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Mount Ida College

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This is the worstNot so brightAnimal Studies
This is the worst and most subpar education. It is expensive for what the quality. Professors inspire no creativity and some barely teach. I would not recommend this to anyone. I found community college more worthwhile.Don't waste your time or money!
1st Year Female -- Class 2016
Perceived Campus Safety: B-, Education Quality: F
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Mount Ida College.Quite BrightAnimal Studies
Mount Ida College...
It's a joke.
My English class wasn't even a real English class. It was a book club. I got nothing out of it, and I was so disappointed because I like English. What's sad is that my English classes in High School are far superior than this joke. The professor.. Don't get me started on her. We have discussions and she'd give us assignments (a sheet of paper) that has to be done by the end of the week. Most of the time, it wasn't clear and extremely vague. If you ask her for clarification, she'd force you to answer your own question- but I'm paying for this education out of MY pocket. I have no time for guessing games.

I never got grades on my papers, except "See Me". What I don't get is that my friend from Puerto Rico had papers with grammatical errors in spots and misspellings, and she always got Bs and As. Huh? And my papers was proofread by at least 3 different people, and they thought they were great or just good. The professor even had the audacity to cross out some of my sentences and asking "What does this mean?" when the answer to her stupid question was right below it. It's just the dumbass crossed it out. Our class was small- about 8 people. She'd try to make people argue. And she only cares about her opinion because she's too conceited and thinks she is right- when there is nothing to be right about. It's a freaking opinion!

I got nothing out of this Norton Reader. It was a pain in the ass, boring and uninteresting. If I wanted to join a book club, I'd join up at my local library. Not pay $19,000 to do it in college.

Next, my Vet Tech teachers. I liked one of them because she had a great personality, bubbly and friendly. But she wasn't too good at teaching the material, until the final two months of the semester. She came from Louisiana, so it must be totally different down there in regards to the school she was teaching down there. She got a warning, apparently, by the department because most of the people in her classes were failing, including me. I've never failed a class in my life. This was a first. Part of it was because I just got tired of this school and felt miserable here. Next up, the head of the Vet Tech department, at least, I believe.

This lady... Screwed me over. And everyone, actually. Our midterm... Okay, she gave us a study guide with all these terms and the like that were to appear on the midterm. I paid close attention to the terms because she had put emphasis on them. Come exam day... The mid term had questions regarding silly dates, like, "When did this organization open?" and "What does this stand for?" (in regards to an organization). This is Intro to Vet Tech, where this course is SAID to focus on terms used in the field, such as hoof, pedal, etc... I guess the rumors of her "weeding out freshmen" were true. I withdrew from this class because it was the last straw for me.

Freshman Orientation... Joke. The professor was nice and all.. But he was too much of a push over.. The people in the class weren't bright for the most part and there were some real ignorant guys there. How the hell do plants emit Carbon Dioxide? And guess what? They won the debate. Crazy.

The only professor I have real respect for is my Math Professor. She was great at teaching (and I'm not too good at math), but at the same time, I don't think I belonged there. It was way too easy, I could finish my homework in class with no problems- it felt like a joke to me. People around me were stuggling, and the professor teased me sometimes because I got things done early. I would draw and she'd try to trick me, thinking I wouldn't know what was going on. I felt some tension from some people around me probably because I know what was going on nearly 100% of the time. The placement test.. It was a joke. And I was apparently supposed to be in a basic English class. I retook it, and ended up in that witch's class :(

Thirsty Thursdays- redundant. People are loud and obnoxious at night. You can hear elephants and other zoo animals running down the hallways- actually, Zoo animals are more civilized, so scratch that. One night, some IDIOT started a fire in the hallway on my floor.So, I woke up at 2am to the sound of what sounded like a vacuum cleaner, and saw lights flashing in the room through the window. I didn't feel like getting up, so I stayed in bed. My roommate had to wake me up and tell me about the fool who started the fire and how we need to get out. Yeah, I was POed. But I eventually snuck back into my room while everyone was being held in the gym.

So, expect your sleep to be interrupted about 3 times a week. Then again, I would advise everyone not to stay on campus. Or go to this school at all. Wingate is old and gross- one morning I woke up to trash cans knocked over, ceiling panels broken down- like a tornado came through. You'll see lots of plates outside people's door, as if someone is supposed to clean up for them. Bathrooms are disgusting- I woke up to brush my teeth, and the lady cleaning didn't really do much cleaning at all. I never used the bathroom in my dorm. I actually ran downstairs to use two different clean bathrooms, one in the basement and the other outside of Wingate.The bathrooms in Wingate were always dark and gloomy. The new showers were once bright and clean. Now, there's black spots in places and disgusting- within 2 months. Girls from the 3rd, 1st and basement floor often came up to use our showers because their's are disgusting. I always used my sandals whenever I showered, considering there were people infected by STDs that can be caught by using the toilets, especially. Not sure about showers- but rather be safe. Pardon my ignorance.

Don't get me started on the fruit fly infestation either.
All in all, this is a terrible institution that is trying to get an additional $1,000 out of me. Tuition is 18,250 and they are charging me a total of $21,000. Apparently, money was refunded to the department of education or something of that nature- but the issue still stands, the tuition is 18,250 + the 1,000 of medical insurance that was already paid off.They're salty about not getting more money than they deserve and are chasing me. And they nickled and dimed my loan, too. And I still have to pay the full amount of it, regardless. So, I didn't get my education's worth, I was LIED to about accreditation. And I lived in a dorm for $6,000 that was small and disgusting- when now I'm living in a nice 3 bedroom apartment for $750 a month- in 4 months, it would only amount to $3000. Do the math folks. This school isn't worth it. Stay away from this and other private colleges.

Go to a state university or community college. The college experience just isn't worth it. Accreditation is the most important aspect. And this school lacks it.Research. Because I'm regretting the latter half of 2010 :(

1st Year Male -- Class 2014
Individual Value: B, Campus Maintenance: F
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I feel that there needs to be moreQuite BrightBusiness - Management and Administration
I feel that there needs to be more college choices for people who struggled in high school, and got bad grades on the SAT ACTs.

I have a learning disability in math, but in all other subjects, I tend to be the best student in my classes.

In coming to Mount Ida College, I had no idea what I would be in for. The residence halls are all unclean. People are inconsiderate of each other and like to blast their music all day every day...even though a new rule has been put into effect "24 hour quiet," (which has been anything but.)

The RA's don't care about anything or anyone but themselves.
Public safety is quite a joke. The college pretty much dresses up a couple monkeys in police uniforms and have them "see to the campus and students." However, they don't do shit. They sit around all day and all night reading or watching TV, while students are getting high outside in the parking lot.

The food is atrocious. I cannot count all the times I have gotten food poisoning from this shit. The campus is gloomy and disgusting. There's litter everywhere and it it unwelcoming.

Unfortunately, I still attend this school. However, I am planning on transferring next somewhere warm. (Mount Ida does not know what heating or air conditioning is." My advice: don't go're better off at a community college.

1st Year Female -- Class 2015
Faculty Accessibility: B, Campus Maintenance: F
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