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The Savannah College of Art and Design

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SCAD is over priced for what it was.Computer Science
SCAD is over priced for what it was. I still feel that about 90% of the things I learned were self taught. The things that I did at SCAD, I could of learned at Community college. Of the courses I took that were most helpful in the long run. into to Linux , Algebra, and Basic programming.

Before I came to SCAD I was already doing Graphic design, and non-linear editing , Stop motion ect. What was nice was being able to play with some more expensive equipment. But to be Honest I would of been able to do that for a LOT cheaper if I had gone to a SUNY school in NYS.

Currently I am enrolled in our local community college . Paying CASH, for some Information assurance related classes . Even when I got a job in a "related" field, it was more of a computer tech position. Which is a field I"m now training in. So I MIGHT have a chance to start paying back my Federal loans. After doing 7 years in film in post production only once did I really do anything that I would even remotely consider being something taught to me at SCAD. That's a pretty poor return on a nearly 200K investment.

In retrospect , I wish I had done more networking , note , if you need contacts, I share, I do still have contacts in several places.

I moved to the midwest and started doing Volunteer Firefighting EMS, and run a small farmstead while taking classes to work towards my IA certs , and raise my kids. I still do some boutique studio work , and a lot of Graphic design (not part of my major) , Painting , and a lot of hands on crafts . I have taught myself felting , tanning , and a lot of interesting from scratch skills.But unfortunately non of these really pertain to my major.

I learn more on the job then anywhere else. If you go, go to play with there equipment , have stories written you want to film, use there facilities . But expect to be exhausted and broke for 4 years. SCAD is NOT helpful in finding you work OR internships post College. I felt rather abandoned.

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
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I don't even know if it was worth it.Quite BrightArt & Design Department
I don't even know if it was worth it. Don't get me wrong, I learned a lot and experienced a lot; couldn't tell you if SCAD itself was corrupt or not because I'm pretty opened minded and just accepted it. But upon retrospect SCAD is pretty bad and a lot of the reviews here are pretty spot on, so I'll summarize my comments without overlap too much.

The School:
- The school itself is ok, lots of re-purposed building turned to schools; whether that is because of Savannah's strict historical preservation laws or what, being located in the historic district of Savannah Georgia.

- The faculty is pretty much the same as any other school, but its evident that the teachers are more helpful than the advisers.

-- Most teachers are great and experienced, but some can come off as strict only because they want to push you harder; a few teachers do glorify certain students because of their skills and experience, which pissed me off at times, and would receive more attention. They do expect a lot from you and your projects, so its best to keep your scope really small or spend countless nights NOT sleeping. Oddly enough, some teachers were, at one time, students at SCAD so that tells you something.

-- The adviser, unlike the teachers, change every year and have no clue who you are or what you do; For some ungodly reason SCAD has to rehire all of their employees each year, never completely understood that. Couldn't get reliable information and I almost always get screwed in some way with them; for example, I went to a career adviser for scheduling advise and pretty much was handed a schedule filled with classes I simply haven't taking yet, no really one on one conversations just in and out; plus I had later work around that "schedule" because some classes were not offered that quarter. Personally, I never had good luck with advisers anyways, but still there should have been more involved with students than just "here you go, good luck".

Student Life
- Student life was good, well mix of people from all walks of life. Most students are in there own group and shallow, few are not. Many of them complaint about not getting sleep because of projects, that becomes some sort of badge of honor that is both real and fake and the same time.

- living in the dorms is not what you are lead to believe, unless you are a socialite, and your roommates can be pretty antisocial at times. Don't live in Barnard village if you don't have transportation, you'll be stuck there on spring break or whenever the buses stop running.

- Cafeteria food is sub-par, it gets old after the first quarter. Meal plans are expensive, but worth it if you don't want to buy groceries.

- traveling from one building to another is hectic, though its gotten better the year I graduated, its better to have your own car or bike if you want to get anywhere in a timely manner. Yes there has been robberies, shootings and murders in Savannah; Savannah is weird like that, some parts are safe and well populated while others are "ghetto" and its not group together in neighborhoods, its speckled everywhere.

- always busy with projects and almost never have time to enjoy the city of Savannah, the city they pride themselves in for producing fine artist.

- lots of events that overlap classes, can be frustrating to have potential employers visiting SCAD and you are in class, or special guest come to teach a lesson and you have a over scoped project so you have to decide on spending 2 hours on a lesson that is not impressive or waste a chance to network with professionals.

- Some classes are impressive and help you really think about things differently and others are a waste; for example, I had a problem with English because it was confusing, but when I took an English class at SCAD I realize that it wasn't confusing at all and that it was more simple that I thought, or that just creative writing. Some classes were not any help and was a review for me than anything else. Other classes were not what I expected, could have saved the money to learn it myself to be honest.

-Half way through my education, SCAD changed the curriculum and became a huge inconvenience: constantly had to get waivers to register for classes, classes for discontinued or merged into one class so it got confusing what to take. This curriculum change has happened before, so I'm told by other students.

Most of my Complaints involve the internal workings of SCAD rather the academia part. Like I said before I don't know if it was worth my time going; I did learn things and I did grow as a person, but I don't think spending over $100,000 is worth all that. I was lead to believe I would get into a good career and that the name of SCAD would get me somewhere. But now I've gotten nowhere, I've suffer regrets and depression, and only now I'm believing what my teachers were saying about how bad the video game industry really is: all the jobs are in California, there almost all freelance/contract jobs, no entry-level positions, and low wages (35,000/yr and you really need 65,000/yr just to LIVE in California).I know that the state of the video game industry is not SCAD's fault, but the education should at least reflect the industry itself; why spend $100,000 for a job that really pays peanuts, even if your extremely good at your job. I now have to go back to school and do something different to offset this mistake, plus I found out that the only thing that transferred to my new school is my English 101 class. I'm sorry to say this, but a career in art is not worth your time and going to SCAD would make it worse.

Advice for looking for a good school
- don't go for the cool factor, its just a front
- don't go to a school that was advertised, SCAD wasn't advertised, but I heard about colleges like AI were falsely advertising their school.

- check for accreditation and look up those who accredited them, they are not all the same
- if important information, like accreditation and tuition, isn't easily found or in a appropriate location, don't go

- don't go for a career that is heavily advertised, because that is a sign jump ship
- read up on the school through unbiased news articles and reviews like this one. Thanks for reading, I hope this help in some way. I hate to see people get tricked into a false career and go nowhere. Careers are not all the same, some are just fades or just a living; its like someone saying "hey you can be a railroad inspector for a living" and realize you just went to school to be a hobo.

3rd Year Male -- Class 2015
Innovation: A+, Scholastic Success: F
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I'm going to filter out as many ofArt & Design Department
I'm going to filter out as many of my negative experiences as I can in order to remain credible; but I do definitely have some issues with my experience here. First, the bad. It's expensive. And most art/design fields are highly competitive. If you're seriously considering attending SCAD I would really think about how much you're willing to sacrifice and also take a hard look at your skill level and work ethic. Much of this can be improved throughout your degree, but if you're on the less experienced side I would consider taking basic art classes first somewhere else to see if you really have what it takes. This is a HUGE, MAJOR investment. It's not the school you want to go to to "figure out" what you wanna do.

Second of all, like most private universities, the people who tend to benefit from this experience the most are those who come from wealthy families. Good luck surviving on an unpaid internship in this economy if your parents can't help you out much. But that's more of a separate qualm. Internships are however, super important. If you want job placement immediately after school having internship experience will significantly improve your chances, but again, it definitely depends on what you did and who you know. But also, if you have to work your way through college it's going to be much more difficult to focus on your studies and time is not something that this university gives you much of. I'm talking 60+ hour projects that you have to finish in less than two weeks. Say goodbye to your social life if you want to succeed. Attending SCAD did greatly improve my work ethic though, but it also stressed me out to no end and gave me gray hairs and a handful of emotional breakdowns. So factor that in as well. This school is not for the weak-hearted.

Another problem area I encountered was the faculty in my department. I've heard that these problems are in other departments as well, because we're all human beings and have problems and bad days from time to time, but I did encounter some extremely unprofessional behavior within my particular department, which was Fashion Design. I did get some great advice from the faculty but some of them without naming any names could use some major attitude adjustment (or therapy). Professors need to leave their personal issues outside of school. Don't just not show up because you're having a bad day or lash out at students because you think they don't like you. It's completely unacceptable, immature, and hinders our learning experience. I've reported this behavior but I don't know if anything was done about it because of favoritism within the department. In my opinion, at a school as prestigious as SCAD you cannot just let your faculty go about harassing students and letting them get away with it. That deserves more than a little slap on the wrist.On the flip side, I did overall enjoy my time here for the friends I made, life experiences, and classes. Some of my favorite teachers weren't even within my department but from elective courses. SCAD does a really good job making the classes relevant to your interests and there are many thought-provoking discussions that take place in these classes. I regret not getting an internship, although I was lucky enough to land a salary job somewhat related to my degree less than a year after graduation. Not everyone is that lucky. Really make your time here worth it if you do attend. Learn how to utilize effective time management, don't goof off too much, and take full advantage of everything the school has to offer. I would recommend this school to any artist or designer who is serious about what they do, but know the risks and financial toll.

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
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