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The University of Idaho

Total Grad Surveys 12
Females 5
Males 7
Avg years at University 3.0
Research Quality C+ (5.6)
Research Availability B (6.6)
Research Funding C+ (5.6)
Graduate Politics B- (6.3)
Not Errand Runners B (7.3)
Degree Completion B- (6.2)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B- (6.3)
Sufficient Pay C+ (5.7)
Competitiveness B+ (7.5)
Education Quality B- (6.4)
Faculty Accessibility B (7.3)
Useful Research B- (6.2)
"Individual" treatment B+ (7.5)
Friendliness B (6.7)
Safety B+ (7.8)
Campus Beauty A- (8.5)
Campus Maintenance B+ (7.6)
University Spending B- (6.2)
Extracurriculars B (6.9)
Scholastic Success B (6.8)
Surrounding City C (4.6)
Social Life/ Environment C+ (5.4)
Surrounding CityC
Campus BeautyA-
I'd like to haveJun 11 2014Civil Engineering
I'd like to have had a better overall experience to be honest. The area and locals are something else and there is little to do. It made time drag a bit.
I started my 6 years at the UniversityMay 28 2014Architecture
I started my 6 years at the University of Idaho after attending a community college. My course of study required a professional degree in order to take advantage of the time and effort I put into my studies. Overall I have a positive view towards the university, administrators from the top to the bottom have been approachable, and involved when called upon. If there was an issue that I had to go outside of my department to address I never hit a road block. That may be more a product of my persistence, but know that at other schools persistence isn't always rewarded. The campus is beautiful in the fall, and even more so in the spring after the long winter. In my opinion, winters are pretty mild for the geographic location of Moscow, and it seems they've only become more mild as I've lived here. It's not San Diego, but it's a far cry from Fargo. The social scene here is what you make of it. Being a little older I had no problem coping with making friends and keeping myself entertained. Once again, it is what you make of it. Moscow is for all intents and purposes a small college town, and with that there's more bars and clubs in the area than a regular town of comparable size. The outdoor recreation opportunities within an hour's drive are numerous, and there's no shortage of people at the U of I that will be more than willing to tag along or show you that hard to find trail. Athletics haven't been a priority historically, and it shows. The top revenue sports of football, and men's basketball are perennial under-achievers. Other, less popular sports, are actually pretty successful, but unless you enjoy watching track and field, standing court side at a tennis match, or peering through the bushes at the golf course, there's not much to get behind. I'm hoping things turn around, as I'm graduated and on my way out, things will change, and hopefully for the better. Academically, the U of I is the top school in the state, every barometer of academic achievement points to that. It's fully the product of the faculty, and the students that come here. Funding from the state is dismal, and some programs have suffered because of that, however, those programs are still achieving high marks regardless. Cost-wise, there's no better value. I can say I'm more than happy with my investment, alumni from my department tend to do pretty well in the job field, and I have no reason to believe, that through hard work, and my education I attained in Moscow, I can do the same. Furthermore, being a Vandal is a fun talking point that goes far in networking situations that other school mascots will only receive blank stares, and "which one?"'s.
Oh gosh were do i start?Mar 29 2012Education
Oh gosh were do i start? The education you receive really depends on what college you apply for. Like if you go into engineering or the college of business or natural sciences you will receive a great education with teachers that know whats up. BUT if you go into architecture or education you will get frustrated and end up struggling in life. These departments are under funded, the teachers are full of themselves, and the politics of these departments are baffling.

School/student life is very nice the people overall are hospital and open to lending out a hand. As for entertainment there is none the university use to host entertainment, but as of the last 5 years they have meager and mostly failing attempts. Thankfully WSU has great attraction and shows visit their university. For the most part you or on your own to find entertainment. There is no night life unless your into house party's.

I love the outdoors and the area is great for biking camping and if you are willing to drive at least a couple hours great fishing. The problem is its always cold up here. The summers are just to short and when winter comes there is nothing to do. No ski resorts unless you drive 3 hours or more in every direction, they do not take care of roads up here, laugh at people with little cars. Your not allowed to ski, sled, play tag, paintball, airsoft, campfire, in city limits of moscow or on campus. The restaurants in moscow are amazing and offer a great variety, but food from stores are expensive. Housing is also very expensive. Overall University of Idaho has potential to give you a great education, but its like roulette. The town is quirky very feel good, respect all life, better wear a rasta hat in one of the 7 coffee bars on mainstreet type of places.

I had no problems getting into a labDec 08 2010Electrical Engineering
I had no problems getting into a lab group on campus and getting a research project. Although I'm only doing a MS in EE, not a Phd. There are very few Phds at Idaho. I think its a good school for an undergrad and masters but would look elsewhere for a doc. The departments fairly small (probably 20-30 graduate students 100-200 undergrads), so the faculty know and take an interest in everyone. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the education I got here. The town is a small college town pretty far from any cities of reasonable size. If you like clubs and a big night life you will be disappointed with Moscow. If you like outdoor actives such as mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, camping, fishing, and hunting; you'll love Moscow. Like most small college town the city revolves around the university and school spirit is very strong here. I loved my time at UI and would recommended it to anyone.
Research Topic(s): A high voltage buck converter realized with a low voltage cmos process
I got my undergrad here and am nowFeb 03 2010Electrical Engineering
I got my undergrad here and am now working on my masters in electrical engineering. I feel I've gotten an great education here. Whenever I've worked with students from other universities I've generally been substantially more prepared. Although most of them have been from BSU. Around graduation most (virtually everybody) engineering students takes a nation wide standardized test call the FE(Fundamentals of Engineering). It's a pass fail, and the national pass rate in 2008 (when I took it) was in the mid seventies. I could have done that test in my sleep, I left 1.5 hours early from the morning section and 1 hour early from the afternoon section. I don't know anyone at the UI that didn't pass.

Also I've been doing paid research since my junior year, which lead into my masters research. Even before that, I was involved in extra curricular engineering projects. There has defiantly been no lack of opportunities.

As to the university itself: profs have been great with few exceptions. The campus is the prettiest I've seen, although I've only been on a couple of handfuls. Class sizes where small, there where a few lecture halls as a freshman, then in my major courses usually 15-20 students. As a grad student my class sizes have usually been 5-15 students.Moscow itself is a small town. This leads to the city being VERY university oriented. If your looking for a university town with a strong atmosphere, this is the place to be. On the other hand if you want a big city with lots and lots to do, you probably won't like Moscow. UI is the polar opposite of a commuter college.

Overall, my experience while attending was a veryDec 06 2009Natural Resources
Overall, my experience while attending was a very positive one. Moscow is a small town that has an isolated feeling, and one should consider this seriously if the environment is important to you. It is a good place if you seek peace and quiet though. There were many opportunities to find temporary research and TA jobs to make some money on top of my RA. With this being said, I graduated with a very good GPA, excellent interactions with faculty and experiences working with faculty, was very active in school organizations such as GPSA and in classes. BUT, THE FACULTY HERE IS NOT INVESTED IN THE FUTURE OF STUDENTS ONCE YOU GRADUATE! I AM SEEKING PHD POSITIONS WHICH REQUIRE LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION. DESPITE MY SCHOLARLY ACHIEVEMENTS AND GOOD RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE FACULTY, I HAVE HAD AN EXCRUCIATING TIME TRYING TO GET SEVERAL FACULTY FROM GEOGRAPHY AND CNR TO WRITE LETTERS OF SUPPORT. THEY ARE SIMPLY LAZY AND UNSUPPORTIVE. THIS HAS SERIOUSLY AFFECTED AND INHIBITED MY POTENTIAL TO MOVE FORWARD! It is my belief that part of being in academia is to write these letters assuming there is no reason not to. I have had several faculty agree t write a letter of recommendation, only to have deadlines approach many months later, having had to send up to 5 emails and phonecalls with no response, even though they agreed!!! IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW ABOUT THIS HARDSHIP, I WOULD NEVER HAVE SELECTED UIDAHO FOR A GRADUATE DEGREE. IT MATTERS WHEN YOU WANT TO MOVE FORWARD IN YOUR GRADUATE OR PROFESSIONAL CAREER. Being academia includes helping the student to progress. Apparently the faculty here are not encouraged to do so.
I have been to universities in metropolitan areasSep 16 2008Other
I have been to universities in metropolitan areas (Miami, Johannesburg, etc) and have never learned so much in such a short time. The courses actually teach you useable skills and understanding of theory. The staff is extremely friendly and the students are un-pretentious. After experiencing such a positive academic environment, I would not again knock a university just based on location and popularity. Politics are low, allowing grad students to complete their research requirements without delay. I've been able to TA on top of my RA for extra money, as well as attend several conferences (this required a bit of coercing however). If you are willing to be persistent, the dept. will help you get places. I would say that while the professors are not all the smartest aces, in my experience, their support and open-door policy goes a lot further.
Jan 25 2008Engineering Department
It's great place to learn in USA.
Within the Department of Microbiology, Molecular Biology &Jun 21 2004Genetics
Within the Department of Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (MMBB), I observed an atmosphere of suspicions and non-cooperation. There are professors who will destroy your academic career if you dare (as I did) to stand up and say that there is something wrong (nepotism, leadership vacuum, safety concerns, clique-ish infighting, reduced academic standards, etc.).Avoid the MMBB department at the Univ of Idaho. If you are an undergraduate in the Northwest, look at WSU or UW in Washington, and OHSU in Oregon. If you want a quality M.S., I hightly recommend Boise State University in southern Idaho.
Research Topic(s): was Examination of B.anthracis, B.cereus, B.thuringiensis identificat
The faculty in thisNov 30 2003Electrical Engineering
The faculty in this University seemed to think that , students are simply the sources of funds and all they cared was addding more students every year , without a care about quality of education
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