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The Ringling College of Art and Design

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I was looking forward to going to Ringling.Quite BrightFine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc
I was looking forward to going to Ringling. I was willing to spend $40,000 a year just for tuition because of how Great a school it was suppose to be. First Semester was so disappointing. Figure Drawing teacher had worked for Disney (My Dream Job). He may of been a great drawer for Disney but terrible teacher. He only worked with students who are already great drawers. The students who needed help from him were left on their own. He stated he needed to spread himself around to every student. He spread himself around to the talent students. My 2D teacher was worse then figure drawing. I even dropped her class. She is an older woman who tells you one thing then changes her mind at 2 am. Sends out an email and changes the type of paper, or size of paper, etc. If you asked for help she would tell you to read about it on the internet. One student actually helped most of the class learn how to us a program because she informed us that was not her job. I had 2 great teachers the first semester for Drawing and Art History. The 2nd semester came and had an older teacher for 3D, whos language needed to be cleaned up. He once told me that he was not there to teach us that the other students are our teachers. He told me one day that I should just get a job and work out of my basement, because I asked a question about the clay. He also did not take time to show how to work with clay. Most of the class looked it up on the internet. My Figure Drawing 2 teacher has such demands on us. She grades us against the other students. So even if your improving and working hard if you can not draw as well as other students you grade will not increase even with a lot of effort and improvement. She is not a friendly person and hard to feel comfortable talking to or even to ask a question. I have been told by 2-3rd students that the teachers get better each year. I would think it would be as important to have Great Teachers for each year. The teachers seem to be there only to get a pay check and not put much effort into their jobs. Half of my teachers have been great, but majority of them are for elective classes, not the drawing teachers. There have been several students who dropped out after First semester. Ringling wants you to believe its because of the cost, but students already knew how much it cost prior starting school. They dropped out because they are not getting what they paid for "TO BE TEACHED". I am not sure I will be coming back for a 2nd Year. I feel that I could use the money more wisely by going to another school where they want you to succeed. Ringling doesn't seem to care if you succeed or not, especially is your are not one of their top students. I have friends who live on campus and pay an extra $20,000 to live on campus where they sometimes lose electricity, and no hot water majority of the time, and see bugs in rooms. It seems like a lot of money to live on campus to these types of services. It is much cheaper to live off campus in an apartment or rent a house with several classmates. My dream of going to Ringling has been more of a Nightmare. I feel I could get more out of internet school, community college, or 4 Year University with 2 Years of Art Classes and succeed just as much as going to Ringling. If you ARE NOT THE TOP STUDENT WHEN IT COMES TO ART THEN SAVE YOUR MONEY and go somewhere cheaper and where teachers want to help all students successed in Art. Not just the students who can out draw most of the teachers at Ringling. Most teachers at Ringling are part time and did not earn teaching degree with an Art Degree. Some Teachers even spend time working on projects during class. This are projects they are doing for clients, so they are too busy on their own artwork then to help their students. Please make sure this is the school you want to spend a lot of money on and may graduate only because you had the spend the time teaching yourself from the internet or are already so talented you'll pass with honors because of your own hard work and talent, not because you learned it at Ringling. Some student have so much talent that they get "Poached from Ringling by Companies who come to Ringling to discuss job openings. Ringling gets upset when this happens because they have 2 years less tuition from that student. But Ringling doesn't seem to be upset when 1 or 2nd year students leave because they are not getting the education they are paying for and move on to a college where they can get taught. Please make sure this is a good fit for you, its too expensive of a lesson to waste $40,000 on like I did. Also was told Ringling has a lot of Scholarships available but they don't give them out. A friend's dad called Ringling and asked why didn't his daughter get a merit scholarship? He was not happy with them and started getting loud and upset. Then all of sudden his daughter was given a Scholarship. So you have to fight to get Scholarship from Ringling if you qualify for merit type scholarship.
1st Year Female -- Class 2019
Innovation: B, Individual Value: F
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What a waste of lifetime and money.Quite BrightVideo/Media
What a waste of lifetime and money. This money hungry prison simply uses the students talents to get their accreditation up and to make money off them. I could have learned more about film in 2 weeks watching youtube videos then the 1 semester i was here at ringling. No student should pay $200,000 for a 4 year school, the students that go here are blind to that either because they are rich or just think they will leave the small ghetto school and get hired by a production company. There isn't many successful alumni here, most are realizing the school was a complete joke. There isn't much variety of personalities here, mostly stuck up, overweight, scary, dweeby, or oddly too nice. I could n't complain enough about this school, i had more fun in 6th grade then at ringling. The school is a wasteland on the weekends and the parties are just awful. If you can even find one that is decent. There is crackheads walking through here all the time because the school isn't even in the nice part of sarasota. The food is fattening and disgusting. I'd rather eat cardboard with ranch. Minus brickman but they don't give you any damn food. The kids who come here obviously went to a boring high school where they don't understand how to have fun on the weekends. The teachers give you bullshit homework most of the time. I didn't learn a damn thing the first semester literally. I had all a's and b's though. I was in keating, which was just about as creepy as an abandoned jail at night. The fact that i had to walk all the way down the hall for running water was absurd. Even if you have a car, good luck finding other people to go to the beach with, none of the girls i met enjoyed it? The first semester i was highly jelly of all my former high school grads who were attending normal universities. i saw instagrams of them meeting good looking guys, at fun parties, going to dances and football games, and here I am getting convinced to watch anime with a guy. There is a reason there is only a 1000 kids here, I really hope the dropout rate increases so kids don't waste their young lives here. Looking for a husband or wife? You won't find one here. They have a facebook crush page, which I find hilarious. Every post on the page is like "i'm too shy to talk to you, but I hope you talk to me." Like wtf? Go to any real colleges crush page and compare it to ringlings. I've seen the goofiest clothes ever here, girls with giant bunny ears casually walking around, guys with halloween costumes on every day, girls who dress as if they are 65 years old, and guys who look like they are from an anime movie. The school is only worth $5000 a year if that. I feel like this school is more of a safe haven for outcasts who avoid the real world so they can do projects and watch anime all the time. All the hot guys dropped out the first semester. So good luck with that girls. There were some decent well rounded people here, though many of the ones I met dropped out. I have nothing nice to say about my experience here besides the weather. Oh yeah. The teachers are artists, not teachers. They grade your work based off their opinions. Please do not go here i beg you. Save the money and go to a real school with real people.
1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Education Quality: F
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I thought going here I bought into everythingArt & Design Department
I thought going here I bought into everything they advertise on their website. Little did i know Id have THE WORST experience ever. The Head of the Painting/Art Department Farber was so rude to me he said my painting looked like it had a penis. Never taught me ANYTHING. Just gave biased opinions on the work just like all the other teachers there. All they care about is the money. They dont care about the students at all. I got sick, I almost died too.I actually fell on campus the first day and from there I already exceeded my 2 or 3 day max for absences no teacher told me that so in every class my grade suffered for it. NO ONE HELPED ME AT ALL. Im transferring schools, they all told me to leave, no one cared i almost died and wouldnt help me with catching up on my work. THEY ALL GAVE ME Fs. Not one teacher said sorry you almost died here I can help you. All the students are stuck up too that I met. They all think theyre going to be famous which theyre not! SO expensive its over 50,000 to go here plus more money for supplies and food. If youre a nice talented artist who genuinely loves art DO NOT GO HERE. It'll ruin your love for it and have no faith in humanity. Im SO UPSET with this GOD AWFUL SCHOOL. The staff was THE WORST COLLEGE IVE EVER BEEN TO! DO NOT GO HERE YOULL WASTE YOUR TIME.MONEY, AND GENUINE LOVE OF ART.
Male -- Class 2000
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