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Very close-minded and look down on anyone who disagrees
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Jul 04 2014 Male -- Class 2000 
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Quite Bright
Please take my advice and do not attend Wheaton College (IL). Unless you are a sheltered Christian without a grasp on reality you will experience the worst 4 years of your life. The administration here is completely legalistic, counter to what a Christian school should be. Wheaton prides itself with weeding out problem students at all means necessary. Rewarding students to rat each other out. While on the surface the school may seem a perfect Christian environment, in reality it is the most flawed Christian community I have ever been around. I core to Christianity is grace and love, either of which Wheaton maintains not only in the student body but deeper in the administration. Your growth with Christ will be ten folds greater in a secular school then at Wheaton. The student body is full of pretentious Christians that live two faced lives. Students that are open and have normal Christian walk struggles are not embraced with love but pushed aside and labeled. This school has personally destroyed my faith and countless others. A lot of work has to be done to Wheaton (Starting from the core aka administration) before this school comes anywhere close to a Christian college that fosters growth. Please don't go to Wheaton, unless your sheltered, naive, and arrogant about your faith.
Preparedness: F, Reputation: F
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Mar 04 2011 Alumnus Male -- Class 2000 
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Quite Bright
As a junior art major (I entered Wheaton as a Lit major), I was continually frustrated by the art department. Sure, the brand-new renovation of Adams hall meant a few more resources and better-looking facilities for campus tours, but there are several things that are lacking in Wheaton's art department: open-mindedness, divergent thinking, and respect for the arts by Wheaton college as a whole.

I transferred out to a top-notch art school at the end of my junior year as a result of feeling trapped here, with little encouragement to do my OWN work (you get demerits in painting and drawing classes for having your own style or experimenting). Teachers here will critique harshly, after offering little support for improvement or growth.

In my application process to transfer out, several teachers discouraged me from applying to the most prestigious art schools in favor of mediocre ones, and have done the same to every art student intending on transferring out (there is a group of art students leaving next year-at least 5). Teachers have even told me that I would regret my decision and probably want to come back. Not true. As an artist, I have never felt so confined and uninspired as I have at Wheaton. I am currently flourishing at a school that is arts-intensive, takes its students and their work seriously, and encourages experimentation and new techniques. I have few qualms with most other departments, and enjoyed my classes in Sociology and English. The Urban Studies program is strongly recommended, with some of the best professors and people I've ever worked with. It is wonderful that Chicago is but an hour away- this was definitely the reason I was able to remain at Wheaton so long.
Faculty Accessibility: A, Education Quality: D
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Apr 19 2009 2nd Year Female -- Class 2010  
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