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Wheelock College

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As an older student, I have a differentSuper BrilliantOther
As an older student, I have a different lens to look through than most traditional ones. Wheelock is a wonderful place to learn and grow. I laughed when I read most of these reviews because they are BS. I will admit that I never lived in the dorms, but if you don't like getting in trouble for things you didn't do, then stop hanging out in those areas or with those people. As a parent, I would be more than happy to send my child to school at Wheelock and know that they are in a friendly and supportive environment with people who can respectfully expand a person's mind and knowledge of the world. Wheelock cares about the greater good and supports people of all abilities in their individual quests to succeed. I loved it so much, I came back for grad school!
2nd Year Female -- Class 2016
Education Quality: A+, Extracurricular Activities: A-
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NEVER GO HERE!! TheSuper BrilliantEducation
NEVER GO HERE!! The school blames crimes that happen at their school on the victim. This school is dangerous and they do not stand for what they say. The administration is VERY rude and lazy. They say they care about the students but they really don't. Save yourself and go to another school!!!
2nd Year Female -- Class 2018
Social Life: B+, Education Quality: F
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Wheelock College is one of those experiences thatSocial Work
Wheelock College is one of those experiences that you look back on and either cringe or laugh about. Wheelock College is the easiest school to get into, and the work is a joke.

The entire basketball team was and is complete trash. They would never do their work, and they would always show up to class late. They always had the women from the school do their homework and clean their rooms. The fact that these morons were able to get into Wheelock College shows that it is the easiest school to get into.

If you are a guy you have an even higher chance of getting in. As a guy who got into Wheelock I was given up to $15,000 in grants from Wheelock. Every woman that went to that school was given maybe $5,000 if they were lucky. Wheelock College favors men because they want to diversify the campus. The unfortunate part about this is that they end up giving men more in grants than the women.

Living on campus was a complete nightmare and a complete train wreck. It is an extremely small community so no matter where you are anything and everything will be spread throughout the school within minutes. There is a lot of drug use and alcohol use on campus. The 2014 freshman class was selling cocaine out of CCSR and other various drugs. Marijuana is at an all time high (pun intended) on the campus. The girls on campus are extremely easy, given that the ratio between men and women are so large it is like shooting fish in a barrel. If you are a single straight man who lives at Wheelock you will get laid every other day every single week till the day you graduate if you play your cards right and know how to manipulate the situation.

The thing about Wheelock girls is that they all have a really low self-esteem and since there are few men in the area given that Simmons is right across the street they must find sex from the men at Wheelock. I can hear the annoying Femi-Nazi's from Wheelock now. "How dare you say that Wheelock women are easy", but that is the truth, they are super easy. I did the hookup thing for two years, I had sex with more Wheelock woman than I can count. But after my second year I found that it was just becoming gross. This campus was like a giant orgy for everyone who lived on it. So the term sloppy seconds was an all too familiar thing.

What I am getting at is that if you live on campus and you start to date a guy or a girl, that person has 9 times out 10 slept with at least ten people in the last few months. The reason for this is because there is absolutely nothing to do on campus except have sex and drink. If you are lucky, which I was, you will find a group of friends that help steer you away from the trashy social life of Wheelock and you will be with your friends more instead of making horrible decisions.

The faculty is something else. The social work program is amazing! Every teacher was phenomenal. But ResLife was the most disgusting excuses for life that I have ever met. Darcy DuBois never treated the students with respect. I was physically assaulted by my drunk roommate and yes they moved him out ASAP. But once that she told me that they would tell me when he is going to the room to grab something/move out. Well she didn't. Instead I found out through my other roommate that this psychopath was on his way up to my room to collect his belongings without an RA or RD escort. Darcy and Eric Maitland knew but they just shrugged it off and did nothing about it. I actually had to leave my room because I was afraid that I would be physically harmed if my ex-roommate returned with me in the room.

Darcy has put every student in harms way. I have had several friends who have had roommates that have physically or mentally threatened them and she refused to give my friends a new room. Instead she forced my friends to crash in other people's rooms for months. It took three months till a friend of mine was given a new room. On campus they have tons of open rooms for situations like this, but Darcy refuses to let anyone use them even if they are in a dangerous situation because she truly does not care about the students.

When Darcy is called out for her neglectful actions toward the students she berates them and makes the student feel like trash. How this excuse for a human still has her job is beyond me.

On top of that, Eric Maitland emailed all of the Student Leaders at Wheelock College and informed them that if they refer a person of color to become a student leader that they will be given $50. His reasoning was that they wanted to create a diverse looking student leadership, because for some reason Wheelock College was not diverse enough. In the email he referred to the students as students of color. He was bribing the white student leaders to refer their friends of color to this program. He was paying them with the money that we as students pay for activities on campus.

The school did their best to cover this up, and Eric gave a half-assed apology to the student body. Jackie Jenkins Scott the ex-president (thank god) of Wheelock was the fakest person that has ever lived. She lived in a lavish mansion with central air, right next to the student dorm building that was a converted mansion. One summer this particular dorm was so unbelievably hot that everyone living there kept asking the school for a couple of air conditioners. Well, Jackie and the rest of the reslife staff told us that they could not afford to give us even one air conditioner. Every night/day we would look over to Jackie Jenkin Scott's house and see her on the back porch sipping lemonade and seeing that her house had central air. In the front she had her expensive cars, and would throw lavish parties every other week in her backyard. This woman was paid an enormous amount of money a year to do absolutely nothing, but the school for some reason could not afford to give twelve students who lived in a converted mansion one single air conditioner to make the hot building bearable. So we had to resort to stealing an air conditioner from another building on campus to help everyone who was living in the dorm survive the summer.

Jackie Jenkins Scott also had her bodyguard, this giant black man who would yell/threaten any student who asked her any question pertaining to the money that WE as STUDENTS pay HER to do her JOB. This BOY would threaten the students who he thought were out of line for asking an actual question that was important. The teachers at the school always tell us to never be afraid to speak our minds and ask the important questions that matter. Well we did, and this BOY would attack us verbally for it. Jackie would sit there and pretend like she was some saint and lie to our faces. Thankfully she was fired from her job and hopefully she will never be allowed to live another peaceful day.

The bottom line is this, the work at Wheelock is extremely easy, I could do it with my eyes closed. The basketball team are all complete morons who would know their heads from their asses. The women at Wheelock are extremely easy, and a lot of them are pretentious assholes. The men at Wheelock are for the most part complete idiots. There are a few redeeming qualities about Wheelock. One is that the "jocks" are the losers of the school. This is very refreshing from having to deal with their bullshit in high school. Everyone hates the basketball team because they are poor excuses for life. If you are religious in any way you are automatically an idiot. No one at this school respects any student that is openly religious, and to most if not all of the students this is a very redeeming quality about the school. Another redeeming quality is that the teachers truly care about the students and most of the teachers are amazing.But if you don't want to deal with high school all over again for the price tag of $42,000 a year, with a reslife that will put their own jobs ahead of the safety of the students, and a president that will steal money from the students and have a bodyguard that threatens students, and a campus full of racists, and women that will fuck any guy that lives on campus, and you don't want to deal with rumors, drugs, and tons of binge drinking, then stay away from Wheelock. Stay far far far away from Wheelock. Wheelock is the New Jersey of colleges. It has its good qualities, but the negatives outweigh the positive.

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
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