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The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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I would highly, highly recommend that people considerQuite BrightPolitical Science
I would highly, highly recommend that people consider other schools than UMass Dartmouth, the school is just terrible. I actually cannot think of a single aspect of it that I like. The months I have spent at this college have actually been the worst periods of time in my life and every weekend I drive 75 minutes to go home just so I do not have to be there. The academics feel misguided and the faculty is not really involved. The layout of the campus consists of 5 prison-looking concrete buildings for academics, some dorm buildings, parking lots, and open fields. There is absolutely nothing to do there and if you do not have any friends you will find yourself simply walking down the same path everyday to get to class. Spare yourself.
2nd Year Male -- Class 2018
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If you're seriously considering UMD, take the timeNot so brightPolitical Science
If you're seriously considering UMD, take the time to read this.
I came from a competitive, academically rigorous party school in a college town by the beach, which i absolutely loved. After my freshmen year there, i transferred to UMD for non-academic reasons.

The ominous campus foreshadows the experience to come. I'll start with the social scene. I knew a few people at the school, and after the first week or two i was dying to cut loose. I had an invite to a frat "party" and i was looking forward to getting a decent buzz on and enjoying myself. Fast forward a few hours and i'm completely sober, watching a game of water pong (yep, this was a bring your own alcohol party, which i wasn't aware of, and because no one brought anything significant, the game of choice was water pong).

After a stunning display of water pong, i stumbled upon some liquor. Excellent, the night can't go downhill from here, right? Fast Forward another hour and i'm buzzed, some girl with a deeper voice than mine (and i'm masculine) is sucking on my neck and there are 3 dudes "spooning" on the floor nearby. WTF

It's time for me to leave. I'm followed out of the parking lot by a cop, so i never exceed the posted speed limit. I'm not weaving in the lane, or showing any signs of my very mild intoxication, when the lights come on. Great. I pull over, and a female officer approaches me:

Officer: Do you know why i'm stopping you?
Me: No, i do not.
Officer: You were speeding.
Me: No, i wasn't.
Officer: Do you even know the speed limit? (condescending tone)
Me: Yes, it's 25, and i never exceeded it.
Officer: Well, did you see the pedestrian you almost hit?
Me: What? (no pedestrians as far as the eye can see)
After a long argument about whether or not i had almost hit someone in a crosswalk, who absolutely did not exist, i get off with a warning.

Because the place is a social wasteland on the weekends, the police will pull over and hassle drivers in the early morning hours because they have absolutely nothing else to do. I'm guessing this officer was pulling me over to see if i had been drinking (which she failed at), and when she realized she couldn't use speeding as an excuse to stop me, she invented a pedestrian that i had "almost hit".

This story basically embodies the best of the social scene, which is so poor that a lot of the sorority girls are on online dating websites (so i'm told)...sorority girls on dating websites...

The girl with the deep voice was about a 7/10 on her own merit, but at this campus that's an 8.5. It seems like most of the girls here wouldn't know which end of a brush to apply makeup with. Most wear sweatpants most of the time, and few of them actually appear "put together"

Everyone leaves on the weekend because there is nothing to do on campus and nearly nothing in the surrounding area.

So, your social life is likely to be a disaster, but what about academics?
After a month or so at the school i had my first exam. Angry to be in such a place, i had not taken any notes and had been skipping more classes than i attended. I studied for about 2 hours the night before the exam, and scored the highest grade in the class. There were 91 people in this Abnormal Psych class. At that moment i knew i could do almost nothing and stay above a 3.0. With 3 of my 5 textbooks in the unopened packaging, i finished the semester on the dean's list. How is this even considered a university?

Hell, just read the reviews written by some of my peers. Graduates from this place can't assemble a grammatically correct sentence.

In my 3 semesters, i have done nothing academic, learned nothing, averaged over a 3.0, met few people worth speaking to, and been asked to cheat for another student BY A PROFESSOR. In all honesty, a professor at this "university" asked me to help another student cheat through a course, because if the number of students failing was too high it would reflect poorly on him. I could go on all day, but by now i'm sure you get the point. Stay as far away from this place as possible.

You'll notice some positive reviews, and most are written by people who lack perspective. If you plan to spend the duration of your life within 10 miles of Dartmouth, and expect nothing greater, than this is the place for you. If you understand that there is a wide world out there, that there are colleges where people learn things during the week and have this thing called "fun" on the weekends, and that you shouldn't waste the best years of your live at an institution like this one, than do not come here. Thankfully, my sentence here is served.

2nd Year Male -- Class 2010
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Let's start off by saying if you areBrightUndecided
Let's start off by saying if you are looking for that classic, great college experience, DO NOT go here. I came into this school very open minded, and excited for college and all that is has to offer. To put it simply, this school has literally ruined the college experience for me. First of all the school is absolutely hideous, and is very depressing. I have no idea why someone would design a school to look the way this one does because even just looking at this school makes me sad, and others can agree. I feel as though most of the students that attend this school just come here because it is affordable and there is a lot of commuters, so a lot of people come here because it is local as well. I feel like no one LOVES it here and wants to be here, and that is honestly the worst part. Most of the students here are not very outgoing, and tend to keep to themselves, so it is not super easy to make friends unless you get along really well with your room mate, or make friends with people in your classes. I lived on campus here for one semester and absolutely hated it. I fortunately lived in Maple Ridge hall which is not the worst freshman hall to live in, it definitely has the best bathrooms. Back to why I hated it for the most part, I feel as though everyone in my suite and on my floor kept to themselves, and no one interacted with anyone. I'm just glad I live close enough to the school to commute, I did not want to waste any more time or money by living there. The food in the dining hall was actually not too bad, probably one of the better aspects of the school. The best places on campus are probably the library and the gym. The liberal arts building has no AC, so prepare to be sweating during class when it gets warmer outside. My professors here have not been horrible, I had a few unpleasant ones so far, but nothing really too bad. The staff here are really unhelpful and seem to not really care about the feelings of students. Whenever I have gone to someone about an issue here they just had that kind of get in get out attitude. I feel like this school tries so hard to make itself seem better than it is, at the expense of not really caring about the students and only caring if the school looks good. I think this school for the most part has been the biggest waste of time and money. It kills me that I came here and had to ruin my first year college experience, it truly breaks my heart. I really wish I didn't even apply here so I didn't even have the option to go here. So if you don't really care about the "college experience" and just want a school that's cheap and gets the job done, then this school might be fine for you. If you are looking for a school that feels like home, and gives you that great college experience,and awesome campus life, then do not come here. Literally any other college is better than here. Also if anyone was wondering, I am 100% transferring, and so are a lot of other people that are in my class here.
1st Year Female -- Class 1922
Perceived Campus Safety: A-, Education Quality: F
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