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The Illinois Institute of Technology

Total Grad Surveys 18
Females 5
Males 13
Avg years at University 2.3
Research Quality C- (4.2)
Research Availability C- (3.5)
Research Funding D (2.5)
Graduate Politics C (4.4)
Not Errand Runners C (4.9)
Degree Completion C- (4.0)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] D (2.6)
Sufficient Pay D (2.3)
Competitiveness C (4.4)
Education Quality C (4.7)
Faculty Accessibility C (4.5)
Useful Research C (4.3)
"Individual" treatment C- (3.9)
Friendliness C (4.4)
Safety C (4.3)
Campus Beauty C (4.5)
Campus Maintenance C (4.6)
University Spending C- (3.5)
Extracurriculars C (4.8)
Scholastic Success C+ (5.5)
Surrounding City B- (6.1)
Social Life/ Environment C (4.8)
Sufficient PayD
Surrounding CityB-
Avoid this place-specifically the physics departmentDec 18 2017Physics
Avoid this place-specifically the physics department. I would go so far as to say, if you did not get in anywhere else, wait a year and try again. I felt psychologically abused by professors who show no respect for student needs or student rights. Very little emphasis is placed on learning. Lectures are a waste of time and the large homework load cannot be completed honestly because there is not enough time or resources available. I felt like a dog who has never been trained but who is punished anyway for not knowing how to perform the master's tricks. Shylnov and Sullivan were horrible to me. If you have no choice but to be here, try to avoid them. It's hard because there are not many faculty that teach the core curriculum. Segre and Zasadzinski were whatever. Coffey and Snopok were good to me. The chair, Bunker, is amiable, but he does not make any changes to how things are done, so it is good to understand going into it that you have no agency here. If you must be here then you will have to take the abuse. Therapy can help later on to recover...good luck.
Summary: If you want to just bag anOct 14 2015Biology
Summary: If you want to just bag an additional degree to your name, you can chose IIT but if you really want to find jobs and advance your career, do not go for this school.

Faculty are amazing especially with respect to Biological and chemical science department. They are always friendly and approachable.

As an international student, I came here to grow my career. First, No opportunity to join research work under faculties, there is absolutely no funding and I had to look for external opportunities to do my thesis work.

Second, TA/GAs are absolutely non-existent. None of my classmates received any form of tuition/research assistance that I know of.

Third, IIT career service is completely hopeless. They have no idea about any biotech company. Probably, if you are joining Information Technology/ Computer science, you may be better off. Unfortunately, I have never seen a single biology based company in any of the career fairs in my two years at IIT. Career advisers are friendly but they do not care about your career at all. Once they edit your resume, they do not help you with actually finding a job after graduation. I had to hunt for a job opportunity all by myself and it was a pretty difficult path. I completely regret for thinking I will find good contacts and will find opportunities to enhance my career at IIT. Career Management Center at IIT is a complete waste of time, all they do is sign some paper works. They should stop calling themselves career service.

Fourth, this school is highly expensive for what it offers. They have additional cost for every single thing. God knows why. They make all payments mandatory even if you are not using them. This is one of the very greedy school I have come across.

I request the management to read the horrible reviews they have been getting and take some measures to improve their standard.

If you have other opportunities, take themJul 13 2015Mechanical Engineering
If you have other opportunities, take them. IIT no longer (if it ever did) gives a damn about Ph.D. students. TA/RA opportunities are very scarce so if you are looking for a funded position it will be very hard to get. They drew me in with a 1 year TAship then when it came time to focus on my research, my advisor went "Well, my funding ran out" so as an international student I was left scrambling for funding, which never came from IIT. As a consequence, I am transferring to Purdue.

The Mechanical Engineering Department is understaffed and the faculty that are present have very little to no funding. Except for a couple of labs there are no research opportunities available.

During my TAship, I supervised the senior year mechanical lab and even that was underfunded, crowded with students and poorly organized. Haven't seen the professor actually in the lab the whole semester, he just taught the theory behind it and that's it.

Some of the faculty are very nice and helpful but without funding opportunities there is not much that they can do for you. A lot of young professors stay around for 2-3 years then leave for better schools leaving some Ph.D. students behind and suddenly unfunded.

When I went to our dean for help with my funding situation, he just said "look for an internship". Well, I came to IIT with 5 years work experience, I did not come here to work, I came here to do research. If I could have found employment for myself, I wouldn't have been in IIT.Overall, terrible experience. If you are looking for a place to do your Ph.D., this is not it.

OOH MY GOD!Dec 09 2014Architecture
OOH MY GOD! I would NEVER attend this school ever, if I had to do it over again! I was accepted at Cornell and also Notre Dame. I went to IIT because I really didnt want to move out of town. I regret it! They believe in DRAWING till the cows come home. When I was in school, they were transitioning into computers, but we had classes end to end to learn to draw beicks, and fine tune manual drafting- all at a time when these skills were becoming obsolete. When I got out, I was ill equipt to compete with my marginal architectural skills, so I went into construction management. I traveled all over the place when economy was good. That sounds like a good experience, but you become a gypsy and you only get older without gaining more SKILLS, have a family like most people want to do, but then you schlepp your family around doing the "big jobs"- just keep the same skills which are in demand one day and then you are older and find you didnt get a very good foundation- yet your student loans are off the clain- and still need more skills to stay current. If the IIT 3 year graduate program was any good, my class would have had more to build on. Most of my training ended up being OJT. I can promise you by the time I graduated, there was no such job title as "drafter", yet that what most of my tuition 4 paid to teach me. Architectural theory and drafting! What about Codes, and practical experience? Boy....If I could only do it again, I would have got the HELL out of there! Somehow, it has a great reputation, which is partly because it is an international school- which is "fashionable", so its more perception than reality! I could just cry about my the career and financial disability that school caused me when I could have spend valuable dollars elsewhere with a far better outcome. RUN LIKE HELL!!!!! Pahlease!!!!!!
I 100% agree with the previous review fromFeb 06 2012Psychology
I 100% agree with the previous review from the psych grad program. Be prepared to spend at least 10 years in the grad school because the faculty pay you no attention, while you pay them thousands and thousands of dollars (or take out the loans) so that they can string you along. At the same time, you'll be told by the program director that you should not be working and should treat school as your full time job. And finally, my bachelors degree from a different university wasn't completed until after I was in my 4th year of grad school at IIT. That really shouldn't happen.
Attending IIT is like a prison sentenceApr 16 2011Biology
Attending IIT is like a prison sentence. If you don't get "shanked in the yard" walking around campus, you will get intellectually sodomized by the faculty, who act like inmates serving a life sentence. They take out their frustrations on you. You must be very, very tough to make it here. It is not for the weak of heart. The neighborhood is bad, the facilities are depressing and the classes are like punishment.
Beware, of this program and any promises itMay 18 2010Psychology
Beware, of this program and any promises it might make ? faculty come and go at breakneck speed and, despite claims to the contrary, there is no funding. Course quality ranges from adequate to shameful with an internship requirement that is nothing more than a tax on unsuspecting students. Save yourself $100,000 and years of frustration trying to reach your advisor - who you?ll be lucky to see once or twice a semester - and apply at a school that has a genuine interest in its students
The faculty in theMay 16 2010Mechanical Engineering
The faculty in the department are good, however the top level management of the University is terrible. I came from a Big10 university and will definitely not stay at IIT any longer than I have to. Poorly run, sinking ship. Stay away.
I think you have already chosen your university,Nov 05 2009Electrical Engineering
I think you have already chosen your university, but in case you haven't or for future students there: avoid this university. The reasons are multiple but the main reason is that they don't offer enough quality for what you pay. Diversity is good every where, but diversity doesn't mean all exept americans: teachers and students are almost foreigners (I'm not American and i just had 2 American students in my classes). So if you are american you will feel appart because we do our geethos. And if you are foreigner you will feel that your english is not imporving as it has to be for being in the States. This absence of Americans it's easily explained: the quality is so low that locals prefer go to other universities. Their technique is going abroad and offer "grants" to the students, just for being partnerships schools. They say that teir program costs 25000$ but you just will have to pay 12000$, why?? If the programm is good it would deserve each dollar it costs!

What I did after wasting 6 month there was visit other real universities and transfer there. Of course I learned something there, because some teachers were "good" but inexperienced. However, others were pretty bad and you could see it if you knew a little about they were talking.

My subjective opinion is noone should go to IIT. But I will try to show some objective reasons:

- No locals: it can mean that locals avoid this
- No american teachers: this can mean that they can only hire foreigners, the ones that desesperately needs some help with their visas or the ones who can't go better universities.

- No locals + No american teacher + many people from your country = getthos: This means that if you are a foreigner your level of english would not increase as much as you expected. I ended up talking more in my native languague than in english.

- Ugly and old campus: again is subjective, but after beeing in UC campus and IIT campus and in UC campus there were better ambience for studying and partying. Even the gym sucks (little and old)The best for a prospective student would be to spend one week in Chicago and try to go some classes (they are so crowded that they won't notice that you are there). So if you don't have any other university, try harder, but if I were you, I would avoid this.

I do not recommend this UFeb 27 2009Physics
I do not recommend this U., and I have spoken with others who are similarly unimpressed, and heard rumblings by even more as I sat on the computer.

1) It is written that international students can waive the expensive iit health care plan if they have other coverage. Not true. I had to badger the Dean's office repeatedly for weeks after I arrived to get the charges removed from my account. When I was finally successful, I was told that if I told anyone else and they wanted to opt out too, I'd be forced to pay! (I guess they didn't want to lose an easy money source.)

2) I was placed in a ph.d. course during the first month of my masters and told it was a master's course. When I wanted out and this conflicted with my visa the advisor who had placed me there wrote a nasty comment on the bottom of the sheet (whose box stated that I was reqesting a lower course minimum for my visa because of improper placement) which said that it was an appropriate course, it was just me who believed otherwise, for my own reasons.

3) Expensive, no available TA/RAship for me. No lab/thesis for me.
After meeting with the chair and announcing intentions of leaving I was told the chair would try and get me some lab work in the summer. (No details provided.)

4) Badly run. No pre-planning more than a month in advance for courses, books, teachers. The core masters courses are all in semester one, so a student has to be there over the two years to cover all of them.

Poor course instruction. A mumbling old prof. ran through his equations, making mistakes and erasing over the 3 boards thereafter. The homework had numerous corrections which were made by the prof. the week-end before hand-in on Monday. Nice. And the integral which I had asked him about (unable to find in the tables) 1 week earlier which he said to do was later emailed as unsolvable by hand calculation.

5) The book store! I was sold a course book with missing pages for which the campus book store refused to provide an undamaged copy without surrendering my old one with all my scribble notes for the first 3 chapters. I had to call the distributor and then the out-of-state Barnes and Noble parent store before I could solve the problem myself.

6) You'll pay $92 for a bus pass that you don't want or need.
7) The Dean is a smooth-talker who'll turn your complaints around and psychoanalyse you uncomplimentarily and to his advantage.8) Their professional guest speakers are all inhouse or locals and whose expertise quotes things such as "that is what I was told in high school"! I couldn't make this up. It's too sad.

Those of you who are applying to IIT,Sep 15 2008Computer Science
Those of you who are applying to IIT, please do a thorough check of other universities you are applying to before deciding to come here, if you get in.

The CS department here is pretty good. Majority of the research is going on in Information Retrieval, Distributed systems and Peer to peer. The faculty are pretty good, pretty well-informed and friendly. The course structure is good and you can balance your courses well through your semesters.

Funding-wise and wrt availability of on-campus jobs, TA and RA positions, the situation is pathetic.
IIT itself overall has poor funding and job scenario. The campus is pretty decent, not too much to talk about. The administrative staff are not very friendly and supportive. They can get hard on students in certain situations, more than necessary.

Also, the facilities are not that great and not too great a planning goes into maintaining the university and improving it. For example, new students have to literally do a Sherlock Holmes to find the restrooms in the campus center. The tennis courts were all bumpy, rough and uneven and the management let the students play on such courts through the summer and has taken up its renovation now at the end of summer, when that should have been done much earlier.

Nevertheless, the campus does have good points to it. The local train line passes right through campus and that makes downtown very easily accessible. Also, there is a 7 eleven store in campus, which is quite helpful (though it is a bit on the costlier side).

Coming to safety, the location of the campus makes it quite an unsafe place in the night. Though the public safety here is making efforts in keeping it safe, they are somehow coming up short.

Finally, if you are looking to stay on-campus, firstly getting an on-campus apartment is pretty difficult. The only advantage of on-campus apartments here is the obvious one of being close to everythin in campus. But, the apartments themselves are not that great and can do with some significant improvement.

All in all, IIT is not really a great university to come to. It has the obvious advantage of being in Chicago, which is an awesome and beautiful city.Hence, please make a thorough check of other universities and come to IIT only if you believe that it is truly better.

This school is horrible at providing grad studentsDec 04 2007Biology
This school is horrible at providing grad students with funding! The financial aid department is a joke (that is in poor taste), it will not do anything to help you and will often not return calls or emails and if on the rare chance you get a response it is never "lets see what we can do" it is more "that is our policy". The school is way too caught up in the "ProactivIITy" to gave a damn about its students. My advice would be to attend somewhere that does something for the well being of their students.
IIT is a popular university for international studentsNov 30 2007Computer Science
IIT is a popular university for international students. The CS dept is good here and the Information Retrieaval lab here is excellent. The faculty are generally friendly and helpful, barring a few. The student fraternity is also very good and if you intend to, you will find it easy to get into active groups here. Chicago is a beautiful city with some fantastic infrastructure and excellent transportation. The IIT campus is also pretty and well-planned.

Nevertheless, the campus is located close to a slightly insecure area. The funding scenario and assistantship opportunity is very poor. It also is difficult to get an on-campus job, without which one cannot get an SSN.Overall, IIT is a good place to study in. One has to be clear about one's intentions and requirements.

Funding is next toAug 27 2005Electrical Engineering
Funding is next to impossible as of 2005 .. otherwise a very good university .. the ECE dept has to improve a lot .. the profs are self absorbed all the time .. Mechanical is very good here ..
IIT has an outstandingMar 11 2005Electrical Engineering
IIT has an outstanding power engineering faculty, a state of the art student center and the dorms are designed by the world-renowned architect Helmut Jahn.
Jan 05 2005Biology
the school is a good school geared toward learning and enjoyment of research...Not a party school...
Nov 19 2001Electrical Engineering
I hope they start beleiving in Quality is better than Quantity !
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