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The University of South Florida

Total Grad Surveys 23
Females 10
Males 13
Avg years at University 2.1
Research Quality B (6.7)
Research Availability B- (6.1)
Research Funding C+ (5.4)
Graduate Politics B (7.0)
Not Errand Runners B (6.6)
Degree Completion B+ (7.6)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B (6.9)
Sufficient Pay B- (6.4)
Competitiveness B (6.7)
Education Quality B- (6.4)
Faculty Accessibility B (6.6)
Useful Research B (6.5)
"Individual" treatment C+ (5.3)
Friendliness B- (5.8)
Safety B (7.0)
Campus Beauty B (6.6)
Campus Maintenance B (6.9)
University Spending B (7.0)
Extracurriculars B (7.1)
Scholastic Success B (6.7)
Surrounding City B (7.0)
Social Life/ Environment B (6.7)
"Individual" treatmentC+
Degree CompletionB+
After transferring colleges for the second and finalApr 11 2016Other
After transferring colleges for the second and final time, I can honestly say that the University of South Florida is one of the greatest colleges of all time, if not, the greatest; my only regret about it is not going here sooner.

Tampa people are very kind welcoming, even though there's a few bad eggs, like there are everywhere. But they're far better than the ones who live in major college cities, such as Tallahassee, Gainesville, Orlando, Miami, etc.

College is more than just partying and football, with me, I originally selected USF as a transfer, since it was the only one in Florida that accepted me, and did not wish to return to Florida Atlantic University, but it gave the time of my life, though it lasted only for two and a half years. I was in the swimming club and two honors societies, and made everlasting friendships that are valuable.

The campus is diverse and they're more accepting of ethnic minorities than the big football schools (Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, etc.), so it's better here.Bottom line is, I am completely satisfied with my experience at USF, so much that I am 100% sure that I will pursue my master's degree right here. I am proud to bleed green and gold, GO BULLS!

I am a current graduate student at theApr 11 2016Other
I am a current graduate student at the University of South Florida. Though I have only spent two and a half years at this school as an undergraduate, it was the best two and a half years of my collegiate life.

Tampa is a vibrant city. Even though the USF area is in the slums, there's better places like Ybor City and St. Petersburg. I found a Buddhist meditation center and it helped a lot to my well being.

There's good and bad eggs here, like it is everywhere, but I was involved in two honor societies and the swimming club, and I absolutely loved it! This was the real college experience that I had sought after.I am proud to be a South Florida Bull and to have earned my bachelor's degree here. After that, I tell you that I will earn my master's degree, right here, at what I consider to be the greatest American university of all time.

Much of the instruction was theoretical and theDec 08 2015Education
Much of the instruction was theoretical and the validity of research in education is highly debatable. That being said, the most astute and invigorating professors focused on the facts and encouraged analysis of research to remain objective but to bear in mind that education is an extremely subjective field. The portfolio required to graduate is thrust upon you during the second year yet would be more effective as a true thesis which would run the length of the program and not just the second half of the program (or for some students) the last semester. The stability of the employment of the faculty was shaky during my cohort. Professors left after finding different *ahem, "better"* jobs in other universities. This could be seen as USF attracting quality faculty who are so good at their jobs they get promoted to more valuable positions elsewhere OR as great teachers abandoning a sinking ship. The quality of fellow students is entirely hit or miss. Luckily, you have full control over membership in required group projects. Some classes had irrelevant assignments and projects but as a whole, something useful could be gleaned from all classes. Overall, this program felt like it would be best suited for teachers, specifically teachers with at least 5 years of experience. This program prepares one to be a good teacher, not sure how effective it is at churning out effective administrators. The rigor of in-person classes vs. online classes is still debatable to me, though.
Best university in Florida!Jul 25 2012English
Best university in Florida! Beautiful campus, warm weather, excellent facilities and resources, wonderful faculty support and mentoring. I noticed most of the negative comments on here are from students who have attended four or five other schools prior to USF and prior to earning a bachelor's degree. These students are low caliber and poor quality. Over 50,000 students attend USF and the majority walk away with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the world. With such a large student population, there are bound to be a few students who are full of excuses and are lazy, please do not take their comments seriously on here.
I attend USF St Petersbsurg, and I almostJun 05 2012Other
I attend USF St Petersbsurg, and I almost don't want to tell people how fantastic it is. It is a small campus that is more like a high end liberal arts college than a state university. My major professors are all wonderful, and they are very highly regarded academically. I love the Florida Studies department, most of my classes are held in Snell House, this funky old historic home on campus, across from the dorm. The campus is right on the bay, in downtown, there is always stuff happening in walking distance. You can walk from campus to bars, concerts, parks, festivals. Every Saturday I walk to the Saturday morning market. great music scene downtown, Jannus landing, the State theatre, etc. The location is great. It reminds me of Rollins College, in Winter Park. The library is beautiful, with windows on the bay. The new College of Visual and Verbal Arts is great, it is the old Dali Museum building, it has great facilities for the graphic arts school. but it is the professors that make USFSP special. They care, they are on campus a lot, I study civil rights history with Ray Arsenault and Julie Armstrong. My professors are very demanding, but very involved, and Florida Studies students are also kind of brilliant. Every year they win wards and get spots in top s hooks, even though it is a small program.

I also walk to the Rays games....GO RAYS!USFSP is very different from USF in Tampa. The only varsity sport on campus is sailing, if that gives you a clue! USF Tampa is kind of in a funky, marginal neighborhood, while USFSP is downtown on the edge of a fancy neighborhood. So the cost of living is inflated. Also, because there is so much to do, you can spend money fast. But I love it. I am a grad student, so live off campus, but not far. All the profs are good, even subjects I am weak, I liked my math, bio and chem profs. All spoke excellent English. Other strong programs are in business, education, journalism, psychology, environmental sciences. Good debate team. Strong GLBT presence, not as much racial diversity as I would like.

Research Topic(s): Yes
I attended USF for graduate school as aAug 31 2011Chemistry
I attended USF for graduate school as a commuter student. I thought it was a fine university. I loved the beauty of the campus. It is easy to get around campus and the people are fairly friendly. One negative is the parking/traffic. It took me 45 minutes to drive 4 miles and you have to circle around waiting for someone to leave to get parking spot (at least by the science building). The research was good and I got a Master's degree at no cost by working as a TA and an RA. I would do it again.
I went to FSU for my undergraduate degree,Dec 15 2010Public Health
I went to FSU for my undergraduate degree, so I am using them as a comparison to USF. On that note, USF has horrible, unfriendly and unkind staff in just about every department! Financial Aid, the Registrar's Office, the Housing office (they were the worst) the Cashier's office, and even the Ombudsman's office. If being helped is important to you, reconsider this University, or you might be looking at unannounced late fees preventing you from accessing your grades.
USF has a trulyJan 21 2010Computer Science
USF has a truly friendly atmosphere, and the academics have been universally strong, at least in the college of engineering. The only disappointing course was and elective I took in?ironically?the college of education.
I would not choose this university again andApr 24 2008Other
I would not choose this university again and I will be pursuing further graduate education elsewhere. Graduate studies are horribly underfunded (heck, NOT funded at all is more like it since many Ph.D. students actually have to PAY to attend--um, graduate school typically pays YOU to attend) and the faculty and staff (some (though definitely not all) of which USF are VERY lucky to have) are underpaid.

This university seems to suffer from poor (even corrupt) administration, coupled with a state legislature that does not value education. Of course, since the state is a retirement haven, the voters do not really care about academics either. I strongly advise against anyone doing their graduate education here, and especially out-of-state/international students.Hint: If YOU are paying for your own Ph.D. then you are NOT Ph.D. material.

Mar 11 2008Political Science
I would not choose this university again. Very poor funding and research opportunities.
While the faculty in my particular department areMar 04 2008Criminal
While the faculty in my particular department are great, USF itself is not at all what I expected or would look for in a university--at either the graduate or undergraduate level. I did my undergrad. in the north and this school was as different as could be (and not in a good way).

It is commuter school and that is not going to change any time soon. The area of Tampa where the school is located is awful--urban sprawl at its worst. I lived next to the campus for convenience and we had crack dealers in the apartment complex, and a dead body in the parking lot. Almost everything around the campus is a chain and very uninspired. Plus, you have to drive everywhere. I am from the northeast and am used to walkable/bikable neighborhoods and interesting little shops, restaurants, and bars/clubs. The USF area has none of this. You have to drive to St. Petersburg (Tampa seems to cater to the mass-culture crowd)for anything even close to comparable, and that is such a hike. Forget about public transportation or taxis--the former is useless and the latter is ridiculously expensive. Biking is an option, but it is dangerous and usually so hot that by the time you get to school, you are disgustingly soaked.

As for things to do, sure you can get involved if you seek things out...I mean really, really hunt for stuff to do. I am in some organizations, which are fine, and sure we all go out to the local TGI Fridays or Chili's or whatever, but, eh, you could do that literally in any city. Ybor is a dump, Hyde Park is lame, and Channelside is one of those prepackaged "entertainment districts". Tampa just really doesn't have those funky neighborhoods and interesting people that I have found in other places that I have lived. Hell, Columbus, Ohio was more fun.

Classes are overcrowded and very difficult to get into at the undergraduate level. From classes where I have been a TA, these students seem to be of low caliber (most, certainly not all), and it is very frustrating for TA's. The school admits probably everyone that applies, giving scholarships to almost anyone, and gleefully taking the money of the others. Graduate classes are fine, although even there, the faculty:student ratio is pretty bad. The professors do there best though.

The campus itself it ugly concrete. The palm trees lose their novelty quickly. The library is not well-stocked for my discipline and I have had to inter-library loan almost everything that I needed for my thesis. Luckily, the ILL department is very good.

The worst thing about USF is not really completely the schools fault. This state underfunds education to a point that is really sickening. Budgets are constantly getting cut--they even LAID OFF TA's this year!! Can you imagine selecting a school and expecting funding, provided that you progress normally and work hard, only to be cut because the state has cut the education budget again??!! Its unbelievable. Money that the school does receive is misspent on new buildings and brass bull statues. Police are understaffed and underpaid. Not good when the school is surrounded by such a high-crime area.

In-state tuition is very, very low, but you do get what you pay for. It is a low-cost university with low quality education. It is a shame, because my department really has some great minds. Many professors here will actually be leaving since the pay and benefits are so low and unpredictable--this has already begun.

This is all my opinion--but read any local newspaper, or even the (pretty lousy) school paper ann you will see what I mean. From comments on this board, you can see that some students love it here, but if you have ever been to a college with a real college atmosphere, you would see that you are being deprived the full "college experience". If you are from here and don't plan on leaving Florida, then I guess this place would be cheap and as good as any, if you just intend on picking up a degree.

I would just suggest that, especially out-of-state or international, students look elsewhere. You will be sorely disappointed with USF :(

Research Topic(s): That would give me away
Dec 11 2002Business - Management and Administration
very nice MBA program
The University of South Florida
Compare USFSave USF

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