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Blackburn College

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Blackburn appears as a lovely school, old architectureQuite Bright
Blackburn appears as a lovely school, old architecture buildings, and newer ones... so depending on building and season it may be a bit colder in some or warmer in others, especially when switching from one to the other. The campus is easily walkable and anyone can find their destination without delay/problem. Faculty are delightful, intelligent, and friendly to work with. They actually seem to care about you as a person, rather than a test grade for college/university numbers. It's a real shame so few actually enroll into Blackburn in the end, since the academics have been rated highly or decent compared to most universities. Many see a small community, but it depends on you, yourself as a person. Some may view it as too small, or a society of "selfish" or "closed-minded" people, simple for who they present themselves as. It's a smaller town, so less to do, and a smaller college so it does feel as though it's high school again when it comes to seeing the same people everyday, and having just as much to do as when you were in high school. It is in my opinion Blackburn can live up to be a great school, if given the chance to build attendance and popularity. And of course, you will perceive the school as whatever you see it ass, because it is what you make of it. If you believe you're excluded, it is because you haven't put yourself out there to be included. This isn't high school, you have to push for what you want, and you can't just slide by.
1st Year Female -- Class 2019
Individual Value: A+, Extracurricular Activities: C
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This school has the potential to be theBrightDesign Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etc
This school has the potential to be the way it's advertised. I did extensive research on where I should go after being kicked out from UIC (avoid that one) and I wanted to go somewhere that is stable and will enable me to learn. And this place needs an update so people know it's still going.

Most colleges are breaking the bank today and become so challenging that you'll find yourself pulling all-nighters just to finish all the nonsense homework you'll be assigned. Not here. Classes are fairly easy here, depending on the teacher and major. I'm an art major, but I do need some frightening math and writing gen-eds. However, at least half the teachers here are the greatest human beings I've met so far. They were passionate about their subject and I felt comfortable coming up to them after class. Classes are small, but get even smaller as you get further into your major focused classes (my art history had 8 students). I come from the city so this was amazing to me.

The work program is why I came here, I find the whole idea of it very responsible and useful. It knocks off a nice chunk from your already cheap tuition bill, and you can work extra for wages. This is the second least expensive school (used to be 1st) and that can be a good thing, but also bad. Dorming is probably the worst thing to get into here, and my experience would be x10 better if I had a chance to avoid it. The dorms show how crappy some work managements are, since they arent well kept for most of the time. The entire floor also gets charged extra cash for one persons mess, which I find stupid and unfair. I also just got an e-mail that over breaks they want to house athletes and workers into other students dorms, which I will complain about because it's ridiculous. I don't want a stranger staying in my dorm. The school is trying to cut back costs on heating by housing all students in one building, which is irritating and frankly not my problem. I pay tuition for my dorm and I don't expect anyone else but me staying in my single. It's very annoying things like these that made me wish I can commute.

I really care about dining. The food here is sponsored by Sodexo. Which could be a good company, but then again since the students run the work area in the cafeteria I fear the overall cleanliness and food safety of the dining hall. I ended up feeling ill and throwing up twice, and so I never went back. I got a foreman grill and luckily there's a little deli just 10 min away from the school where I buy stuff daily. The dining hall made the food look amazing during orientation, but the real quality is later revealed. I wish I can cancel the meal plan but it's unfortunately required. The snack bar on the other hand is edible! And even yummy, but very unhealthy. What makes me sad (and I'm not trying to be rude) is the amount of overweight students that I see around me, I have honestly never seen so much people being unhealthy. The food that's provided doesn't help, and I didn't even know there was a gym accessible until someone pointed it out to me.

The absolute worst thing about this school are the people. I've met the most uncivilized, ill-mannered, rude and snooty individuals in my life. No one cleans up after themselves after using the toilet. Not many people are nice, and will look at you like you came from space. The people I have talked to are concerned with gossip, and the guys are creepos. So this is basically high school in a nutshell. Unfortunately there's nothing this school can do about the people that go here, which is a shame because if this place felt more like a community then this place would be great! Luckily every semester a new batch of students come in, and hopefully they will be a better group.Most of my complaints are nit-picky. The school can be a real downer sometimes due to the lack of social life and places to go, places to eat. I sometimes feel stuck in this small town/school. I have to remind myself that it's one of the cheapest and I came here to learn and not socialize. The teachers are amazing and by the time I graduate from here my college bill will be like a car payment compared to the double home mortgages my other friends will deal with from attending big expensive city schools. That's what is most important. If you are looking for a more college-y experience though, definitely don't attend here. It really does feel more like high school and since it's a very small college there are limited opportunities in all areas I can think of. I will re-update when I hopefully graduate from Blackburn.

1st Year Female -- Class 2018
Education Quality: A, Social Life: F
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To me, Blackburn was what you made ofAccounting
To me, Blackburn was what you made of it. A lot of students come to this school without knowing anything about it. There were several that didn't even know they had to work on campus. So do your research on the school. The students for the most part were nice; but lazy. Not all were like that, but a lot were. They also feel "priveleged" to missing classes, turning in homework late, etc. My freshman year I worked in campus services, which was ganitorial work, and I don't know how many times people would not do their job, show up late, talk back to the supervisors. I don't know about them, but I was raised not to talk back to my superiors, and work my butt off to get ahead in life. You can have multiple jobs on campus if you want, from my sophmore to my senior year, I had to jobs on campus. One for the requirements of the college, the other for cash. And if you want to, they keep a handful of people during the Spring and Summer vacations around to keep the work going. You get free housing, and minimum wage pay.

I didn't have many issues with my teachers. I loved my accounting teachers, and art teachers. They were always there to answer my questions, give me advice, and always seemed to have my back and help me out. I only had one issue with one teacher (a psychology teacher) and she was just loony and had a horrible memory. I took my issues up with the dean of students and he took care of the problem. Sometimes the adjunct teachers they get aren't the greatest, but for a small college, they take what they can get. Most adjuncts (part-time) dont last too long.

I can say campus life can be crazy at times. A lot of parties, a lot of drinking, a lot of drama. Sometimes it seems like high school with the stuff thats going on, but I figured it came with the territory. You still have a lot of people cooped up in a small space, with different personalities, and people still trying to mature. (some failed miserably). I was able to stay away from all of it for the most part, by staying away from the people that caused the drama in the first place.

The way the place is run, is OK....could improve, I never had problems with admissions or financial aide, but student life sometimes was a pain. I had issues with roommates at times that I could not stand, and it seemed like they had to catch them in the act of violations before they did anything about it. One roommate, several times came home drunk, threw up on my clothes/computer; brought her 6 year old niece in the room at night and was partying in the room with her all night. Thankfully that was the only time I had an issue with a roommate. Usually your freshman and sophmore year you will have a roommate. Your junior and senior year you can opt to get your own room for added expense, but it comes at seniority. I had my own room my senior year and 1/2 my junior.

And there was one incident I did not care for how the college handled it at all. If you want to here about it you can email me. I wont go into detail about it, but it was completely wrong and injust on what they did.

I did like that they helped my friend (who got pregnant her sophmore year) stay in school and find her a place off campus. They made a deal with the housing authority in town for her to stay there. Granted she had to get a part time job and pay $250 a month for her apartment. She was able to make up all her classes she missed her sophmore year by writing huge papers for them, and she still graduated the same year she was planned to.If you have any questions about this college, dont hesitate to contact me. I was there for 4 years, witnessed and seen everything and anything.

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
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