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Palm Beach Atlantic University

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This school cares way more about your moneyQuite BrightBiology
This school cares way more about your money than your well-being. Completely unorganized and will lose your paperwork. None of the office workers have ever been helpful to me or my friends. The only people who should consider going here are people interested in biblical studies. Do NOT come here for anything science related. One of my biology professors got in trouble for talking about evolution.
3rd Year Female -- Class 2017
Campus Aesthetics: A-, Education Quality: F
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Haoyung chein likes rape
Haoyung chein likes rape little girls and molest young teenage boys in locker room in PBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben holler form Ricker Hall like to masturbates in Children play ground at city place mall
hopefully the police will take care of this ....... if not I'm going myself

Male -- Class 2000
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Before you make the decision of going to
Before you make the decision of going to Palm Beach Atlantic University. Let me give you an overview of the school. First the first day you come thereit looks nice clean you see everybody walking around with their parents for some reason the only see people with those white hats they are saying and I had to do just saying that you are a first-year freshman or is the first time in coming to that school everything looks nice the school of the outside of the school looks very well-kept some of the RA's look really cool they talk to you and your parents. But that's just the first day there when you move in as a current student attending PBA I didn't I noticed that the school is very odd and has lots of issues for example. While I was there for the first night I noticed that my dorm room, like a prison cell it was dark clammy and their air conditioning does not work as well as I said now living in Brinker hall outside looks very nice but when you look into The rooms you find out that it's dark clammy is disgusting. The first night there I was hoping to have a great night turns out that not much happened for some reason my head by 9 o'clock everybody was already in bed nobody was outside and I mean nobody was outside even though the beach was five minutes away. Then the next morning when I decided to take a shower I found out that the water was cold and won't be fixed until a month later literally a month later actually no it was fixed so we could go which was pretty sad. That same week our dorm had a dorm meeting where everyone in the dorms who lived in there or come to a big room and sit down and have a talk about the expectations in the rules. Let me tell you about these ridiculous rules.first no one can come in your dorm unless they have to be signed in and if it's a girl they can only come on Tuesdays Fridays Saturdays and Sundays from 930 to 130 which ironically is where curfew is set up and yes there is curfew. Let me tell you about curfew they explained it in the meeting see no curfew happens from Monday to Thursday from 930 to 1130 those are the times you can be outside and do as you want but by the time 1130 comes it should be in your dorms and ready to go to sleep why the fuck would I do that it is fucking college. Now for the weekends curfew is from 930 to 130 other the times you can go outside and have somewhat fun as they say by funding mean just going to the beach by the way which gets boring or you and or any friends can watch movies like mean girls (by the way if you had ever watching movies in the lobby the movie has to be PG-13 it can be a rated R or you can't play music that has profanity actually there's a sign in the lobby that says only Christian music is allowed what a fucking joke) now that's curfew.

Then in the meeting they talk about certain things for example the man who runs Rickner hall dormitory is named Ben and he's a creep but will get back to that later. He explains that drinking is bad which means that no one should be drinking Alcohol on or off-campus even if you're older than 21. Therefore you will be suspended if they catch you with any alcohol on you if you're in the school or if you're off campus which means in this college you can have any house parties which by the way there isn't any house parties or you can go out with friends and have a little drink and come back a little bit drunk. You also explain the drugs that you had A choice to claim amnesty ( Amnesty is a program that if you feel bad of doing something wrong such as doing drugs or drinking you can go to the program and I meant that you smoke pot or that you got a little bit drunk I felt bad about it and they'll supposedly help you apparently they're pretty biased when it comes to that if you go to amnesty program they will suspend you they don't really give a chance to anybody they just wants to pick and choose whoever they want to suspend therefore if you have alcohol in your dorms do not bring it on campus because they will find out they're not that stupid and I mean they are not that stupid because they put cameras all over the campus like if it's a prison said to make sure that you do not have any illegal drugs or alcohol on you.)

Now later on the hall director talks about certain things like pornography they will go through your laptop if you have porn and your laptop and then they will send you to guidance we can talk about your sexual frustration an idea closer to God wish I can say it's complete bullshit nobody can go through your property because it's your fucking property.

Now they first start telling you about that you have to go to chapel which basically is church every week for a whole semester and then the next semester and then the following semester basically until you graduate which I think is pretty stupid because they're kind of forcing their religion on people for example there are some women out here who areare Muslim and they are forcing Christiana day down there throats which I think is a complete invasion of religion. After that they talk about work hours which basically is community service you have to have 48 hours of community service done by the year if not they will find you $1000 every month that you have not done it and it is not even a fucking joke they will put in your account to thousand dollars just two days ago I met somebody on the elevator and they were telling me last year they had up to $5000 worth of debt due to that school because they did not do community service in the bag the office of admissions and financial aid that they could remove that fine and tell him he would do it over the summer they wouldn't let him do it so therefore he had to pay $5000 off his own pocket to the school because he did not do 48 hours of fucking community service.

Then the creep named Ben who runs Rickner hall talked about having sex he said that if you're in the school and you have girls over in your room but the door must be open and there has to be a light on because the RA's will check up on you and if they find somebody having sex they will suspend you because that is going against the rule of conduct of that fucking school.

Now here's the tricky part there are a lot of students here who I talk to and they like to drink and smoke weed and party but they are afraid to do anything because the school is so strict that if you break the rule you either be suspended for a year or be kicked out of the school or possibly fined.

Girls out here look pretty hot but usually they're all prudes and if you ask them if they want to go outside and hang out no drinking no drugs nothing just hanging out there look at you if you asked if they wanted to smoke crack behind some bushes. Now later on the school year when I find out there is a very religious environment in the school and get extremely overwhelming there's a pool you'll find in class that most of your teachers will open up a prayer in class and I'll take at least 30 minutes in class for that prayer which means you only and I have 15 to 20 minutes actual learning.

Let me tell you about the things I've heard. I heard that on the third floor a couple of students got caught smoking weed to me it wasn't much of a surprise because every time I walk down there it smelled like marijuana. A couple days later I ended up running into two of them. And I asked him a lot of questions . First thing I asked was if they give them a second chance and put him on probation he told me know that it was just straight to one-year suspension of smoking Wayne he also told me that he went to a big university and many people got caught smoking weed and they were not suspended they were just given warnings or probation but for some reason the school decided to kick him out. Even though the amount of intuition that was given to him and then he had to pay. He told me not to go and smoke weed around here because they will find you and they will suspend you for a year then he said that when they caught him and they went through all his stuff and mostly destroyed his refrigerator that cost $120 and they didn't want to pay it back. I don't know about you but I don't want to go to a school that if they look through your rooms they will destroy your rooms completely and if anything is broken they will not pay it back at all

Now is talk about my hall director I think is the most important thing of all the school. Okay so I know some girls in my class who have boyfriends and I know their boyfriends they are really good friends of mine and they have told me that the hall director or as they call it the RD named Ben Holler has been sexually touching girls and making them feel very uncomfortable is not the first time that I heard this air many times that many girls claim that they had sexual harassment from him and they don't feel comfortable being around him I brought this up to one of the administrators and the only thing they said was that he was doing a great job and I'm pretty sure those are rumors spread by students even though there are many girls out here that says they been sexually harassed by him and feel threatened by am when there a around Rechner hall. I don't but about you I don't want to be living in a place where my RD is a child molester. And likes to molest young girls in the school does nothing about it. Also there is a administrator that apparently does cocaine and I'm actually one of the students who saw him do you cocaine and they strip club called Wildwest his name is Haoyung Chien and he is above the hall dormitories . me and a couple friends ended up going to the strip club where I found him I pretty sure that he didn't see me or any of us but we definitely saw that he was snorting some type of substance that was white powdered and it was drinking heavily. A couple weeks later I found out and there is also another student hear that lives in Oceanview he sells cocaine and he admitted to me and another friend of mine about giving Haoyung Chien cocaine. Now I am a student that goes here and I don't like it this is my first year here as a transfer student I don't like to Live and attend school where the whole school can't force you and do things that you don't want to do for example nobody wants to be up until 930 and go to sleep at 10:30 I'm not a fucking child. I have the liberty to do whatever I want and do what I want it's not their choice to make me what I should do if you want to go to a school where they force you to sleep at a certain time do certain things and have no freedom at all and I guess is your school unless you all want to go to another school where you have the choice to do what you want and be whoever you want I don't have to worry about your RDs molesting people or administrators snorting cocaine that I suggest go somewhere else I mean even look at these reviews the last past three for review has been talking about our RD and the administrator doing wrong things in the school won't let him have any punishment.

Male -- Class 2000
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Palm Beach Atlantic University
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