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The University of Florida

Total Grad Surveys 19
Females 9
Males 10
Avg years at University 2.3
Research Quality A- (8.6)
Research Availability B+ (7.8)
Research Funding B- (5.9)
Graduate Politics C+ (5.4)
Not Errand Runners B+ (7.7)
Degree Completion B (7.3)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B- (5.9)
Sufficient Pay B (6.6)
Competitiveness B- (6.0)
Education Quality B (6.7)
Faculty Accessibility B (7.3)
Useful Research B (6.6)
"Individual" treatment B- (6.4)
Friendliness B (6.6)
Safety B+ (7.6)
Campus Beauty A- (8.7)
Campus Maintenance A- (8.4)
University Spending B- (6.3)
Extracurriculars B+ (8.0)
Scholastic Success B (6.7)
Surrounding City B (7.2)
Social Life/ Environment B+ (7.7)
Graduate PoliticsC+
Campus BeautyA-
This school takes the fun out of learningNov 22 2016Pharmacy
This school takes the fun out of learning and trust me I loved learning. I am this straight A student, who despite having worked in a global company, left all because of my passion for a good education. But coming here, I realized some schools are only called schools because they have buildings that look like schools.

You will learn everything by yourself - which means with the right online access and good books, you don't have to come here. If you don't already have a solid foundation, don't come here because nobody will teach you anything.

I am a grad student and have beenFeb 17 2014Psychology
I am a grad student and have been at institutions larger than UF but so much better run than UF. Do not waste your time and money at UF. You will get a better education and a many fewer headaches if you go somewhere else. I would advise anyone that asks to not go here. Find a school that actually cares about student success rather than how they can scrape every last dollar out of you. UF is not a student friendly institution--my undergraduate assistants agree. We exchange stories of frustration over the bureaucracy that keeps anything meaningful from happening, and the time of staff and you that you will waste because UF continues to put a band aid on its problems rather than do an overhaul of a system designed to fail. I imagine we could have a much larger faculty (and so when you pay for your education you'd actually be getting the education you are paying for as an undergrad rather than a ton of grad students teaching oversized upper and lower division courses) if UF made use of the technology available to them and put it contingencies for staff that actually helped the student so I don't have to go through 5 people who never call me back to still not have my problem solved. Or to have my registration issue solved to find it has returned 1 month later because there is apparently no way to make that override permanent? Someday perhaps UF will discover the wonder of computers and automation. That will be a magical day. Until then, so much money is wasted on redundant and problem-fixing admins that could be put more usefully into teaching and research if the system supported good behavior in administrators, made their job easy, and made errors unlikely. As it is, we have a ton of administrators to deal with all the problems that UF's system generates. What a waste. The football stadium (the real reason for UF's existence) is called the swamp, but the real swamp is UF as a school--a backwater, quaqmire that I'm surprised anyone graduates from given the poor stewardship of the school. The above questions don't address how easy it is to deal with day to day univ operations that can make your time here so amazingly frustrating and time-wasting. My answers above make UF look much better than it actually is.

I have had a major fight with UF EVERY SINGLE SEMESTER. As my undergrad and masters' schools I had one minor issue that was solved easily my entire time at those other schools. I really can't explain how horrible UF is; professors who have left UF are so much happier at their new universities. I wish my advisor had left UF and I could have gone with him to a new institution and--I would have had a much better experience. The only thing I would have missed is the good faculty (that UF is letting go to other institutions or retire without replacement).The faculty are great and some people in administration try to go above and beyond to actually be helpful, but they are fighting a system designed to produce problems. system is so archaic (I actually had to turn in a paper application along with my digital application which was a shadow of things to come--every other school was able to send my digital application the the relevant college and dept), set up to allow for human error (and there is a lot of it), and there is nothing in place to make people do their job so they can effectively avoid being helpful in any way if they want to. The governor wants to make UF top 10--it's not faculty that's keeping them from that that (although there are way too few faculty because of budget cuts)--it's going to be that UF is so top heavy with so many redundant administrators that have a full time job fixing all the problems other administrators created. It's great job security but it's no way to run a top teaching and research institution. Go gators.

I probably would not go here if IDec 18 2013Business - Management and Administration
I probably would not go here if I knew everything I knew now. I'm used to living in Florida but I've never had to rely so much on foot to get around and campus is big and difficult to navigate. In my professional program there are no funding opportunities and most students also went here undergrad so friendships are established and people are difficult to get to know.
Campus is pretty butOct 11 2013Business - Management and Administration
Campus is pretty but massive with nowhere near adequate parking or public transportation. High focus on football. Most students went to UF for undergrad so minimal social opportunities to make new friends within the program.
Jul 12 2013Pharmacy
Go somewhere else that is not a diploma mill.
I received my MSIE and MBA from UFJun 20 2012Business - Management and Administration
I received my MSIE and MBA from UF and I felt that the Faculty and Staff of both departments were friendly and approachable. There were some outliers, of course, but with few exceptions, the faculty was very responsive. The students in my MBA cohort were also very friendly with a broad diversity of work experience and culture. Everyone was professional throughout both programs and I'd do them all over again without hesitation.The campus is gorgeous but the summers are scorching hot. I didn't attend UF for undergrad, so it took a while to get used to finding my way around. I found the UF students to be quite approachable, though, so don't hesitate to ask someone for directions. It's normal.
These people only careOct 08 2011Pharmacy
These people only care about winning the game. They always have another card up their sleeves. All take and no give. Take some good advice and do your research.
The MBA department's staff is useless at bestJun 15 2011Business - Management and Administration
The MBA department's staff is useless at best. They'll never give you direct answers to your questions nor will they even respond to some emails. They claim they consider everything in their decision process but they don't even look at your application and base 99% of their decision on the GMAT score. They'll claim you can make up for a bad GMAT score by having a good GPA and excellent work experience and then deny your application less than a hour after submitting it. Don't even bother applying if this is to be an indication of how you'll be treated as a student there.
Sep 05 2010Computer Engineering
jntu university,its a great university
I'm a UF Law student and I mustSep 02 2006Other
I'm a UF Law student and I must admit that I really hate it here. I came from Tulane, a mid sized school, in New Orleans although its quite tiny compared to here. Most of my comments relate to the law school but some to the school at large.

Here are some observations about UF Law:

-50%+ of students came from UF ugrad. Basically meaning that most already have a firmly established social network in place and dont need to make friends

-95%+ have VERY STRONG connections to the state of FL. This is to be expected but they are such an extent that if you're an out of stater, you are an outsider and treated as such.

-IMMATURE, everyone here is smart but most are just plainly immature. They act like its HS and consume their lives with asinine topics. I actually see people pass notes in class!

-Few actually have a serious desire to practice law. Most just wanted to stay at UF for 3 more years to get student tickets.

-For the most part, there is little work ethic, most do the minimum to get by
-the school is dominated by clicks
UF as a whole is obsessed with football. There is no question by pretty much anyone that football takes a greater precedent than academics. On gamedays, everything is closed and all the parking taking away on the rationale that the people that come donate to UF. Yeah that may be true but they donate to the football team not UF.

Gainesville is nothing special. Parking is horrendous! Towing is a major business here. I've driven in many large cities but I've never seen traffic so bad especially in a small town like gainesville. Its horrible.

Few pluses are cheap apartments and having most of what you need considering the small size of the town. Also in state tuition is great too if you qualify.Lastly, at Tulane when you were new you would meet people from all over the US and the world and everyone loved Tulane and New Orleans. By the end of the day you would have 10 offers to showing you around. Here there is nothing. Its assumed that you have been here before and know everything. I just hate it. The bias against out of staters doesnt help either. Some people wont even speak to you for that fact! If you're out of state or really serious about Law, DONT COME HERE.

The University of Florida'sJul 16 2006Education
The University of Florida's Department of Special Education is one of the best in the country. The faculty are involved in a wide range of research foci, and they always include grad students in their work. There are plenty of opportunities to learn all aspects of research well.
UF is overall a nice place to goJan 28 2004English
UF is overall a nice place to go to graduate school. The faculty is very helpful, but only if you seek it out. Must be an agressive person, otherwise, you'll fade into the sunset :) Gainesville is severely lacking in culture, the arts, good food, and diversity. Don't come here if "location" makes you happy.
I have attended classes at a branch ofNov 06 2003Unknown
I have attended classes at a branch of UF in Shalimar, FL known as the Graduate Engineering Research Center (GERC). While I am aware of the large possibility of differences between UF main campus and the GERC, I would like to contribute my experience at this branch for anyone like me who is limited by geography and availability of institutions of higher education who may find themselves taking classes at the GERC.

First of all, the facility is top-notch on the exterior. The interior and classrooms are also excellent, minus the hospital-aesthetic common to many universities. On a minor note, there is a lack of water fountains in the building other than in a few, faculty-favoring locations.

Second, the administrative personnel should be discussed. Despite the fact that the GERC has relatively limited enrollment and the facility is open during regular business hours, the front office staff are very difficult to contact in person or via phone. When they are available by either of these methods and their help is requested for even the most perfunctory actions (e.g. course registration, contacting other faculty, etc.), the response is frequently temperamental.

Third, the teaching faculty creates concerns. Several teachers are hired to teach as an additional job. Some of the teachers are employees who work at the local military bases who are often late or absent from teaching due to their primary work schedules. This creates a problem for many of the students who are also employed at the local military bases and taking classes part-time to fill job requirements. This branch also offers no outlet of feedback to students in order to improve facilities/faculty/courses in general. There are no end-of-course surveys or anonymous channels through which problems can be addressed. The only method for feedback is direct, personal criticism or contacting the front office—both of which leave doubts as to the absence of retribution for even constructive suggestions.

Overall, the GERC is one extension of the UF main campus creates a very pretentious atmosphere that seems to care very little about its students. Its existence fulfills the basic requisite for having another major university name in the far Florida panhandle offering advanced technical degrees. It may be no surprise if these reasons may be direct factors to the low enrollment at the branch.

UF is a phenomenal institution!Nov 15 2002Communications
UF is a phenomenal institution! We are nationally recognized for our exceptional scholars, championship athletic programs (Go GATORS!), and leading-edge research facilities (including medicine, agriculture, engineering, and physics, among many). Not to mention that Gainesville is an exquisite, eclectic town! You'll love it!
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