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Babson College

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I will divide this into positives, negatives, andQuite BrightBusiness - Management and Administration
I will divide this into positives, negatives, and neutral aspects that differ depending on you.
Positives/Faculty is amazing and always available, they will help you out with any questions you may have or advice you seek about business world. The classes are very interactive and there are lots of discussions. In fact, participation counts as part of your grade. You also get lots of hands on experience in business world starting from freshman year, unlike many schools where you have to wait until your junior year. The campus is serene and people are friendly, you can walk up to anyone and talk to them.

Negatives/They only teach business, if you want to major in something else don't come here. However, you can cross enroll if you want to take a specific class at several universities in MA area. There isn't really anything to do. The campus is isolated, if you want to do anything you need a car to drive to Boston, about half an hour.

Neutral/Two boys for every girl. If your a guy, there's a 50% chance your going to be disappointed. If your a girl, you can pick and choose among a pool of nice guys that are going to be obscenely wealthy in a few years.

The school is conservative politically. Then again, you would expect that from a college that stresses business. It's a breeding ground for future CEO's and executives.Final comment/If you know for a fact your going into business, this is the best place bar none. This includes any prestigous university you can think of in the world. You may be a little bored, but the time you spend doing school work is worth it, because you want to learn it and there are helpful people who want to help you learn it.

1st Year Male -- Class 2005
Education Quality: A+, Social Life: D+
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Hi I am currently a junior at Babson.BrightAccounting
Hi I am currently a junior at Babson. I have enjoyed my time at Babson immensely and have enjoyed the relationship I have made with friends and faculty, the sense of community the small school provides, and the opportunities I will have after graduation.

The Professors at Babson are really what make the school unique. Several Professors come to Babson with real work experience. In the entrepreneurship department, the Professors have started their own companies and can relay their experiences to us. What is really impressive about the faculty is how much they care about the students. In class sizes of under 30 students, the Professor make an effort to get to know you as a person, learn your name, and what you want to do with your life. I have found they are extremely accessible if you need extra help.

I know a few former students expressed in a few prior entries that the workload is too intense. I am not a naturally smart person but I have a strong work ethic. If you utilize the resources Babson has to offer, such as the faculty’s office hours, and work with them, the only person preventing you from succeeding here is yourself. Everyone here wants you to succeed which I like. Whether it’s the faculty, your Class Dean, the facilities people who you grow to become friends with, everyone is rooting for you. We have a math resource center, writing resource center, and speech resource center which I have utilized. If I have a paper due, I’m going to the writing resource center and have another set of eyes fully trained on the art of writing look at my paper. If I have a presentation due with my group, I’m going to go to the speech resource center to get my presentation video taped and receive feedback.

At Babson there is a strong sense of community that I have grown to take advantage of. My freshman year I lived in a dorm with all freshmen. The friendships I made in “Forest” will last a life time. This year I am living in a suite with five other guys. It’s nice because we get our own bathroom, kitchen, and singles. We also have a common room where we can have parties where people can hang out. Public safety realizes we are college students who are having fun in a safe environment so they are really understanding about noise levels on the weekend. I really like how you don’t have to be apart of the fraternities, sororities, or athletic teams, but you can still attend their parties. Campus life has improved greatly since I was a freshman bringing in great musical artists, such as Wycleaf Jean, OAR, and Better than Ezra. I have never done homework on a Friday or Saturday night and always have found something to do.

Babson has prepared me for my future already as a Junior. I learned that I was interested in accounting from my FME Experience when I was the CFO of my company. We have an MSA program here which is a very attractive program to employers. Already in the fall of my junior year I have an internship for this coming summer with a big accounting firm. I owe this to the faculty members and Center of Career Development who looked over my resumes and cover letter and gave me the opportunity to have a mock interview.

I have had a remarkable experience at Babson so far. I look forward to my next year and a half with excitement as to what the endless opportunities the school will provide.

3rd Year Male -- Class 2007
Education Quality: A+, Useful Schoolwork: A
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I'm a first year from out of stateBrightUndecided
I'm a first year from out of state and I have to say, there are a ton of Massachusetts residents here - possibly too many? It makes it tough for people who are not within a few hours of their home because a lot of students go home on weekends, and if you don't live close, you'll definitely be too busy to take the time necessary to travel. I'm from Northern New Jersey (3 - 5 hours away) and I've only been home for the major holidays. Also, I was barely able to go home for Easter, and getting back to campus was an issue. I actually scheduled a flight - believe it or not - in order to maximize my time to get my mountains of work done. When my flight home was cancelled, I found a ride back with a friend, but instead of arriving on campus around 2 - 3pm, we pulled in on Monday at 1am. I had an early morning exam in my most challenging class, and was not able to sufficiently prepare for it as a result. Why a professor would schedule one of only TWO exams the day after a major holiday is beyond me... Anyway, in pure Babson fashion (be prepared to receive 20+ emails a day, conservatively), I emailed the professor as soon as I got back to my dorm regarding the situation. He was far less than accomodating; as a result of my exam grade, I am now in jeopardy of failing the class. No, I cannot withdraw from the course; the deadline passed weeks ago. So, I'm stuck in a common situation: fear of a GPA lower than 3 (the average is 2.7).

In terms of the courses, the college divides them into categories: management, and liberal arts. The management courses are truly well-taught, thoroughly useful, and actually very interesting. Whereas the liberal arts courses are just a waste of time; the profs believe that theirs is the only course a student must take, and that their work should be handled accordingly. Also, the work they assign seems less than applicable to the realm of business. Right now, one of my required courses has me writing immense papers, presenting topics of critical inquiry, and researching meaningless information to deliver to the class for a huge portion of the grade. Sadly, the assignments concern seemingly random topics of interest, such as nature or robots. Call me crazy, but I didn't come to the famed #1 Business School in the World for this. Also, there is a science requirement; the courses offered to fulfill this seemingly arbitrary demand are limited, and from what I hear, they are simply wastes of precious time. Time is the key to Babson. At Babson, you should expect to barely have time to breathe - never mind eat (especially since the only dining option on weekends is open from 11am - 7pm with patches of empty trays in between the busy hours). Straying from the fact that nearly EVERYTHING closes down on the weekends here (especially the already-lacking social scene), during the week people frequently have multiple business meetings. A proper scheduling system is vidal for survival here.

In terms of campus events....
Last night, the Campus Activities Board hosted a once-popular band. The tickets sold out immediately; less so because of the popularity of the main act and more because of the small size of the venue (an all-purpose center). Yes, our school is small, and so there really isn't too great a need for a huge recreation facility, but for events like this, our tiny student body can't even be accomodated.

Not that there would be time to attend the event. A common response from students is, "Oh man, I wish I could but I have to start my group project in ...." Yes, there is a ton of group work, which I feel is very beneficial. Actually, group work and powerpoint are the themes of most managerial courses. I have created at least 1 powerpoint a week, and have become so efficient at doing so, that I can now create a professional slideshow in less than 20 minutes. So, that's definitely a positive aspect of the school. I truly believe that once I leave here, I will be able to appreciate my anticipated innodation of free time.

The school motto: "It's Possible. At Babson." This phrase has actually become somewhat negatively taboo among the freshman class; whenever something goes incredibly wrong, you can often hear sarcastic mutters of "It's Possible...At Babson".

I really do like the school though. Reflecting back, I struggle to reconcile this emotion. Still though, the school is excellent at teaching entrepreneurship and its habits. While I don't know whether I would again choose to attend the school, I do realize that my knowledge of business has definitely been enhanced.

In summation, the following is nowhere-near-complete list of the positives and negatives of Babson College. Enjoy!

o Business education
o Knowledgable professors for managerial courses
o Safe campus
o Interesting approach for educating in entrepreneuship
o No Friday classes (though the administration is currently contemplating abolishing this practice).
o Social scene (girls, you're only 30% of the population, so have fun trying to find friends. Especially since at least half of student body is from Mass, and will thus be traveling home on weekends.)

o Liberal arts courses are limited; professors not so accomodating.
o GRADE DEFLATION (I received an exam back with a score of 92% - amazing at Babson. Then, the professor informed us that the grades on the exam were "too high" and so the grading system needed to be reevaluated. As a result, our grades were pushed down 5 points. Yup, I now have a B instead of an A-).

o Location - Boston's nice, but if you don't have a car, it's pretty tough to get there - or even to the nearest T station. Also, the school rarely provides transportation there (the way my friends' colleges do).

o Busy work
o Lack of time
o FME - Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (some students can coast through the course as "associates" in the student-run and created business, while others are plagued with work due to their VP and CEO titles.)

o Dining Options (only open till 7 on weekends, and 10 on weekdays. Sometimes 11. Weekend has one option. 11am - 7pm. not cool.)

o Lack of school spirit
o General lack of time
o Small workout facilities: 2 treadmills. seriously.
o Nothing available on campus, especially weekends. (Students with medical emergencies or situations are left optionless. They must pay a cab (or possibly employ Public Saftey) to transport them to the nearest hospitol.

Well, good luck with your decision. Like I've said (though definitely have not stressed enough), I really do like the school. If Babson's students had more time to relax, I am sure the social scene would improve, the school spirit would be enhanced, and people would just generally be less crabby. I like Babson, and hopefully my comments have helped you!

1st Year Female -- Class 2010
Education Quality: A-, Surrounding City: D-
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Babson College
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