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Hampshire College

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Please excuse my spelling and grammar I haveNot so brightPhysics
Please excuse my spelling and grammar I have bad dyslexia and dysgraphia, I will try my best to write as clearly as I can and will use spell check.

Hampshire the place where degrees are brought not earned, by students who are academically challenged but parents are financially gifted...

If a parent is reading this and you want the best for your child as far as education and available resources go please find another College to spend $60,000++. But if a parent knows that there child has a major drug problem and or alcohol problem, would not be able to make it at a "real" college academic wise. Or has the money to blow on sending your child to exotic lands (field studies)to study extreme Frisbee then this is the adult day car for your child!

There is a reason why the average graduation rate here is 54.8% within four years and 60% within six years!!

The rate that students transfer out by the second year is very high as well! I believe the president said somewhere around 300-400 students that's allot for such a small student body! During a student tour ask the guide what the graduation rate is and why, get ready for the blank stare...

My stay here has been all around horrible, The "diverse" community here is a joke, there is NO support/community for non-traditional students, blue collar family students or really colour students. The campus is disgusting, there are cigarettes buds everywhere along with alcohol bottles laying on the ground, and garbage bags in hallways or in front of mod doors. Inside of every mod, students are to lazy to clean up after themselves, with clothes left everywhere, boxes, rotten food, broken furniture.

Greenwich is falling apart, has a bad gopher and skunk problem because of the lack of a "real" foundation for the buildings. They are full of mold with some mods being so bad that it leaves you with a sore throat after a day. The heat sometimes works and it's a crap shot on if the hot water boiler is working. The dorms are a endless nightmare instead of spending money wisely on keeping up their buildings. Budgeting is left to teenagers on a student board which is a recipe for disaster. This leads to money being wasted on throwing tons of partying events for students throughout the entire semester even through finals!!

The schools money spending habits are so bad they may have to cut the student EMT's (health services closes at 5pm).

And students had to rally together to get EMT's because the college wasn't able to do so. Again students may not have ANY EMT services after 5pm because of budget issues, which means it's a 20min bus ride and then a 20min walk to Umass to get medical help or a expensive ambulance ride. This is what $60,000+ in tuitions is going to, mediocre parties and events that are run by teenage students who have zero experience about the subject matter and only know what they learned through a quick wikipedia search.

Finding good classes here has been a headache, students who care about their education end up taken 5 college courses. In order to learn students need to take classes at other colleges?! Math or science courses here are not worth the effort to sign up for them. My last "mathematics" class called puzzles and paradoxes consisted of the students playing with puzzles and cross words for the first two weeks. Then for the rest of the term we listened to the teacher ramble on about his life, really for one hour and twenty minutes we would listen to his autobiography. Next up renew reuse class, were students played with spaghetti and marshmallows. Yes credit was given for these classes. Or the woman's fabrication class were the teacher is telling students that there isn't a differences between a polishing disk and a grinding disk... Or letting the students work in the hot shop (forge, welding, black smiting etc) while wearing short, short skirts, sleeveless belle shirts, tennis shoes or open toe shoes, no eye protection. All of which are extremely dangerous.

There are a handful of very good professors and staff members here, there seems to be a divide were either a faculty/staff member is either very good or horrible. However finding them can be a task, the good ones are up to their necks in work, responsibility's and meetings etc. Meeting up with them or scheduling time can be hard because they are so over worked.

Hampshire is still pitching views and selling idea's that it's student body no longer holds. If I had known even half of what I know now about this place, I would have never given this college a second glance. And would have avoided the large amount of debt that I am not in. This is just a short run over of "Hampshire problems".

As far as Hampshire social life goes, unless a student has some "disorder" is in therapy, drugs, random hook ups that leads to a secs pool of STD's going around campus, owns nothing but apple products, doctor martins, urban outfitters, associates being a hippie with smoking pot, never taking a shower, drugs once again, politicly correct to the point were no one can speak to each other, drugs, pass judgement on others before you meet them, preach about saving the planet by only shopping at whole foods this is the place for you!

Hampshire is a great idea but the execution fell off the table and has nothing to offer when it comes to justifying it's price tag. Hampshire would work great if it was geared towards older students, that already have their life together and understood responsibility, respect and could set deadlines for themselves etc. But leaving children who are fresh out of high school to "run" the college and be responsible has proved near fatal (once). Now all I can do is hope that at least some of my classes from Hampshire will be transferable to a ivy league school or A+ rated real college.Again sorry for my grammar and or spelling I have a few learning disabilities. Thank you

1st Year Female -- Class 2016
Faculty Accessibility: C-, Education Quality: F
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I only stayed at HC one semester.Quite Bright
I only stayed at HC one semester. I think that says it all.
Classes don't challenge you to become better ether does faculty. There is no competition between students, they just don't care. (it has exceptions). But in general they sell you this "innovating type of education" but you get just a lot of lazy people that are there to have a good time, party and do drugs. It's waaaay too expensive for what you get. As I said, students aren't driven or even want to accomplish grater things in life. In my time at Hampshire I never felt inspired by anyone. The "thesis" projects (DIV III) most of them are ridiculous and everyone gets away with it.

To fit in at Hampshire College you have to be "weird" not in they way we all are, we all are different, we all like and act in different ways but no, here they make it a point that you have to be weird and do weird things and like hipster music and dress as one. If you're not "weird" enough you WONT make many friends. So the two things you have to do to fit in at hampshire is: Have any type of disorder (OCD, depression,suicidal, etc) plus do any type of drug (the most popular is pot but they do EVERYTHING.

I made a lot of friends at hampshire but didn't always felt comfortable because I don't do drugs and I don't have any of this type of extreme issues, so one thing is true, as it is everywhere if you're outgoing and try you'll make friends but its harder here.

Most of the social environments revolve around pot, that's for sure. People get high 24/7. They go to class high, to the dinning hall (SAGA) etc. Almost everyone smokes or do some kind of drug.

Mostly woods. If you're an outdoorsy person and like rock climbing and being in the woods then this is perfect for you. There's nothing else to do. The closest town is Amherst and it's tiny.

I'm really outdoorsy but I'm also from the city so this was very hard for me. Waiting for the bus every day having to call a taxi and wait for a long time, etc are some issues that you'll suffer if you don't have a car or a friend with one. If you miss the bus you'll mis your class.

1st Year Female -- Class 2015
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Surrounding City: F
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Hampshire College is far and above the worstQuite BrightMusic - Performance
Hampshire College is far and above the worst decision I have ever made. People are rude, condescending, and unfriendly. The whole no grades thing may seem appealing but the system is completely unfair and subjective. There are also far too many drugs on campus - I can't even walk from my dorm to the dining hall without walking through a cloud of cigarette smoke. I have quite liberal political views so I thought I wouldn't have any trouble fitting in here, but I was dead wrong. Do yourself a HUGE favor and stay away from this school. Hundreds of students transfer out every year and this year I will be one of them.
1st Year Female -- Class 2015
Perceived Campus Safety: A, Education Quality: F
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