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Lasell College

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The one thing I have to thank LasellQuite BrightCommunications
The one thing I have to thank Lasell for is that it led me to transfer to another school I would've never gone to originally.

For prospective students looking into Lasell, I have some advice for you. When looking into schools, I actually visited Lasell multiple times. I thought it was just stunning. The campus itself is laid out very nicely and is very well kept. The Victorian houses are beautiful, and the area is so quiet and tranquil. Unfortunately, for me, this is where the positives ended.

I personally found the students at this school to be very unwelcoming, close minded, and not quite "college ready." Classes were being treated as high school extensions, with lots of complaining about assignments (such as a 4-6 page paper for a midterm.) The main concern for a majority of students at Lasell is partying, which at Lasell actually means standing in the quad and drinking. For all 4 years. At most universities, "Thirsty Thursday" is something you outgrow after your freshman year. At Lasell, it carries on all 4 years. Once I transferred and experiences sophomores and up laughing at the term when freshmen said it, I realized that the obsession with it at Lasell was abnormal, particularly with the older students. Sleeping and/or studying on a Thursday at Lasell is a no-go.

There also isn't really anything to do on campus. Activities and events are sparse. There really aren't many clubs or organizations on campus, and the ones that do exist are very hesitant to include younger students. I wasn't "accepted" into one club, then afterwards I heard students in the club complaining that they didn't have enough members. In another club, they wouldn't allow anyone who wasn't in a leadership position to make suggestions and policed your every move. It was very awkward and made us feel very unwelcome. A majority of us dropped the club after that.

By the end of my time at Lasell, I was bored, academically unchallenged, and just plain miserable. I bolted quickly for another school (this one larger than Lasell) and ended up having the time of my life. Lasell nearly ruined college for me, but my new school made it the best 3 years of my life, so for that I do have to thank Lasell because I never would've gone to that school otherwise.

Please know that just because Lasell is a small school, it doesn't mean that they value you as a student. My own advisor was questioning where I had gone SIX MONTHS after I had already transferred. In a school of around 1,600 students, that isn't acceptable. In my experience, Lasell is happy to take your money, but they don't have time to help you out if you're having any trouble. Small sized schools are nice, but the size of Lasell is simply way too small as it doesn't sustain any kind of campus life. It also backfires when you're part of such a small number but barely matter to the school. Don't be fooled by Lasell's beauty and promises. Make sure you're asking the right questions and speaking to current students who aren't paid ambassadors. It's something I wish I had done before attending, and would only regret it more if transferring hadn't led to something amazing.And if you are a current student who is considering transferring, follow your gut. It seems scary at first, and it definitely isn't fun to uproot yourself, but chances are you'll be much happier, get a better education, and have an overall better experience. College should be something you look back on and appreciate, not regret. If you want to transfer but aren't sold, just trust yourself and do it. You will be glad you did.

1st Year Female -- Class 2016
Campus Aesthetics: A, Individual Value: F
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I regret not transferring.Quite BrightDesign Arts - Industrial Design/Graphic Design/etc
I regret not transferring. SO MUCH. Just don't go here- it's a complete waste of your money. The tuition is extremely overpriced. While it is a private school, and is therefore expected to be more expensive, it isn't justified. The curriculars aren't that great, and I feel like I could have learned so much more if I had transferred. I'm in the fashion design program, and the restrictions on creative thinking are absolutely stifling. On top of that, I spent most of my time teaching myself how to do things- the faculty acted more as supervisors during many of my classes, and when asked for advice, would give you half an answer and send you on your way.

Freshman year was fine, sophomore year was slightly more challenging, but by then I was already tied into my junior year study abroad. After that, it didn't seem worth it to transfer and have to spend even more money on an extra semester if credits didn't transfer to the new school. I can't speak for any other majors, but if you go to Lasell for fashion, pay close attention to your learning process, and if you think you could achieve more somewhere else, GO. JUST GO NOW.

The students here aren't the brightest or most talented. If you believe that you are above average, aim for a different college. The classes themselves here (regardless of major) are not challenging, and many feel like high school. That being said, I have had some very interesting classes (surprise: History of Human Rights) and some that require a lot of work. It all comes down to the professor.

More complaints: The advising system leaves something to be desired, the campus shuttle is unreliable, and the on-campus activities are lackluster. Don't even get me started on the party scene, it's a joke. Though they describe Boston as "a couple minutes away," it's more like a 40 minute train ride or more. No one goes into Boston, they just stay in their dorms. You're honestly better off getting an off campus apartment than paying their room and board, both because of the cost, and the lack of life. I pay less for an entire year's lease and food off campus than for Lasell's 9 month housing fees. Find a friend and share a room in an apartment. Oh, and the dining hall food is awful. You'll definitely want to learn how to cook.

Also: the tuition is jacked up a couple thousand every year, but your awards will stay the same. Be prepared for that.

The good things: They cost extra, but the suite style rooms are nice. The overall room size is also pretty good. If possible, I would recommend living in one of the houses at some point. I lived in one my freshman year and the room was huge. The area is also very safe, and the landscaping is nice in the fall. A select few professors are really wonderful (Carey, Emanuelson, among others) and really know what they're talking about.I apologize for this (mostly) whiny rant, but someone needs to point these things out. I have simply had enough. After having such high hopes for my college career, and falling in love with the school after visiting it in high school, I can't believe that I'm so disappointed.

1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Campus Aesthetics: A, Education Quality: F
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As someone who went to Lasell from H.AverageEducation
As someone who went to Lasell from H.S and transferred to a bigger school, only to come back to Lasell, I can say a lot. It's difficult to base a proper opinion off of some of these comments because they are so biased. Lasell is not AMAZING, but Lasell is not TERRIBLE. You get what you make from the school, which goes with pretty much everything else. Yes, it is a very small school and you begin to realize that quickly when you see the same faces often, and Thursday/Saturday nights can be boring every once and a while. I've found many people from this school to be welcoming and friendly, while of course there are always some rude and arrogant individual's you'll run into. However with the right group of people, you can really make your time at Lasell extremely fun, social, and gain a ton of memories. For me, my classes have been generally been challenging (I've switched my major a few times so I can speak on a few different courses) and I've always felt comfortable in class. I do not think Lasell's classes are similar to other schools - class size is true to what they say (no more than 25 kids per usual class) and 90% of my courses are discussion based over lecture. Class participation is a major contender in your overall grade. There are clubs beyond clubs at Lasell, and you can always make your own if you feel strongly about something that is not offered. The food sucks, most days, but that is something common within a lot of colleges. Accessibility to a grocery store, gas station, Dunkin Donuts, malls, and the train are all within walking/shuttle/driving distance. The location of the school is great for safety, you'll never feel threatened here, especially during the night time. In the next town over, there are lots of restaurants and a few good bars that many students go to. While they always say that Boston is only a few miles outside of the school, it does take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour+ to actually get into the city if you're travelling by the train, so keep that in mind. I do believe that the tuition is overpriced, but it is a private institution. The look of Lasell is average at best, but can easily be remarkable if they kept up with the maintenance of the brick buildings, landscaping, and updated a few areas such as the library. Staff and faculty have always been helpful and friendly towards myself and others I know. The living situations are decent, freshmen always get the crappy end of the stick (smaller rooms and community bathrooms), but once you get through your freshmen year, it just improves (ex: private rooms, choice of housing, bigger living areas). Overall, Lasell is 100% what you make of it - including the people you meet, the opportunities you take, and just putting yourself out there to make the best of your college experience. This school is definitely not for everyone who attends, but those who make the best of it (like myself) really find that there is no place else for them.
2nd Year Female -- Class 2017
Collaboration/Competitive: A+, Campus Maintenance: B-
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Lasell College
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