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The Ringling College of Art and Design

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I'm a first year CA student from outAverage
I'm a first year CA student from out of state and although Ringling looks and seems really great from what they show you and tell you there are a few things you should know before considering this school. Yes i will admit that Ringling is one of the top schools for computer animation, they seem negect other majors. Unless you are interested in Computer Animation or Graphic Design, don't waste your money and go else where. the nice weather doesnt help much when theres never anything to do and your school is placed in the middle of the ghetto. Yes the school is in the ghetto, sarasota looks really nice until you travel down MLK(the road that runs through the school) and 301. Ringling is fortune enough to be placed in what most people would call the projects. At any point in time whether its during the day or at night you will have an opportunity to see crack-heads, prostitutes, and bums. one of my first weeks i had an opportunity to see some prostitutes get picked up maybe 20 or 30 ft. from the dorms. But it's not so much the crackheads or the prostitutes at will bother you, sure youll be asked by them for money and cigarettes atleast twice a day. It's the rest of the neighborhood that you need to worry about, there's been instances of students getting mugged walking back from the gas station to their dorms(on school property), or students getting shot at or somethings as innocent as being yelled at and occasionally spit at while walking or crossing MLK.rd. But my favorite part about this school is that we or maybe even you will get a chance to pay almost 40K to go here and not feel safe or comfortable. The school is very busy spending money on trying to expand and make a better name for themselves but seem to hide a lot from the public. For instance not too many people know about this but yes a Graphic Design teacher was arrested and charged with possession of Cocaine. The student body found out because she was in the news paper for it, but the schools seemed to inform anyone about it where the faculty wasn't informed and she was considered out on a medical leave(yeah good medical leave). Safety is an important i must say, and there is security driving around on their golf carts but they're mainly around to give you the sense of security but their only job and purpose on this campus is to provide a false sense of security, drive teachers from their class rooms to their cars(because the teachers don't even feel comfortable walking to their mercedes and bmw's) and locking up the gates(to keep the crackheads and bums out). To top all that there was also an instance where along greensboro ln. right near the fishbowl(mailroom) where students that live in the dorms park their cars had their cars vandalized. A group of between 10-12 african americans decided that it'd be a lot of fun to jump and run across every single roof and hood along that road. Along greensboro ln. there were about 15 or 16 cars parked and every single one of them were trashed, people's hood were smashed enough to make the paint chip and the roofs were smashed in enough to be very well visible from the inside of the car. After that incident happened, the police were called in imediately but somehow it took them about 20 min. or more to come. While the students stood outside security drove past a number of times on their golf carts but didn't seem to care or make any effort to help, but aren't they employeed to protect us and OUR property while on Ringling School of Art and Design property. Greensboro Ln. is a road that runs along ringling and on the other side are students housing which is owned by ringling, so wouldn't that mean that it is still their responsibility? This school is only good for one major, computer animation. The school seems to neglect all other majors and is too busy jacking up the cost of admission to pay off their new buildings and buying out the property around the school and the city of sarasota. Unless you are dedicated to succeed at computer animation and can afford ringling's outragous tuition should you consider this school.. If you are truely considering this school, don't do it unless you are interested in computer animation and also take the time to ask some serious questions when you get your tour and take the opportunity to see the MLK and the beautiful community surrounding this school.
1st Year Male -- Class 2009
Education Quality: A, Campus Aesthetics: F
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I thought going here I bought into everythingQuite BrightArt & Design Department
I thought going here I bought into everything they advertise on their website. Little did i know Id have THE WORST experience ever. The Head of the Painting/Art Department Farber was so rude to me he said my painting looked like it had a penis. Never taught me ANYTHING. Just gave biased opinions on the work just like all the other teachers there. All they care about is the money. They dont care about the students at all. I got sick, I almost died too.I actually fell on campus the first day and from there I already exceeded my 2 or 3 day max for absences no teacher told me that so in every class my grade suffered for it. NO ONE HELPED ME AT ALL. Im transferring schools, they all told me to leave, no one cared i almost died and wouldnt help me with catching up on my work. THEY ALL GAVE ME Fs. Not one teacher said sorry you almost died here I can help you. All the students are stuck up too that I met. They all think theyre going to be famous which theyre not! SO expensive its over 50,000 to go here plus more money for supplies and food. If youre a nice talented artist who genuinely loves art DO NOT GO HERE. It'll ruin your love for it and have no faith in humanity. Im SO UPSET with this GOD AWFUL SCHOOL. The staff was THE WORST COLLEGE IVE EVER BEEN TO! DO NOT GO HERE YOULL WASTE YOUR TIME.MONEY, AND GENUINE LOVE OF ART.
3rd Year Female -- Class 2017
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Sorry for this re-upload, I did not realize it had defaultQuite BrightArt & Design Department
Sorry for this re-upload, I did not realize it had defaulted me to "not so bright." I simply can not let that go, for I am very bright and have a gifted level i.q.

Grr! It makes me angry that there are not very many good reviews of Ringling online. It is hard to do research before attending this school!

I'll start with the curriculum itself. It's hard. No, not just hard, but GRUELING. Ringling seems to pride itself in being a very demanding school and teachers seem to just assign a lot of work simply to keep you busy most of the time.

Ringling recently scrapped their entire program and started a new one. They made many changes to the already difficult curriculum, including placing an incredibly difficult perspectives class (cleverly named a "drawing" class THAT USED TO BE A JUNIOR AND SENIOR ELECTIVE) into the mandatory freshmen media arts curriculum. If I had known I would be forced to take a very advanced perspectives class as a freshman illustration major, there is no way in hell I would have chosen this school. To make matters worse, you never know what teacher and students you will get for your perspectives class. If all of the other students have had perspectives before, you can bet your teacher will move very quickly through the class and if you didn't understand the basics from the first day FORGET passing. On top of that, the school only offers group tutoring for this class which is completely useless and ON TOP OF THAT if you don't pass, you fail. Fail the class and take it in the spring or summer like at a normal school? NOPE! You fail OUT OF RINGLING. That's it. Game over. Over one class that shouldn't even be in the freshmen curriculum??

Another absolutely idiotic change they made is lumping freshmen into classes with the same people all day long in what they call a "freshmen family." As if the majors and floors of Goldstein and dorms weren't already segregated enough at this school through the extreme security system? These "freshmen families" also start a domino effect for all four years encouraging little cliques to form starting day one. It also encourages people to judge you by your work all day long every day. If you aren't already very good at drawing, forget ever making friends because yes, they will judge you as a person by your work and what you get done. They will label you as a slacker even if you work very hard and are unable to get all work done.

Campus life is work and sleep. Having "fun" at Ringling is going over to someone's dorm room if they are there to let you in, and working while watching a movie (or just working). "Parties" at Ringling are anime or dress up parties with no alcohol involved whatsoever. With the work load you may not even be able to see other people without falling behind. The only people who have time for clubs, activities, Quidditch (the only sport they offer there), and working out, are the machines who came in very skillful already and are extremely fast at getting their work done and good. Not that the clubs are any fun anyway.

There is no nightlife off campus whatsoever, unless you want to be attacked. The campus is located right in the middle of a disgusting ghetto. If you walk out at night alone prepare to be stalked or at least yelled at constantly. I was once followed to three separate stores by a man in a very big van. CREEPY. Even if you do dare to venture, the only things located nearby are shady bars, some dollar stores, a Goodwill, a Wal-mart, and a drug store and they all close at-get this-10:00 PM. That's right, a Wal-mart that closes at 10:00 PM.

Don't waste money on the meal plan! It goes by time of day, meaning if you accidently use your lunch for breakfast, you can't eat again until 5 PM. The food served in the cafeterias at Ringling is just aweful. You can go to Hammond's and get unhealthy food that will make you gain weight very rapidly, or you can go to Harmond's and get soup or a sandwich, that will make you gain weight slightly less rapidly. Those are about your only options, aside from the Outakes cafe which is way over priced, and your meal card will only get you about $3.50 which is like, a muffin. As I said there is nowhere to eat off campus without a car or taking a bus, aside from a ghetto Burger King.

Ringling is not for everyone and it definitely was not for me. If you expect work, no sleep, constant stress, and worry but don't expect a college experience whatsoever, then choose Ringling. If you would like to have a social life, make some good friends, and make memories you can always look back on fondly and cherish, do not go to Ringling. Think long and hard before you decide on Ringling, because once you are sent to the jail that you are paying 40 grand a year for, it is very hard to get out of it!

1st Year Female -- Class 2016
Campus Aesthetics: A, Social Life: F
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