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The Savannah College of Art and Design
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Quite Bright
SCAD is an awesome school. IGNORE the negative comments, they are from lazy useless people. If you take advantage of all the school can offer you, you WILL have an awesome experience here. HUNDREDS of top industry professionals pick SCAD to teach, and HUNDREDS of incredible places come to SCAD to recruit. There is no bad departments. There are certainly some professors that aren't quite up to par, but if you complain guess what, it gets taken care of. My Drawing 1 professor was completely insane. So I taped on of the classes, showed it to the Head of Foundations and she suddenly wasn't teaching anymore. If you are pro-active you can make anything happen. The school wants to be the best, they have a lot of investors and strive to gain popularity and status. To the people complaining about having to take Drawing when they're here for film, or some other non-traditional form of art: are you high? Seriously? Drawing well is a still ANY artist MUST have. How can you expect to make good films if you can't even layout a drawing in a pleasing way? Drawings don't move, film does. Foundations are NOT a waste of time; they teach you basic skills that every artist needs. So stop complaining you lazy piece of garbage. This is not a school for lazy people. It's true, many students come in and many students drop out. I am currently a senior and only the most dedicated students are still in my class. You have to work hard, be pro-active and embrace challenges with a good attitude. The food is also perfectly fine. I've lived on campus all 4 years with no issues. If you treat people kindly and with respect (this is the south ya'll) they will help you out. There are TONS of places to eat, not just one. And they improve the quality of the meals every year. Equally, food should NOT be a deciding factor on where you go to school. Unless you suffer from an eating disorder... My only qualm with the school is the newly added Equestrian Department. It makes NO sense whatsoever. Maybe if it was being headed up by a well known figure in the "Horse World" I would be inclined to agree that it deserves a place, but no it's headed up by a SCAD grad who has zero qualifications and a bad attitude to boot. I picked SCAD out of many different schools because of the horses (and the scholarship helped too) and I was treated like dirt by this woman. I am not wealthy, I haven't gone to big horse shows, I don't own a nice horse, therefore I wasn't worth her time. And on that note, this is The Savannah College of Art and Design. I don't see any reason why the school has dumped so much money into a ridiculous horse department. It is just completely illogical.
Education Quality: A, Surrounding City: B-
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Mar 04 2012 4th Year Female -- Class 2012  
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Quite Bright
I attended scad as a different major, and switched in fashion marketing. I will be leaving after this spring quarter and transferring because SCAD is awful. For two years I've watched my money go to nothing. Supplies have been bought for classes I never needed in either majors I have been in. Teacher are condescending, some are even just out of SCAD's graduate program, and some can't even speak english.

Good luck if you ever want to do ANYTHING in fashion because the classes fill up within the second day of registration, and good luck ever getting in after that. Oh, and if you don't get in a class, you're "behind" in the industry. I don't trust SCAD's career advising, so I've done all my internship applications and such on my own, and have better luck than I feel I would have had with SCAD's advising.

The advisors don't care to help, they don't care to listen, and they are rude people.
The money is a huge factor here. If you got it - they want it.
The food freshman year made me gain so much weight, and I was completely malnourished. I stopped eating meat because of SCAFE. They reuse their food as much as possible, I promise. Scad is just not what the hype makes it to be. I used to think I paid for the name, but now I'm embarrassed to even have any association to the name.
Campus Maintenance: C+, Education Quality: F
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Feb 29 2012 2nd Year Female -- Class 2014  
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Quite Bright
I completely regret my decision to go to the "school". First off, the foundations, are terrible. It was pretty much just high school art classes. I knew how to do everything from all my foundations back in like the 9th grade. The art history classes are a joke. They expect you to take like 5 of these depending on your major (i was a game design major and had 5 which is stupid) and each exam you need to memorize like 200 slides and only used like 15 for the test.

When I got in my major, I found a lot of the professors to be either way to full of themselves, arrogant, horrible at teaching, and just plain rude if you weren't one of their favorites. Most of the classes I took had nothing to do with what I wanted to do, especially since they mess with the course rotation so much that the classes I wanted were never offered. I wet to be an environment artist, and took only 1 maybe 2 classes that had anything to do with it while all the other were character design, level design, or programming or something. Even when I tried talking to the chair of the department about how my money was being wasted he pretty much just said "oh well that sucks for you". DO NOT GO TO THIS PIECE OF CRAP SCHOOL!!Don't even get me started on the president. She only cares about herself and your money. They dont take student complaints and suggestions into consideration, they do what they want with your money, for example to equestrian center that was put in, no need for it, the president wanted it for her daughter or something. They dont update the computer, my computer that was 4 years old, had a broken RAM slot, and was going bad ran better and worked with Maya and such programs better than the computers at Monty did. And recently they had taken out the good comfortable chairs and replaced them with was that will probably give you back problems by the end of your first quarter there. They say you need to put a ton of time into your work, but god forbid if you get caught sleeping at your desk after hours (trying to take a small catnap after 2 or 3 all nighters) they force you to leave the building. They do not care for their students and just wants your money.
Surrounding City: B, Individual Value: F
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Feb 16 2012 3rd Year Male -- Class 2008  
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Rhode Island School of Design -- Providence, RI

Ringling School of Art and Design -- Sarasota, FL

Pratt Institute -- Brooklyn, NY

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