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The University of West Georgia

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This school is only good for freshmen/sophomores whoAverageNursing
This school is only good for freshmen/sophomores who live in the approved districts and can live at home. I promise you will be ready to be out of here by the end of tour freshman year. If you don't "go greek" you should go ahead and expect to be making the drive home every thursday night. The students are arrogant and obscenely close minded. The classes are moderately challenging, but overall this place is boring. If you're coming here from the city, be prepared for the shittiest culture shock of your life...
more→Oct 27 2014
1st Year Female -- Class 2018
Collaboration/Competitive: A+, Individual Value: F
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The faculty here is terrible.AverageCommunications
The faculty here is terrible. They never check their email reply to phone calls or explain anything. Every professor I have had either was very bad at explaining stuff or just tells you to look at the notes and is no help. NO ONE HERE CHECKS THEIR EMAIL. They will even tell you that they don't. Very bad communication. I have had some of the worst educators here Barnes and Professor Kay are some of the worst. there was one Spanish professor I had the displeasure of taking but he is fired now thank God! If you are a person who doesn't mind spending thousands of dollars to teach themselves then sure come here if you want... but I dont know why you would.

As far as the actual students they are pretty great thats it.
social life...there are only two good bars here.
Very small town. Like farm and rednecks type of town but most people dont give me any problems they are even pretty friendly. Just very country everyone here talks country even some of the students. If you are not careful it could rub off on you. Honestly just stay in Atlanta.Will you get that college campus feel here? yes but I still rather be in ATL

more→Oct 27 2014
3rd Year Female -- Class 2015
Useful Schoolwork: A, Education Quality: F
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This review does contain advise, but it is
This review does contain advise, but it is very negative about the school. I came here as a stepping stone school. A lot of students who go to UWG do this as well. That is an immediate red flag. Due to having health conditions, I wanted to make sure that I could manage college and my health before I got into to deep. At first glance, the school "appeared to be descent". The school even accommodated me for my health conditions. Come to find all universities by law have to do that, and a lot of schools do it a lot better than UWG. Carrolton doesn't even have a proper hospital, it has a emergency doctor's office. It does have an ambulance and hospital beds, but so does the university and they are just a clinic. The doctors there didn't even know what my health conditions were and said I made them up. Oh yes all of my bus long medical records are made up...totally. They even kicked me out when I hade an attack of one of my conditions, and I had to call a taxi and pay him in pennies because I wasn't even about to walk or even hold up my head. From that point on, other than about the professors, it went even more down hill from there. I could go on for hours about what is wrong with this university. A) The location really sucks, but they did that for a back handed reason. By having their campus in the middle of NOWHERE, if you don't live close by you have to live on campus or have an apartment through the school there for increasing their profit margin. There is very little surrounding the school, other than mainly grocery stores or a few restaurants. So you won't get out much here, unless you're in Greek Village and even that is very very little other than parties. B)The dining halls really really really REALLY SUCK! The two dining halls that they have pretty much have the exact same horrible food. I literally lost over 20 pounds within a month in a half of my first semester and I love food... The food was overpriced, old, cheap, poorly prepared, half of the time rotten or rotting, and it just tasted bad. And if you want something classified as "healthy" your choices will be rotten crab apples or bananas, rotten salad, and mediocre sandwiches. This is definitely not the school for people who have a lot of food allergies, are vegan or vegetarian, or just like edible food. I barely used any of my meal plan that the school forced me to have my freshman year. C)Everything on campus is priced like it is in an airport. It's not just overpriced, it's double that. They also charge fees for not using their "wolf bucks." D) The bookstore has recently been getting into the bad habit of making all of their core class books have a online code for one person use only or the book is slightly rewritten every single year specifically for UWG. That means you not only can't get the book on eBay or amazon for five dollars, you have to a new book every semester and you cant even sell it. I spent over 400 dollars on two thin books alone, not to mention the others. The money you think your saving by coming here isn't actually saving you money. It's costing the same if not more than other bigger and better universities. They even charge tuition fees that don't even make sense, they charged me an international student fee and I'm not an international student even in the slightest(I reported it and they didn't do anything about it). E) They are now doing construction constantly because something is always breaking. Why? Because you cant be cheap about the plumbing system, and not expect the sewage lines to bust and cause sewage to come out onto sidewalks and stink up the whole campus like a dead body. Not to mention pretty much everything else is breaking, broken, or ruined because of UWG's cheapness. The internet is so cheap every time I used the internet I had to disconnect and reconnect it at least 20 times just to use Google. If you have an online test or class, you better have tech-support on speed-dial. E)There are strong armed robberies and others crimes, pretty much happening at least once a week. The school has to tell you through the email. People are being sent to the intensive care unit because they were beaten, knocked unconscious, or worse. Its also not happening just at night, its during the day and its happening to people even in groups. The police cant even handle the parking issues the school has, more or less defend the students. F)Some of the people who go here are extremely sexist, rude, very closed minded, etc. And if you aren't a partier then you won't have much a social life at all due to the precious information. I was invited by a girl I had class with to come to a party. I DONT PARTY at all, but I wanted to doing something other than sit in my room so I went. Well I was forced to leave the party, because according to the guys there, and I quote: "You aren't pretty enough to be here, more or less pass yourself off as being pretty at all. We had this party to invite hot chicks and your definitely not one of them so leave." I actually was happy to leave, but that wasn't really nice to say. I was hurt in the moment, but a lot girls and guys here act like that. I mean a lot, being a girl who is a computer science gets me constantly made fun of. Yes, in college where we are supposed to be adults. I don't really care because I value myself, but others don't easily ignore like I do. And the people here are very materialistic and closed minded whether or not your talking about being 'pretty'. The only okay thing about the school is it has some nice professors and faculty, but that's everywhere. I tried to cover all of the major issues with the school so for future preference you can have a more up to date truthful review about whether or not you should come here. Some people try to stay positive and get away with not having some of the stuff happen to them that I have, but that doesn't take away from the root of the problem. That's why so many people transfer, they want to get away from here. I know I did.
more→Oct 10 2014
Male -- Class 2000
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The University of West Georgia

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