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The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis

Total Grad Surveys 35
Females 24
Males 11
Avg years at University 3.7
Research Quality C+ (5.5)
Research Availability C+ (5.5)
Research Funding C- (3.6)
Graduate Politics C+ (5.1)
Not Errand Runners B- (5.8)
Degree Completion C+ (5.1)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C+ (5.0)
Sufficient Pay C- (3.7)
Competitiveness C (4.9)
Education Quality B- (5.9)
Faculty Accessibility B- (6.0)
Useful Research B- (6.0)
"Individual" treatment B- (6.3)
Friendliness C+ (5.4)
Safety B (6.6)
Campus Beauty C+ (5.0)
Campus Maintenance C+ (5.4)
University Spending C+ (5.3)
Extracurriculars C- (3.9)
Scholastic Success C+ (5.5)
Surrounding City A (9.5)
Social Life/ Environment C (4.7)
Research FundingC-
Surrounding CityA
If you are looking for a welcoming, supportiveDec 05 2015Other
If you are looking for a welcoming, supportive environment, in which you can learn to understand the depths of the human condition and what really drives people, then this is the right school for you. If you want to learn to work professionally with people who suffer from any numbers of issues that span the full spectrum of mental health related problems and diagnoses, then this is the place for you. The education I received and am still receiving at this school, has prepared me to join the professional world equipped to work with any type of patient that enters my treatment room. Studying at BGSP is a truly transformative experience, and unparalleled in its supportive learning environment, research opportunities, and ability to prepare its students to join the mental health work force, or to improve their clinical understanding and skills in the mental health work force. The program focuses on helping students understand the underlying, deep rooted conflicts and issues that lead many patients/clients to seek treatment, and teaching the students how to resolve these conflicts. Since many contemporary therapy modalities focus primarily on short-term symptom reduction and short-term improvement in functioning for the patients, these patients often do not find long-lasting results or deeper self-understanding and knowledge. The focus of the theory taught at BGSP on resolving unconscious conflicts, and understanding the function of the drives within us all through a Modern Psychoanalytic approach can lead to long-term symptom relief and improved functioning in the patients with whom we work. The fact that the school has a therapy center located on campus at which doctoral students and faculty see patients, is a major benefit of this school. It is a great way for doctoral students to learn how to manage a private practice and apply the theoretical and clinical skills learned in class to their work with patients. The supervision at BGSP is also the best supervision I have experienced throughout my education and career thus far. I looked into many graduate programs in mental health before choosing BGSP, and am glad that I completed my M.A. here and am working on my Psya.D. here as well. I could not more highly recommend this school to prospective students and anyone else who wants to improve his or her understanding of themselves, of others, and of humankind as a whole.
As a foreign student, BGSP soon became myNov 04 2015Other
As a foreign student, BGSP soon became my family away from home.
I always felt challenged intellectually and emotionally by the faculty and by fellow students. BGSP is truly a community of learners. The format of the classes and the nature of the interactions stimulate growth and depth of understanding of oneself and others.If you are interested in growing at your own pace, and in your own footsteps, this is a place I recommend highly.
Research Topic(s): An Attempt to get Rid of Connection
BGSP's training focuses on the unconscious dynamics relatedOct 17 2015Psychology
BGSP's training focuses on the unconscious dynamics related to multitude of feelings within the spectrum between love and hate. Aggressive and libidinal impulses exist in every person, and BGSP provides beyond adequate training in mastering these drives and their potential in understanding and analyzing disturbed personalities. Their program encouraged exponential growth and fostered community support in processing the wealth of new knowledge. With BGSP's focus on modern psychoanalysis, their training proved to be above and beyond what a typical university would offer. Education at BGSP is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone interested in the human condition, and I can't encourage joining it enough.
First, I'd like to comment that BGSP isOct 16 2015Psychology
First, I'd like to comment that BGSP is a Master's level Clinical Program, and does not offer an undergraduate degree. I have just completed the Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and am currently enrolled in the Clinical Doctorate program. My experience at BGSP has been one-of-a-kind. Coming in, I had the expectation to be emotionally transformed. After four years, I can attest that my worldview has dramatically shifted in ways that I did not expect. My time at BGSP has opened the door to developing and understanding a new language for the emotional experience. The knowledge and training BGSP provides cannot be found at a typical university or college; it is a unique and individual process that helps build a solid emotional framework that emphasizes the capacity to work with severely disturbed people. My educational and emotional life would be drastically dull without what I gained from my training at BGSP.One big positive is that BGSP does not require the GRE. With that in mind, they include a variety of backgrounds from their students, ranging from archaeologists, to doctors, writers, and lawyers. They emphasize the study of a wide swath of social, political, and environmental critiques, thinking that a broad depth of knowledge is important in understand the human condition.
This is a schoolNov 26 2014Psychology
This is a school that values excellence, it's students and the community. It is a wonderful place to do research and learn. The training and supervision are outstanding.
I have found thisJul 24 2014Psychology
I have found this to be an excellent education/training, both emotionally and intellectually. I can compare to a doctoral program that I completed in clinical psychology and this is much better preparation, theoretically and clinically.
I graduated from BGSP over ten years agoFeb 14 2014Other
I graduated from BGSP over ten years ago and have come to understand some important issues about this school since. I have seen how other psychodynamically-inclined academic institutions and organizations function, and how other psychoanalytic training institutes do their business. While they all have their faults they dwarf in comparison to BGSP's egregious practices. Let me try to outline why I'm making such an extreme statement. BGSP walks a fine line by requiring students to partake in "psychoanalytic treatment" to obtain an academic degree. I can already hear the grunts and dismay and arguments against, because every other psychoanalytic institution in the city requires a training analysis. It's not the same. If you know anything about psychoanalysis you are already affirmatively shaking your head. If you are up in arms, then BGSP likely feels to you like a home, like family, and maybe BGSP saved you in one way or another. This is fine but it's not what everyone signs up for. When you mix grades with psychoanalysis and, the same people that teach and grade are the same people that psychoanalyze, it is a sure recipe for disaster. Breaches of confidentiality were common when I was at BGSP. Yes, it happened to me and many other people I know. Student's problems were commonly discussed in the classroom. Fine. I guess some people need this kind of nonsense mixed in with their academic experience. There is a thing called informed consent. If BGSP intends to treat people while educating them, then prospective students should be informed and agree to such an experience. When you go to a psychoanalytic training institute you know that the training analysis and supervision will constitute the bulk of your required activities. This is why U.S. Federal education loans are not offered in psychoanalytic institutes, because clearly it is not their intention to provide a traditional education. When you approach an educational institution --such as BGSP promotes itself both nationally and internationally-- that accepts U.S. Federal funds to provide educational loans, grants international student visas and offers degrees that qualify for professional licensure, I think most people are expecting an education. A reasonable enough assumption I gather. So all I can say is that following my BGSP experience, I?m baffled why this place still exists. My hypothesis is that yes, it has some characteristics of a cult, as others have noted, but I have also come to believe BGSP is a perverse institution. It becomes whatever it needs to become in order to survive: It has found a way to qualify for federal educational funds because it pretends to educate; and it fulfills all the LMHC licensing requirements because that attracts more students, not because they really believe in that type of practice. In fact, I walked away sensing that BGSP's only true objective was to try to shock with its fringe technique called Modern Psychoanalysis, which is so wild that sure, it's bound to make some people feel better (so does ECT)... Many faculty (anyone who has been at BGSP knows who they are) love to shock students with their shocking interventions that have miraculous and transforming effects on patients ?so they claim. No theory, no thoughtful discussion, just a theatre of the absurd gone awry...
The feedback this school is getting is inaccurateDec 16 2013Psychology
The feedback this school is getting is inaccurate. It is not a cult. Any school that is as small as BGSP can certainly seem like a "cult" because of the tight-knit community. There is a great deal of "emotional" training which many people cannot tolerate. This emotional involvement is a big contributing factor to some students' departure from the school/program. Personally, the program has been very difficult for me for this reason, but the emphasis on the study of emotions has helped me greatly in my fieldwork, and understanding the emotional dynamics of my patients. It is a very difficult program because it trains you to deal with unconscious conflict within yourself as a part of the course requirements, so that the student analyst is properly prepared to handle the transferential feelings and difficult behaviors that are presented to them by highly disturbed patients in their clinical work. Yes, the program does ask you to talk about your personal life in a group setting and with a personal analyst, so that you can resolve your own resistances to mental growth (repressing feelings), which are probably the result of past conflict and trauma that we all have experienced in our lives. However, it does this in conjunction with actual case study material, theory, quantitative and qualitative research classes, training in ethics especially in a counseling setting, etc. It also covers diagnosis, clinical interviewing, and teaches that though these are mental, developmental disorders and could be the result of environmental factors (as well as internal, biological character) there is still a neurological component. The reason for the emotional training is because we, as analysts, need to be able to experience a full range of emotions comfortably, as well as our personal trauma, so that we can essentially be strong enough to handle the emotional lives of disturbed patients. It certainly is not for everyone. I recommend doing a lot of research on modern psychoanalysis before you decide to jump into this program - because not only will you be studying it, you will also be experiencing it.
This school is whatJul 06 2013Psychology
This school is what you make of it. As some have observed it is not difficult to gain admittance, however since the learning is about personal growth in addition to academic advancement , it is not for everyone. My experience in this multi generational and multi racial school was exceptional.
I already left a comment about my graduateJun 26 2013Psychology
I already left a comment about my graduate school, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis (BGSP) in April, not only because I deeply cherish the experience I had in my school, but also because I noticed that 95% of feedback about this school is extremely negative and designed to prevent any prospective students from enrolling at BGSP. My first comment explained who I was and why I loved my school. I also attempted to understand why so many reviews were negative. What pushed me to leave another review is the fact that, immediately after I posted my feedback, someone posted another comment in reaction to mine, and this post mainly meant to say that no one should pay attention to all positive comments about BGSP as they are written by students who are "brainwashed" by the faculty. Furthermore, this person claimed that my school bears all the signs of a cult, justifying the brainwashing technique in order to make students write positive reviews.

I would like to explain a bit more what my school, BGSP, is about. This is a psychoanalytic school where we learn a therapeutic style that many have thought obsolete. When people hear the term "psychoanalysis", they think of Freud and of the old-fashion, "classical" psychoanalysis with an intrusive, know-it-all therapist who will interpret everything the couched patient says, claiming that everything is about sex and the mother and asking for outstanding fees. Classical psychoanalysis still exists and works for a lot of people, but it has adapted to our time. In addition, BGSP teaches a modern psychoanalysis, which is less intrusive, respects and follows the patient's pace, comfort level, and needs, and is designed to treat and potentially cure psychotic conditions (such as schizophrenia, borderline disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, etc.) that classical psychoanalysis considered untreatable. Of course, it still treats everything else. Its biggest strength is it ability to adapt to each patient's needs and expectations, whether financial, psychological, or emotional. It is the only therapeutic technique that can uncover the source of psychological ailments, instead of just focusing on observable symptoms like many therapies nowadays. Finally, modern psychoanalysis allows patients to know themselves much better, to understand their own functioning and patterns, to be aware of uncomfortable and repressed feelings that controlled their behavior (compulsions, addictions, repetitions...) and so on and so forth.

Being a student at BGSP grants all students those benefits since it is mandatory to be in analysis along with being enrolled in courses. So not only do we learn those techniques and understand the mechanics of the human psyche, but we also learn about ourselves and we grow to become much more confident and able individuals socially and emotionally. Myself included, there are dozens of students who have noticed the change in them across months of being in this school. So yes, like most graduate schools, this experience is not free of charge and can be sometimes charged with emotional frustration. But the end result is largely worth it. Nobody changes without going through some more or less painful or uncomfortable phases. People who expect that need to wake up.

Now, in reaction to the person who butchered every positive review about BGSP, this is what I would like to say.

The traits that are listed in the post are supposed to be signs of a cult, as in everybody is in the same boat, we all defend each other, and we are emotionally open. I agree with this person; cults do normally harbor these traits. However, another type of group also can feature these aspects: FAMILY. This is how I feel in this school; that I am entitled to express everything I have, even if it is all negative. BGSP has been receiving many negative reviews and comments from students and it's fine! They have the right to be disappointed or angry, but that is usually because they misunderstood what the school had to offer. Psychoanalysis is very powerful and will strike some sensitive chords, because they need to be stricken in order to understand more about ourselves. It is a small school, so sometimes, we do have to look for answers instead of expecting an email presenting everything we need on a cyber platter like in huge campuses. But it is a small school after all, so looking for answers is usually not difficult. Everybody knows everybody and communication is easy. If a student comes here not knowing what to expect and not open to emotional experiences, there will be discomfort.

Before going into psychology, I went to medical school. I failed everywhere there and I wasted tremendous time and money. I was furious but I understood that medicine was not for me; I was not interested in learning that discipline. It has nothing to do with the school. The school teaches what it is supposed to teach and nothing more. So I could write reviews about medical schools, telling everybody to stay the hell away from them because it is too hard to graduate and because it is too expensive, but I am the one who should have thought it through before throwing myself in such an endeavor. This is the same thing for former students from BGSP. They hate the school because this type of teaching and the content of the courses were simply not for them. It is always easier to blame and attack others rather than taking a long and honest look at oneself.

Anyway, if you have read this entire post, I would like to say thank you and I hope you understand that you have to make up your own mind based on your own information and be aware that each student is heavily biased by emotions and experiences. Negative feelings will provide great motivation to write an angry review, while positive feelings are unfortunately not as motivating since the bearer of the feeling is already satisfied.

Good luck and thank you for your time.Jonathan

Research Topic(s): Maternal Gender Wishes
A reminder to view earlier posts about thisApr 22 2013Other
A reminder to view earlier posts about this school's cult-like behaviors. I feel terrible for everyone that falls into this trap and farse. BGSP does not provide psychoanalytic training. I am not sure how to define what it does provide but whatever it is, it is harmful. They are insular, isolated, narrow minded, and scapegoat people who call them out on their ill, irresponsible, and unethical behaviors --all warning signs of a cult. Read an earlier entry of a former employee who sat through a meeting where a handful of (brain washed) students were encouraged to write glowing reviews to counter the effects of negative reviews. Need I say more?
I am an international student from France andApr 22 2013Psychology
I am an international student from France and arrived at Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis to complete the Masters Degree in Psychoanalytic Counseling in 2010. I graduated from High school in France, completed two years of Medical school, one year of Pharmaceutical school, and two years of college with a Psychology major before moving to the U.S. Here, I obtained my Associate of Arts degree in one year in a community college near Seattle, got my BA with a Psychology major and Spanish minor at CWU in Washington state, and I just graduated from BGSP with my Masters in Psychoanalytic Counseling.

BGSP is formerly a psychoanalytic institute and is now a school with full accreditation from the state to grant degrees at Masters and Doctoral levels. Before judging this school too severely, it would be relevant to realize that this is the only school in the United States where one can be granted an actual degree in Psychoanalysis. All the other psychoanalytic centers across America can only give certificates, which are not degrees/diplomas.

Secondly, this is a psychoanalytic school, which means that teachers are psychoanalysts themselves and therefore behave as such. If a student expects the exact same atmosphere and experience at BGSP than in any other college, he will be fooling himself! Such an expectation is comparable to believing that visiting a zoo and going on a safari in Africa will be similar in experience. Psychoanalysis is a therapy style but also a way of thinking and feeling. Learning psychoanalytic techniques properly will inevitably affect one's way of life. Therefore, faculty members, and students, will act more and more in a psychoanalytic way and most processes used in the school also follow these dynamics. Why? because it is impossible to learn psychoanalysis through theoretical readings. While the reading part is necessary to build the basics, experiencing this emotional science is the only way to go in order to fully grasp the meaning of it. As a result, merely being in the school will teach anybody some notions of psychoanalysis, in addition to the assignments, the attendance, the debates, the papers, the readings, the internships, the externships, etc. The whole environment is psychoanalytic to allow students to be fully immersed in it, to live it. After all, it is sometimes quite abstract and difficult to understand. One of my teachers here told us once, reacting to a student claiming that she gave up on the reading because she could not understand it, that "there is no baby food in psychoanalysis unfortunately. Learning it is like giving a steak to a baby. It is difficult to chew and several attempts are necessary to get through it." Nobody here will tell a student that he is stupid for not understanding a text. Instead, this student will be told not to worry, that the same theories will reappear more than once in several texts and that with repetition and practice (in internships for instance), understanding will come naturally. All that to explain that entering BGSP is not the same as entering any other graduate school, since the frame of mind is completely different.

The teaching style is usually what most people complain about, but it usually because of a lack of understanding or a misinterpretation of the faculty's intentions and goals. In a nut shell, their teaching style directly reflects their therapeutic style. This is called "process teaching", meaning that the teachers' behavior is designed to show, as opposed to lecture, how to act with a patient. This is another way to learn through experience, which is in my opinion the best way to learn anything. Classes are seminar-based, full of debates and shares, which is very different from the impersonal lectures in huge classrooms. Learning is done through talking, participating, proposing ideas and opinions, discussing readings, and sharing personal experiences in class. Note-taking is not the most common practice in BGSP's classes, as it is believed to be counterproductive in most cases. After all, a student who is taking notes will inevitably lose some of the content being discussed. Therefore, classes feel more like friendly, sometimes emotionally intense discussions rather than boring and impersonal lectures punctuated with tedious and stressful note-taking.

To best describe the atmosphere of BGSP, the most appropriate word I can think of is "free". There are no rigid rules (with a few exceptions of course) here. While there are rules to abide by, breaking them will not lead a student straight to expulsion or horrible consequences. Everything happens through discussions with faculty. For instance, we are allowed no more than two excused absences per course, beyond what we supposedly forfeit the course's credits. In other words, the teacher is expected to fail such a student. Nonetheless, I have never seen this rule applied to the letter, as it would be in any other college. Here, the teacher (a psychoanalyst) will try to understand the reasons behind the student's behavior, will come in contact with him in order to find some compromise or a way to fix the situation. Basically, there is a second chance offered to every student.

The relationship between students and teachers is much closer than in other universities. One sacred tradition at BGSP is the writing of a log after or before every class. A log is a small card on which the student can write absolutely anything he so desires. This log is a private communication to the teacher, read only by the teacher. Being professional therapists, faculty members encourage freedom of speech and of emotions, so much so that the log can read anything, including complaints and compliments in any form. This is not an exaggeration! Teachers will never retaliate, fail, or even treat a student differently after reading a negative log. They welcome all feedback as a sign of healthy verbalization from the student.

Furthermore, the link between students is, to me, infinitely stronger than in any other academic institute. If a student comes to BGSP with an open mind and truly prepared to face the emotional turmoil triggered by this therapy style, much will be shared in classes, sometimes in words and some other times, in body language and speech patterns. In any case, students typically feel closer to each other simply because of the amount of feelings they share with each other.

Finally, BGSP will change students. This is something anybody being here for a while will not deny. When I started, I was shy, afraid to say anything negative to anybody or about anybody, and very afraid to start seeing patients. Now, thanks to all the courses, the internship, the externship, the mandatory analysis, the several supervisions, and the logs I described previously, I am much more confident, not afraid to defend my principles and speak my mind, and I cannot wait to build my private practice as I have experienced firsthand psychotic patients.

This school has made me grow emotionally and intellectually, and such a change is worth every minute and dollar I spent here.Regarding the occasional administrative issues, yes, it can be frustrating sometimes but it is good to mention once more that BGSP is a very young school. They are improving constantly and patience is required in some cases. The best thing to do is to work with them and give recommendations, which are always welcome.

Research Topic(s): Maternal Gender Wishes
Apr 20 2013Other
I am terrified to go back to this school.
I tried giving this "school" a chance becauseAug 02 2012Psychology
I tried giving this "school" a chance because they basically had all of my money. I was under supervision with a student who has been mentioned here, Paula Berman. She was psychology disturbed and completely awful. You have to PAY 1,000's of dollars to have someone review your thesis AFTER you pay tuition. Gayle Dolan is also an awful person to deal with and unprofessional in every way. She doesn't even dress respectably let alone act it. Stay far far far away.
I had quite a traumatic experience thereJul 30 2012Unknown
I had quite a traumatic experience there. Also fell under the guide of fellow Paula Berman like others mentioned before. The politics in this school seem to override the well-being of students. In her case, her husband is on the board, and she has her on office at the school right next to the president, Dr. Snyder. It is a pandora box.

They are hostile to bright stiudents as they fell and rightly so intimidated by them. They are charging over $100 for supervision, mostly $150. Together with analysis which costs the same both are obligatory once a wekk. Do the math! In other institutes supervision and analysis for students are much less costly.

Re the doctorate: it costs a fortune. Not like in real academic instititutions you pay your reders and your committee to read your dissertation or to talk to you about it. You end up spending ten tousand dollars just for this. At least!

While in real academic institutions the dissertation is covered by tuition here you pay extra and it can get to astronomical figures!

bgsp is not a place you can sneakMay 14 2012Psychology
bgsp is not a place you can sneak through without looking at yourself. this is the hardest part of the program. the training was good - I think I'm better than many of my peers who trained in clinical psychology at being able to tolerate the uncertainty and "not knowing" that comes with doing good research and being with patients.I did my research on a single-case study and it was hard. But I have won awards for my work since then, and am grateful for the double-duty I did as patient and analysand, having to tolerate frustration on my way to becoming a clinician. I think I tend to provide "answers" less readily than my peers, and my practice is booming. This is definitely a clinical program, and anyone seeking more of an academic experience will probably be frustrated by the emphasis on studying dynamics and having to get to know yourself...For me, it was absolutely amazing.
Research Topic(s): Case study
People say this is an "easy" program but,May 14 2012Psychology
People say this is an "easy" program but, having gotten my MA at Harvard, it isn't. You have to tolerate a lot of not-knowing. The teachers are more interested in you exploring your own ideas than seeing how well you can regurgitate others.

It is hard, it is frustrating. But in the end, I am stronger - I can sit with patients and know that what I feel - uncertain, confused, frustrated - is part of it. I have won prizes for my work - my thinking is far advanced from others in my field thanks to the hard work of research into unconscious process, and I am glad I stayed with the training, because a lot of people can't cut it...

Research Topic(s): single case study
http://apsaMay 13 2012Psychology link sums it up. This school is not accredited because it cannot meet high standards. Professors show up to class late or send out emails canceling classes moments before. Or just show up unprepared. And as long as you have money they will try anything to get you to stay. They still refer to autism and child hood issues as early onset schizophrenia in class!
I did not get my masters degree fromMay 02 2012Unknown
I did not get my masters degree from this institution, I simply took one class here. This school is non-traditional but not in a radical, creative or even intentional way. The teacher that I had was often not prepared for class and in fact we spent an entire class watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This could have been used in an educational way but there was no introduction or linking of information. This school still refers to autism as childhood schizophrenia and in the 10 weeks of my class we didn't discuss diagnosis or treatment even once. It felt as if the blind was leading the blind here. I am afraid for those that leave this institution with a degree. What a rip-off!
Stay away!Apr 30 2012Unknown
Stay away! the only reason i stay is that they have already consumed all the money i had for education so i optede to graduate. However, please do not be tempted by the easy addmition process the degree is not accepted by any proper school in the country. the faculty are all really damaged people and will not let yopu graduate as long as they think you have any money left to spend!
The school was notApr 30 2012Unknown
The school was not accepted to American psychoanalytic Association and to International Psychoanalytic Association as its standart of training was not up to required standarts. this s a money making fraudulent institute run by insane and highly destructive sometimes dangerous faculty.
Apr 21 2012Psychology
Hysterically bad. Not much more to add, they just want money.
This was the best school experience I everApr 12 2012Psychology
This was the best school experience I ever had. I found the process teaching/learning very helpful in helping me to understand therapeutic technique. The type of teaching methods used also demand that the student take responsibility for his or her own learning. You get out of the program what you put into it.
I came in to BGSP with a MastersMar 26 2012Psychology
I came in to BGSP with a Masters degree from another university. I received a second masters at BGSP, and I am currently enrolled in the doctorate program. I have been provided with strong clinical training that I will not trade it for any other type of training. I have been able to work in a variety of psychiatric settings and to work successfully with patients with a variety of diagnosis, including the emotional life of the patients as well as the feelings they aourse in the people who treat them. I do agree with the other reviews that this indeed is not an easy training, but without it I am not sure I will be able to do the work I am currently doing.
The quality of the education atMar 20 2012Psychology
The quality of the education at The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis is very high. It has a unique approach to learning, process learning, which combines standard academic approaches with an experiencal approach. This results in not just an intellectual understanding of the knowledge but an emotional understanding as well. Although it sometimes is not easy - it is a useful process which results in both personal and professional growth. I am in the process of writing my dissertation and am finding the research staff to be knowledgable and available - a very useful combination!I recommend this school to any student who is interested in learning more about themselves and others.
Mar 16 2012Psychology
Not much to add. The biggest joke ever. Please do yourself a huge favor and look elsewhere.
Things you should know about this school:Aug 29 2011Psychology
Things you should know about this school:

*non-academic. This means all classes are about the process of psychotherapy. Many students use these classes as a source of therapy and faculty encourages this as part of the learning process, when it is in fact harmful and an unhelpful academic procedure.

*unprofessional-faculty talks about students behind their backs. If you are close with particular instructors, you will soon learn which students are considered brilliant, lazy, neurotic, who sleeps in class, who is always late, who exposes their breast too much wearing scantily clad clothing, who has incompletes, who manipulates staff, who does not pay and uses excuses -- faculty is not trust worthy as they speak too openly about the students.

*clueless when it comes to their own programs. not one advisor has a straight answer for how many analytic hours you need, which paperwork you need to fill out or even which classes to take.

*finance department cannot even explain costs to you

Aug 18 2011Psychology
Not worth your time or money.
Tried to give this school two years leftJul 10 2011Psychology
Tried to give this school two years left when I realized I would not receive a proper education here. Cult-like atmosphere, not true psychoanalysis. Professors generally unprepared, unprofessional and of little help. Majority of student body seeking their own therapy, thus why they are in these "classes." Total lack of academic classes are simply therapy sessions for unstable student body in need of true professional help. As long as you show up and pay you will pass. Fees are ridiculous and the entire school is antiquated. Please do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. Also heard from other students that faculty encourages students to access web sites like this one to write glowing reviews. Once asked to do this probably hard to say no to your instructors. Analysts costs a lot of money and you are required to use one from this very expensive institution. Do not attend. I can't provide a University Email because the antiquated school does not even provide one.
Jul 08 2011Psychology
Please choose another school.
Jun 22 2011Unknown
I just start here. Student from venezuela. Why so many people hate this school?
This school requires you to choose a facultyJun 22 2011Unknown
This school requires you to choose a faculty member as a personal analyst, and undergo a certain number of hours of "training analysis" to graduate. You also must remain in this analysis for the duration of your stay at the school. This is not included in your tuition or your financial aid should you be able to receive it. Expect to pay 75 dollars minimum weekly, and up to 200-300 (unless you are willing to go to the school's "therapy center" which is the equivalent of getting your hair cut at a beauty school since it is all inexperienced students. I don't know how this place gets accreditec unless they know slmeone politically. It seems totally unscrupulous.
At a recent eventatJun 22 2011Unknown
At a recent eventat the school's library a Dr. Wagner who i have not yet met laughed when someone brought up the idea of raising the analytic fee as an "intervention", saying "I thought that was my move!" This really turned me off to the school.
Jun 21 2011Unknown
I was there only a year, but it does seem more like a cult than a graduate school. Bogus.
I worked in this school's office and participatedJun 17 2011Unknown
I worked in this school's office and participated in a meeting where concerns about the reviews of the school students were leaving on this website were raised. The higher-ups in the faculty made the decision to start inundating the studentsreview website with positive and glowing reviews to counteract the truth in order to increase attendance in what i am starting to believe is a cult. They use the same methods as scientolofy to recruit and keep students and patients, as they survive and get rich off their money. Please don't fall for this scam. Bgsp preys on the vulnerable who are just seeking real help. Only the negative reviews made by those healthy and strong enough to get out or deprogrammed are accurate.
My current situation: I am a 33-year oldJan 26 2011Psychology
My current situation: I am a 33-year old male who graduated from the Master's in Psychoanalytic Counseling from BGSP in late 2008. Two years later I have a steady job as a fee-for-service mental health counselor at an outpatient mental health clinic in Boston and have started a small private practice. I will get my LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) license in the next couple of months. This past year I made close to $68,000. Admittedly I worked very hard for that, seeing between 30 and 40 patients per week, but being a recent graduate I can't complain. After graduating from the Master's program I also chose to continue onto the Doctorate program at BGSP and am pursuing the remainder of the training on a part-time basis whilst I work full-time as a clinician.

My experience with BGSP: I completed a Master's in Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies (Non-Clinical) at University College London (UCL) in 2005 and, wanting to be trained in clinical psychoanalysis, decided to further my studies at BGSP. Coming from the experience of the traditional didactic teaching approach of UCL, I found the teaching style of BGSP very different and it took a while to get used to. Much of the learning in the classes is experiential and students are encouraged to explore their own reactions to the group processes as each class unfolds. As a practicing clinician, I cannot underscore enough the profound value of this experience.

If you are looking for a straight-laced didactic experience then this may be the wrong place - the "process" teaching used at BGSP is structured to create a space in which students can study the unconscious as it influences interpersonal interactions in the moment, rather than solely reading about the unconscious in the abstract academic sense. Emotional learning can at times be exhausting but it offers students the valuable opportunity to understand unconscious dynamics from a subjective/experiential rather than objective/abstract vantage point (which as a clinician is vital).

My advice: If you are the type of person who is really interested in clinical psychoanalysis and in getting to know yourself, your unconscious, and how people work on the deepest levels then the frustrations that you will unavoidably have to endure in the process of figuring these things out will be worth it. It is hard work - not in the traditional head-in-the-books kind of way. It is emotionally hard work and when BGSP advertises that "it is not just an education, it is a transformative experience" they are not kidding.... For me, it has been very worthwhile. I have certainly had my ups and downs and there have been times when I have wanted to pack it all in and become a sheep farmer (who hasn't?) but looking back I can honestly say that I have had the kind of transformative experience that attracted me to BGSP in the first place.

May 26 2010Psychology
You can learn how to access and express both positive and negative feelings.
This institute offers excellent training if one isJan 19 2010Other
This institute offers excellent training if one is interested in learning how to be a psychoanalyst. The curriculum is very challenging from an emotional standpoint. It prepares one to work with very regressed patients, to help patients to talk, and to make meaning from unconcious communication of the patient. Often, students come here for the Master's degree and stay in order to complete a more rigorous program like the Certificate or the Doctorate which are offered at BGSP Other students prefer a more structured learning environment and feel frustrated with the focus on emotional learning and development. Either way, it offers excellent emotional and academic training if you're interested in becoming an analyst.
This school hurt me in every way anOct 20 2009Psychology
This school hurt me in every way an institution can hurt a person. The scary thing is I think the people who work and practice therapy there actually believe what they are doing is helping people. In the seven years I have spent working my way through the program and trying to make sense of the experience, I have witnessed the dissillusionment of many new students. The students who have been there the longest seem no closer to being mentally stable or healthy than the newest students, despite the promise that modern psychoanalysis will help with deep emotional difficulties. In fact, the students and faculty of the school seem very unhappy, and the student life outside of school is relatively perverse. It is a bit like high school, with a slew of regressed personalities acting them out in social situations. Older male students prey on incoming female students in constant competition with eachother like adolescent males. The student body has an unhealthy feel to it, and the faculty aren't far behind. The school operates like a cult in many ways, and like a cult, the community has the feel of a large family, only this one is very dysfunctional, and despite what seems to be a genuine belief in what the school is doing on the part of the faculty, the school is doing more harm than good.
Apr 12 2009Psychology
Feels alot like false advertising. Not up front at admissions about lack of academics. Do not recommend.
Mar 20 2009Psychology
Just not good. Don't bother
My background is in psychoanalysis with severe disorders,Sep 22 2008Unknown
My background is in psychoanalysis with severe disorders, from another environment; in Doctoral programm at the BGSP. I know this School and some of the scholars since a few years now; without their accurate help and encouragements I would have lost the courage to continue in the profession. Being a new beginner, I find the teachers and the staff being: what you see is what you get. Straight forward, with no hidden agendas.

The courses provide lots of readings, classical and contemporary, in regard to important and necessary solutions in regard to the issues encountered in the real life of the profession, with severe disorders. This is not nothing, in the sens that I do not know many Institutes specialized in these difficult type of issues, especially nowdays. And, without any doctrinal position. I feel the biggest freedom of speach and readings that I did not encounter in other institutions.

But, on the other hand, the conditions for the personal analysis as the group analysis of the emotions involved when working with such clientele, which consists in the first and the most important requirement to be a good analyst, are designed with intelligence and respect to the path of every student. That's why in the long and painful time of learning some students get jobs where their expertise is recognized. The Therapy center offers services to individuals without insurances; these two points make of the BGSP a useful organization for the society and devoted therapists to their patients. It's difference is to be unerstood in this sens and the fact that somewhere, if they are not perfect, they are pioneers in the field.

Note: the lincensing situation in psychoanalysis is now a big debate and not only the problem of only one organization. Some other psychoanalytic organizations have taken the Institute as a model on some aspects of the practice and in the interest of the patients. The magazine publishes interesting and original cases. Overall I recomand it but only to those who have strong willing to understand severe disorders, in other words, the deepest mysteries of our minds with passion and without fear, to demystify this huge type of disorder that implies the hugest suffering that exists.

On the whole, my six year experience inAug 05 2004Psychology
On the whole, my six year experience in the BGSP Master's Program has been an EXTREMELY POSITIVE ONE!

I was in it far longer then planned (and far longer then it usually takes) owing to circumstances and issues in my own life. It was not because of any limitations in the program. Assuming one has no major impediments in their own life, one can normally complete all academic and clinical work in somewhere between 2 and 3 years depending on one’s course load. All of the potential (and avoidable) delays can be avoided by getting one's Fieldwork Placement lined-up as soon as possible and by determining one's Master’s Thesis / Master's Paper topic as soon as possible. Not having to work whilst researching and writing the Master’s Thesis / Master's Paper will GREATLY accelerate how fast it can be researched, written, edited, and completed. I also recommended choosing from the most highly-placed and experienced Faculty Members for one’s Thesis Advisor and going with their recommendations for potential Readers as it will save time and effort for all concerned. Make sure to keep photocopies of EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT that you hand in to either your teachers or the administration and also do not hesitate for one second to change your Thesis Team if it isn’t fair, efficient, and constructive.

Through my involvement in my classes, my clinical work, and my personal psychoanalytic therapy, I was able to become a far more compassionate, kind, healthy, and happy human being in myself, in my relationships, and towards the world. I learned the reasons why it is important for people to have the ability to constructively access, feel, and express all their emotions and the price that they and their minds, bodies, relationships, families, communities, and societies will pay if they do not. BGSP improved my life -- indeed it gave me life -- in so many wonderful ways.

If I had it to do all over again, I would make the same choice over and over and over again. I would even venture to say that attending this school should be mandatory no matter what one’s career, relationship, or life plans. It really is that important and it’s better to do it when one is still young and has not yet gone too far in either their professional and personal life because then there’s still time to build a healthy and solid foundation that will serve one well no matter where they may wind up. I guarantee that the education, treatment, and training offered at this school can and will increase your odds for success in terms of relationships, career, long-term health, and happiness as far as they possibly can be increased.

In terms of scheduling and cost, the school is an academic, emotional, and financial bargain because you can actually cover all of your tuition and analytic expenses with a full Federal Stafford Loan and even have a little bit for living expenses (Not enough to live on, but it helps!). You also still have most of the week or weekend free for working. Considering that most graduate programs suck-up all the Federal Money and have such unreasonable schedules for working adults, BGSP makes learning, working, and staying alive while you do it VERY POSSIBLE.

At the present time, the school is beginning to align its curriculum with the requirements for the LMHC Licensing Requirements which is a good and very important move toward making the Master’s Degree more marketable. The degree is officially an Academic Degree, but as anyone who has completed it can attest, we actually get training that exceeds all of the other clinical programs out there, even many of those that are at the Doctoral Level.

BGSP, like all established and expanding schools has some challenges it needs to attend to. Because of the far-reaching effectiveness of both Modern Psychoanalytic Theory and Treatment, both the school and the discipline have not needed to explore the work of others as much as either probably should have just to stay well-versed on current trends. The program also needs to be structured to include greater diversity and representation of all of the major perspectives in Psychoanalysis, Social Work, Human Services, and Education. Also needing to be included should be more material from Evolutionary Biopsychology, Anthropology, Sociology, and Economics because they all inform the work of the discipline even further. A move in these directions has been happening through their recently created ISV Doctoral Program.

Most of the faculty are very helpful and open-minded to new ideas and do make an effort to stay abreast of extra-disciplinary developments. All that being said, there are a very few faculty and administrators who one might term Modern Psychoanalytic Dogmatists and who, in their capacities as Educators, Clinicians, and Administrators, are not as open-minded or inclusive as they should be of either dissent or new ideas.

One part of the problem may be that extensive successful clinical work (with a middle and upper-class client demographic) has lead to some of them losing sight of the fact that sexism, racism, homophobia, ageism, abuse, pain, poverty, and suffering can also happen independently of people’s self-destructive drives and internal assembly of external reality. Another part of the problem may be that the role one functions in as Psychoanalyst and then the role that one functions in as an Educator, Administrator, and Policymaker should not be one and the same. The last major part of the problem may be that BGSP’s student demographics have shifted from being exclusively established middle-aged and mid-career professionals to include many people who are young and at the beginning of their career.I believe that the administration, the faculty, and the school are still trying to navigate and make sense of that transition, how best to meet those demands, and the structure of the administration is still in the process of being perfected. BGSP, as they say (and despite a few areas that needs to be worked on) really is all that and a bag of chips!

Research Topic(s): The Anatomy of Love, Marriage, Reproduction, and Self-Help
i am student in the certificate program, andJun 29 2004Other
i am student in the certificate program, and an older student, who was looking for a training institute in psychoanalysis. This is small, intimate institution, which is Freudian based but the founders believed that psychoanalysis was an evolving discipline and as such were open to new ideas and theories...Spotnitz is the father of "Modern Pschyoanalysis" and had radical ideas about the treatment of narcissistic disorders. I have found the faculty very open to other points of view and appreciative of independent thought. Training in psychoanalysis is an ardorous process, but exceeding rewarding both intellectually and emotionally.

i highly recommend the institute. while not a member of the graduate program per level A training was in the same coursework, and i attended the same classes as graduate students. The level of discourse and ideas, the classroom exchange, was dynamic and open minded. if a student wants to be well trained, he or she will be...and if one wants to have a good experience at the school one is really up to the student.

After completing a masters degree elsewhere in schoolMay 27 2004Other
After completing a masters degree elsewhere in school psychology, I found myself needing real clinical skills in order to practice therapy. I compared a number of professional schools, and found BGSP to offer the most practical and relevant work. I would make the same choice today as I made then. The faculty teach in a process way so that what you see in the classroom is what you can take and use in the therapy session. The readings combine classic theory with a great survey of modern work and thoughts. Internships and externships are first rate and unlike anything I did in undergraduate or previous graduate work- you are supervised in a way that promotes not only growth in your clients and patients, but also in yourself. I think if you are looking to work with people in some capacity- this is the best training you can get- and the fact that tuition is low doesnt hurt either!
Research Topic(s): Early Group Resistances

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