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Palm Beach Atlantic University West Palm Beach

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The school changed the semester they offer a

Jul 01 2014Finance
The school changed the semester they offer a class my senior year, causing me to take 21 credits to graduate on time and then charged me because I was over 18 credits. When asked if they would waive the charge Jen was the one I was told to contact and she was very rude and offered no help or advice or even remorse at my misfortunate situation. They also have a "Grade Forgiveness" rule, so if you fail a class you can retake it and have it replace your grade. But if you want to retake a class you got a C or B in, they don't allow it. So you're better off failing the class. They also make it so when you transfer in and out of the school credits don't transfer and it messes up your transcript and major requirements. The teachers are very experienced in the school and great to learn from. When they have been approached about doing a masters at the school, multiple professors have told students to "go to a real school".
3rd Year Female -- Class 2015
Surrounding City: A+, Scholastic Success: C-

Funny how there are all these positive, generic reviews

Feb 22 2014PreMed and Medical
Funny how there are all these positive, generic reviews all in the span of three weeks. Judging from the ones before and after, I bet someone wasn't too happy that PBA is at the bottom of the list. I hope my review is helpful and lets other students choose more wisely than I did.

I'm a current junior at PBA and the decision to attend here has been the worst of my life. They have the most closed-minded demonstration of "Christian" attitude I have ever seen. Their administration cares more about profit than Christ.

I started here wanting to grow as a Christian and the only thing I have learned is that this place only loves you as long as you follow the rules. THE INSTANT you struggle with depression, eating disorders, homosexuality, self-harm, alcohol, or drugs, then you are viewed as a problem. We have an eating disorder week, but it consists of a poster in the student room. That's it. If you are caught with alcohol or drugs, then you're out. No questions, no arguments; I hope it was worth it.

Administration is not interested in you. They have one thing on their mind, and that's money. The president is only present if there's a camera involved. Financial Aid is a waste; you'll end up with thousands of dollars in debt regardless of your scholarships or loans.

Classes are a pathetic. Most teachers are there to hear themselves talk. They are not interested in opinion or free thought; they quite literally just want you to bask in their presence. Pretentious, and definitely not in the top of their field. If you are trying to be any kind of medical professional, then please find another school. Because of their poor scheduling, it takes PBA students 4-5 years to accomplish what other schools could in 3. I have had to course override four semesters in order to keep up with the ever-changing major requirements; I might have to schedule another year.

The social event of the year was a movie on the lawn; between 30/2000 daytime students actually showed, and 10 of them were paid by the school to work the event. The entire city closes at 8, and even the fast food places aren't open 24/7. Speaking of places off-campus: if you don't have a car, then you're screwed.

Dorms are kept up on the outside to appeal to the locals, but the insides are horrendous. My current dorm room is moldy, rat-infested, and has countless fire hazards. When the floor bathroom flooded through the walls into my closet, the solution was to "not put anything on the ground because it could get wet". When the power went out, the school immediately blamed AT&T for their problems instead of the faulty wiring. The caf is even worse. It too is rat-infested and has mold. Their dishwasher breaks on a weekly basis, they have served expired food in the past, and their health inspections have not gone over swimmingly. The campus advertises Chic-fil-A and Einstein's, but it is sourced through Aramark Foods and is therefore not a legitimate franchise associated with either restaurant. Don't expect full menu, reasonable pricing, or decent service.

Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: - Reputation: -


Sep 18 2014Video/Media
Dorms- The dorms look nice and kept from the outside but when you walk in its a hole fuckin completely different story. The elevator shut down at least once a week. there is black mole in in the 3rd , 4th and 5th floor. you rooms look like jail cells form the 1930s. If you want to have girls over you have to sign them in and when you have them over your RA's randomly walks in to make sure your not having sex. and if they find you having sex its like they caught you with 20 pounds of cocaine. they will send you home, and call your parents and then they will make you go to a sex addict class. and if you think you can skip at least one class your wrong they will suspend you.

For some wired fuckin reason if you get caught drunk in campus the going to put you in probation that's it but if you have alcohol with you they will suspend you for a year. now if you have been smoking pot off campus and come back to campus with nothing on you just your card to swipe in and if any RA's suspect you smoking weed they will not hesitate to drug test you at all. and if you come up positive for THC in your system they will suspend you for a year. now if you have bongs or weed in your room the will search your room and make a big deal about it so everyone knows and you will be suspend for a year.

Social life- campus social life is a fuckin joke and I mean a fuckin joke. there is no parties at all off campus in a 20 mile radius this is not a exaggeration it is true. there are no nightclubs down here unless you want to go to wild west an 18 and older strip club. there also clematis street but there is nothing to do down there unless you 65 and likes to dine in extremely expensive restaurants. on campus not one person like to go out after curfew (that fuckin right if you attend here there is fucking curfew every night form Mondays to Thursday its starts at 12:00am which means no one should be on campus walking around and for Friday and Sunday curfew starts at 1:30 am and if any one come on campus later then 1:30 am campus safety will breathalyses you in a heart beat and if you pass they wont let you go they are going to get you in more trouble for stay up after curfew) if your a girl and you live in Johnson or Baxter your RA will walk in your room every night after curfew to make sure everyone is there. If you want hang out and drink a little one the weekends and meet new people. good luck! you see student walking and if you ask them "hey you guys want to hangout a drink little! " or " you guys want to hangout" they going to look at you like if you ask them if they want to smoke crack with them. the only thing you can do here on weekends nights is going to the beach that's is all.

Faculty- if your teacher does not starts the class by reading the bible and praying then you should be fine.

Campus Safety- TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN NOT TO RUN INTO THEM AT NIGHT!!!. campus safety will Breathalyses you and if your not drunk and have alcohol your fucked they will find a way to screw you over. they are too nosey if your drinking off campus but your 2 or 3 blocks off campus there will breathalyses you or wait or flow you and take pictures of you to make sure when you come on campus and have you on file. DONT TRUST YOUR RA's OR YOUR RD's THEY WILL FUCK YOU OVER.

if PBA on twitter ,instagram , or Facebook follows you DO NOT ACCEPT THEM MAKE YOUR PROFILE PRIVATE !!!!!!!! I CANT STESS THAT ENOUGH because they will look threw your picture and posts and if there is any thing that has to do with drinking, smoking weed, doing drugs , anything sexual , and goes against their religion its doesn't matter if you post it 3 or 4 years ago the will sit you down talk to you and give you probation or something worse.

Food- Food is complete shit except 2 guys that makes sandwiches They are really good at it. don't go to chick-fil-la its waste of money!!!!

School events- events here consist of movie night with 8 people who showed up and there a lock down in the gym where everyone stays up all night and play bored games and read the bible. Work load- They give you soo much fuckin homework so fuckin much I been to state college and I never had this much homework at all.

Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: - Reputation: -
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