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Madonna University

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I came here as a transfer student fromQuite BrightBusiness - Management and Administration
I came here as a transfer student from a different university. From the beginning the faculty and counselors were a tremendous amount of help to me. The professors I encountered were all pretty good with the exception of a couple sub-par ones. To be honest, I had a more challenging curriculum at a community college. I did not always feel super challenged in every class and I am not sure I acquired all the necessary knowledge I needed to graduate with the major I chose. The one thing I did notice the university requires is writing at least one major paper in every class you take. I would take this over a group project any day though. My experience that really tainted my view on this university was with the "career counselor." The person I saw a couple times who I was assigned to through the program I did was aloof half the time and did not help me one bit. Half the time she had forgotten what major I was completing and too busy worrying about retiring (thank goodness she actually did.) The last time I saw her she talked to me about a career fair I was unable to attend. She said she would give my information for an internship to a couple specific companies that would be there...well she did not. I ended up having to fend for myself and find my own internship...this was infuriating because I paid 3 credit hours for a mandatory internship I needed to graduate. Had I not found one on my own I would have been screwed.
2nd Year Female -- Class 2013
Friendliness: A+, Social Life: C-
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Let me Start by saying that When IBright
Let me Start by saying that When I went to Madonna, at first I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I had started going into paralegal and then got out early and switched to Spanish as a major. I love learning a foreign language and it was something that I had wanted to do (also, because I had learned French once and fell in love with the language I wanted to major in it, but not many schools offer a bachelors in French). I originally wanted to take French, but Madonna does not offer it so I took the next one that I was going to pursue after French. When I took the first class, I was shocked and confused to find that the class did not require any text books or written material like worksheets. So my initial thought was okay, So how are we supposed to learn a language without learning the basics, without any learning aides to help us? you had to ask the teacher how to spell and pronounce everything. That was annoying to me. I liked being able to use resources that are available and there weren't any. Then the class was only two hours which is okay, but I felt like I wasn't getting much out of it. By the time I finished the first class, I was very disappointed. I didn't start using text books or written materials as well as learn the basics until I reached the second class. This teacher was very helpful and I wished She could have taught the whole program. However, just as that class ended, I only picked up about 3% of the language. The third class, the teacher was nice and offered some materials, but it still wasn't enough. I had her for two classes. Now that I am taking two more, my one class I'm able to do somethings, but my proficiency in the language sucks, due to the lack of learning experience that I was provided at the very beginning. The other class is with the same woman I had the first time and the second class is also with another woman that I had before. However, I have become completely, frustrated, mad, and disappointed in the way this one teacher teaches. She is not clear, not very helpful, and I don't even think she understands what the students are supposed to do. She does not explain things to me very well. This program is not structured very well for someone like me who is interested in learning the language and is not being given much guidance. I also noticed that a lot of students that take these programs already have a background in Spanish. Some I have met already had 2 - 4 years of high school Spanish, some have worked with Spanish natives and some were actually natives in my class(hmm...). This led me to believe that you have to come into this program already knowing the language to were you can speak fluently.

I do not recommend this school for their language program, especially for Spanish unless you are very fluent already in the language and you are looking for an easy "A". After much consideration and seeing that I only have two semesters left, I will probably go one more semester and then find another facility like Berlitz or something and get proper training in the language. Another thing to consider, Madonna only offers beginner and intermediate levels and then the rest of your classes are electives. Try finding a facility that goes beyond and can give you more in-depth learning to fulfill you experience in becoming proficient in the language. I am going to try Berlitz because I saw on their website that they go up to 10 levels which is amazing. For as much money that I spent at Madonna, I should have gone there. This is one of those "if I knew then what I know now.." kind of moment for myself. But, you live and you learn. So, now I know next time to make sure I find a facility that can prepare a little better and give me a better experience. It is times like this that make me feel like it is not worth going to school and getting my degree because it is too stressful and frustrating and the guidance that I need I do not see. Some times and I do mean sometimes, teachers forget that not everyone learns the same way. Some can learn by just listening to a lecture, some can learn hands on and with visual aides, and then there are some who need all the above. Well, I'm one of those that need everything. I have to be able to apply what someone is telling me to something in order to understand. In this program, there is not very much aide so you are pretty much on your own. I hope that someone else has had a better experience who has never tried a foreign language before and has come out learning to speak fluently through Madonna. I'm just one who has not made it, unfortunately.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2015
Campus Aesthetics: A, Education Quality: F
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When I had entered Madonna University I wasBrightPreLaw and Legal
When I had entered Madonna University I was very excited because I had academic trouble in the past and was just eager to get the ball rolling and continue with my higher education. When I was first admitted the Admissions department was very helpful and at first everything was fine, and then I met some of the teachers who were very racist, homophobic and rude. I am a queer woman of color so obviously this made me uncomfortable but I tried to hide it or ignore it because I just wanted my education. But I would hear sly comments by professors and other students and the administration just let it happen. I also found them pushing Catholic ideology a little to hard, to the point where I a Catholic felt uncomfortable. I had to see grotesque and inappropriate pro-life pictures on bulletins which were honestly abhorrent and in poor taste. The students were for the most part very privileged and refused to acknowledge that not everyone had the same life experiences. My entire experience at Madonna left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Student Accounts and the Registrar's office were next to impossible to get a hold of, and it wasn't just beuracratic stuff, it was all around unwillingness to work and help the students. My entire experience at Madonna was a mistake and I will have to work so hard to pay the school off and if I could go back in time, I would pick any other school than Madonna University.
2nd Year Female -- Class 2014
Education Quality: B+, Useful Schoolwork: F
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