University for my undergrad, I can't say FIU has a gorgeous campus, but I can say, they have great student life/spirit. There is always an activity, a fair, or something going on. The campus itself isn't ugly, and they are definitely improving, but it still needs some work to look like those impressive universities we see up north.

You will find a whole lot of people from everywhere in this university (this is actually the reason why I came here for my MBA). You get to meet people from every continent. The diversity is quite impressive.I honestly recomment this university. They might be a bit picky when hiring people, requiring them to be bi-lingual and such, but thing is, they need to. Most of their students have English as a second language. Great thing is! you will most likely graduate knowing a second language as well :)

I am in the Corporate MBA program

Aug 18 2010Business - Management and Administration
I am in the Corporate MBA program. So far the program is pretty good. It is very time consuming though and there is a lot of work. I wasn't expecting the work load to be as heavy. I have several friends who have earned degrees online from various colleges and they seemed to breeze through their courses. Their work load was very light. I like this program and I have learned so much. I look forward to completing it.

FIU in general is a not so good

Jun 03 2010Business - Management and Administration
FIU in general is a not so good university, except for the fact that it is in a fun place like Miami(which is expensive on the other side).

It has lost it's funding from government, well first of all the management doesn't knows to budget with the enough funding (some university funded student organizations are worthless and more than 70% of books in library are useless for students and public, when researched, internal peoples said, it is done just to show the expenditures, wow!). They waste money on unnecessary things than in useful ways that will improve their quality of education.

I'm not trying to be racist (I myself belong to a particular race), but the university is biased to Hispanic community. It is tough to get an on-campus job if you are not a Hispanic or Bilingual. Non-teaching staffs are sincere but again the Human Resource Management is biased to Bilinguals and prefer hiring people having connections and qualification becomes secondary.

Complaints apart, Faculties are nice, helpful and qualified. Students are friendly too but Campus safety has to be improved, since there have been some incidences, some even fatal.

Not so worth to join if you are an out state student or an international student. You may receive a better education else where for the money that you spend here. Needs lots of improvements, but for now it is still developing.

It's sad really

Apr 17 2008Geography and Geosciences
It's sad really. This University has potential. The Faculty (at least in the sciences) are good, smart, and understanding. The classwork is challenging but directed, and the opportunity to do reserach is good. The University administration is another story. The different branches of the university (schools, fin aid, registrar, etc.) do not communicate. If you have a problem, you will be running from department to department trying to resolve it. GOD forbid you have a problem, the staff is unhelpful, in general they don't care if you are there or not. There is no sense of understanding that the reason they have a salary is the students (undergrad and grad) are paying tuition for them to be there. I have had far too many problems getting paid, getting tuition reimbursements, getting contracts entered, getting credits added, so on, so on. I have been dropped as a student twice due to incompetence that has NOTHING to do with me. Someone simply did not do their job, took a week vacation that lasted two weeks....In one case they actually dropped my contract BEHIND the filing cabinet, and said I would have to go to my department, the office of the Dean, and the registrar to refill out my paperwork. I thought I was supposed to be working on my degree???? I can't recommend this school. They operate as a business, and a poor one at that. I would suggest you contact the person you would like to work with here, go somewhere else and put the FIU faculty on your committee. You will save yourself years of your life and a number of ulcers.
Research Topic(s): Geochemistry of Biscayne Bay and the Coastal Aquifer system

I can only speak for the electrical and

Aug 06 2007Electrical Engineering
I can only speak for the electrical and computer engineering department. If I could have gone to another school I would have. My advisor and a few other professors are good but the rest suck! The majority of professors are old and don’t care anymore. A majority of the labs are empty and unused and an assistantship is hard to get unless you get a fellowship (but if you have a fellowship why would you go here). The department is bringing in some new professors so hopefully things will change for the better. The digital signal processing (DSP) graduate courses are good here but if you are interested in VLSI or power, go somewhere else. Most of the PhD students from my department are having difficulty finding jobs. The undergraduate program is totally useless. Most of the students in the undergrad are not very competitive. You probably will not land an engineering job unless you have at least a masters and that still does not guarantee anything. Miami does not have any industry, so if you do land a job it will probably be outside Miami. If you are not from Miami, expect to be really lonely.

not all but a few outstanding professors in

Feb 10 2007History/Histories (art history/etc.)
not all but a few outstanding professors in each department. They are not only smart baut also very responsible to take care of students. But administrarion was hoeeible. confuison and misunderstanding. Students have to spend a lot of time to solve many problems. Employees did not have any working ethics.

My name is Elisabeth

Nov 01 2005Education
My name is Elisabeth and I´m from brazil...I will undergraduate in december 2005 and I would like to know about the master...the prices and the possibility of scholarship...os the posibility of stying at least one semester...

thank you elisabeth weiss

i am interested in

Jan 05 2005PreMed and Medical
i am interested in going to med school becuase of a tramatic incident that has recently changed my life and made me want to do this to help others. I am bright and went to college in boston as well as two years of fiu. Hope to hear from you

Even if there are some thing that should

Jun 02 2004Business - Management and Administration
Even if there are some thing that should be revised, the International MBA program within the Chapman Graduate School of Business in FIU is the best value for money. As a one year, full-time program and with extremely experienced faculty, it worth the tuition while you are back in business in less than a year. I strongly recommend it to those who want an effective, fast and useful MBA with an international focus.
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Florida State University -- Tallahassee, FL

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University -- Tallahassee, FL

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