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Wesleyan College

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Avoid the mistake I made.BrightOther
Avoid the mistake I made. DO NOT COME HERE.
I did not want to come to Wesleyan. My parents pushed me to because I had relatives who attended here way back. Stupidly, I caved because I got what I thought was a decent scholarship and I thought "it can't be that bad." It was worse than I expected. Fortunately, I will be out of here in May and get the chance to go on to better things.

If you are considering Wesleyan here are some things you need to know.
1. It's tiny. No, really. My high school was bigger. Ignore whatever the college says online or the admissions people tell you about the number of students. In truth, there are about 400 students here (give or take) and you will see them ALL THE TIME for the next four years.

2. The sexual atmosphere is weird. No, Wesleyan isn't a convent. It's also not completely full of lesbians. But you are likely to be harassed (or bullied) by one of the militant black lesbians. Seriously, think orange is the new black. And when you complain, some naive little white girl who had never even heard of being gay before college will tell you how you are trying to oppress her rights.

3. Wesleyan could be really beautiful. From a distance it is. But up close it's a different story. The buildings are either brand new and nice (Taylor Hall and the Science Center) or falling down. The library literally smells like mildew and cat pee. Last year, the college started building a new chapel. I think it would have been better to fix up some of the other buildings instead of building a big, expensive building for the 15 girls who actually go to chapel.

4. The administration is obsessed with China. The school has worked out some sort of a deal with a University in China to bring lots of international students to Wesleyan. They say it is going to help the college with money or something. Practically, it means that a bunch of the people in my classes are Chinese. It might be cool if Wesleyan's American students got the change to do a semester in China. So far, it seems to be a one way thing.5. I thought I got a pretty decent scholarship when I came to Wesleyan. It turns out everyone gets a pretty decent scholarship to come to Wesleyan. I don't know anyone who isn't getting a scholarship or some sort of financial aid. If the admissions office tries to make you feel like the scholarship they offer you is a big deal or it is super competitive, don't believe it. You'll be one of many.

3rd Year Female -- Class 2015
Collaboration/Competitive: A, Innovation: F
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Wesleyan College became my home.BrightEducation
Wesleyan College became my home. I started my college career thinking I knew what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, and the things I wanted to experience, learn, see, and feel. I had no clue. At Wesleyan I shortly embraced all of its traditions, quirks, and abnormalities and it changed my entire perspective. I grew as an individual in every aspect, socially, intellectually, spiritually, culturally, and emotionally.

The academics are phenomenal. Professors hold you accountable and treat you not only as a student but as a professional. This isn't a place for individuals who want to sleep through class, half-ass work, and think they can slide by. No. Yes, it is expensive but not nearly as most private colleges and universities.

There are many opportunities for personal growth to become a leader, team member, sister, and more.
The sisterhood aspect is a huge factor there and has deep rooted meaning and value. That is what I cherished the most. I made the best friends of my life and know that I can't ask for better people to have gotten to grow, mature, and better ourselves with.

I do think that Wesleyan College enables a sense of entitlement that can be a bit off putting to some. We all feel like our individuality and opinion is of the upmost importance and one can easily forget we are only a big fish in a small pond.

There are certain staff that need to be replaced with professionals that are alumna of the school. Things change and evolve but the agenda as to which is not of the students or the school's best interest but theirs. Which isn't fair.

Favorite students are the gems of the school which is okay but out of a total population if less than 600 students, variety can be used more there.

Socially, fun is where you make it, but Wesleyan is very exclusive. It isn't the students, it's administration. they are broadening out to the surrounding local colleges but efforts could be better. As far as for the atmosphere, NO! WESLEYAN COLLEGE IS NOT A CONVENT NOR IS IT LAND TO ALL LESBIANS. It's actually an insult because just as there are homosexuals in any place you go, Wesleyan is no different. Wesleyan is a place where any one can be valued as an individual, not by their sexual orientation, race, etc. Many women there have steady relationships with men and are not raging lesbians or feminists. And if some are that's okay too. Wesleyan teaches one to be aware of self, others, and their community. We teach accountability, leadership, professionalism, growth, faith, sisterhood, and many other things. I value my experience here and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Alumna Female -- Class 2000
Starting Job: Assistant Manager; Preparedness: B+ Reputation: B+
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My first semester was really good.Quite BrightOther
My first semester was really good. Freda in registration helped me select courses that semester. She is the best person on this school's staff. She is also one of the few African Americans who work at the school outside of the kitchen and janitorial staff, and to be frank... They seem to pass her all the work. She knows what is going on, everyone else seems to care very little and have a superior attitude. I continued at Wesleyan for a few reasons first, I have moved quite a bit so getting transcripts is expensive and tedious. Second, I am unfamiliar with middle Ga's educational opportunities. I plan to transfer and have visited other schools. Not due to the staff! Last semester when I brought forward concerns about a teacher of mine, I was belittled so badly I refuse to bring any further problems forward without legal representation. I simply wanted to know what the schedule was for the class because the syllabus kept changing, for instance per the syllabus we would have a test one date but the teacher would give the test 2-3 weeks earlier. Come to find out, my teacher has a Bachelor's in a completely different area and was not only a full time teacher at Wesleyan, but a full time student as well. She wasn't prepared for class and couldn't explain some of the most basic principals of the subject. Due to legal reasons I will not comment on my response to this. Once I had been treated so poorly by the leadership at Wesleyan I shut my mouth and knew it best to cover my ends through strict legal processes. Besides that, I see a lot of suppression for an institution who supposedly empowers women... Yet, it is unreasonable in many classes to speak up about your ideas on a matter regardless of how open minded you are. Things like, "That's the problem with you American students! You're going to end up on the streets and pregnant!" in response to a student answering a question incorrectly in class. I especially was mortified that a professor would openly admit the "women should be in the kitchen" mentality at a women's college. I have previously worked in a primarily male field, yet I have to say that the sexism I encountered from even the rudest men in my career never made me feel as helpless as it does here. The dorms... They should be tested for mold and mildew ASAP. Oh, the heating, air, water, gas... even though I don't live on campus the outages are sent to all students, and all of those things have been out at some point. I don't see how these girls do it. At least why they don't tell their parents?? My child would not be living in those conditions. Kind of makes one wonder what they do with the $42 million in endowments plus the rate of tuition.
1st Year Female -- Class 2018
Education Quality: A, Useful Schoolwork: F
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