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Loyola University - New Orleans

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Honestly it's very bittersweet to write this.Quite BrightPolitical Science
Honestly it's very bittersweet to write this. This coming year will be my last in LoyNO and I've realized a lot and hope I can help someone who was in my shoes. First I'm from California and I was desperate to get out of my suburbia neighborhood and I was so wrong to just go to New Orleans because it was an escape from my reality. Honestly I was just another teenager who NEEDED to get away from living with my parents and now I wish I would've just stuck it out for a couple years and gone to a community college. IF you are so desperate to leave your home for the wrong reasons, do not come here. And the most important thing: VISIT. My advice is to visit when they are not expecting you, maybe in the middle of the school year so you are able to see what it's going to be like when they don't know you are watching. Then take a tour with the school. Don't make any quick decisions that are pretty much about your future.

Academics: Pretty easy ngl. I found this school extremely easy compared to my high school experience. From taking 2+ AP's and honors, I came here expecting to be challenged and was very disappointed., some horrible teachers like Gnuse, whom I learnt nothing from and most of the students cheated in his religion class. I'd say if you want to pay for a degree with easy work and little hassle, then go ahead. I did have one teacher who challenged me, not specifically with coursework but asking me simple, yet life changing questions. Petitifils, takes him if you can, doesn't matter what your major is. Speaking of which, they have a small selection of majors, compared to what I've seen at UC's but seriously visit, try to shadow a course, don't make petty decisions, this is your education. I think most majors that earn you a bachelor degree these days can be self taught, and or the most part are useless in the real world, which is mostly why I'm earning a degree for my parent. Library is very good, and it's large enough for school (unless its finals week, then I'd suggest you run in the opposite direction). I love the small class size, but hate the small campus size, i guess you win/lose some.

Social life: I haven't really found my crowd. I did find a small group of individuals though, who I can really see myself being friends with forever (wow so cheesy and cliche). Anyways this is the South so with that comes many transphobic, homophobic, slut shaming, and just all kinds of outrageous shit that should not be happening in this day and age even though New Orleans is home to the fabulous Big Freedia. Not all of NOLA is quiet like this, actually New Oeleans is one of the better areas of LA when it come sot issues like these. But the actual campus is a very shallow pool to choose from either way. Whatever, I've found the campus very cliquey, unfortunately so I get close minded around ppl very quickly that are like this, but I'd say try to keep an open mind and realize not everyone is LIKE THAT. Almost everyone is religious I mean I know its a catholic institution but I think I'm very butthurt because I'm not religious in any which way or form but I had to take a religions class. I tend to not talk about religion with my friends, because they all believe in a god.

Students: They are gay, and I'm speaking about the guys. The student popul. is largely female so the small percentage of guys we do have, are gay, as in queer. As I've said, before I don't have a problem with this, but if you are female and straight, then just a forewarning, you may have to look for the D elsewhere. I'd say look in Tulane direction, but then you'd probably have to deal with a lot of pretentiousness, which I'm not about. There are str8 men on campus but usually they are commuters so id say just test out the waters before making your decision about these dudes. Also another thing on the students, they can be really judgmental. For example I was rolling deep during orientation with this girl who looked like a stereotypical "ghetto black qurl from the hood" and ppl were str8 up judging her and I knew they were because I used to be a person who would judge. I got so irritated because I really feel like that "don't judge a book by its cover" is very useful. I realize that I am peace with myself and I'm a very confident person and not everyone is at my level yet but I wish these ppl, specifically at Loyola would find themselves a bit sooner and get out of the "high school judgey phase" quicker so they could meet interesting ppl.

Dining: Food is great, but it gets boring quickly, just as anything would. You also have tulles dining services. After your first two years, I think you get to get off the meal plan, which I would SO recommend. Not having a meal plan would save SO much $$$ bruh. Also there are so many places outside of the campus walls which have great, diverse food, which I would recommend so save your money to treat yourself. Also there are many events with free food, which I am always at because honestly buffet dining foo gets old quickly seize the da with these events.

Nightlife: You are in NOLA baby! One of the best places on the earth hands down. Liqour is very easily accessible because there are no cops (where do tax dollars from NOLA go) and if you know where to go, no one ID's trust. However, I know ppl who are sober 100% of the time and have 100% of a blast. Marijuana prices are higher in this state, idk why but if you are going to smoke, do it in Audubon, the park which is located right across the street. More on this park later. Mardi Gras takes the cake, the city literally shuts down and is transformed into a party for a week and don't think I can describe it, it has to be experienced. I mean Nola has a culture filled with music, food, stories, ppl, locations, and histories to explore so don't say there isn't anything to do. NOLA is very unique and is a world of its own accord. Don't be afraid to explore this place alone, but also be safe and don't do explorin' at night. Invest in some mace ya'll

Athletics: There really isn't a team of anything. Shoot my high school had more team spirit than this place. It's like going to boarding school or church camp, I'd say. I mean we don't even have a football field, so football would be near impossible, there are activities to get involved in but we do have a gym and other activities like yoga, zumba, baseball team, cheer, dance, quidditch, swim club. AND these are free so don't pass em up.

Price: Expensive and rising! Don't know if its worth it for you, but its obvi not for me since I'm leaving lol. There are virtually no singe rooms, so your best bet is to get a couple of friends you'd live with, and rent a an apartment completely off campus, unaffiliated with the school. I can't stand dorming with another person, it literally drains the life out of me but if you're into that sort of thing, then id say stay

Campus: Small, gets old fast, you can walk to every part of the main campus in under five mins, no lie. Broadway campus is about 15 mins away but is honestly just more dorms and a small gym. Nothing exciting over there. We do share a lot with Tulane so I guess you could stroll through their campus if you're in that mood. But if you want to stay on campus, within dorms reach, and be able to get away from everyone else (you know everyone needs to find their own nook away from roommates i get it) you would not be able to do that here. The campus is too small and the really can't expand because we are surrounding by very old houses that would probably be worth more standing than demolished so theres that. So getting away is kind of hard, you're' best bet is audobon parkbut then again you are likely to see someone because the campus is so small, that everyone pours into audubon for some peace and quiet. Then again audubon is bigger than our campus and if you have a worn blanket, I'd suggest you lay out by some shade and just enjoy a body of water or maybe ride your bike in the park, it is very peaceful and detrimental to your health to do some alone time activities to clear your mind and soul.

Also P.S. Tulane is literally right next door, as in if you take two steps to your right or left (depending on your standing point at Loyola), you will be at Tulane.

P.P.S The water is extremely drying in NOLA, idk whats IN the water??? I'm here to ask the tough questions. I see that Loyola is trying to be more environmentally friendly with recycling bins, but honestly they need to step up their game a bit more. For ever trash can, there should be a recycle bin tbh but maybe I'm biased because I'm from California and spoiled with environmentally friendly options.

PPPS Last thoughts: If you feel like you can self-teach, I'd say stay at home and teach yourself, life too short to actually stay in classes all morning and break ya neck paying off student loans. But if you get a full ride or something along those lines I'd say choose a major, but maybe with a emphasis in something specific, so you have a back up incase your major of choice fail remarkably. We are supposed to be known as Tulane "hippie" cousins because we are more laid-back, gay, and liberal but I also think its b cause we are not all as privileged as our "cousins" next door. Some of us (me) have had to work hard financially to get here and it hasn't really worked out. I truly loved

NOLA, hated the weather 45% of the time, and had a love/ hate relationship with the staff, classes, and housing experience.

Any questions/ comments/ concerns feel free to holla @ me but do not contact me about spelling errors because I literally do not care at all.

1st Year Female -- Class 2014
Scholastic Success: A+, University Resource Use/ spending: D
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I'm from Massachusetts, so New Orleans is prettyBrightPsychology
I'm from Massachusetts, so New Orleans is pretty far from home for me. I was nervous about going so far, but I couldn't have made a better choice! The students are friendly, the atmosphere is always cheerful and the city is one of the most amazing places I've ever seen.

There are a million places to go and see, parks, museums, music scenes, bars and of course, the French Quarter. Everything is easy to get to and there's something going on every night of the week.

The only things I would say to consider are the following: if you party a lot, then NOLA is the best place to do it, but be warned that a significant amount of people can't handle it and go home after a semester, having flunked out of most of their classes because they've gone out too much. Secondly, if you don't party at all, and are against it, then I wouldn't suggest coming here. New Orleans is a wonderful place, filled with history and culture. But at a college here, you're going to run into a lot of drinking and drugs, so if you're firmly against it, I wouldn't come here.

1st Year Female -- Class 2016
Education Quality: A+, Extracurricular Activities: B
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This negative comment is directed at Loyola's CollegeQuite BrightEconomics
This negative comment is directed at Loyola's College of Business and primarily their "Portfolio" program. Portfolio is basically Loyola's attempt at preparing students for the real business world. However, the techniques and lessons taught are, quite frankly, too primary for the average college student to be forced into. They teach things like proper dining etiquette or how to dress "business casual" which is their favorite term in the department by the way. I feel like the assignments I'm required to do in Portfolio are a step backwards. I've relearned some things for the third time by being in Portfolio such as how to structure a persuasive argument and I'm tired of it. It's wasting my time, stressing me out because I want to graduate without this in my way, and I feel a much weaker attraction to Loyola and particularly the College of Business strictly because of Portfolio. Portfolio as a program accomplishes nothing but unneeded stress as a student. The Pass/Fail grading scale where the only pass is 100% completion doesn't make any sense and neither does the necessity of Portfolio every semester to graduate. The $250/semester charge on top of tuition that I'm spending on portfolio is an absolute waste. I will, however, thank the Career Services for Employola as it has helped me locate numerous internship opportunities. I'm personally handling internships and career opportunities myself at a much faster and effective rate than Portfolio allows me. I am not the only student who feels this way, rather I'm in the majority. All who consider Loyola's College of Business BEWARE. You'll feel like you've just been kicked back a few years in high school.
2nd Year Male -- Class 2013
Surrounding City: A+, Useful Schoolwork: F
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Loyola University - New Orleans
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