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Florida State University

Total Grad Surveys 26
Females 10
Males 16
Avg years at University 2.4
Research Quality B- (6.4)
Research Availability C+ (5.8)
Research Funding C (4.8)
Graduate Politics C+ (5.0)
Errand Runners B (6.6)
Degree Completion B (7.0)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C+ (5.4)
Sufficient Pay C- (3.8)
Competitiveness C+ (5.2)
Education Quality B- (6.2)
Faculty Accessibility B (7.3)
Useful Research B (7.0)
"Individual" treatment C (4.8)
Friendliness B- (5.9)
Safety C+ (5.2)
Campus Beauty A- (8.2)
Campus Maintenance B+ (7.5)
University Resource/spending B (6.7)
Extracurriculars A- (8.1)
Success-Understanding B (7.0)
Surrounding City B- (6.4)
Social Life/Environment B+ (7.6)
Sufficient PayC-
Campus BeautyA-
Jun 06 2013Architecture & Urban Planning Department
Loved my time there -- just can't find work because I choose to earn a useless degree.
2 of the faculty here are good teachersMay 19 2013Music - Performance
2 of the faculty here are good teachers and make good mentors. The others are not, they are not good teachers, are very pretentious, and one seems to be downright just burned out and is not encouraging at all! I have not felt like my strengths have been appreciated as much as they should have been and there was no effort to help me develop my own voice as a musician. I wondered why some of the students were always complaining about the program here when I first arrived. After a year, I now know why. The teachers simply aren't doing a good job and aren't on the same page about things. I found out after coming here that I had to take a class in the summer that wasn't offered any other time and that my TA waiver wouldn't cover it. There were also about $3,000 in fees and health insurance plans that I had to pay each semester. The school I could have gone to instead of this one would have given me about double the amount of stipend per month......also, I believe many schools cover the health insurance fee for their Graduate assistants. Except for one class and one special performance, it has been a waste of my time.
Students were given misleading information in advising sessiJan 04 2012Other
Students were given misleading information in advising sessions due to department politics. The graduate program is currently in suspension due to mismanagement. Students close to completion were ushered out as quickly as possible. Bad experience during my PhD. On a general note, graduate teaching assistants at FSU are not much more than slave laborers for the university. They are pushed to focus more on teaching than their own coursework and research. One would be wise to seek a graduate degree almost anywhere else.
I graduated several months ago but FSU continuesSep 01 2010Unknown
I graduated several months ago but FSU continues to contact me about my registration status and putting holds on my account so that I can't order transcripts: my bill has been paid in full for 9 months now. I have never been able to call an office or walk in and get helpful, friendly advice. More often than not, I got a "go wait in line" comment with a dirty look. No one is able to answer questions, I was very often sent bouncing from one office to the next for the entire day to find the answer to a simple question. I received the most academic support from professors OUTSIDE of my field of study. My professors were too self-absorbed and distant to care about what I was doing in their classes (considering the proportion of grad students to professors was close to 3:1). The students that I got to know were snooty and arrogant and the ones I didn't know were rude and detached; no one will say "hi" to you in passing. Violent crimes (like armed robbery and attempted rape) occurred at least once a week on campus: The campus police were severely incompetent and always unreachable. As for my particular department, it is one of the highest ranking in the country, and I understand that every department is different, but the past two years for me were the worst academic experience I have ever had. I learned nothing that I hadn't learned in my undergrad. They brag about their student assistant payment packages, yet somehow I still managed to accrue debt (after going through 4 years of undergrad with no debt). Going to FSU is a waste of time and money.
Let's start with the positives, Tallahassee is probablyJun 15 2010Other
Let's start with the positives, Tallahassee is probably the easiest college town to maneuver around. With the capitol right around the corner, it brings a lot culture and events to this quaint southern town. Being in the Deep South/Florida Panhandle, it is known to be slow-paced, chill and friendly at the same time. The scenery nearby and the campus aesthetics is gorgeous and so are the students. This school has a lot of school pride and a decent football team with a standout stadium. Although a lot of money goes to the football team instead of academics, I got to give credit where it's due, the football team does generate money back to the academic system such as the remodeling of Strozier recently (2010).

Now for the negatives. As much with any mega-public university, the university is overstretched when it comes to resources. Although we have a $500 million endowment, there are over 40,000 students to be divided up amongst. There is not enough assistantships to cover everyone in the Dept. even if they are qualified. And even with an assistantships, you still need to be prepared to take out loans. Secondly as for the faculty you will probably be impressed with half of them, world-renowned scientists and dismayed with the other half, who can barely speak English and worst yet is the politics involved, you will learn stay away from it. For the most part, I would recommend this school to undegraduates, most undergrads are friendly, respectful and have a lot of fun; or individuals obtaining a professional Masters such as MBA or MSW and are funded by outside sources. This school is also known for Law School. I would not recommend attending a full-time Ph.D. research program, a lot of students fall through the cracks due to funding. If you can get into a higher ranked, better funded school do so. The program itself isn't poor, if you work hard and finish your degree, you will get a post somewhere ... eventually. However it's the combination of amount of useless research and the amount of loans that you'd have to take in the end, which makes it seem the more worthwhile to spend more time and money to begin with applying to more schools around the nation.

After years of prayer and discernment, I electedJan 06 2010Architecture & Urban Planning Department
After years of prayer and discernment, I elected to attend this university, under the impression that there would be no man-eating wolverines involved. I was immediately disappointed by the sheer number of wolverines frolicking about campus, eating men as they pleased. Curiously enough, they were equally ravenous for women. But perhaps more disconcerting is the fact that, every Thursday at about four o'clock PM, they forcibly remove a member of the faculty or staff from his or her living facilities and pull them out to the football field, where they proceed to ritually cut their nervous throat with the dulling knife of Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan. Perhaps even more off-putting, perhaps, is the severed head of Richard Nixon, which they have pinned to the top of the science building with a stake, in order that it may keep careful watch over the school's day-to-day operation and make sure that the wolverines do not escape.
Here's a little advice,Jan 05 2010Interior Design
Here's a little advice, STAY AWAY, AND NEVER ENTER A ROOM ALONE! They have live cattle hanging from the rafters and a severed head keeps constant watch over the campus. Students are terrified, squeamish, and unable to contain their meals. All in all, too many Blacks
Research Topic(s): Why the Black Chocobo is the fastest Chocobo
I am not impressed with the ultra-conservative facultyFeb 23 2009Political Science
I am not impressed with the ultra-conservative faculty and students at this school. I could not do the research that I wanted to do because of the ultra-conservative republican faculty. If you want a graduate education, go to a smaller Florida school with more liberal faculty. FSU promotes closse-minded republican values, that's all.
I liked graduate school because it teaches youFeb 14 2008Geography and Geosciences
I liked graduate school because it teaches you to learn and think differently. The approach to learning is more round table than lecture. I felt equal to my professors for the first time, but my department was over ambitious and I could not agree with my thesis adviser on anything. I wanted to get things done quick and the department worked much slower than that. In my opinion, they had too many grad students in the dept. TA and RA spots were competitive and given to favorites. There was lots of gossip and lots of worthless work being done. There were no funding opportunities. I did not like Tallahassee either. Its good for partying, but for anything else its just a north Florida hick town. My house got broken into 3 times. Other students say that happens regularly. I was miserable in the town, so I did well in my work. The administration is strange, its like the system is set up to not work well at all, but the people within the system can be helpful. Also, too much emphasis on football and trying to be the best by constantly expanding (like the new medical school). The school is trying to compete at some high level and it is just not sustainable. A lot of smaller programs and students are falling through the cracks.
I just did my Masters at Florida StateAug 02 2007Criminal
I just did my Masters at Florida State Criminal Justice Dep. I learned a lot about research and general theory. To get experience you have to go into the working enviroment and apply these skills. A lot of the professors are nice and really smart. They sometimes come off as arrogant, but you have to put that aside and try to learn as much as you can from them
I have loved everything about my experience withJan 18 2007School of Information
I have loved everything about my experience with FSU so far (just within the College of Information) EXCEPT the Financial Aid department. They are TERRIBLE!! If you email them, it takes at least three weeks to get a reply. If you call them, you will be on hold for at least an hour (that's when I hung up). By the time you receive a reply to your email, the answer to the question is no longer needed and the answer they give is vague and unhelpful.To get your refund, you are required to either open an account through SunTrust or get it mailed to you, taking almost a week to get it (and I'm not even out of state!). So even though you are paying interest on that money from the minute they disburse it, if you get it mailed, you won't have that money for a week. Every other school I have attended has allowed me to direct deposit my refund into my OWN checking account. I do not WANT to open a SunTrust debit card through FSU because I don't even live in Tallahassee!!! (I'm a distance learning student). I am SO sick and tired of this that I have seriously thought about transferring to a more organized school - but I love my program and the professors.
Most of the doctoral faculty is approachable andJan 31 2006Business - Management and Administration
Most of the doctoral faculty is approachable and willing to involve you in research projects. You can always find research to work on. Most of the faculty encourage a nuturing environment and are invested in your success. If you complete the program, you WILL be very competitive on the market AND you will be prepared to be successful in your field. There are some political factions in the faculty. With some savvy, you can navigate around most of the minefields without getting blown up. The best approach is not to get involved in the politics (it will put you in a lose/lose situation). Ultimately, however, your selection of a dissertation chair will cast you (unwilling or not) into one of the "sides" of the political factions. Again, this is probably true at most similar institutions.

Most of the students are collegial, but a handful are arrogant and competitive (probably true everywhere). In some cases students will try to use the existing political factions to their advantage and to the competitive disadvantage of other students. As long as you are aware of this, you can survive. At some point, you'll have to make a decision to fly under the radar or choose a political path .... choose wisely. Remember, aside from your department chair and dissertation chair ... trust no-one.

Surprisingly, for a flagship university in a well funded state, the doctoral programs are grossly underfunded. The stipends available for the doctoral students are ridiculously low meaning that you will have to go into major student loan debt unless you or a benefactor have a deep stash of cash to get you through. Sometimes you can teach extra classes for extra cash, but the end result is that you lose valuable research time.

Many little tangential issues can tend to drive you nuts. Parking is attrocious. The campus has three parking garages, all of them too small and most are occupied full time by kids living on campus or in dorms. The parking police are diligent and the surrounding neighborhoods are shady. Parking for College of Business is insulting. You might find a space if you arrive at the crack of dawn. Most likely, you will have to pay for it (in addition to campus parking fees) or park in a shady (dangerous) area. They sold half of the business school parking to the local Catholic church (who now charges ridiculous prices to park) and decided to build a luxury apartment complex for students over the remaining biz school parking lots. The result is that there is literally no parking unless you want to arrive an hour early to campus and park at the football stadium (where you get to either ride a bus, or walk a mile to class). That brings me to my next point .... all of the administrative buildings that you have to frequent are built around the football stadium. That means for every little thing you have to do with financial aid, test scanning, registrar, bursar, parking, forms, etc. all occur at the complete opposite side of campus. These two inconveniences seem minor at first, but they slowly eat away tons of your valuable time.

My final complaint is with regard to the undergrads. If you need to relive your partying undergrad days, you will love them. This bunch parties morning, noon and night on every day of the week. However, as students of classes that you will teach, they are a royal headache. They hate coming to class, hate doing any assignments, they hate studying and they hate working. They will NOT come prepared for class. They will spend enormous amounts of effort to try and cheat rather than just do the work. They will try to negotiate for grades rather than earn them. They will beg for extra credit and curves. They will beg for the answers to every test before the test. They expect you to be available to them at all hours of the day, every day. They believe that you do nothing but teach their specific class. They demand that you serve them NOW. They are lazy. They are disrespectful. They will roll their eyes at you and bring newspapers, IPods, mp3 players, cell phones and food to your class. They wonder why there degrees are worth little but don't want to work for anything. Maybe this is a generational thing. Maybe this is life at a party school. Maybe this is the college scene at a public university. I just don't know. I do know that I would never work here as a Professor because of the quality of the undergrad student.

Fear and Loathing in Tallahassee:May 25 2005Communications
Fear and Loathing in Tallahassee: +Beautiful girls add to the campus aesthetic, and a lively place to spend divorced mom/dad's money on fraternity/sorority nonsense which dominates some areas. If you've got J-Lo shades and you look like Paris Hilton on crack, then hit the scene, it's all YOU...tanorexic middle-class mediocrity! If you actually study and go to the library, you will find like-minded individuals there, and you will be rewarded with good grades and letters of recommendation. Beware of criminal justice majors who want to play amateur psychologist with YOU! Beware of glory-seeking professors who will sell YOU out! Be true to yourself and have the last laugh! Remember: this is still a backwards-ass racist redneck town filled with sleazy legislators and self-aggrandizing presidential goons. Despite its faults, I love it here; and the gym is ridonculous!
I worked and studied very hard to becomeAug 25 2004English
I worked and studied very hard to become a student in a graduate program. And time and time again, I have been forced to take "Linked" courses (i.e., courses where undergraduates also are in the course). I like undergraduates. I teach them. I hope to teach them for the rest of my professional career. However, I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE GRADUATE COURSES WITH THEM!!!! I studied and worked and sacrificed to become a graduate student, and an alarming number of my "graduate" courses have to dumb down in order to accomodate the 19 year old students in them. Why in the hell did I do all this work if I'm still taking courses that basically cater to undergraduate sensibilities??????? Why did I work so hard and sacrifice so much, just to take courses in which we all have to cater to the (perfectly understandable but they have no place in a graduate course) childish and immature rantings of 19 year olds?????
Research Topic(s): The other as contagion
May 22 2003Physics
Great program!
The school overall-I would leave, but the peopleDec 07 2002Business - Management and Administration
The school overall-I would leave, but the people and nitelife are great, there is generally something to do at all times, and to top it off we keep A to Z Home Delivery on speed dial where we can have everything from our beer to groceries delivered--that is SOOOOOO worth it when we are in study group.

The pizza's here are okay- to be expected, and they are constantly adding more clubs--So overall it is worth it--

Sep 24 2001Computer Science
The university is ...
Florida State University
Florida State University
Florida State University

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