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Wesleyan College

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While the curricula is adequately challenging, the classes

Oct 26 2011Biology
While the curricula is adequately challenging, the classes are small enough for a very personal relationship with faculty, and the liberal arts education is valuable, there are more than enough downsides to this college to reconsider enrollment. While the faculty are generally knowledgeable and helpful within each department, the staff, mainly the ones that work closest with students are almost completely ineffective. The campus police are less protective than probing and suspicious, often missing real threats in order deal with petty campus intrigue. The staff in charge of student affairs are not only purposefully unavailable, they seem to specifically maintain a distance which renders them virtually useless. Emails concerning housing or student interaction issues have been known to be ignored for weeks on end, and are usually responded to only if multiple follow-up emails are sent. At campus this small, where all students are required to live on campus for the extent of their enrollment, it just does not make sense for the head of student affairs to repeatedly ignore serious interpersonal issues between students. In essence, the education is wonderful, but the living situation is an utter disappointment. I do appreciate the liberal arts education that I have received over the past years, had I known that it would be so difficult to get an adequate response from the student affairs office, I would have seriously reconsidered my enrollment. No matter the issue - the theft of expensive property, the destruction of personal property, and the invasion of privacy, this school is completely ineffective in dealing with it.
4th Year Female -- Class 2012
Education Quality: A+, University Resource Use: F

My first semester was really good

Feb 20 2014Other
My first semester was really good. Freda in registration helped me select courses that semester. She is the best person on this school's staff. She is also one of the few African Americans who work at the school outside of the kitchen and janitorial staff, and to be frank... They seem to pass her all the work. She knows what is going on, everyone else seems to care very little and have a superior attitude. I continued at Wesleyan for a few reasons first, I have moved quite a bit so getting transcripts is expensive and tedious. Second, I am unfamiliar with middle Ga's educational opportunities. I plan to transfer and have visited other schools. Not due to the staff! Last semester when I brought forward concerns about a teacher of mine, I was belittled so badly I refuse to bring any further problems forward without legal representation. I simply wanted to know what the schedule was for the class because the syllabus kept changing, for instance per the syllabus we would have a test one date but the teacher would give the test 2-3 weeks earlier. Come to find out, my teacher has a Bachelor's in a completely different area and was not only a full time teacher at Wesleyan, but a full time student as well. She wasn't prepared for class and couldn't explain some of the most basic principals of the subject. Due to legal reasons I will not comment on my response to this. Once I had been treated so poorly by the leadership at Wesleyan I shut my mouth and knew it best to cover my ends through strict legal processes. Besides that, I see a lot of suppression for an institution who supposedly empowers women... Yet, it is unreasonable in many classes to speak up about your ideas on a matter regardless of how open minded you are. Things like, "That's the problem with you American students! You're going to end up on the streets and pregnant!" in response to a student answering a question incorrectly in class. I especially was mortified that a professor would openly admit the "women should be in the kitchen" mentality at a women's college. I have previously worked in a primarily male field, yet I have to say that the sexism I encountered from even the rudest men in my career never made me feel as helpless as it does here. The dorms... They should be tested for mold and mildew ASAP. Oh, the heating, air, water, gas... even though I don't live on campus the outages are sent to all students, and all of those things have been out at some point. I don't see how these girls do it. At least why they don't tell their parents?? My child would not be living in those conditions. Kind of makes one wonder what they do with the $42 million in endowments plus the rate of tuition.
1st Year Female -- Class 2018
Education Quality: A, Useful Schoolwork: F

I wanted to attend a college with less

Oct 19 2011Undecided
I wanted to attend a college with less riff-raff, folks just going to college so they didn't have to work and get parents on their back, etc., than my last jr. college. Since the admissions process was tougher than your average college (essay, submit artwork, writing, teacher recommendations) I figured the girls there would be more focused on learning (I was right).

I was really sold of this school's sloan "Women First." I'm a shy person and I thought that Wesleyan would help bring me out and empower me. The admissions people are very nice and I really got caught in the excitement of going to this school.

However, it all came crashing down for me.
There's two types of teachers at Wesleyan:
1) Teachers that treat you like your still in high school. They give tons of busy work that has nothing to do with their exams and pointless groupwork. They will take up your cell phone if they see it out (even if your not using it). They lock the doors, so they know when someone leaves...kinda seem to freak out if you go to the bathroom or get some water.

2) Teachers that are self-absorbed, arrogant and don't teach you anything. They just assign work and criticize it, without giving you examples of how it should look/be.

Wesleyan must be a great place to work because teachers will cancel class if something comes up in their life, but they want you to email them ahead of time if your sick. If you don't turn your work in on the due date it's an F, but they can take their sweet time grading your work, promise to give handouts, etc and still not have them two weeks later.

There's also two types of students at Wesleyan:

1) Sweet, innocent-ish good girls, who probably picked Wesleyan to make their parents happy (not worrying about boys, partying, etc)

2) Boyish, I don't need a man, I'm better than all men, yet slightly bitter girls
A lot of the girls are quiet, shy which makes the group-based learning at Wesleyan stupid. A lot of the classes require you to speak in class, which basically, in those classes, the teacher will sit back and ask you the questions and demand that you teach them something. So you go home at night, read your book, and then repeat everything aloud for the teacher the next day. Great if you like to talk in class a lot, Wesleyan is for you.

Again because most of the girls are quiet types, everyone seems to stick with their roommates. So, if your a transfer student it's harder to meet people. The social events are all educational at Wesleyan...foreign films, speakers, professors talking about their research, etc. There's not a lot things just for fun. You have to go to 8-10 "social" events a year or they charge you money. Which is difficult because a lot of the time they don't announce the events far enough in the future for you to plan to go and it takes away from studying.

The outside of the campus is beautiful, probably the only thing I still like. But the insides could use work. The carpet is stained and needs replacing. The chairs in class are uncomfortable. Part of the wall in the library looks like it has termite damage/damaged sheetrock. The vending machines are old, if you don't have the right change, out of luck. Many of the bathroom stalls don't have working locks. This is a WOMENS College, but there's no tampon/pad machines anywhere. The nicest building I've been in is the BIO building because it's new and clean and the air works.

Furthermore, the college nurse is a joke. A lot of the students try to get in to see her and she tells them to come back later again and again. They updated the foodline because people complained, but it's still bad.

So, anyhow, my advice if you are thinking about Wesleyan, the perfect Wesleyan student is:

Very hardworking, very outgoing, likes to talk in class a lot, likes the heat (Macon is a hot, hot place)Things I liked about Wesleyan: Outside of the campus, It's history, the library cat, parking's not bad, I always felt safe on campus

1st Year Female -- Class 2015
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Education Quality: F
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