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The University of Illinois - Chicago

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I have a mixed review about UIC, itAverageBiology
I have a mixed review about UIC, it was kind of what I expected to be but my review leans more towards being negative. Ill address everything one by one. If you don't feel like reading all this my last paragraph will summarize what I'm saying.

Atmosphere: You have to take a required freshman orientation so it gives you the chance to see the buildings and campus. People complain about the campus being a bit lifeless and depressing but I loved it. I love the city, there's endless places to eat and hang out. Lot's of tall spacious facilities and a huge campus. It's nice that UIC makes an attempt to make the campus more "green" because that's what makes it different from DePaul. Even though both schools are smack dab in the city, UIC has their own area of green that makes it stand out as an actual campus, something other city schools lack.

Dorms: Freshman dorms are gross with melting walls in the shower and are generally unkempt. Random smells come and go as you venture through all the floors. CTY, CMN, CMW, CMS are traditional style dorms with 2 beds and wood furnishings. (Try to request a corner room, those are the biggest) The dorms u get with seniority are better as they look more like apartments. The best dorms are JST (Keep in mind are a bit more expensive) and are extremely beautiful, with large windows facing the campus and city. They look like hotels and are difficult to get, as housing arrangements seem random so there's a fat chance of getting that dorm if you're an incoming freshman. The events held at dorms are like a scam don't trust them. I'm not one to participate because I don't want to, but if there's food offered then I would go. They offered pie as a celebration for thanksgiving, and you weren't able to eat it without first sitting through a presentation about calories and health. This happens alot btw so don't be fooled. I also expected college food to be a little better than high school but it's just as bad. All the nice pictures you see on UIC's dining website only shows JST's dining hall, which is significantly better than all of the other dining halls. Even there the food is still sub-par. The lunch ladies are rude and the only thing that's edible is the fries and salad. I wasted all of my money eating at greektown and chinatown, which are both luckily very close to the campus. A big heads up though is to show up for thanksgiving dinner which was amazing, the food was surprisingly delicious and cooked as if it was homemade, and i'm still wondering why the food isn't that good everyday? It should be for the price you're paying.

Social Life: UIC is a commuter school so it looks completely dead on weekends and it might seem hard to make friends. As I stated I don't participate much but there's were plenty of clubs, organizations, and events, it's just a matter of showing up. People on campus, to be honest, look dead most of the time as you walk to class. I made a few friends here and there no problem, no buddies that'll last me a lifetime but some nice people that I can text if I forget my homework. I was asked to sign up for a sorority but they never got back to me or my roommates, and since there's no Greek housing we weren't really sure where to go or who to ask. I'm not into sports but i heard school spirit is average, people mostly show up if there's free stuff involved. There is a party if you know the right people, and the school requires that you get a VENTRA card so you get unlimited transportation which comes in handy when you want to venture to a party or the city. My roommate and I had no problems getting along but my other cluster mates always caused girly drama that pissed me off. There would be a student that's in charge of the hallway their assigned, so if there's a problem you always had someone you can talk or tattle to. You get a mix of millions people at UIC, there's so many students walking outside to class. It's incredibly diverse as people from every country come to dorm, which made me feel comfortable. Drugs were more prevalent around me, majorly marijuana. Large loud parties get busted every time, so you can basically get away with anything as long as you aren't disturbing anyone.

Security: The on campus police SUCK!!!. They don't give a rats ass about the students, they sit on their ass in that office not doing anything. I got into a situation where a "modeling agency" was posting up posters, it ended up being a scam with a huge perv. Me and a group of girls fell into this situation, and this guy posed as a student and even came to my class! We were all followed by this man and when I reported this the cop that worked at UIC talked to me like I was stupid, brushed it off, and told me to get back to class. I felt REALLY unsafe from that point on and so did a lot of other girls. These posters were everywhere no matter how many times we took them down. When finally enough girls reported this situation, they figured out this guy has been arrested MANY times before. He was arrested and released again, which is disturbing. I got an apology from the police, but it wasn't professional the way I was treated. There should be more security when it comes to classrooms, like a swipe in feature or something because this is ridiculous. You don't have to be a student to attend class, you can show up and get lost in the class of 300 people and the teacher wouldn't know. Apart from my situation the campus is decent when it comes to safety. There's booth's with buttons that immediately contact the police for help. People get robbed constantly around the campus. It's kind of unsafe so just take precautions. Don't have you're phone out while walking and don't be out alone, especially at night. This campus tries their best to be safe and sometimes stuff just happens.

Academics: Do not go here if you plan to major in serious field, there is just WAY too much work. All of my friends had a hard time keeping up with schoolwork (Biology & Engineering). All of our schoolwork was assigned to us to be done on the computer, literally EVERYTHING. There was really no point in coming to class. if you are serious about your education then it's just not worth it to go here. You get mindless work that forces you to go tutoring just to get by. It felt like I was taking online courses to learn and I go to class just to say hi to my teacher and leave. I met some students with other majors that had a better learning experience because they didn't have to learn such harsh subjects. All of my roommates and across the hall mates all got dismissed from this school, without warning beforehand. Just a letter at Christmas time informing us to pack up our dorms. There was 3 days in which you can show up and appeal your case, which I did, and no joke there was a room full of people also being dismissed. Although I can't blame the school for failing, I just wish I had notice of me not doing well. Even my counselor before Christmas time let me know I was passing with no worries and she registered me for the next semester. I recieved no sympathy from anyone when I appealed my case, and it's true that in this case this school treats you like a number. I didn't expect my diploma to be handed to me at all, I do all my work. I took the exact same courses at my local community college as I did here and I passed them all. UIC made this very difficult, and it was only my freshman year.

All in all my experience at UIC was more negative with a few ups. The only good thing going for this school is the surrounding area. I loved spending time with new friends and having fun. I found lots of opportunities to work and get involved. If you love the city then you can take a visit along with a decent hotel, but don't go to UIC. I regret going here because it was a waste of time when it came to education I was provided for the measly semester I stayed for. If I wanted online coursework I could have just stayed home. This school is falling apart trying to keep up with the 30,000 students that go there. It's disorganized and they are the prime example of how a student gets treated like a number. I have heard that the only reason to go here is for Medical training because they are treated better than the rest of the school, and that's probably true because when you enter the medical building it's beautiful and well kept. A complete opposite from the rest of the school. The rest of you, go somewhere else this school isn't worth your time and every year the price tag gets more ridiculous. After dismissal I was given the bill for the housing (because if you are dismissed you have to pay for the term you're missing) and I'm unable to attend any other major university until I pay it off, same case with all my roommates. If you go here, I wish you best of luck.

1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Social Life: A+, Education Quality: F
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UIC has two basic student types -- thoseBrightEnglish
UIC has two basic student types -- those that go to class and run to catch the train/beat the traffic/etc, and those that invest in their experience. As you can imagine, group one thinks they're being denied a college experience and complain to website surveys. The rest of the student body joins organizations, forms study groups, hangs out at the Idea Commons, goes to the hot pool with friends, and explores the city. That group generally loves UIC. He's the trick. YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHICH GROUP YOU'RE IN. Choose wisely. ;)
4th Year Male -- Class 2014
Surrounding City: A+, Useful Schoolwork: C
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Hire Professors who can actually teach the subject.Quite BrightFinance
Hire Professors who can actually teach the subject. Some people are so boring and unprepared for class. In Business college maybe there are 3 professors who actually were great at teaching, everyone else just do not care. There has to be some kind of teaching standard. I want to get my monies worth, but unfortunately I am about to graduate completely unprepared for the real workforce.
2nd Year Female -- Class 2012
Surrounding City: A, Scholastic Success: F
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The University of Illinois - Chicago
The University of Illinois - Chicago
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