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Loyola University Chicago

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The students are arrogant and full of themselves

Jul 23 2013Psychology
The students are arrogant and full of themselves. Many of them are aggressive and get in your face when you don't agree or don't live like them. Living with roommates is a nightmare; everyone drinks like a fish and has no concept of "enough." People are loud and drunk and obnoxious. They'll harass you if you don't act like a dumb, drunken, pot-head airhead. It's difficult to study and get things done living in this dysfunctional environment. I know some people say this is part of the "college experience," but it just goes too far. Not only do the people here have the emotional maturity of a 13 year old gossipy girl, but I constantly had my roommates friends coming into my room while I was sleeping. It was the most annoying thing I have ever experienced. Girls are really drunk, slutty, and annoying there......and this is coming from a girl. People smoke both cigarettes and pot's honestly appalling. Avoid Fordham Hall if you plan to attend Loyola; it is the loudest most drunken set of dorm rooms on campus. if you're into that though, go ahead, you'll have fun I guess. Also, try to stick with one roommate, I had three and it was a living hell. One in particular was a short, stupid ditzy girl who kept alcohol in her closet and was drunk 24/7. Aside from drinking, she enjoyed cooking at 2am hungover and singing Disney songs at 90 decibals. As for the financial aspect, the school costs a fortune and it would serve you best to go elsewhere. Tuition gets raised every year, and books are very expensive. Although the school is fairly generous with financial aid, you can go somewhere cheaper and get the same education. The academics are rigorous and do require ample study time, but that's most colleges. In my opinion, there are too many gen ed classes ("core classes."). You have to take freshman English seminar, 2 additional English classes, a math class, two history classes, two science classes, two societal classes, two philosophy classes, an ethics class, a language class, a lab/internship regardless or major (which is a good idea anyways), two theological classes, core "value" classes, etc........It's jut too many classes and it should be cut down so that more students can graduate in 4 years, I have heard horror stories of students being one or two classes away from graduation and having to stay for an extra semester and pay another whole semester of tuition. One good thing is that Loyola raised the maximum amount of credit hours per semester from 18 to 21, so you can take 7 classes instead of 6 or six classes and a lab/elective. If you can handle it, take advantage of that.
2nd Year Female -- Class 2015
Campus Aesthetics: A, Social Life: F

Warning: Do not go here

Aug 27 2014Political Science
Warning: Do not go here. Don't even think about it. If I can steer one person away from this place, I will be happy. Again: DO NOT COME HERE.

Where to start? Let's start with the pros:

Good food in the dining halls. You shouldn't select a college because the food is good.
Lake Michigan. The lake is nice to look at and go to the beach, but again, that shouldn't be a hard selling point.

Chicago. This is a pro and a con: I love Chicago, but the city is not the place to spend college. I know that sounds strange, but it stifles the experience: you live among people of many ages and stages in their lives, and with that you lose the beauty that is when you live in a college town where the majority of people are there because the university is the center.

here we go...
Classes: They're pointless. They're small which is nice or some, but feels like high school all over again.

Price: You're paying multiple times over what out-of-state tuition is for many MUCH BETTER, MORE FUN, MORE RECOGNIZED institutions.

Rogers park: Rogers park is not the worst neighborhood, but it definitely isn't the nicest. You have an influx of immigrants coupled with a high number of mentally ill homeless everywhere.

Academics: The classes aren't too tough, and there are limited research options. Go to a big public school because you'll have a ton more research opportunities.

Social life: Absolutely horrible!!!! The only *almost* saving grace for me was being an athlete. That was pretty nice because I had a group of friends always and something to do on weekends. I can't imagine how much worse it would have been without that. The campus is dead, there are no fun parties, and most people hole up in their dorms and drink, hoping not to get caught by an RA. How lame. Although I think that sometimes the media exaggerates how crazy the "college experience" is at times at large schools, this place is not even remotely close to that experience. The VAST majority of people who went here regret it immensely, and don't think you'll be the outlier, cause I thought that too and I'm not. Hamilton's is fun for a little while, but it gets lame quick. There are no real frats to foster any sort of party scene, and there are no sports to rally around--no football on the weekends. I know it sounds lame for me to complain about that, but it detracts substantially from the college experience since it is a centerpiece of socializing at larger schools. The school is a ghost town on the weekends. If you want a real college experience, please please listen to my warning: DO NOT GO TO LOYOLA, or any other school in the city for that matter.

Tl;dr-- You'd be paying an absurd amount of money to have a mediocre education at a university which does not offer a "true" college experience. I hope I've saved someone a lot of trouble.

3rd Year Male -- Class 2011
Surrounding City: A-, Individual Value: F

(This is long, but don't you think an

May 08 2013Business - Management and Administration
(This is long, but don't you think an investment as expensive as college should be thoroughly researched beforehand?) Before choosing Loyola, I was warned by someone who knew many people that went to Loyola. 5 out of those 6 hated the experience. I was stupid and ignored the warnings.

I?m going to get straight to the point here. If you were not raised around white people, if you are not from Chicago suburbs like Woodstock, Rockford, etc, and if you are not white, you will feel out of place. People act dress and speak the same. I have never seen so many people wear Rain Boots, North Face jackets/bookbags and wield iphones and camelbak water bottles all at the same time. Loyola must have broken a guinness world record with this one.

There is no spring or summer at this school. I?ve lived in Chicago my whole life so I can attest that yes, weather is shitty, but it is just EXAGGERATED next to the lake. This isn?t the school?s fault but more like their founders? fault for choosing the location. The weather is Chicago weather up the ass. When they decided to place Loyola next to Lake Michigan, they decided to have Chicago weather to the power of up the ass. When its cold, its cold up the ass. I have never experienced weather as shitty as when on campus. The IC library acts like a fucking wind facilitator. You?d think it?d block some wind coming from the lake, but it does the opposite. Oh, and for the days it hot, which are very few, its hot, you guessed it, up the ass. I came up to Rogers Park from the inner city, so I can tell you, the weather anywhere but next to the lake is 10x better. I can only remember days walking on campus with a heavy jacket on.

Now the professors. They vary greatly on your school/major. Some are good, some aren?t, as with any university. Although my share of business profs are disproportionately more awful than lets say my language/math teachers.

As for the dorms, I cannot attest, for I didn?t live in them.
As for the food, for the times I ate in the cafeteria, the food was good (im not a picky eater) but the cafes are god-awful. The worst variety in the world. They assumed our diets consist of pop-tarts, rip-off sushi, and shit yogurt. Although the cafe in water tower has more variety than the rest. Still very rip-off though.

Now the people. As I said, most are white and from suburbs who think they are the absolute shit being in the city of Chicago (then karma kicks in and they get their phones robbed out in the street thanks to local residents). Diversity in racial terms is OK, but socioeconomically, not so much. Asians stick together and form cool-asian cliques as if reliving high school, or generally just stick amongst themselves. Korean population is a fair part of the Asian student body. Lots of internationals from China, Korea. Not many Hispanics. I do see a fair share of Blacks. Lotso Indians. Lotso Pre-Med people. Also, the out of state population is pretty good for a private school from my experience.

Clubs suck. Oh my god. I tried out so many but in the end they are not really worth it. Maybe the professional ones are but the leisure activities ones are just bad. Activities/events are rarely advertised. Rarely will you see organizations outside the library rallying for their club. And when they do, they are obnoxious. I was stopped to talk about abortion and pro-life stuff. Not my cup of tea.

And as for the campus being ?beautiful?, yes, it is quite aesthetically pleasing the first couple days you are here but... everything becomes an eyesore if your around it for long enough. Not a ?traditional? college campus feel. The facilities, at least the newer ones, are good. IC has Mac and PC, but all the PCs look like they?re from 2000. Computers in Cudahy often have lagging/nonworking mice. The tuition is so expensive, yet that can?t update the PCs? They are also building a shit-ton of new dorms. So much goddamn construction. They already have a shit-ton of apartment-style dorms bought out around the area. There?s a new student center. I can see they?re really trying to pack in as much students and money as they possibly can.

The office peoples you'll eventually have to encounter whether it be financial aid questions or general questions have been very nice and helpful. That actually surprised me.

And as a commuter, social life will be virtually nonexistent. Classrooms are not very intimate. People do not try to make friends outside of their high school chums/people on their floor. I knew one girl who wouldn?t stop talking about her high school best friends and how great they are. The school does not cater to commuters. They want you to live on campus; they want your money.

Most tour guides will feed you lies, how they?ve ?never felt out of place? and how everything is ?just great?. They have tours almost everyday, most are huge packs of people that really get in the way because they?re leading them inside the library and its just too crowded. They want to convince as many people as they possibly can that this school is the school to be. THIS IS A SUITCASE CAMPUS. So many people go home on the weekends; campus is dead by friday afternoon/evening on a typical day.

Honestly, I feel like my bad experience wasn't because of Loyola, the school by itself but the students. But I feel my experience was a mix but the people here played a bigger role in my misery trip here. And yes, I talked to people, I talked to many many people, but cannot say I made any genuine friends.

Now, experience will obviously vary, don?t give me BS saying how its all my fault blah blah blah, 'cuz the Jesuit lords really did not want me here. Everything that I dealt with here, every little attempt to find my place here, make friends, make it all worthwhile, all of it ended up with Loyola stabbing my will to go on. I have never ever been so discouraged in my life. My time at Loyola was the lowest low point of my life.Now I transferred and I feel a large chip has been lifted off my shoulder. Hurray smiles happy ending :)))))

1st Year Female -- Class 2016
Surrounding City: A, Extracurricular Activities: F
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