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Reinhardt University

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It's been a goodBrightEducation
It's been a good experience. Small classes, good professors, made good friends. Don't expect much from Waleska, but Canton is just down the road and Atlanta is 40minutes away.
1st Year Female -- Class 2014
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Surrounding City: C-
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Well, let me just say that if youAverageCommunications
Well, let me just say that if you decide you are not coming here, do not worry.. you are NOT missing out. The main problem I have with Reinhardt is the costs$$$! You have to have some serious cash to come to this school. Will it be worth it, you ask? Let's see: for the ''small'' class sizes, the size of the dorms, the food, oh, and the oh-so lovely aesthetics. Maybe.

Reinhardt's Small Class Sizes? There are small class sizes, that is legit. They're not lying about their 14:1 student/teacher ratio. I think the most students I have ever had in my class was my social science core class, which was Sociology with Dr. Gregory. (By the way, I STRONGLY recommend that you take Dr. Gregory for Sociology.. he will make you actually LOOK FORWARD to going to his class. I've learned the MOST in his class than I've ever learned in all my other classes. Everyone's general consensus: His lectures are amazing!) Anywho, the only reason why the classes are so small, is because nobody can fucking afford to pay to go to the school. You'll hear complaints about the cost to go there at once every week you are there (if you are there).

Reinhardt's Campus Life? Campus life is pretty much dead on the weekend. And since the majority of the campus goes home on the weekends, you will be bored shitless because there isn't anything to do. And because Reinhardt is located in (drumroll please) Bumfuck, Waleska, Georgia.. (yeah, good luck with that one) it will seem like a fucking ghost-campus/ghost-town. Basically, you are stranded in a town with one stop light, a Dollar General, and a Waleska Super Thrift Store. That's it. No flippn' Wal-Mart, nothing. The nearest town is Canton, which is about a 20 minutes drive. Everyone goes ''into town'' occasionally to have fun, get things that cannot be attained in Waleska, and just a means of going out. Canton has a Wal-Mart and a Waffle House and many shops.. it's not too bad if you are from the suburbs, and I am from Atlanta. And late night trips to the WaHo (Waffle House) is a must! Go at least once very late if you are.. ask for Mr. John Evans, he's the greatest guy you'll ever meet! :)... I just completed my freshman year and I knew within the first week I got there with no car that I was epically screwed. If you do not have a car, like I did, I STRONGLY STRONGLY recommend you get one. Else you are stuck at the will and mercy of the few friends who do have a car. (Make sure you have a friend who has a car and does not mind driving!)You will need not a car just a means of transportation, but to get around, and at times a means of ESCAPE. Seriously.

Reinhardt's Social Scene? Wow, whoa, wowzers, and more importantly just fucking WOW! Think of high school. And viola you have Reinhardt A'la Mode. There is not a difference.. Okay, there is a difference, people at college tend to be a bit older, but that is it. There are basically cliques, groups, and group within groups. You spend your first week or to looking for the group you best fit into. The first people you make friends with are usually the group of people you will stick to for the rest of your days. The cliques comprise of: The Athletes (Jocks), the Campus Ministry People (Aka The Real Deal Group), the Music Majors (You might not see them, they live at the FPAC), Swagg 118 (Aka/ better known as Fagg 188) (will explain in a minute), The Leftovers, The Weird Freshman (which included yours truly), The Anime Kids (used to be/ and sometimes referred to as The Gamers), various groups of random Upperclassmen, The Overacheivers (which you'll probably never see because the are always off studying, The Paintball Team (caught smoking at their infamous spot at the the back of the Robert's Boys Dorm building, see cigarette butts lying around.. look up and that's them) and the group of black kids that don't really talk to anyone else (Ahh, Reinhardt's minority.. gotta love it!)

So Fagg 118 ''Swagg 118'' started as a joke my '10 spring semester of Freshman year. They always prided themselves on having ''swagger''. And that they apparently ''have more chics roll with them than even the Baseball players. They are arrogant, obnoxious rude, and too full of themselves. If you are a girl who is remotely attractive chances are, you will be approached by one of these guys. Did I mention that they are total asshole, with the exception of 1 or 2? The drunken parties you'll hear about are probably one of their own. If you have anything to do with these guys you will be scorned. Beware. They are not bad people, just not.. that great. And certainly not what they make themselves out to be. You be the judge.

The Music Majors, which I might be next year if I change my major from Communication Arts Journalism to Music/Vocal Perfomance, offer great scholarhsips! If you are a music majors you get to spend a majority of your life at the FPAC (Falany Performing Arts Center). They are cool, keep to themselves.. but obsess constantly over what they do, and everything that goes on there. If you approach them and you are, say an English Major they'll look at you as if you're a fucking foreigner from Kurdistan. You really won't know them unless you hang out at the FPAC. I have a few friends. No complaints.

Campus Ministry. Hippocrates. Real Deal, which is a worship service every Wednesday night at 7:30pm or 8:00pm is where they probably all meet at the beginning of the year and recruit their freshman followers, ehmmmm I mean friends. They claim they are great, loving Christians, but they're just catty, dramatic, and talk shit about everyone who is not a part of their saintly group.

The Athletes are the baseball, soccer, basketball, softball, lacrosse, and volleyball. The Baseball Players think that they are the fucking hierarchy of the school that is Reinhardt College. They are WAY to full of themselves and are total tools. This is to be expected of jocks, but these guys are an exception to that rule. And not in a good way. They think they run the school but they don't. True, a very select few are sweet, some have even hit on me before. Those ones don't care about just treating everyone else as if they are beneath. Yeah guys, come back to me when you actually when a game.

P..S You won't know them at all.. they only exist at lunch in dinner at Gordy at the first table on your right.

Soccer Players.. Total Hotties! We're talking about hot men with British and Scottish accents!... They are tools though, (I know from hanging out with them before).. Btw, don't get your hopes up unless you are on the volleyball team.

And The Basketball players are like 90% black, smoke weed, and screw around.. just like all the other jocks. Lacrosse players are the sweetest of these jocks.. still tool-ish, but not nearly as bad. They will actually leave their own bubble to talk to other people who exist outside of the sports world. Nothing much else to say about the Volleyball/Softball Players except that they are girls and keep to their team. All the guys claim that the Volleyball girls are the hottest girls around. Haha sure.

ALL THESE JOCKS HAVE THEIR OWN WORLD THOUGH. You sometimes forget they exist.
Weird Freshman. Lol. This is a big group comprised of freshman who kinda just hung out for a few weeks and remained friends. They are considered weird because they usually attract upperclassman who have nobody else to hang out with. A lot of drama that goes on here, to say the least. They usually welcome just about anyone though.

Leftovers are just a group of random people from the Lacrosse, Weird Freshman, Fagg 188, Paintball kids + more. They are left over from their clique because they are usually least favored in their group, not welcomed.. and just awkward.

Anime Kids. People think they are really really weird and never talk to them. But they usually keep to themselves and are pretty nice to to other people. I mean sure, some of them are 22 and still fucking playing video games but who cares? They're really nice people.

Which group will you fall into? Hmmm.
Anyway, enough about Reinhardt's demographics. Bottom line: it is really fucking expensive to go to Reinhardt.

Academics: Unless you are a Music or Education Major you are screwed. Nobody will look at your resume in the real world and go ''Hmmm, Graduated top 10% of Class at Reinhardt College. VERY Impressive! What a prestigious school!'' ... No. All of the sponsors throw their money at the music departments, and it is growing every year. Most of my Reinhardt Orientation Class, (which is a stupid class you are required to take your freshman year) was comprised mostly of Music Majors. You do nothing except be forced to sit and chat with people you don't know, and learn about the school's history. By the way, do no the the stupid textbook for the class, it's 50 bucks and the class is only 1 credit hour and for half a semester. They are thinking of changing it though. And Education majors are teacher in the making, so they will always be guaranteed a job.

Reinhardt GREAT Campus ''Safety''/Maintenance: Shit, don't even think about getting any help from these jokes. The only time you see Public Safety, except when they are driving around, is when there is alcohol being consumed. That's it! If you are dying in your dorm, or have your toilet leak into your room. Yeah, they won't be around. And if they are, it won't be for like 5 hours, and that's if you're lucky. But God forbid, somebody drinks alcohol on this Methodist college's DRY campus they will be there faster than a fat kid is at his dinner table at Thanksgiving. I had sewage leak into my room from the room across the hall in Smith-Johnston/ or''Smo-Jo'' (the dorm I lived in). And no help.. until like 2am. P.S. Not only is there no alcohol allowed on campus, there is a curfew at 12am, and a standing curfew 1am on the weekends. So if you are a girl, like myself who enjoys hanging out with her guy friends at Roberts/Cobb.. make sure you are out by 12am. It is not as late as you think. It suckkkks.

Oh yeah, you know what else sucks HARDfuckingCORE?? The food! Yes, the food they have at the Gordy Dining Hall sucks some major ass. I could go on a long rant about it, but don't be to impressed by the first meal you have there. They actually put effort into the first meal or two. The rest is all downhill. Sunday brunch is the only time you get decent food. And that is only because the old church-goers that live nearby go there after church. A lot of them probably sponsor the school. So if you're s,art you know why they make the food real nice on Sunday.

On the plus side, the Aesthetics are Reinhardt is wonderful! It is a beautiful campus! Our money sure did wonders for the school.. just not the dorms though. You have space, but it is pretty shitty. If you are a girl, choose Smith-Johnston over Gordy Hall. It is tons better. If you are a guy.. you'll just be moved into Cobb if you're a jock, and Roberts if you're not next year. If you enjoy camping, hiking (like myself) there is miles and miles of endless woods. The professors love to help their students out (Save for Dr.Martinez, the Religion professor). Everyone

is generally friendly, and you'll make good friends... regardless of who you are. That I promise. Just stay outta trouble, and stay outta everyone's business. Don't give anyone anything to talk about, because they will talk. You will not be exempt from Reinhardt's Tongue Lashing.

P.s if you're from a city like Atlanta (like myself) you might not like how small and redneck Reinhardt can be. If you're not a Conservative-Republican-Christian, watch out. I like Obama. The name Obama is pretty much banned from saying at the school. It's as if you say a swear word every time you breath his name. I had to leave all my Obama paraphenalia at home. You will meet some of the most close-mided.. and the WEIRDEST (and I mean WEIRD) at Reinhardt.

Hope I helped!!! Shoot me an email if you want to add me on Facebook, or have more questions. Best of Luck!

1st Year Female -- Class 2013
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Campus Maintenance: D-
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The best part about this school its smallSuper BrilliantBiology
The best part about this school its small size. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. Unlike many larger schools, parking is no problem. There are more than enough spaces for everyone. The largest class I have been in so far is one with only 25 students. This has allowed me to form great relationships with my teachers who are always willing to help answer any questions students may have. The library is open 24 hours a day and has free printing and copying. There are more than enough computers to go around. (except during finals, but that's to be expected!!) They also have copiers in each of the buildings on campus for students to use at no charge! I'm in the honors program and have thoroughly enjoyed the classes I have taken. The course material is interesting and intellectually stimulating. Overall, this school is a perfect school for someone that is looking for a great educational experience.
1st Year Female -- Class 2000
Education Quality: A+, Social Life: B+
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