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Bay State College is over priced and dysfunctional. When I pay a premium price for something I expect premium quality experience. Unfortunately the quality of education at Bay State College is under par. Bay State College is dysfunctionally ran by an out of touch administration. Non of the faculty is ever on the same page and the students are constantly given conflicting information.

Dealing with the I.T. department is a nightmare. The computers and printers are always down the college WiFi is extremely slow and spotty. The college does not even have a real bookstore and what is in the bookstore is overpriced just like Bay State College.
Surrounding City: A, Campus Aesthetics: F
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Jan 30 2015 2nd Year Male -- Class 2016  
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Quite Bright
I am currently in my last semester and will be getting my associates degree this year. I have to admit, I did not put much research into this school before attending. It was a careless decision applying, and then just deciding to go because I had nothing better going on in my life. What a terrible decision, especially financially.

I honestly enjoyed this school at first. I thought I was meeting all of these creative and accepting people. But that was just a facade, for both students and faculty. The students here are like the plastics in Mean Girls. They may appear nice, but their true colors show after a semester and they become very clique obsessed. And if you aren't in their clique you can just forget it. This applies to both within and out of majors. From my observation and experience, the students in each major keep their friendships within their major. And within that major is even more cliques. And if you don't join one of the catty cliques, you can forget having friends here. Neither the students or the faculty will want anything to do with you.

The faculty are no better than the students. They play absolute favorites and if you don't suck up to them they don't want anything to do with you. So many of these professors are so stuck up and entitled because they have experience in their industry. And they totally disregard you and take it almost personal if you don't express the same amount of passion or interest in their respective fields that they do. If you're lost and unsure about your career path, they don't encourage you and try and share their knowledge in a positive way. They shun you for not being like them, and throw you to the curb.

This school could care about less about your education. They're all about forcing you to work 10 part time jobs with absolutely no job or hours security (cause college students just have no bills to pay), and if you can't keep your schedule 110% open for whatever 2 hour a month job they want to send you to, they look down on you. I have been looked down upon by faculty, students, and the career service department because I commit to my part time job because it pays my bills. One career service advisor told me I needed to move in Boston if I ever want to make it in the industry. He wanted nothing to do with me when said the jobs he wanted to send me to didn't fit into my schedule. The faculty here just wants to force stupid jobs down your throat so it can strengthen their relationships with their contacts. As well as make the school look better because it's finding students all of these crappy minimum wage jobs. And if you don't want to work these minimum wage jobs, or better yet, work for free the faculty think you aren't a hard worker. I'm not sorry that I know a paycheck is more important than what my passion may be. I'm a realist, sorry. I have obligations.

The school is also insanely overpriced. I believe the current rate is $826 a credit, so that's around $2,400 a class. Which is absolutely insane when I think about the lack of education I have gotten here. I can honestly say that my degree I will be receiving is pointless (which the faculty have said as well, and that is experience is what's going to get you jobs -- so what am I paying all this money for??) And there is nothing that I learned here that I couldn't have learned on my own through experience and life. This school is like a high school, providing minimal education.I will say though, I have had some amazing and caring professors. Most of them however have been adjunct professors and or professors for general education classes.
Surrounding City: A+, Education Quality: F
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Feb 25 2015 2nd Year Male -- Class 2015  
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Quite Bright
Still the same junk school it's always been. Reading some other reviews I see this place is still a overpriced dump. I'd never recommend anyone go to this college, EVER!! I wish when I attended this school there we're places like this to warn people how horrible they are. I attended one semester back in 2000. Not only did they make up some excuse on how they we're tossing me out because some trashy girl was spreading rumors about me about me ruining something of hers, that was false, they also stole my money! I even had witnesses, from the dump they call a dorm, contact them to tell them the accusations were false, and they still kicked me out. Never returned my remaining $15,000. I'm going to be in debt forever because of these people. All over their excuse to get rid of me so they can keep my money that they did not deserve. So, I ended up paying for the rest of the year and the following year for classes that I did not take, food that I did not eat, and room and board for a place that I was not staying. BIG SCAM! There are way better colleges for cheaper with better programs that won't rip you off!
Preparedness: F, Reputation: F
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Aug 16 2014 Alumna Female -- Class 2000 
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