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Nova Southeastern University

Total Grad Surveys 78
Females 44
Males 34
Avg years at University 2.7
Research Quality B- (6.4)
Research Availability B- (6.5)
Research Funding C+ (5.5)
Graduate Politics B (6.7)
Not Errand Runners B (6.8)
Degree Completion B- (6.5)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C (4.8)
Sufficient Pay C (4.8)
Competitiveness B- (6.4)
Education Quality B- (6.4)
Faculty Accessibility B- (6.2)
Useful Research B+ (7.6)
"Individual" treatment C+ (5.7)
Friendliness B (6.6)
Safety B+ (8.0)
Campus Beauty A- (8.5)
Campus Maintenance A- (8.5)
University Spending B (7.2)
Extracurriculars B (6.6)
Scholastic Success B (6.8)
Surrounding City A- (8.1)
Social Life/ Environment B- (6.5)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi]C
Campus BeautyA-
I am a NSU alumniMar 26 2020Nursing
I am a NSU alumni. I graduate from their BSN program in 2011. I found it to be a fantastic program that really prepared you for the NCLEX, I passed right away without even studying. The undergraduate program was supportive and prepared me well to be a nurse.Unfortunately, Nova Southeastern's Master's Science Nursing as Family Nurse Practitioner wasn't even close. They where not supportive. The pretty much bait and switch you. They say the it is a hybrid program, with your first classes online, and then intensive class room classes for your major core. I did not find this to be true at all. They basically get you 3 semesters into their program, then trapped because you spent 15,000 yes 600$ a credit double what a state university would charge with half the support. While, I was in the program the they went through 4 Program Director, yes 4. The longest I saw a program director stay was for two semesters. They also had a hard time keeping teachers as well, during our advanced patho class, one of your harder classes, the teacher ended up leaving in the middle and the brand new first term program director took over the class. There was always a lot of confusion and you always wondered of you could even rely on the faculty being their, if they were even going to be around to support you. When it came to clinicals, they made it very stressful. Basically told us to find you clinicals completely on your own. Yes they did not help one bit. They said here is a list of providers that did clinicals once before, go talk to them. Over half those providers would end up yelling at you saying I did enough for Nova, I can't possibly keep taking on these obligations. Top that off with a lot of the hybrid classes they tell you there will be in class time, and they turned out to be solely online. Barely any review for tests, I remember in advance health assessment being given 15 chapters, 50 page chapters, and told anything in there was game to be on test, we can not give you a review. They said they would be a class every other week and they ended up canceling 5 of 9 classes. I understand we need to know the material , but I always received a lot more guidance in my academic career. I would never have gone this route if I could go back. I would have waited till a state university or school that actually supported their students would have been available.
I am a 2013 graduate of Nova SoutheasternFeb 27 2019Computer Science
I am a 2013 graduate of Nova Southeastern University, completing one of its doctoral programs. I have read many student reviews on Nova Southeastern University, quite a few positive, and about as many negative as well. But one theme that keeps resounding in the review forums is Nova being labeled as a distance learning school. This is somewhat misleading and possibly inaccurate. Nova Southeastern University, in my assessment as one of their alumni, is a traditional brick and mortar university that built its reputation on distance learning. They were pioneers in distance learning long before it was acceptable and commonplace today.

Nova Southeastern University really needs to resolve this issue and make a declarative statement as to what kind of institution they really are...whether a traditional university, or an online university. Again, I disagree with the latter, and if Nova feels the same way, they should promote themselves as a traditional university and distance themselves from the for-profit online universities that they are often compared with. I think it would be better to be a traditional university that offers some online degrees, than to be classified as a purely "online" university.

The "online" stigma is harmful and counterproductive to all doctoral graduates of the school, as the perception of online, or even "perceived" online doctoral degrees are severely frowned upon by academics at premiere U.S. colleges and universities. Therefore, we do not command the same level of respect deserving of one who has completed a doctoral degree.PhD candidates engaging in more student-based research and specifically publishing in top-tier journals would also be a major step in a positive direction. This, along with the online perception limits and impedes our ability as Nova doctoral graduates to secure employment at major colleges and universities, at least outside of Florida. Granted it has been over ten years since I completed my coursework at Nova Southeastern University, things may have changed there for the better since my departure that I am not aware of.

NSU has been growing fast for the pastDec 17 2018Other
NSU has been growing fast for the past decade and now is ranked in top200. There are following several points that need to be discussed when evaluating NSU.

1)Faulty. I have studied in NSU for 5 years and during the 5 years, many unqualified professors were fired and replaced by professors who care more about students. I have read some negative comments about faulty members at NSU and their experiences are partially in accordance with mine, but I think that the situation is getting better. At least, in College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, professors have been getting more helpful and patient.

2)Opportunities of Scholarships. For graduates, opportunities of winning scholarships are important, as graduates can be more focusing on their study if they are financially supported. When I joined in NSU back to 2012, there was not way to get scholarships. Now, NSU has provided more opportunities for scholarships, which is good. However, compared to other top universities, NSU is not generous enough as the size of those scholarships is still meager. Anyway, it is a good beginning.

3)Learning environment. This is the best part that I like NSU, as I was able to meet the people from all over the world. I got Chinese classmates, Japanese classmates, Indian classmates and others. They work hard, nice, friendly, and knowledgeable. I was deeply inspired by their highly self-motivated attitude and learned tremendously from them ranging from culture to lived experiences.

4)Surrounding areas. The main campus of NSU locates at Davie, 20 minutes drive from Fort Lauderdale. Frankly, I pretty enjoy the weather here in South Florida. There are many night clubs and good attraction in this area, so you would not feel bored if you are a party person. In addition, the campus is really beautiful.In conclusion, although NSU can't be compared to other top universities in Fl such as UF or UM, NSU is a good choice for people who fail to get in UM. Most importantly, it is a fast growing university and if you take a look at the ranking of NSU, you will surprisingly find that NSU's ranking has been raising for the past 5 years at the US news ranking system, from 228 to 191, 30 spots up in 5 years. That is quick. I am confident that NSU will continue to make progress, as long as it can deal with some downsides.

From the admission to the academic advise, nobodyNov 02 2018Accounting
From the admission to the academic advise, nobody is really interested in help you, neither paying attention in details that are relevant for the student. You are just one more number - not even someone with a name. The admission was a nightmare as the advisor just told me about some requirements when there was no enough time for that. And after I've enrolled, even paying a lot for the courses, I couldn't get any answer from my academic advisor for weeks!!!!
Do NOT go to this school if youOct 10 2018Pharmacy
Do NOT go to this school if you have any other options. It is the epitome of a degree mill, though for some even that is too good a title. They will take in people whom they are certain will never earn a degree or benefit from the limited offerings they have available, take as much money as they can from them, then spit them out worse off than they came. If you try to give NSU the benefit of the doubt, they will do everything they can not only to bring you down academically, professionally and financially, but to convince you that it is your worthlessness to blame for their failures and your own, until your personal life has been decimated as well. This is not a school, it's a business. Further, it's one run by malicious crooks. Head this warning for your own wellbeing. Run away and never look back.
Most professors whom I know at NSU areJun 12 2018Sociology
Most professors whom I know at NSU are patient, nice, knowledgeable, and available. They encourage students to learn more and help students hone their skills. From this regard, I truly appreciate their world-class teaching. However, as the funds, fellowships, and scholarships are not adequate for doctorate students in my major, many students have to balance their work and study. In addition, the on-campus food court kills me. Almost all students I know complain the terrible taste of on-campus food and they are doing nothing to get it changed. All right, the campus is super beautiful. Plus, classmates are kind and prominent. The university is still growing and let us see.
My experiences at NSU is pretty positive, butMay 20 2018Unknown
My experiences at NSU is pretty positive, but not perfect. It is mainly because NSU does not provide enough financial support to Ph.D students. Many students at the Ph.D. level have to work, so they can not focus on their research. However, professors are super knowledgeable and friendly and truly want to see you succeed. I think that is where NSU has to work on in the future. If graduate students are able to financially protected, they will be more productive in the academic community.
I am in my second of four yearsJan 19 2017Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I am in my second of four years at NSU-Tampa and I really enjoy my DPT program. The students all work together. One student will make a study guide and share it with the whole class. There isn't anyone I wouldn't go to for help. NSU is a super clean school (classrooms, bathrooms, study rooms etc.) That's important to me. With it being a hybrid program, you really have to put in the work and study almost every day. The workload isn't easy but there is not one faculty member that I couldn't email or call up for help. You are tested on your knowledge while you are on campus. There are open lab hours where instructors stay to help you. Some instructors help more than others but look at it as you will learn more in the classes where you have to teach yourself. This is a DOCTORATE program and nothing is handed to you.
NSU Tampa Hybrid DPT ProgramJan 10 2017Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
NSU Tampa Hybrid DPT Program
NSU Tampa's Hybrid DPT program is the best decision I ever made in a graduate program. In 4 years, I will hold a DPT and be fully prepared to work as a Physical Therapist. The professors are not only helpful but they are extremely knowledgable and always there for you. This is a program where every professor learns your name, your strengths and your weaknesses. It is hard work, especially when we come in for exams... but the hard work pays off. This program is worth every bit of time and effort I've put into it thus far.

I've seen a negative comment on this page about this program, and quite frankly, it confuses me. I'm currently in the last semester of my second year and I've never been happier. The head of the program takes time to come talk to us and get to know each individual student, and again, the professors only want us to succeed. I've never felt tricked or burdened or like anyone was trying to "get me". I've only felt uplifted in this program and there is so much room for success if you're willing to work hard.Overall, this program is fantastic and I would recommend it to any student.

NSU Tampa - Hybrid DPT program (as wellNov 16 2016Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
NSU Tampa - Hybrid DPT program (as well as Hybrid OTD program) does NOT care about their students and do NOT try to help their students be successful. Poor quality of education. If this "education" was free, it would be paying too much. Professors do NOT explain anything. Students are forced to teach themselves. Faculty are poor examples of professionalism. Attend another program if you can! Beware!
Jun 01 2016School of Information
Very positive experience and helpful to my career.
Beautiful campus and most of the students areFeb 04 2016Education
Beautiful campus and most of the students are friendly. Tuition is high and used up all of my GI Bill paying for the courses. Most of the School of Education faculty are terrific but my doctoral dissertation advisor was not prepared and delayed completion of my dissertation. This additional delay cost another year out of pocket ($11,000) expenses along with the increased stress.
I'm a semester away from completing an onlineNov 17 2015Psychology
I'm a semester away from completing an online master's program at this school and so far it has been hell. I've taken many classes online in my academic career and I am well versed in how they should work. However I have been shocked by the unprofessional manner in which this program is run. It's a joke. The staff is awful, they respond to every inquiry with a link and seem un-knowledgeable if they are asked to expand or explain anything. The instructors here think they are above the rules of the student-professor relationship.They consistently post grades late (They'll grade Week 1 assignments after midterm week.), they add on textbooks randomly and expect you to have them in time for the weekly exam and they reply to emails at their leisure. When I contacted my advisers and program staff to discuss my issues (mainly the delay in the grading process) they told me I should consider leaving the program because I didn't seem suited to online classes. WTF? Since when is blaming the student the solution for a poorly managed program? Every semester its the same story. I can't wait to get my degree and get out of here. This program is a waste of money.
This university sucks so much, and I cannotOct 05 2015Psychology
This university sucks so much, and I cannot believe how dumb I feel after going to one of its graduate programs. Never have I ever felt so taken advantage of in every way-psychologically, socially, physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. The school even blames its students for all their hellish problems because apparently they are perfect, and students who go there to actually learn are the problem although they have only been in existence for 50 years. Such a young school! I have realized that young schools are indicative of crappy quality because older schools from the late 1800s and early 1900s are actually way better schools than one that is younger than a lot of the professors. What a waste of time and money! If I could go back in time and have the opportunity to decide whether or not to attend this school, I would steer clear of this god awful school! I felt like I have lost my soul or something from going there for 3 years and not being able to finish because the school effed up on my schedule so bad that it was impossible to finish. I am not one for having such hatred of things, but I literally cannot stand this school!
I came to this site because on occasionApr 11 2015School of Information
I came to this site because on occasion I still wonder whether I made the right decision. I actually completed all my coursework for a PhD in Information Systems and was 3 years into dissertation and completed the proposal stage. Then I decided to walk away.

I went to NOVA because I run a company as my day job and needed a flexible program.
After having to change my research topic several times as the focus of my advisor changed, I was left working on: (a) a topic that was not suited for me or my advisor - who was not an expert in that subject, (b) with an advisor who was disconnected (out of the country about half the time), and (c) with a dissertation committee who was mostly interested in their version of criticism which consisted of public humiliation/grand-standing and what I can best describe as cyber-bullying. Without getting into details, one of the committee members crossed the line while commenting on my dissertation.

Therefore, I decided to walk away from the game. Because that is the only thing the dissertation process at NOVA can be called.

The coursework at NOVA is actually quite interesting and good, as are the lecturers. However, after dissertation starts, the whole thing turns into something like cyber-dating.

I admit that, had I decided to finish the program, I would probably be posting positive comments on my achievement, but deep inside I would still know that it would be a hollow glory and it would only help this school continue to profit from students.

Fortunately, in my case, the money was not a huge issue. My education is paid for and, at least according to the government, I am wealthy. But I know that is not the case with others. I proved to myself what I needed to prove intellectually, and I even feel somewhat proud for walking away, although at times unfulfilled. I am not sure why, since I have everything people think they can get with a PhD: I have been published, I own a successful consulting company, and I even teach at a university.

So, my advice is that you examine yourself, and if what you want is an expensive piece of paper and a title, go to this school and others like it. Yes, it is true, you get out of it what you put into it; but that would be true at any school, many of them better than NOVA, and schools that are more invested in their students.

In my case, I decided that I was not going to give NOVA the privilege of wearing their colors in my doctoral robe, and that is the way I hope every PhD student approaches it.

You definitely get out of this program whatApr 07 2015Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
You definitely get out of this program what you put into it. Honestly, I started out pretty good at keeping up with everything but it is very difficult to maintain that attitude with how this program is run. I'm getting decent grades and all but I don't feel like I'm learning as much as I should be. Some of the faculty are great, but the majority of them don't seem to be experts at what they are teaching. This is very frustrating, especially considering how much the program costs. I am not alone in feeling as though it is too late to drop out after spending so much already, but even if they gave me back 50% of my tuition, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
This school would not even be my lastMar 26 2015Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
This school would not even be my last choice to attend. They over charge for tuition and what I get back out of it is not even close to the amount that I paid for. They require you to carry student health insurance and they provide you with insurance plan. Once you accept it, they charge you thousands of dollars for it but you can't use it anywhere except NSU clinic. Then you try and try to make appointments for medications because let's say you get sick, but you can't even get a lousy 5 minute appointment with the doctor. They only have two doctors there for thousands of students. How does that even work? Where is my tuition money going? I'll tell you where. It's going into "beautifying" the campus. All these new buildings and landscaping going up is where the money is going. It is going to place where I can't even get any use out of it. As health professionals, we pay thousands of dollars per semester and the worst part is, we are stuck in one building with the rest of the health professionals. There are so many health profession students and we get one building in the corner of the campus and can't even enjoy the "beautiful" campus. You would think that they would expand and grow as the amount of programs and students increase. However, you will be disappointed in how little they care about the students. In fact, the most important thing that they stress for our program is getting a hundred percent passing rate for boards. That is all they care about. They want the numbers and nothing else. Three years in this program were hell. The professors wasted our time by going over the same things everyday just so they can get paid. This would not have been so bad if they didn't make attendance mandatory. They dictated how we dressed, how we behaved, basically if we are in HPD building, we can only behave the way they want us to. We were allowed 2 days off. That is if you were deathly sick or someone in your immediate family passed away. No, uncles, aunts, grandparents, or any other family does not count. You can't go pay your last respect if any other family member passed away. Of course, these rules were broken and when they were, you get written up or sent to committee of student progress. This committee of three to four people basically lecture you on professionalism and how your behavior is affecting the school and other students. Basically you are out of line if you miss a day of school and a bad influence on the rest of your class for attending your dead uncle's funeral. This is NSU. It all looks great on the outside (since they spent all our tuition in beautification of the school) but inside is miserable.
The problem is when you first enter thisMar 12 2015Psychology
The problem is when you first enter this school you may think it's a friendly place because friendliness is a marketing gimmick. They make it seem great during interviews, but eventually you realize it's a school as cold as ice, and mostly those with the ability to also be cold and unaffected by the gossip, narcissism, and chaotic administration truly can thrive there. It's kind of easy to see right through some professors after a while realizing that a lot of it is psychological manipulation and fake friendliness. It's not easy to find true genuineness in this program, it exists but is very limited. If I had a realistic choice to transfer I would. I tend to not regret things, however one of my biggest regrets is not leaving this school when i was in limited debt after my first semester and starting somewhere else, because now I'm in so much debt that starting somewhere else would mean starting over and doubling my debt, so I'm stuck if I want to finish what I started and sadly used to be much more passionate about before starting at this school. There are people that love this school, and I sometimes envy their ability, because my experience here has been nothing less than a chaotic mess, and it really affected my motivation to even succeed because part of me does not want to be associated with this school and most of me just wants to run far far away. It takes a toll on your productivity feeling this way. My suggestions, if you are highly sensitive and truly empathetic (not the empathy techniques you get taught and don't come across unless you feel it) and more affected by negative environments and enter this profession because you truly care about people unconditionally and want to be helpful and want to thrive in an environment of caring professors, mostly genuine students, and a place that cares more about humanity than money then I would suggest going elsewhere, however if you are genuine and have the resilience to deal with this kind of craziness or you are the type of person who has an egotistical belief that being a Dr. makes you somehow better than others, than this school may work for you and you may end up loving it and even connecting with teachers. Unfortunately that was not the case for me, which was hard since I was very connected to professors and the field in undergrad because it was a caring environment and funny enough a heck of a lot more organized and 1/10th of the price per semester.
I would never recommend this university to anyone,Feb 12 2015Education
I would never recommend this university to anyone, the professors are awful at the graduate level. There online courses have no structure and no one oversees them. Professors sometimes don't even look at assignments until the end of the semester, when its too late. They should post the graduation rate to see how many students actually graduate per semester and how many do they enroll and steal there money.This way the public can see what a small percentage graduates, because the so called professors never return a phone call and do not abide by university policies, and no one checks on them, someone should forward all these complains to the media.
Be very carefulJul 12 2014Criminal
Be very careful. Online bullying on the discussion boards goes on. Students are called out by other students openly. It makes for a very hostile environment. One would think that if you are going to report another student, do so privately, not out in the open. Very discouraging. I am afraid the I have made the wrong choice in my education investment. But, it is not too late to find another University that does not tolerate this kind of conduct.
There are too manyJun 30 2014Communications
There are too many technical issues and the professors do not list all necessary information for success. The cost per class is high, there should be no bugs in this program. Worst online school compared to two other schools I have attended through out my six years of college.
DO NOT GO TO THIS UNIVERSITY, specifically theMay 24 2014Education
DO NOT GO TO THIS UNIVERSITY, specifically the TAMPA CAMPUS...I would go to the main campus but in Tampa it is a diploma mill and the people that work there are idiots...I asked a recruiter a question and he kept me there for over an hour explaining everything but the kitchen sink...I was so tired I couldn't even remember anything he said...everyone else was unapproachable. BEWARE!!!
Would not recommend thisMay 13 2014Education
Would not recommend this school for a doctoral program. A money pit with nothing to show. Long wait time on phone, hard to schedule face to face appointments to discuss issues, and complaints are disregarded.Attend a traditional state college. NOVA is the pits.
2009 MBA graduateFeb 20 2014Business - Management and Administration
2009 MBA graduate. I had a great experience at Nova. This school is one of the best in the state. Don?t let the negative postings of those who likely could not cut it academically mislead you. The school is fully accredited and known regionally as a leader in technology and research. I launched a career as a bank executive and adjunct professor at a state school within 5 years of graduating. The negative postings are likely from those who either dropped out or were asked to leave. I find it remarkable when people blame their professors for poor performance at the graduate level. Just do your work and stop blaming those around you. The real world will eat those people alive. Nova offers a quality education. Yes, it is expensive. If you are concerned about cost, spend your first 2 years at a community college, then go to a state school. I went to NOVA and I had several other options including law school at a state university. If I were to say one thing that NOVA should improve on, it would be their admission rate ? they accept some students who are not MBA material. In other words, the people who complain about their bad academic experience, likely should have never been accepted to the university. Nova has a high acceptance rate intentionally. They want to make a quality education available for as many students as possible. This has resulted in some students failing and then blaming the faculty for their failure. Grow up.
DON'T GO TO NSU's ITDE EdDec 17 2013Education
DON'T GO TO NSU's ITDE Ed.D. PROGRAM!!!! 2 of my classmates paid someone to write their dissertations so they could get it past their committee. Another didn't have to do a full dissertation. I completed all my coursework successfully and finished my first 3 chapters of my dissertation and NSU would not work with me to let me finish it past their deadline even though they changed my chair 3 times without telling me!!! SUCKS that you pay so much and if I wasn't so honest, I should have paid someone to write my dissertation if it meant throwing away hard earned money and still no Ed.D.
I spent an extra 6 months completing myDec 17 2013Education
I spent an extra 6 months completing my dissertation because I had a co-chair that would not do their job, which caused me an extra $2600.00. When I complained and requested a refund due to the negligence of their faculty, they explained my experience was great and we will not reimburse you even though I have e-mails dating a year back with my chair stating I was ready to submit. I am done, but if I had it to do over I would not use this university, over $50,000.00 later I have gotten myself through this program with very little help from NSU faculty!
This is a follow-up to a post IDec 08 2013School of Information
This is a follow-up to a post I made in March of 2012 about NSU. I successfully completed my PhD program requirements in Information Systems the week before Thanksgiving. It took me nearly a decade to get through, but they don?t ask you how you won, they ask you did you win? I did it! Many others before me did not finish their NSU doctoral pursuits and many after me will not as well. After several years of reading students ripping NSU to shreds in these student review forums, let me put my two cents worth in again and for the last time.

First of all, I?m speaking of the graduate school experience at NSU and not that of an undergraduate. I?m not an eighteen year-old freshman, I don?t live on campus, and I don?t eat the cafeteria food every day so resident undergraduate students would be entitled to submit a more critical review of Nova in that regard and I couldn?t defend the school with their complaints and/or concerns as I would be speaking out of turn. I?m speaking primarily to doctoral students currently or previously enrolled in NSU?s many programs. You guys should know better. The common themes that I constantly hear about NSU as far as negatives are diploma mill, cost/expense, academic rigor, and incompetent faculty. Let me tackle each theme one by one.

?A diploma mill (also known as a ?degree mill?) is an unaccredited higher education institution that offers fake academic degrees and diplomas for a fee. It typically denotes an institution providing diplomas on an intensive and profit-making basis, like a factory? ( Three of the main characteristics of a diploma mill are that one, it is unaccredited by the appropriately recognized accrediting body of the U.S Department of Education. Two, it gives itself a name similar to that of a prestigious, accredited college or university, and three, it will claim accreditation from an accreditation mill, in essence, a bogus accrediting body deceptively representing or misleading itself to be a legitimate accreditation body.

Fact: NSU is accredited by the same accrediting body that accredits Florida State University, University of Tampa, University of Miami, University of North Carolina, Duke University, Wake Forest University, and every other legitimate state university and private college in the Southern United States.

Fact: NSU doesn?t sell degrees for a price. If you paid them upfront and in a few weeks or months you automatically received your degree, then we?d be talking diploma mill here according to the definition above. There?s no factory pumping out NSU diplomas for those with the money. I worked many long years before they would confer my degree. I couldn?t have bought it from NSU if I wanted to. I earned my PhD!

Fact: Nova Southeastern University is not named after a prestigious school to deceptively attract students to attend. In fact, I wish they would change their name to something more traditional, but again, the name in itself indicates that they strive not to be a diploma mill.

Now let?s talk about cost and expense. Nova is a ?not-for-profit? institution, not a ?for profit? institution. But NSU is not a state university either. NSU is private and as you all know, private schools are always more expensive than their state university counterparts because private schools are tuition driven and not supported by state tax dollars. The fact that NSU is so technologically advanced is also a factor in their pricing. Someone has to pay for all of this technology and the faculty and staff to keep it running. Sadly, that cost is passed onto the students.

As far as academic rigor goes, just like degree programs, some classes are harder than others, that?s a well-known fact. Some professors are more demanding and critical than others and that?s a fact too. If you are stating that NSU is lacking as far as academic rigor, have you taken every class from every professor? Have you polled your friends or others to see if they share your experiences? I would imagine that if you are the one making these claims against NSU, you probably haven?t registered for that one class or met that one professor yet that would indeed challenge you. Nova has those difficult courses and professors there I can assure you, along with the easier courses and more accommodating, passive instructors. Getting a doctorate is not supposed to be easy. That?s what makes attaining one so special and great. If it was easy, everyone would have one, right? NSU merely subscribes to this theory. Not everyone who attempts a PhD or DBA, whether at NSU, or anywhere else, will be successful.

NSU stopped the practice of hiring its own graduates as faculty years ago. You will undoubtedly still have a few NSU graduates employed as faculty who will eventually retire and then you will have a more balanced staff from among the many division one top tier research universities. You are starting to actually see more of this now. NSU currently has faculty who graduated from the Ivey League ranks, as well as the top-tier research schools. Many of the faculty in the Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences are well published in top peer-reviewed journals.

In closing, NSU is still on the brink of trying to establish itself as a premiere, Research University. The distance education element, although their claim to fame, probably detracts from this goal as traditional academic scholars still frown on distance based learning in doctoral programs because they see it as a watered-down, less rigorous version of traditional programs.

This brings me to my final point that not all of NSU?s doctoral programs are distance-based (Online). My doctoral program in Information Systems was a hybrid that combined traditional classroom with distance-based learning. The two-part question of the day is?is a blended, hybrid program in actuality an online program? Does the small online component of a hybrid program completely negate the traditional component of the program? My two cents.

I attend classes at the Jax SEUSep 12 2013Business - Management and Administration
I attend classes at the Jax SEU. I'm in the second year of my MBA program and plan on graduating in June 2014. In Jacksonville, there are several options and I truly believe Nova's program was the best choice for me. I have received support, individual attention, advice and made great friends. I am currently doing a leadership concentration and I love the leadership classes. They have added something special to my MBA experience.

Classes can be challenging, but you're in grad school- they're supposed to be hard. As long as you do the work and stay on top of the readings, you will be fine.I do not see Nova as a diploma mill as much as a school that has maybe less stringent admission standards. I have seen students come in and not do well recognizing that maybe they were not ready for the rigors of the coursework. I can also see how this would lead to disgruntled former students who feel that Nova wasted their time and money.

The Ph.D. program in Computer Information Systems isAug 27 2013Computer Science
The Ph.D. program in Computer Information Systems is a very good program. The faculty are very qualified to teach in their respective areas and were always approachable.

I was particularly fortunate to have the dissertation advisor I had. He has a Ph.D. in Decision and Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University and is well published in the field. He was also the nicest, most helpful, and supportive person I could ever want as a dissertation advisor. I am truly thankful I had the chance to work with him in the dissertation process. The program is academically rigorous. You will have to work in the courses and work even harder on your dissertation if you expect to earn the degree. It was not easy, but I recently finished it, and am very proud of the accomplishment and very happy to have attended Nova Southeastern. I looked at the programs available to me as someone already working in the field of decision support systems could not find a better program that would permit me to earn my Ph.D., learn a great deal about my field and advanced research in general, and not stop working for several years to work on the degree. Not only are the faculty top notch, but so are many of the students. I was surrounded by some very competent and knowledgeable professionals in my field as my student peers as well. Of course there were some who should not have been there, and who are probably the ones who post the negative comments about the program and the faculty. There is a distinct difference between being able to do masters level course work and Ph.D. level research. Please do not blame the school if you are unable to make the transition.

Research Topic(s): Supervised Learning Methods to Enhance Customer Lifetime Value Models
Aug 19 2013School of Information
I read several bad and unfair comments about this university. First of all, if you are a student who did not graduate or did not study, or got expelled or just did not try hard enough or maybe partied too hard and wasted your time then you should only blame yourself for failing NOT the school. Resentment is a painful pill to swallow. Anyway, I am student at Nova PhD program (information systems). YES, IT IS A GREAT SCHOOL. Nova is as good as you make it to be. Every university has good and bad teachers. If you are in PhD program and you do not have people skills then you should not attend any PhD program. A PhD program is more than just how smart you are? It is about being smart and having people skills. You as a person/student have to be smart enough to network with the right professors to graduate. It is a game that you must play and win otherwise you will lose the opportunity and your money. These are the rules of the PhD game if you do not like them then DO NOT GO TO GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!
Just completed the EdD program (2013), and overallJul 26 2013Education
Just completed the EdD program (2013), and overall was quite satisfied with the program...although it took longer to finish my dissertation (and thus it cost more in ongoing fees) than I had expected; but much of the responsibility for this was related to my own failure to adequately & regularly commit the time needed to make regular progress. Expectations were high...and I had to work hard to make it to the finish line. It is a doctoral dissertation for crying out loud...I would be disappointed if NOVA gave out doctorates without the commensurate academic rigor and self-sacrifice expected of a terminal degree recipient. I suspect those who are most unhappy are those who did not complete their degree.
Hello,Jun 25 2013Accounting
Hello,Been attending online and a few on campus classes for the MBA Accounting program. The teachers are very approachable, knowledgeable and respond quickly and help you explain if you need the help. and the exams have been hard, especially taxes. I've learned a great deal and would recommend the on line accounting courses for anyone that works a normal job. The exams are based on the book and theory, advanced accounting was also very challenging. You will pass the exams but only if you understand and learn the material. The accounting program is awesome, and the on line material and chat seasons are very helpful in learning what you need to succeed in life. You either know the material or you will fail, so study alot. Will be graduating in September 2013 and ready to take the CPA exams. I don't know about the other programs but the MBA in Accounting; I would rate it an A-. My only regret was not starting the program earlier.
Great university,with challenging coursesMay 24 2013Education
Great university,with challenging courses. The blended approach was well done & at the appropriate level. They are ahead of many other universities still trying to work out online bugs.
I am in theMay 16 2013Education
I am in the deissertation phase of the organizational leadership program. My chair is absolutely no help, he takes his time answering me. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldnt come to Nva, neither would I reecommend others to do so.
I love attending thisMay 04 2013Psychology
I love attending this school and you definitely earn your degree. The course work and learning material has been very beneficial for me.
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THIS SCHOOL!!!!! Nova is the biggest waste of time and money I've ever spent. I have had problems with every aspect of this school inclucing admissions, professors, the bookstore, clincial placements- everything!!!! Nothing has ever frustrated me as much as this school. Every aspect of it is horrible. I tell everyone I know to stay far away. I can't describe in enough detail how awful it is- PLEASE stay away. The only thing that will make me feel a bit better about wasting so much money is if I can help others stay away and perhaps force the school into caring at all about students, and not just their tuition.
Jul 23 2012Business - Management and Administration
I learned how to perform research after interestinglyMay 06 2012Computer Science
I learned how to perform research after interestingly enough graduating from a highly respectable University in the Southeast that never imparted the knowledge or ability. I realize that Nova does not have the highest reputation but I would put my education on the line with my colleagues that have graduated from more prominent schools.
Do not waste your money here the levelApr 25 2012Computer Science
Do not waste your money here the level of arrogance is unfounded. Students and Professor carry themselves poorly. Learning is not an option, The cost is not justified. I work for a Level 1 research University and thought this would be a good fit to continue my education, sadly wrong. The resources are top notch but Faculty is more concerned with themselves than teaching students to become the next generation of teachers or professional. There is no advice from faculty or staff to make sure you will succeed. They want you to beg for them to be your chair, but only if it fits with their agenda or interest; while sticking their hands in your pockets deeply I might add.

You will succeed at this University if you are arrogant and self serving but have the ability to suck up. I was personally so excited to attend here, talk about sad to learn the truth about it. There are other equally reputable and even some better one where you will have the opportunity to succeed.

The only reason I would not consider attendingMar 08 2012Computer Science
The only reason I would not consider attending NSU again is because of its bad reputation in Academia, although it is mostly undeserved. I keep hearing the word diploma mill thrown around in describing NSU when apparently many people don't know precisely what the term diploma mill actually means. Look it up!! Although NSU may display an attribute or two of a diploma mill, it really isn't one. Diploma mills award degrees for a price with little or no regard to academics or rigor. Basically, you buy your degree. Wikipedia defines the term diploma mill and gives a long list of attributes that exemplify a diploma mill. If you read it in its entirety, NSU doesn't fit most, if any, of the criteria for a diploma.NSU doesn't sell degrees, you earn them!! Just because it is difficult and you can't get the work accomplished to graduate doesn't make them a diploma mill. Just because they take your money and you don't graduate doesn't necessarily make them a diploma mill either. Maybe something else, but not a diploma mill. A lot of students are accepted into NSU who are definately not PhD material. However, the majority of these students are weeded out soon enough and hence, they do not graduate. At NSU, only the strong survive. If you graduate from NSU with your PhD, you've definately demonstrated that you have what it takes to succeed in their type of academic environment. The fact that many others cannot, or did not finish their studies reinforces this point.
If you go for an EdD, you needFeb 09 2012Education
If you go for an EdD, you need to do all the coursework in the first two years and then do the dissertation in the third year. Otherwise, you will be stuck paying for Dissertation Services II fees of $2500 each semester you are still working on your dissertation. It doesn't matter if you were ill or unable to do the coursework for whatever reason in the first three years, if you do not finish your dissertation by the end of the third year of the program, you will have to pay $2500 each semester until you are done with your dissertation. This was not clearly explained to me when I began the program. I had a professor who never read a single thing I wrote, or anything the other students in the class wrote either. One student even admitted turning in "crap" and said he got an "A." This is very demotivating when one is paying so much money for the degree. The tuition raises by $100 every year, so by next year it will be $1000 per credit hour. There is a very costly residency in Disney World that is required during the hot-as-hell Florida summer. I spent over $40,000 all told and all I have to show for it is a few more classes on my resume. I cannot afford to continue attending to complete the degree. It's just too expensive.
I am currently enrolled in the NSU JaxDec 11 2011PreMed and Medical
I am currently enrolled in the NSU Jax PA program. It is by far not a "diploma mill" as stated by another reviewer. The course material is difficult, contains in depth information and requires significant study, understanding and critical thinking skills to pass the tests. I am in the unique position of having twenty-six years of previous medical experience, with several of those years as a primary care provider in the military. From my perspective, the course content is exceptional. Are there occasional typographical errors in power point presentations? Yes, but they are not to the point of detracting from the content being presented. I would normally expect a person complaining/bothered about such things to have some semblance of punctuation and grammar in their post. In short, I feel the education provided in the NSU JAX PA program to be well worth the tuition. The faculty are open to discuss issues, and the program director frequently has open forums to discuss issues with the students.
This program is jax presents itself as aNov 21 2011PreMed and Medical
This program is jax presents itself as a degree mill. with all the pa schools popping up in this state like cancer, its no surprise. actually one student left the program already to attend another school its so bad.

the school is in a business center and i have to walk past a verizon everyday to get to class, the verizon is inside the school. actually, verizon has complained about the students being to noisy. so its more like nsu is in verizons building.

the professors are constantly late, 30 minutes late not 5 minutes. when they get there, they correct students for their tardiness. this is not an exaggeration.

the notes are far from proofread and full of mistakes. unprofessional and sloppy, and that is what is being taught. its one thing to not proofread an email, but to present educational material in such a sloppy manner is inexcusable. this program is overpriced and is basically for students without grades decent enough to get into real schools. apply at any other school and use this schools as a last resort, those last resort pas are sure going to be "wonderful" when they are in practice

worst and most racistNov 07 2011Pharmacy
worst and most racist school ever! to anyone who wants to or is thinking about going here, unless u are white or creole, TURN around because those are the only 2 races this school thinks about!
Nov 06 2011Education
This is a diploma mill. Once they get your tuition, they could care less if you receive the Ph.D.
Sep 17 2011Education
Great school
There are many Physician Assistant programs in SouthSep 03 2011PreMed and Medical
There are many Physician Assistant programs in South Florida & throughout the country- do yourself a favor & go anywhere but here! The Fort Lauderdale branch is unorganized & a huge disappointment & waste of money. The faculty & program director specifically are rude, immature, irresponsible, & very unprofessional. I am amazed that this program is still running.. It's a joke
I am located in the Bahamas and attendMay 26 2011Business - Management and Administration
I am located in the Bahamas and attend a student education center for the MBA programme. Professors are flown in from Ft. Lauderdale every weekend which are alternated between undergrad and grad students. The opportunity to complete this degree while still working full time to support myself and not having to relocate is great. The on the job experience and the expertise of the professors are a great combination for the learning experience. The price is pretty hefty and has increased twice of the past year. I'm just glad that I am almost done or else the cost would've been to much.
This university is turningMay 23 2011Business - Management and Administration
This university is turning into an online university. Dont go here unless you plan to take classes online, they dont give you the option to take them on campus!! very disappointed
I want my money backMay 17 2011Education
I want my money back. NSU is milking my dry with dissertation services fees. I'm paying $2,500 a semester for what amounts to a few emails with the dissertation chair. This is the racket - keep stringing you along for those fees. There is no one to talk to, no cohorts for the doctoral programs (that I know of), instructors are MIA. The classes were a joke, lots of hidden fees and overt fees for no reason. Do yourself a favor and run, don't walk from the School of Eduction graduate programs. I feel like a schmuck for going this far with my degree program. What a miserable experience. I'm through with educational research - what bull.
I just started the School Psychology program atJan 27 2011Psychology
I just started the School Psychology program at the Tampa SEC and the faculty/staff in this program could not be more supportive. The program is very small, which is a big plus for me because you get one on one time with professors. I also love my cohort cause we all are getting to know each other and we can easily get together for presentations and to study together, if need be. If you are interested in this program most likely you will be with only 5 to 10 other students. They only accept so many a year, especially at the SECs. The program is fairly new compared to USF & UCF, so they are going through the process of becoming NASP approved. However, it should be approved by the end of this year and is definitely approved by the Dept. of Ed, which is the most important. I also think it's great that the School Psy program is in the Center for Psychological Studies Dept. rather than the Education Dept. It makes a whole lot of difference for us Social Science junkies. I also appreciate the schedule of classes. They really cater and understand people need to make a living to survive. I looked into programs that wanted me to take 4 classes a semester for 4 evenings. The way Nova has it set up is you take the most challenging class like Stats once a week and then you alternate taking a class once a month for the entire weekend (Fri night 6 to 10 and Sat & Sun. 9 to 5), so you get all the hours you need for a 3 credit course in 2 weekends. It's tiring, but I love it cause it's manageable. I'm looking forward to continuing this program and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
If you have anyDec 17 2010Other
If you have any other option, DO NOT GO TO THE SWFL CAMPUS Physician Assistant program. You WILL NOT receive a worthwhile education.
As a student with a strong academic andDec 15 2010Business - Management and Administration
As a student with a strong academic and achievement record, I was thoroughly disappointed with this institution. It does not live up to its presentation and proposed offerings, of which I would grade a "C" at best. Many of the students do not perform at the graduate level, which is highly de-motivating for the learning process. In addition, practical opportunities (advertised) are inconsistent at best. This school is for a student who is not really interested in learning and prefers an "EASY" route to graduate credentials. The student just wants another degree. It does not take much to do well at Huizenga. For students who enjoy learning and being challenged . . . BEWARE! This environment will encourage highly negative feelings about education and the learning process. It will de-motivate YOU significantly and affect your performance. I became depressed in regards to the program. In my attempts to be proactive and seek avenues of improvement, I only received lip service-- no action. Only a few professors (3 to be exact) were beneficial. I learned more from casual conversations with two professors in particular than I did in all my classes combined!
The faculty are just plain "amazing" (sarcasm)Nov 14 2010Education
The faculty are just plain "amazing" (sarcasm)
Dissertation Chair wants my dissertation to sound as if he is writing it himself. Whatever I write sounds too "dissertationise"....isn't this what it is?

MOI Professor is out of touch and has not graded my assignments in a few weeks. When I emailed her she tells me that I am technologically challenged - so I email another student and she is having the same experience. So I guess we all are challenged. We are told to follow the syllabus without due dates...just amazing! Worst of all, this is a Doctoral Level!Trends and Issues was the best so far. At least when I was on the wrong track, Dr. Santilli would let me know immediately and would work to get me on the right track. Dr. Santilli seems to be the only decent professor this place has so far...

NOVA dissertation chairs are paid by semester so the longerNov 08 2010Education
NOVA dissertation chairs are paid by semester so the longer it takes it you to complete the dissertation the more they get paid. Do not get sucked in their degree programs.
My experience at Nova was fairly positive overallOct 29 2010Business - Management and Administration
My experience at Nova was fairly positive overall. It's the type of school where you get out of it what you put into it. If you're not hitting the books hard and participating in class in order to succeed, that's not the fault of the University. I agree that Nova's brand is not particularly well-respected, but I think that will change over time as they move toward the higher level of academic certification. I enjoyed my time at Nova and I learned a lot too.
Nova Southeastern University has a terrible career servicesSep 25 2010Business - Management and Administration
Nova Southeastern University has a terrible career services department, which seems to expect companies to come to them with postings rather than reach out and try to market its students as well. If you are going to NSU for a Health Sciences degree, then this does not apply to you.

I've also noticed that the school has a lot of wasteful spending, including building employees who can be seen surfing Facebook more than doing actual work.

The school should spend much more on its career services instead of its fancy commercials. I've seen one student in several NSU MBA commercials that had no business being in an MBA program, and was forced to drop a class that I was in because he showed up late every day and contributed nothing to his group.

Some of the teachers are great, while some are a complete joke. The same goes for your classmates. Because they will let almost anyone into the program, you will find that some of your classmates are smart and could have gotten into more prestigious schools, while others you will dread the fact that they will hold the same degree as you. My advice to you is to be very active in your career search through other resources, and expect very little return on your $30,000 investment in this economy.

The school is great, but gets a bum-rapJul 12 2010Computer Science
The school is great, but gets a bum-rap with regard to its reputation. It is a brick and mortar school that is treated unfairly by some un-achievers.

Nova has made substantial contributions to the field, as well as the community at large. Unfortunately, because of its beautiful location, many would rather play than study....

Work load is very heavyJun 07 2010School of Information
Work load is very heavy. Core courses pertain to rushing to hastily complete work that accomplishes nothing. Students are friendly, apprehensive and arrogant. Faculty is vague, arrogant, sometimes helpful and unconcerned with personal issues.
The DBA program is fantasticApr 25 2010Business - Management and Administration
The DBA program is fantastic. The courses are demanding, but the professors are fair and consistent in grading. The Professors are all very reachable and return emails and phone calls promptly. The administration is good, although it took a long time to finally get my acceptance. Very few students admitted to the DBA program means classes are small and scheduling the classes you need could be a problem if it is one that is only offered infrequently. However, all in all, this is a good program and I'd recommend it to anyone.
I was able toApr 14 2010Computer Science
I was able to get into academia after Nova. I obtained a full professor position and now I'm a Dean. I attribute quite a lot to the good education that I received at NSU
So far I'm impressedFeb 13 2010Education
So far I'm impressed with the faculty and my dissertation committee chair. It's nice that my fellow doctoral students are in my age group (30-45) and have similar educational interests. By the way, there is no PhD in education at NSU--only an EdD.
This is a great school!!!!Jan 31 2010Education
This is a great school!!!! Please don't take some of the negative comments seen on this website at face value. Many of the people who complain about this school have had other issues and are just complete cry babies and are trying to be spiteful.

I learned a lot from this school and I know that I would not have advanced in my career without their support and all of the knowledge I took away from their MATL program in reading.

Best Regards, John Moyer, M.A.

I went to aJan 12 2010Education
I went to a great undergrad. and grad. school. I attended Nova for the Phd program in Ed. Its really a joke. I wouldnt dare put them on my resume. The Phd classes are like the classes I took in undergraduate.
I attend NSU and graduated with an MBAJan 04 2010Business - Management and Administration
I attend NSU and graduated with an MBA (concentration in finance) with 4/4 GPA. I learned a lot from the program because I was there to learn. The only person I competed with was myself. The program did enable me to land a position with a company, so in this regard I am happy with program.

However, if I were given the opportunity to do my MBA again I would NOT choose NSU. The caliber of students is very low, some graduate level courses are equivalent to high school AP level courses, and the rate of return on NSU's MBA is not very attractive.

An MBA is not a professional degree like an MD, DO, DMD, CPA, CFA, etc. MBA's are not created equal. NSU's MBA does not carry much gravitas in academia or corporate America. NSU is not AACSB (the gold standard for business schools) accredited nor does it require applicants to take the GMAT, provided your undergrad GPA is above a certain level. Yes, I decided to apply and attend NSU because it did not require the GMAT. Now that I'm a little older and a little wiser I definitely would have taken the GMAT if I could go back in time.

If you're looking to do your MBA (or any graduate work) do your research and try to get into the BEST program you can. If you're a South FL resident you should look at FIU, FAU, U of M, or Barry (all AACSB accredited).

I'm planning to go back to school, yet again, to do my PhD in economics. I have taken the GMAT as well as the GRE and did quite well. Best of luck to you!

Like any education, NSU education is what youNov 12 2009Computer Science
Like any education, NSU education is what you make of it. The hybrid nature of their programs means you will need to be VERY self-motivated. However, with that being said, support from some faculty could be better...they are apparently seriously overworked to the point that it may be difficult to get the help you need. I am finishing a PhD after 4 1/2 years. I have worked harder for this anything I've ever worked for. Unfortunately, NSU has a fairly negative reputation and that is not helping me in my job search as I am constantly asked about my decision to attend NSU and need to justify it to others. NSU needs to do the work to up their standing in the academic community. This is crucial for the success of their students and the reputation of their faculty.
They never process your loans on time orNov 09 2009Psychology
They never process your loans on time or correctly! I am a graduate student and they processed my loans as an undergraduate THREE TIMES! Then, they put late fees on my account because of their mistake and a hold so now I can't even register for classes because of their incompetent employees. No one that works there knows what is going on. They constantly give you the run around and leave you to clean up their mess year after year. Nothing ever changes and they never can do anything right. SAVE YOURSELF THE STRESS.
Nov 09 2009Business - Management and Administration
NSU has become my second home; the Business School has excellent customer service and a valued degree program.
After spending $60,000 and 5 years working onOct 27 2009Business - Management and Administration
After spending $60,000 and 5 years working on a DBA at Nova Southeastern University, I did not get my DBA degree because they "moved the goal posts" and required a "Research Based Dissertation," (whatever that means). I finished the program with a 3.85 QCA and I am ABD. Seems the Dean wanted the program status upgraded and despite my Dissertation Chairman and Committee approval of my dissertation (which no one reads anymore) the Dean disapproved and nixed my diploma. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL. Faculty will not help you. They are never there on campus, will not answer phone and the school only WANTS YOUR MONEY. STAY AWAY. DO NOT GO THERE, DO NOT APPLY. There are other schools who charge way less and will help you. TAKE IT FROM ME, I SPENT A FORTUNE ON TUITION, TEXTBOOKS, AIRFARE, HOTELS, TRAVEL and 5 YEARS OF MY LIFE JUST TO BE DENIED. STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY! DO NOT APPLY! THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY! FACULTY ARE HORRIBLE, OUT OF TOUCH, and SIMPLY GO THRU THE MOTIONS. STAY AWAY! Go somewhere else! WARNING! WARNING!WARNING! STAY AWAY!
Oct 09 2009Business - Management and Administration
The worst university in terms of student to professor development. A school that wants your tuition, and nothing else.
Apr 09 2009Chemistry
I have been very impressed with Nova and if I could do it over again. I would.
After completing the courseworkApr 02 2009School of Information
After completing the coursework for the PhD programs, students are not engaged with the faculty as they should be. Once a semester meeting on campus would be beneficial for studens to support on another.
I have heard good and bad reviews aboutJan 31 2009Education
I have heard good and bad reviews about NSU's EdD program, but find that the bad reviews come from cry babies that want to be bottle fed. It is graduate level work, and the student (online or in the face-to-face) is expected to be independent and work hard. A student gets out of the program the work and effort they put in. Out of 7 professors all save one have been excellent, with lectures and course sessions, lots of resources, and even extensive media for the course (such as video). I did have one terrible teacher who was a 'standards Nazi'...but there are one of those in any school. My dissertation committee is great, and they really challenge me. It is hard to get the dissertation proposal accepted, that is because they don't accept sub-standard quality. If you're not up to par and not willing to work hard, then don't do this EdD program. Several of my professors are also experts in their field, well published and editors of respected peer-reviewed academic journals. I have heard some call the online programs at NSU a 'degree mill'...but if that is the case why am I working my ass off for 3-4 years and coming out with a publication in a peer-reviewed journal? They even have a Fulbright program you can apply to so that you can complete international research if you want. I cannot speak for the other programs at the school, but the EdD program has many merits. The only downside to the program is that it needs more full-time faculty that only focus on the students, and better communication between the students and faculty. Some of my profs have been great, but one was non-existent. Even if it was just one I think that it should be zero in a fully high quality program...though...that said...some profs are non-existent to students in any program at any university.
I feel ripped off, Suze Orman was correctJan 27 2009Business - Management and Administration
I feel ripped off, Suze Orman was correct. Many network news stations are tuning in to this type of university and it's degree utilization. You should only take the MBA program if:

a) You're employed and wish to stay in your field.
b) You choose a specific concentration
c) You HAVE work experience alreadyI had 3 years work experience, and feel that this MBA program is for corporate decision makers. Even so, an executive would have a hard time reviewing the basics as NSU MBA does. For example, I became all too familiar with the basics of SUPPLY & DEMAND, MASLOW'S HIERARCHY, PORTER'S FIVE FORCES MODEL, ETC. The caliber of the student is low, so high level business theory is not used (well, very little). I'm a little embarrassed to say I got an MBA from NOVA, if that says anything. Man am I in debt now! What a poor investment. The professors are great though, they really are good at what they do. The curriculum is low level, it's not MASTERS level.

I think that NSU is very complete andOct 29 2008Business - Management and Administration
I think that NSU is very complete and has a lot to offer. I went to Florida International University for my Bachelors and when I compare the two institutions I find them very different, each one with their own quality. I can tell you that both are very unique and that they both have the resources to make you a better human and professional. I highly recommend NSU.
This university has a horrible online degree programOct 07 2008Education
This university has a horrible online degree program even though they maintain adequate resources to provide instruction, very little instruction occurs. Basically you are paying for a syllabus and someone to answer questions on what the assignment means. Of the 12 classes required, only in three did I receive actual instruction about subject matter. Then when you finish your coursework, a portfolio is required that may or may not have changed over the last year or two. But you are held accountable for all the changes even if you are not notified. This is a horrible example of education, in fact this school does not educate. I can only say my experience will prevent me from ever using any professional who has graduated from this school--doctor, lawyer, optometrist, etc. Spend your money somewhere else and get a degree with substance! NOva is an excellent example of education in the state of Florida.
I've spent a yearAug 23 2008Business - Management and Administration
I've spent a year here in the Grad program...AS far as the financial aid yourself a favor and don't waste your minutes. No one picks up the phone...This is a really great school...but, it needs to be better organized & staffed...or just a more customer service attitude.
I am planning to enroll inNov 22 2007Unknown
I am planning to enroll in the PhD program in the IS field?
How is the quality of the courses?
How is the quality of the professors?
How many course can a student take each term?
How many hours do I need to study each week?

How is the assignment?
Is it difficult to have A in the classes?
Any advice is appreciated
I am finishing my second semester at NovaApr 19 2007Education
I am finishing my second semester at Nova. DO NOT APPLY TO THIS PROGRAM. I am in the distance education program, higher education.

Most faculty are part time and have other jobs. Many are retired faculty members who are just doing this for extra money. No one is available unless you call them at home. Even then, they limit to weekend phone calls at specific times. No one seems to fully understand the dissertation process. The first statistics course is sub-par. Tuition is terribly extremely high. The classes are boring and repetitive.

Go to a traditional university and get the proper education. I am transferring.

The school is beautiful - that's the onlyMar 19 2007Other
The school is beautiful - that's the only positive thing I have to say. The school is beautiful because of the high tuition we all paid to go to a school with a terrible academic reputation. I've never met so many snobby, stuck-up people in one place in my life. People getting into email fights over parking spots. The law library actually had to put a sign up asking students to please not be rude to them or they would get no service. Apparently the rudeness had been a problem - at Nova, I'm not surprised.
Mar 29 2006Finance
It was very difficult to get involved inJan 29 2006Psychology
It was very difficult to get involved in research and the faculty did not have any time to spend with me, not even my supposed "mentor". The clinical aspect of the program is OK. but don't go enroll in the program if you want to get involved in research. I think that the main problem is that too many students are being accepted due to some financial troubles the program is having and everything is spread very thin. The other students are the only good thing about the program and are well trained clincally but many are frustrated(including myself) by the lack of reseach available.
This school is only interested in taking yourSep 29 2005Computer Science
This school is only interested in taking your money and not providing any return on investment. The dissertation process has been an absolute nightmare - my advisor and commitee members usually take 8 weeks to respond to emails. That means for an entire semester, they bother with you just 2 or 3 times, and you end up taking years and year to complete the process because of their lack of interest. The school knows that the longer they can string you along, the more money they can make and there is nothing you can do.

Also, the feedback in classes is almost non-existent, if you even manage to get feedback during the semester. I wrote a 40-page paper for one class and the only feedback was "good job A- ". Avoid this school if you can.

If the dissertation process is stalled by aJan 26 2005Education
If the dissertation process is stalled by a slow advisor or an unsupportive committee, the school earns more money. Nova Southeastern should better ensure, at the outset, that potential graduate students are capable of doing the work. Many students found that the dissertation process was stalled, and therefore, the incurred aditional fees. The university does not, in my opinion, explain all of the expenses -- like the need for a formatting-editor -- at the end of the applied dissertation process. There's more emphasis on the writing format than on creativity. I was sorry once I got deep into the program and could not get my thesis statement approved for many months. Fortunately, I did make it through. Otherwise, I would have lost thousands of dollars that I spent. I have two additional graduate degrees and have the authority to make a comparison between schools. I'm only writing this because I'm ethical and I don't want others to enroll without being aware that the dissertation process could extend years beyond the time expected. I have to admit that this university was "harder" than my ivey league school, but as a teacher, I know it's what you take with you, the learning, that counts most. Students don't want to have to beg their professors for approval each time they encounter a roadblock. An essential part of learning is learning that the grad student is likewise respected by faculty.
Run away from this placeApr 03 2004Business - Management and Administration
Run away from this place... it's a joke as far as an academic institution is concerned. I completed my MBA degree months ago and it has been nothing but a paperwork nightmare, I still don't have the degree conferred but the school is always quick to take your money. Professors are wanna-be business leaders who don't have a clue about the real world and are behind about 20 years. Run, Run, Run. Some folks call the H. Wayne Huizenga Business School a diploma mill... I would tend to agree.
Nova Southeastern University

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