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Emerson College

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Those high in the ladder at Emerson knowQuite BrightOther
Those high in the ladder at Emerson know how to market the school well. The problem is, it's often garbage what they say. Unfortunately, you don't usually realize this until you're attending the college. I'm nearly done with my sophomore year as a film major and have very few good things to say about this school. I'll start with the one positive thing just to get it out of the way -- you meet a lot of really great, really creative and friendly people that are fantastic to work with. Most people are very passionate and nice (not everyone, but you'll find the people you're looking for).

The classes, at least for film, are garbage. You can learn everything they try to teach you about film/digital video in a day of sitting on the internet and screwing around with a camera. I guarantee it. That's it...nothing about the industry, nothing about being on set...they do NOTHING. POOF! Bye $50,000! Now, apparently it gets better Junior and Senior year here with more intense classes. However, the first two years are a waste.

The rest of your time is filled checking off the list of general education requirements. And, oh boy, is it a blast! Science and politics of water! Of WATER??!! Oh's glorious.

Going to film school has prevented me from working on movies because of the time you have to put in to general education requirements that are LITERALLY A WASTE OF YOUR LIFE. They do nothing for you, and it's given me a terrible, jaded attitude towards academic life in general as a result. I'm retaking Physics at the moment...why? To check off a box. Granted, physics is interesting, but it's repeating high school and wasting my time as a result.

Regarding the equipment that the school's lacking. Your intro film production courses will make you shoot on ~70 year old film cameras. Sure, an appreciation for actual film is nice, but this school is not caught up in the digital realm and continues to drop money making their students learn technology that is old and no longer used in the industry. Yay.

The school drops money on the Bolex and other out dated cameras. I wouldn't have a problem with this if they also had new equipment. They have Canon dslrs (60D, 7D I believe), C100s, Sony F3, an F5 I believe, and that's it. They have a couple steadicam Zephyrs, along with some decent lighting equipment. However, that's nearly the extent of it (oh and one dolly that you can't get). My personal opinion is that the students should band together to have a Bolex (old film camera) bonfire and force the college to buy RED cameras and a few Arri Alexa's.

I should mention regarding academics...the film classes are useless and so are gen eds...but Emerson does offer workshops (sparingly) for various post-production applications....they're still lacking and they're still not part of the normal curriculum.

Point is, I hate this school and the fact that it puts so many kids in debt for a subpar, useless education (film production wise).

I have a few very good friends and a lot of good people I know, so that's a plus. People are on the same page in terms of passion and creativity and need to work. Boston is also a great city (although you freeze to death half the school year, so you never feel like going anywhere).I know it's a scrambled review, but I hope you receive some insight.

2nd Year Male -- Class 2017
Surrounding City: A+, Education Quality: D-
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Emerson College was my dream school.Quite BrightVideo/Media
Emerson College was my dream school. For years I had wanted to be a movie director, and living in Massachusetts, Emerson seemed perfect. I hated it. Living in the city is awful. Everything is dirty in the city, I was always on edge in terms of safety. My dorm was right on the front of the building, with a view of the Common, which was highly desirable, but incredibly loud day and night. I am not at all a partier, and Emerson isn't known as a party school, but it totally IS. My floor was the party floor, everyone was drunk except for, thankfully, my suitemates. All my suitemates, however, were acting majors, and I am a total introvert, very shy. Everyone I met was loud, extroverted. It was hard for me to fit in. So if you think you are going to meet quiet creative types, they are rare here. After living in the dorms (which all very nice, all newly renovated or built) for a month, I decided to commute instead, which turned out to be the lesser of two evils. Commuting was the worst. Better than living there for me, but terrible. One of my classrooms was above a club, so there would sometimes be pounding dance music during night classes. The dining hall was small and has very limited and average quality food. I had a mental breakdown, am taking semesters off, and never want to go back. For some people I am sure this is the perfect school. I just want to help people so they don't experience what I did. Think about it a lot. If I had had the opportunity to spend the night here before applying, which some schools but not Emerson offer, I would not have gone here.
1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Innovation: A, Useful Schoolwork: D-
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A terrible, terrible school whose alleged devotion to
A terrible, terrible school whose alleged devotion to protecting and enforcing the rights and liberties of its individual students whilst encouraging them to conjure up their own opinions is a lie, a farce enacted by the liberal and gay administrators who run this place. At the behest of the government, this school has harrassed me on a daily basis and has attempted to disrupt my plans in order to protect the political fortunes of the powers that be in one of the most dysfunctionally liberal states in the nation. The professors are given talking points and share them in class in order to poison the atmosphere. Whilst at Emerson, one professor, at the behest of the government, encouraged me to stop practicing for the LSAT, and certain students in my classes have been placed their in order to monitor me. When they look at me, they see Hitler. When I look at them, I see garbage.
Male -- Class 2000
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