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Capella University

Total Grad Surveys 92
Females 58
Males 34
Avg years at University 2.4
Research Quality B+ (7.5)
Research Availability B+ (7.7)
Research Funding B (6.6)
Graduate Politics A- (8.2)
Not Errand Runners A- (8.3)
Degree Completion B+ (7.7)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C+ (5.5)
Sufficient Pay B- (6.2)
Competitiveness B+ (8.0)
Education Quality B+ (7.9)
Faculty Accessibility B+ (8.1)
Useful Research A- (8.2)
"Individual" treatment B+ (7.8)
Friendliness A- (8.4)
Safety B (6.8)
Campus Beauty C (4.9)
Campus Maintenance C+ (5.7)
University Spending B+ (7.8)
Extracurriculars C (4.4)
Scholastic Success B+ (7.9)
Surrounding City C+ (5.7)
Social Life/ Environment C+ (5.1)
Oct 13 2020Other
Dont trust them, go to a school that isn't all about the tuition payments.
This is not aSep 26 2017Education
This is not a good school at all. They try to keep you in this school for as long as they can in order to continue to get your money. Do not waste your time or money. There are much better schools than Capella!!! DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL!! It is not worth the frustration and headache.
I just completed my first yearJun 29 2017Public Health
I just completed my first year. I have had 4 professors. Two were brilliant and everything one could expect and ask for. The other two are a joke. One of them, cannot write. His emails have nothing to do with the class, and are filled with grammar and spelling mistakes. He gives no feedback relevant to class or assignments. My last professor used a photo of what looked like Beyonce, except this professor is Caucasian, not Black. She was completely rude to me, never, ever giving me any type of helpful feedback. She was rude, condescending and off-putting. Based on her and the other professor's performance I would not recommend Capella. Additionally, a good majority of the students do not have good command of the English language or doctorate level writing skills. It is discouraging. There is a certain amount of cheating and copying that the university allows to happen.
They told me IApr 17 2017Psychology
They told me I could drop without fees in the first two weeks, then charged me 25% tuition when I did. Money grubbing diploma mill.
Dec 24 2016Business - Management and Administration
stay away from capella! get nothing! owe everything!
I remember debating whether to enroll as aAug 05 2016Other
I remember debating whether to enroll as a graduate student in an online program. I earned my undergraduate degree in a traditional brick and mortar school and am well aware of the stigma aimed at online education and at for-profit education, in particular. So, I combed the Internet for reviews to learn more about Capella. I read the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, I decided to write my own review after being with Capella since December 2014. It has been a great journey. The face of education has changed and I can say with certainty that Capella is top notch in their academic delivery of curriculum and academic resources. Gone are the days when we are confined to solely the brick and mortar style of education. There are many reasons why online education makes sense for so many people and if you are a career person, or a stay at home parent then online education from Capella is an excellent place to jump start your career. If you are wondering whether Capella's standard of excellence is there I can tell you it is an excellent institution of learning. I have found the advisors to be involved in my career development, and the instructors to care about my academic growth in my courses.
Deciding to attend Capella's EdD program was notJul 11 2016Education
Deciding to attend Capella's EdD program was not an easy decision, especially because they are a for-profit institution. In the past, for-profit universities are something I have always steered away from. However, I could not have been more surprised with the positive results of my education in the last two years. I am two years into their EdD program and cannot wait to see what the other courses offer. I love to hear people tell me I am "buying my degree" from Capella, because those who say that typically have no idea what they are talking about. The courses I have taken have all been very challenging and forced me to push myself to improve my knowledge and writing. If you are nervous, don't be. Capella is a great school and I would recommend them to anyone. If you are one of those that believe you will get a better education somewhere else, go ahead and waste your time and money. But the people who know better will most likely be going to Capella.
I just completed my PhD through CapellaJun 09 2016Education
I just completed my PhD through Capella. It took me 4 years to complete the entire program, a year and a half of that of that being my comprehensive exam and dissertation. The comprehensive exam was not overly difficult or complicated, I was able to successfully pass on my first attempt. Capella does make you work for your degree, you are not "buying your degree". My husband has a doctorate from a highly rated brick and mortar school and I worked twice as hard for my degree as he did for his. I would say that in order to complete the program you need to be a self-directed learner and highly motivated. If you are looking for hand-holding this is not the institution for you.
I have to have a graduate date toMay 03 2016Nursing
I have to have a graduate date to review, but I did not stay with this college. The class I took when I started my master's was easy. The financial aid office messed up my money situation. They did not tell me, I had to find this out after it was too late. I tried multiple times to get it straightened out, and spent countless hours on the phone with different departments. No help. Finally, I quit and enrolled in a normal school with a great support system.

I am left owing them money for their mistake and they will not take any responsibility. They want their money (side note: the course I am paying for is not accepted by any other university so it means nothing) and that is that. They sent me a bill, I made a small payment but they sent me to collections anyway. I asked how they can, legally, send someone to collections who is paying and they said the bill was to be paid in full and that I had to set up a formal payment plan with them, but I didn' one ever told me that. The business office has very rude people that do not care about the student. I would NEVER recommend Capella for this reason. When the financial aid office doesn't understand what they are doing, it can set you up for financial ruin. And when the university doesn't care about you, except for your money, that is a tragedy.

This is the worst school I ever attendedMar 19 2016Unknown
This is the worst school I ever attended. I am a straight A student and my problem is not with the curriculum. My problem is with the faculty. They are rude, disrespectful and prejudice. Although, being a straight A student the faculty does not value their students and they are bias in who they allow to graduate and who they don't. BEWARE!!!! Do not attend any of the programs at this school.
I am a PhD recipient in the HaroldJan 26 2016Psychology
I am a PhD recipient in the Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Science; Counseling Studies. I completed my coursework in a little under 3 years (I work full time) and passed my comprehensive exams in May 2012. I took off one semester before starting my dissertation. I completed writing of my dissertation in Nov 2015 and am attending my graduation commencement ceremony in March 2016. Attending Capella University online learning programs require the learner to have discipline, dedication, and determination. It is not an easy ride- you must apply yourself. I have attended three other brick and mortar schools (in NY) that are very respectable and I believe I have gained more in education from Capella than the other 3 schools. I am very satisfied with the education I received at Capella.
Research Topic(s): The Role of Spiritual Wellness as a Predictor of Employment Satisfacti
Capella does not haveJan 08 2016Other
Capella does not have a megative image to employers. I enjoyed working on my master's degree and learned much from the courses and outside materials.
If I knew now what I know, IOct 03 2015Other
If I knew now what I know, I would not have attended the Ph.D program. The school played the game of bait and switch when it came to grading comprehensive exam. They trained us one way than changed it all up. Under the new grading criteria without attending their residencies for the new model their is no way a student can pass. Also the school does not want to work with the students when things happen. This school in my opinion runs a good scam.
Everything is just wonderfulSep 25 2015Business - Management and Administration
Everything is just wonderful until you get to the point of doing your comps, then all hell breaks out. Every paper you have written before comps mean nothing as they imply an new set of rules that let you know that they just robbed you of 50 thousand dollars. Don't be taken by Capella.
This school sucksAug 23 2015Psychology
This school sucks. They are frauds and do not care about the students. I should have known something was up when it took me less than a week to get in. He told me I would be admitted even before receiving my transcripts from undergrad. They give you these crazy and confusing "assessments" and then tell you you've performed well on all but one or two.if you ask for clarity the professor acts like you just walked in on him taking a crap on the toilet and tries to shoo you away as quickly as you came. He told me to reference his comments in the paper well he only had 4 - one saying the abstract was good, another the paragraph was too short and the other 2 about not needing page numbers for non quoted in text citations. Interestingly enough none of his comments were about the area that I supposedly did the worst in. Flex Path Tutors are probably the biggest joke of them all. I emailed her for more clarity since the professor was completely useless and her response was her restating back to me what I had just said to her. I called and emailed the Flex Path Coach, another joke, about my concerns with the lack of feedback and engagement and how I wasn't enjoying my experience and asking her to please give me some advice to get through this program and lets just say I'm still waiting for her response. I refused to do another ridiculous "assessment". I immediately discontinued my enrollment at this business I mean school. Thankfully it was before my aid hit so(2nd wk of first quarter) I don't have any debt from them!!!! Lastly the so called tutor who was also a tutor for 5 other classes in equally different programs decided to email me 20mins after she received notice that I quit with a "let me help you and pretend to do my job" email saying "sorry I thought you said..." bull crap email like somebody is stupid. Mind you i had already resubmitted the paper i was asking for help on 24hrs ago. So she and the coach basically ignored me and my concerns,its been 3 days now. these people are worthless and this school stinks worst than Satan's not go!!!!!!
I primarily selected this institution because of theJan 12 2015School of Information
I primarily selected this institution because of the numerous ads you can find online while searching for online schools. A school that is that pervasive online can?t be all that bad can it? I also chose the school because I wanted something that would fit well with my current employment and my two year old son. A situation that many working professionals find themselves in, and a situation that they fully explain as being one that they can accommodate for you. My perception was very wrong. Honestly, I wish I hadn?t chosen to go to this school. In short, the school has cost me an enormous amount of money and left me without the option for a PhD because of the enormous costs associated with their program. Going to Capella has essentially drained all of my financial aid.

When I completed all of my course work with a 3.8 GPA, I was unable to complete the comprehensive exam successfully. I spoke with other individuals that experienced similar problems. One individual I met through the same program actually had a 4.0 GPA, and he also couldn?t successfully complete his comp exam. My particular case might be a little different than some of the others. For me, I had a number of stressful things going on in my life at the time. Some of which were rather emotionally painful and something that I really didn?t want to share with anyone. Unfortunately, when I went into details about my situation with the faculty and staff at Capella could care less about my situation.

During the comp exam, the feedback you receive from the comp exam faculty is less than helpful. In my situation, the exam reviewers pointed out some problems that they had discovered. I went back and fixed these issues only to discover that the faculty had all new issues that they deemed unacceptable. All the while, these ?issues? were there from the beginning in my original submission. When I questioned the results of their review, they refused to give me any additional clarification as to what they had found unacceptable. From my experience and from the experience of others that I spoke to, the institution doesn?t adequately prepare you for the final steps of their doctoral program. The school essentially pushes you through all of their courses (that?s where they make all of their money anyway). True to form, they run their operations like a for profit institution. I do think it is possible to complete the exam to the exam reviewers? standards, but I feel it would be next to impossible to complete it while you are working a full time job with any other types of obligations in your life.

My suggestion would be to look at a non-profit institution to complete your PhD with and to steer clear of Capella. I think you would have a much better chance of successfully completing a program at a public institution, and I would consider it to be more reputable as well. In addition, I think other employers and universities would treat it as a more respected degree.

This school has served me wellDec 16 2014Education
This school has served me well. The professors are helpful, insightful, and knowledgeable. The courses are hands-on and can immediately be applied to your workplace experiences. This is one of the best universities I have attended and I have learned a great deal here. The financial aid was easy to maneuver and getting in them with them was stress free. I recommend this school to anyone who is willing to work hard and do the things necessary to excel.
DO NOT GO TO Capella Univeristy I wasNov 20 2014School of Information
DO NOT GO TO Capella Univeristy I was given very bad information and all though I took ever single class these classes were horrible and when I was getting ready to do the dissertation they told me I was unable to submit since I took the classes in the wrong order. All they care about is money. I spent 7 years (15 classes before you are allowed to take dissertation classes and then 10 classes repeated which take 3 more years to complete). So you take 15 classes to be given access to dissertation then 13 classes to write one paper 10 of which are the same class. DO NOT GO TO CAPELLA! $80,000+ waste. The degree is worthless even if they let me obtain it.
Coming into these reviews, there is a lotOct 15 2014School of Information
Coming into these reviews, there is a lot to be said about a person's station in life. If you are looking to live the whole "college life" experience, Capella is obviously not the school for you. However, if you've already lived in dorms, partied to all hours, and are ready to buckle down and work hard for a good education, then I believe Capella is a good choice. I have been part of the PhD program now for almost two years. I finished all of my coursework and am beginning comps. I have found all of my professors to be friendly and accessible- especially during the face-to-face residencies. Make no mistake, if you are NOT a self-motivated, self-driven person, you will not survive in this school (nor in any job where you are telecommuting or get to work from home). Courseroom leaders are Facilitators, not Professors. There is not going to be a hand-holding lecture, there won't be reviews before exams, there aren't any cheat sheets, the deadlines are there for a reason, and you are expected to do a substantial amount of *self-directed* work (like 95%). If you have questions or problems after doing a substantial amount of your own self-directed work and research, you will find that your questions to course leaders are much more focused, detail-oriented, and intelligent. These are question that the professors are willing to answer - and rightfully so. In my view, if you cannot weather the self-directed learning process in the courses to write giant papers and finish assignments, you will never survive the dissertation process in any school - traditional or otherwise.As to the for-profit status, yes there is over-selling. But there is also a substantial amount of funding that is poured back into their resources such as the library and the residential colloquia. They bring in extensive experts and consultants to help you through the research process. I believe the structure of the learning process truly builds your writing stamina and eloquence, and prepares you for dissertation, which is largely a *self-directed* effort at every school. No one is going to build a research proposal and do the research for you... as it should be.
Capella is a great university to learn atAug 06 2014Psychology
Capella is a great university to learn at as long as you lead a perfect life. Despite the fact they say straight on their website that they help students with serious life events, this is not so. They stick to policy no matter what. Period. So, if you have a perfect, no problem life, it's great. If you live a real life with real events, then stay clear.
Capella Was an awesome experience for meApr 04 2014Education
Capella Was an awesome experience for me. I was able to earn my PH.D. in Leadership and Education Administration. I had the best advisor and was able to aquire a lot of experience in the education administration field. Currently I am in the process of taking my principal exam. In spite of all the comments about Capella, my experience was awesome!
Capella lives up to its for profit identificationMar 27 2014Psychology
Capella lives up to its for profit identification. I completed my course work for my PhD with a 4.0 avg. I had some issues with instructors but overall not a major problem. When it came time to do my dissertation everything changed. They changed the paperwork format 3 times which meant it had to be redone and resubmitted. I finally managed to get through the preliminary paperwork. I collected my data and wrote my dissertation. After some revision my dissertation was approved by my mentor, my committee, and the school. It then went to format editing to make sure it was ready for publishing. Here everything stopped. We were near the end of a semester and I believe Capella purposely delayed the processing in order to get me to pay for another dissertation course room. The dissertation course room is a chat room for learners to discuss their issues. It serves no academic purpose yet it costs over $2000.00. Originally Capella said we had to take it four times, I have now taken it six times at a cost of almost $18,000 and after talking to advising yesterday I get the distinct impression they are pushing for me to take it again. To all potential learners I have one word of advice,; RUN! I wish I never heard of Capella and would never recommend anyone to attend it.
Mar 15 2014Unknown
Money for profit school especially PHD in mental health education. Seeking attorney
This school is a jokeFeb 28 2014Education
This school is a joke. I should have known better. I am embarrassed to have attended this "school" and given them my money. Capella is the average for-profit predator - they want your money; nothing else. I was in a graduate program, yet my assignments would return with literally no feedback. Grades would never be posted. Instructors are unavailable. You will be showered with telemarketing e-mails and phone calls asking you to "refer friends", take marketing surveys, etc. This school is a PREDATOR! STAY AWAY!
I entered Capella University in January, 2010 withJan 09 2014Business - Management and Administration
I entered Capella University in January, 2010 with an enthusiastic view of completing my PhD in Organizational Management. The course room work (class subjects) were interesting and relevant. The final exam was pertinent to the program. I completed all courses and Final exam in September, 2011. My attitude was positive and I was ready to take on my dissertation.

This is when things turned sour. I began my dissertation in October of 2011 and after two mentors and several requirement changes and committee personnel changes, I am no closer to completing my dissertation, more than two years later, than I was in October of 2011.

I would warn anybody seeking a PhD at Capella University to consider other options because throughout this frustrating period of time, not once has a key staff member in the chain-of-authority at this institution attempted to contact me to try and find out the reason why I am ready to drop out of this program without my PhD.Scott Meehan

Assignments were not writtenOct 26 2013Other
Assignments were not written by instructor; directions and assignments did not coicide and professors DO NOT like to clarify instruction at the MS level, arrogance-not instruction.
Working in Seoul, South Korea, my only twoJul 11 2013School of Information
Working in Seoul, South Korea, my only two options for a PhD were to 1) Attend an online university, or 2) attend a local university in South Korea. As the second option was not viable at all, being that I don't speak Korean, nor do I have time to attend classes in a traditional brick and mortar univiversity. So it was either attend on-line, or don't go back to school at all.

After performing my due dilligence and researching several on-line institutions, I chose to go with Capella University. It was a very good choice. Having done a graduate degree at a Tier I university, I would have to tell you that the PhD work at CU was in-line with some of the hardest work I've done at a traditional university. ALL of the professors were first rate - a comment I can't make about any of the other universities. The work was TOUGH - but for a PhD, I expected it to be. Capella understands (for the most part) the importance of a educational brand - and they have successfully branded themselves as a quality on-line institution. Yes, I have read some of the negative comments on this website about how people would NEVER higher graduates from Capella, but the many, many outstanding accomplishments of the Capella alumni more than outweigh these 'snobbish' comments. With advances in technology, Capella has recently upgraded their courseroom. This has been an unfortunate mistep for the University, as they have had some major problems with the new roll out. I certainly hope they can put this behind them, because I would hate to see such a fine university have their reputation tarnished because they made some missteps with on-line courseroom technology - which is supposed to be one of their core competencies. But for prospective students, don't let this put you off too much - most of the problems have been fixed. More importantly, ask yourself, are you ready to really, really work hard? Because you will at Capella, and if you are not ready for the workload that comes along with a quality education, you might think twice about Capella.

Jun 28 2013Public Health
Excellent school with scholar practitioner who are experienced and trained from top US Universities.
Is it expensive? No it is cheaper thanJun 27 2013Business - Management and Administration
Is it expensive? No it is cheaper than University of Texas at Dallas. Is it easy? No I compare the quality to my undergraduate at University of Texas at El Paso. Did employers want to higher me after graduation? Yes I received multiple offers from employers such as Ernest and Young, 7-Eleven, and UPS. Did I receive a pay raise after graduation? Yes a 12 percent pay raise.
I have completed 12 credits of 24 forJun 13 2013Education
I have completed 12 credits of 24 for my MS at Capella online and have enjoyed it immensely. The courses are productively challenging and relevant to the terminal objectives of each course and the degree program. I have not felt that I was wasting time taking an unnecessary course at any time. The student relationships, while difficult in the online environment, are very supportive and the staff has always been ready and able to assist me. I have never had a request for information or help, either to an instructor or an administrator, go unanswered more than 1 working day.

On the low side, the classes are really expensive compared to other online institutions and brick & mortar schools (appr $400 per quarter hour) and I don't feel that Capella enjoys any more prestige than other, cheaper institutions being that it is regionally accredited but not "ivy league."

I chose Capella because it had the degree program I wanted, it was online (important as I am active military, deployable, who cannot regularly attend B&M schools), and a family member is an alumni who highly recommended it.For other degree programs, not Training and Performance Improvement, I would recommend looking elsewhere for a MS online.

BEWARE - Stay away from this school!Apr 26 2013Psychology
BEWARE - Stay away from this school!
The school lies about the quality of the program, the commitment of staff to quality education, the length and cost of the program, and the staff's commitment to the student. My program is now twice the length it was advertised to be, it is twice the cost, and the faculty are not present in online classes nor do they provide critical and substantive feedback. They do not even provide a mentor for the PHD candidate until the comps phase, contrary to other online PHD programs - which is way too late to derive any kind of true comprehension of the dissertation process. The student is left in limbo....which lengthens the process = more money and time wasted.

The faculty are free to harass students with impunity.
No other schools - even ones accredited by the same agency - will accept transfer credits from Capella University.

The previous Dean of Psychology is advertised as a PHD (still), even though he is a PsyD - or maybe not even that...he is supposedly no longer the Dean...but, we were never told.

The PHD classes have mostly Masters program students...not PHDs like all the other programs.It used to be good, the program look outstanding - with a much stronger psychological focus....but, it is in the wrong hands now...and is going down hill fast! I am leaving after 2 years and $40k invested....with no chance to get transfer credits in other programs. That should tell you....what I think of the program.

This is the worstAug 19 2012Business - Management and Administration
This is the worst school EVER! All they want is your money and when that is gone, so are you. They do not care and the advisors can't be reached. It takes weeks, if ever, to get any response. Go to a real school and not this money-making machine!
There are consistencies in the university's processesJul 25 2012Business - Management and Administration
There are consistencies in the university's processes. Mentors are often not available as are other faculty when dissertation committees are put together. It is difficult to attain a committee because all the good faculty are already fully participating with other students. When one committee member "resigns" due to personal or professional reasons, it is often difficult to replace him/her. Another example is the "SafeAssign" submission. When this was implemented, there were comments from faculty that they had not been trained on how the software works. Comments also included students who did not submit their papers in this new process, graduated but did not reference accordingly resulting in plagiarized papers.
Watch out for all the promotionsJun 17 2012Education
Watch out for all the promotions...beware of advertising of employment outlook...they have no actual figures of graduate success. These degrees MIGHT get you promoted if you are already in the particular field, but otherwise you'll leave with massive student loans and little actual job opportunities. When we complain, the university calls us "the vocal minority."
For profit online universities cause delays that areMay 28 2012Psychology
For profit online universities cause delays that are costly to students, reaping tuition for more semesters than necessary to graduate. The delays are inexusable, and they do not try to excuse themselves. Writing the dissertation was a pleasure. Waiting for weeks and months to receive approval to move to next chapters was enormously frustrating. And lucrative for the University/.
I was at Capella for one quarter andMay 20 2012Education
I was at Capella for one quarter and when I became suspicious of some of the behaviors of the administration, I left to a traditional school. Looking back, I can tell you that was the best thing that I entire did in my life. I have been in contact with five of my classmates and they all left after 3 or 4 years with huge debts and no degrees. I am posting this because I feel fortunate that I left early and I would hate to see anyone going through the same experience as my former classmates. It's simply not fair!!!
I graduated from Boise State in 2009 withApr 01 2012Other
I graduated from Boise State in 2009 with a B.A. in Secondary Education, I graduated top of my class from BSU and planned to continue to an M.S. as I have two small children I needed to find an online program. I was originally drawn to Capella because of its CACREP accredidation. It is one of the only online programs which would be sufficient for becoming a lisenced mental health counselor in my state.

I am about to begin my internship and complete my MS with Capella. I can say that overall the education has been worth while and competitive. My classmates all seem adequate and most of them have a background in the counseling profession. After attending the two required residencies, I was able to meet and talk with professors who all were very friendly and highly educated and experienced. My biggest complaint with Capella is the cost. It is an expensive program, as with most full online universities. My biggest caution would be to make sure you are aware of exactly how much your degree will cost you versus how much you will make when you graduate. If you are able to attend a non-online university which is cheaper I would highly reccomend it, BUT for anyone who NEEDS the online format, I HIGHLY reccomend the program. I have really enjoyed my experience with Capella and if it were not for the cost I would praise it to everyone as the education and experience is fantastic.

I have attended three other online schools andMar 12 2012Education
I have attended three other online schools and had a good experience. When I came to Capella, I noticed quickly the difference. People here are incompetent and don't care about you or your situations. The chair of my program is very disrespectful and even nasty. I have just started the program and I hate it. I am just happy to have discovered them early in my program, before I invest too much money. As far as I am concerned, Capella is the worst place to be and I strongly recommend looking elsewhere.... Good luck!!!
In reality IF you already in your careerNov 30 2011Psychology
In reality IF you already in your career and will attain perhaps a pay raise, bonus or promotion once attaining say you Master's or PhD. then this school is for you. Or if you ahve an employer who promises to hire you once you obtain your degree or promote you from say mailroom clerk to social worker this is the place for you. Lastly if you are already working in a sister field like say you are a grief counselor with aspirations of becoming a full social worker than this place will get you there. If however you a menial hourly wage worker as say a waitress, bartender, preschool teacher or even pizza dilvery person with aspirations that a degree will get you a real job/career...think again! Save your money and/or don't go into debt on a dream than can't happen in this economy. This is a school for the individual who is already a career professional. All the better if they are already in the field they are getting a master's of Ph.D in. It is not for anyone else you will never get anywhere save your time and money for better things, I wish I had :(
Capella (school of BusinessSep 14 2011Business - Management and Administration
Capella (school of Business and Technology) is more interested and very efficient in sending you a quarterly bill than they are in partnering with you in the learning process to actually help you complete an advanced degree program.
I fist enrolled at Capella in 2007Aug 18 2011Unknown
I fist enrolled at Capella in 2007. It is 2011. The school prides itself on being an online higher educational program that provides its adult learners with the opportunity to maintain daily responsibilites, work and family obligations. HOWEVER,if a student chooses to enroll in the program that requires both a residency and internship, the school ACTUALLY advises its students quit their full-time job in order to complete their program. This is contradictory to their mission and pupose of their school. Most placement agencies for interships experiences as well as other mental health professionals are appalled by this schools position to insist that students quit their jobs especially in this economy. The students are in a catch 22 because by the time you get to this stage you have already given them $45,000 and have come to far to quit. You will still be obligated to pay back the loans. This school is not adult friendly and infact they bambozzle students into coming to their school when they are not supportive at all. Yes, they are a cash cow. Graduate students receive no assistance on landing internships or understanding with the position they place students in. This is disheartening and I can see why this school has been under scruntiny and have students take legal action. It is my hope to graduate soon and leave this awful place. I would never recommend this school to anyone.
Don't trust any positive postings hereAug 17 2011Education
Don't trust any positive postings here. They are all made my Crapella's PR office. Here is my experience: If you are African American, they will give you hard time always assuming your assignments must have been done by others. When I looked into the race and ethnicity of their employees, I found they are 99.99 % white. Except for one administrator, I couldn't even find one professor who is not white. The pictures on the web site are in no way representative of the demographics of the organization. It is one of their strategies to mislead the public and there is more to this school . . . I left depressed after two years of struggle. Now, I am finishing my Ph.D. at Northcentral university and I expect to graduate this fall. Good luck in your search for a school!
My experience at Capella is a positive oneAug 11 2011Business - Management and Administration
My experience at Capella is a positive one. However, I had one professor to give me a problem and I called my academic advisor and she handled it ASAP. I told her I never wanted to encounter him ever again and together, we planned my schedule up until graduation. I'm sorry so many people had bad experiences, but you cant please everyone. I graduated from undergrad 16 years ago and some people still complain of issues they had with financial aid, professors or registration at that university. In life, you get handled certain situations and its up to you to make the best of it, depending what goal you have in mind. I could have easily took the backseat and allow this professor to discourage me..instead, I was proactive in my studies, stood up to him and got a B out of the course. By the way, this professor had 2 degrees from Harvard, a MBA and PhD.
Jul 25 2011Education
Capella University is a great place. If you are serious about education, this is the place. Expensive, but worth it!
I started at Capella in October 2009 inJul 18 2011Psychology
I started at Capella in October 2009 in the masters program for school counseling. In January of 2011 I switched to the marriage and family therapy program. I have had a great experience at Capella, and changing my program was an easy process. The entrance process was easy, possibly too easy, with little gate keeping. The cost of the graduate program is comparable to other schools I was looking into. The online atmosphere is very user friendly with acceptable deadlines, and the course content creates a positive and proactive learning environment. The only complaint about the school is the cost of the colloquium that required to attend twice during the program. If the colloquium experience is set to take place in a city that is not your own, you are expected to pay 1500 on top of the already expensive tuition. The school does offer a discount on airfare and hotel rates, but the cost does end up being about 5000 extra on top of the tuition.
Don't trust anything they tell you to getJul 07 2011Education
Don't trust anything they tell you to get you in. These are failed academics who became thieves. Most of the professors don't have the basic qualifications required to supervise dissertations. The administration is totally incompetent and wants nothing but your money. Even if you make it to graduation, don't expect to get a job based on their degree. Did you see their advertisements? They are catering to "the online graduate university for working adults" simply because they know their students wouldn't get jobs based on Capella's degree. With the latest government gainful employment law, Capella is huge trouble, they have show on their website how information about the number of students who enter their programs, the number of these who graduate, and the number of those who are getting jobs. So, from now on, Capella is going to be in trouble; if you don't have a job, you aren't a good candidate for the scam.
Worst school everJun 13 2011Psychology
Worst school ever. It is super easy to get in. All they want is money so they do not care about test scores or recommendations. A coworker told me they had a good experience there and completed most of their Master's there so I thought I would give it a shot since I was still waiting to get accepted to other schools. The major problem I faced was being forced to do a lame orientation course as a grad student. It was a complete waste of money, you do not learn anything. Orientation classes are completely unnecessary, especially at the grad level. By the 2nd week of the 10 week orientation I lost interest because all of the students were well below average and the assignments were too easy. There was a foreign student in my class as well who could not form complete sentences and was constantly posting propaganda as their discussion board post. Luckily I got accepted into my first university pick after a long 6 month wait. I am actually in the 6th week of Capella and I do not even do my work anymore. There is no point in finishing since I will leave to go to a real university soon and not an expensive for-profit school. Do not go to this school, go to a traditional school with online courses if that is the schedule you need. Do not waste your time and money on this trash.
I have only been in the PhMay 18 2011Education
I have only been in the Ph.d program since February and overall the program itself is fine; but I was given incorrect information concerning tuition when I began Capella. Capella cost about 20,000 a year which is very expensive, but when someone gives you incorrect information and then you have to pay an extra almost two thousand on top of the yearly fee it is even more expensive. I contacted the enrollment department as soon as I realize the problem and spoke to a manager who had a matter of fact and an oh well attitude about the situation; and who was suppose to get back to me and I have yet to hear from her. I read reviews about other students who had similar experiences with Capella and tuition issues, so I thought that I would avoid similar problems by trying to obtain what I thought was accurate by asking very direct questions when I had an issue; needless to say I still became a causality of Capella. At this point I have already spent about $8,000 at Capella and if I transfer to another program I will loose this money and my time talking the classes that I have already had. I am not hopefully that this issue will even get resolved especially since the manager has not even taken the time to call me back weeks later.
You get out of it what you put in itFeb 28 2011Education
You get out of it what you put in it. I can do my work at 2 am if I need to and faculty get back to you within a day or so. Most faculty make their availability clear at the beginning of each class so I'm not sure why people would be frustrated by lack of contact when a faculty member flat out says they only respond once a week. The classes are only as rigorous as you make them, if you put in the time, you get a lot out of it, but I can see how one would just skate by. But my guess is that the skaters will get screwed come thesis time. I wouldn't go here if I wanted to teach. This isn't a respected school for preparing researchers or teachers in the field. But if you're only trying to move ahead professionally in a non-teaching role, I think it's better for that. If you're not insecure about where you go and can afford it, this is hands down better than Phoenix or Walden - trust me, I've enrolled at both. The work is a bit more challenging and a bit more relevant here. As one reviewer pointed out, my 8 year old cousin could complete the work at Phoenix. Anyway. I like it and I recommend it here.
Yes, it was really easy to get inFeb 26 2011Education
Yes, it was really easy to get in and yes it's really expensive. But you know what? It's convenient for me as a full time working professional. I couldn't commit to a brick and mortar school because I didn't want to leave my job or drive and sit in a classroom at night. So I like the convenience. I've had good instructors and bad instructors but the good ones have been incredibly helpful because they have been professionals working in my field and not academics sitting in an office conducting research on a subject rather than actually working within the industry. I like that. I'm not going here to become a full time researcher or a professor somewhere either, and I think that's what confuses some people about the purpose of a school like this - it's not a great school to get a degree and go into teaching. It's a great school to get a degree and work as a professional in an administrative position or to further ones working knowledge for promotion.
Do not go to CapellaDec 17 2010School of Information
Do not go to Capella. Find a school ANYWHERE ELSE!
The professors are horribly arrogant,condescending and do not teach their courses at all. You are thrown a list of assignments and you sink or swim, with no help, even when you request it. Mention this in your review, or to administration, and you get get a polite email that basically says "we don't really care what you think". Professors are allowed to run roughshod over the grading, and base it on how much they like you, not what you do in the course. It is just a rotten place to be, with rotten professors, stupid required colloquia (which will set you back about another $2500 for each of the three you must attend) and no way to protect yourself as a student.
I made a terribleOct 17 2010Education
I made a terrible mistake by joining Capella. It's a joke and I took it seriously, even when many friends and colleagues warned me about it. Don't repeat my mistake; avoid this place.
I graduated in March 2010 with a PhDSep 27 2010Business - Management and Administration
I graduated in March 2010 with a PhD in Organization/Management. Overall, it was a grreat experience. My entire committee was very accessable which made the dissertation defense enjoyable. I credit this due to my committee; there was collaboration throughout the process.

During my Capella career, I have presented and/or chaired panels at four different professional/academic conferences. I have completed my first paper from my dissertation which is being presented next month. After receiving feedback from colleagues, I plan to publish this article.

I am the chair of a division at a community college. No issues there with a Capella degree. I might point out that my former supervior accepted a provost position with a very large community/technical college in a major metropolitian area, and she has a PhD from Capella also.I am very satisfied with my Capella education, and for doctoral work, I would recommend Capella to anyone.

I can only say I had the worstJun 22 2010Education
I can only say I had the worst experience in this place. These people are the most dishonest people that I have met in life. They talk to you and they are nice but as soon as they get you in and settled, they don't want to hear from you. They start threatening you. They just want you to follow their orders and shut up. If you ask a question, then the trouble starts. When trouble starts, you have no way to go to; nobody answers your communications. You will be left alone in the cold. From what I know, this is not a university; it is a business, a scam!!!
Capella University is aMay 30 2010School of Information
Capella University is a money making machine, they are cheaters, ifyou don't take your time, you will pay 4,000 per class.I will never recommend a student to study at Capella.
I started my PhMay 08 2010Education
I started my Ph.D. program at Capella and everything seemed to go very well until I reached my comprehensive exam. To make the story short, I had 4 mentors who were all horrible communicators. Two of them never responded to my e-mails and the other two mentors barely made sense. The chair of the department was arrogant and insulting. After they get you to invest in their scam, they treat you like a criminal. I am right now planning to leave and considering a lawsuit. My advice, don't get even close to thinking about this place; it's a money making machine and a place of horror stories. Good luck.
I am a Capella AlumniApr 19 2010Business - Management and Administration
I am a Capella Alumni. I graduated with my MBA, and honestly wish these types of programs were available when I was doing my undergraduate degree. I found the content matter to be highly challenging as well as the scheduled online required responses and meeting curricula requirements in order to maintain a good standing. I think this is a good thing that helps keep students on time, and on track with GOOD grades instead of just being a passive staff which could be easier since it is an online course. If you are not doing well, you will be put on academic probation. If you do not stay on track, you may be put on academic probation. This is to help "you" the student to achieve. I say this since I was put on academic probation 2 times during my MBA. I feel like the staff were more concerned with my success than in undergraduate degree school at a traditional brick and mortar school. I personally appreciated it.

I am now, 4 years later, deciding to go back to Capella to get my Ph.D. Im not rich, so I am doing this on student loans. So, I truly value the course content.

Capella is an online university. It is a stricter environment only because the possibility to fall back or forget or get distracted is that much higher without face to face pressure. I like it. If you are not used to having to be disciplined, or ready to become super will hate this course environment. I personally love it. I work anywhere from 60-80 hours a week in a demanding management role. Capella, offers the freedom to study for a degree with out taking anymore of my precious time to have to physically travel to a school and sit in a classroom where I have to listen to other students rattling on about nothing related to the course. This is a focused, disciplined, and physically freeing empowering environment.

I am grateful for my experiences, and to comment on the is incredibly comparable to brick and mortar schools while offering a more structured coarse/degree program. Drop/refund policies match that of the traditional schools. You will be disappointed if you expect to be in a laid back environment. This is not for you then.

Capella has all of the qualities required forMar 27 2010Nursing
Capella has all of the qualities required for an accredited quality university. I was able to attend the university of my choosing but chose not to participate in much of the politics involved. I am pleased with the university, respected by the professors, and glad Capella offers this degree as I am a full-time practitioner and could not attend a B&M university. I will do fine with this degree and am not worried in the least about its quality or comparability to other degrees. Thanks Capella.
Crapella Univetsity is a joke!!! Most of theMar 18 2010Education
Crapella Univetsity is a joke!!! Most of the professors who are teaching in graduate programs have never published one single article in a peer reviewed journal. Most of them don't even have proper training and experience to supervise dissertations or research. Many of them received degrees from Crapella or other similar diploma mills schools. Do you still want to get a taste of crap, try Crapella!!! As for me, I am out of here !!!!
I received undergrad degree at Old Dominion University,Mar 14 2010Other
I received undergrad degree at Old Dominion University, then joined Capella. I knew it was more expensive than ALL brick-n-mortar schools that I looked into. I chose Capella because I am pursuing a MASTERS in MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING. CAPELLA IS THEE ONLY ONLINE UNIVERSITY THAT IS CACREP ACCREDITED!!! Therefore, if you want to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and you want to go the online route...CAPELLA is thee ONLY CACREP accredited online program. I have busted my tail through hard work, self discipline, and perseverance. If you know anything about the counseling profession you know that to become licensed you have to have an education from a CACREP accredited university. This accreditation is VERY hard to obtain hence why they are the only ones. All professors had a doctorate, they were professional and helpful. A few bad apples does NOT spoil the bunch. I never had a problem with any professors that I didn?t have at other universities I attended.

Financial Aid- I never had a problem.
All the bad reviews: I tried really hard to think of some negatives to be fair. The only one I have is that it is expensive. But once again I want to be an LPC so I had to go to Capella for online CACREP accreditation. Would I do it again-----YES.

This school is nothing but a fancy andMar 07 2010Education
This school is nothing but a fancy and expensive correspondence school and I can't believe it is still in business. My advice: don't believe anything positive about this school here because it is obviously written by the administrators of this school who are trying to balance the negative reviews. My two cents!
If you are consideringFeb 05 2010Education
If you are considering Capella, I would simply advise you to stay away. Because before you know it, they will get you in, get your money, and throw you with the crowd to sink or swim. Good luck
After earning my BSBA and MBA at aFeb 02 2010Education
After earning my BSBA and MBA at a nationally ranked brick & mortar school in the midwest 20 years prior, I chose to attend Capella University because if I wanted to earn my PhD an online program was the only real option. I teach at 2 other online institutions and a brick and morter university so have some basis of comparison of quality of programs and the learning philosophies and processes. Capella University, and online learning in general, is not for everyone, to be sure. Online learning demands much more initiative, self-discipline and self-direction than b&m schools, which is probably understated in the university's recruiting efforts. If you understand the concept of "earning" a degree v. buying one, then you will appreciate and benefit greatly from your Capella University experience. If you believe you are entitled to an outcome that you haven't legitimately earned, you aren't likely to appreciate the Capella experience - or any other learning experience, for that matter. All for-profit institutions have gaps between their recruiting propaganda and program realities; although the state institution I teach for doesn't understate student expectations, there are nightmare stories about poor advising, shoddy teaching, and greedy politicians picking the pockets of students through hefty raises in tuition and fees that are not reflected in an enhanced learning experience (yes, I'm in California :) Bottom line, Capella University is a great opportunity to achieve your terminal degree goals but don't think that because it is pricey it entitles you to a smooth academic journey - that doesn't exist anywhere and the more you focus on the negative the less likely your program will benefit your learning and/or career goals.
Jan 25 2010Education
Don't trust anything positive you see here. The reputation of this school is so bad and it's getting worse everyday. The administration is using this forum to control the damage and keep up with all the negative posts. I have been at Capella for almost 4 years and I had five mentors. The first one never responded to my e-mails and I had to fight to change her. The second one was totally ignorant of the Ph.D. process; he didn't even know the most basic steps and procedures. The third one left Capella after three months. She was generous enough to e-mail me and apologize for the inconvenience. The fourth mentor worked with me for about two years and he was very good but he has Capella. Now, they are giving me another mentor who is taking two weeks to answer an email. This school is driving me insane; it's the wost decision I have ever made. I don't even know how they can be still in business. My advice: don't try it unless you want to experience the worst.
This school is managedJan 17 2010Education
This school is managed by a bunch of liars. Don't believe anything positive you read here because they watch this site all the time and they would do anything to give you the impression of a good school. Don't repeat my mistake, stay a way. Good luck!!!
Capella's permanent faculty have been pricelessJan 07 2010Business - Management and Administration
Capella's permanent faculty have been priceless. They are extremely competent and supportive. While there is uneven quality in the teaching by adjunct faculty, and the form of instruction limited to one paper and discussion questions in most PhD level courses are not rigorous, on the PhD level the course material and the quality of discussions exceeds that of what I've seen in some other prominent brick and mortar schools over the past two years when I was comparing my coursework with a peer. Capella can improve by using more current teaching methods (white board, more simultaneous learning), but there are many students who do not have access to high speed internet, which is slowing down some of the more advanced options Capella could be using.

I cannot comment on financial aid issues. I have found advising uneven, and during colloquium not enough slots available to see one's advisor, but I am very self-directed anyway. I also found advising 30years ago in a brick and mortar uninspiring as well, anyway. As to the scoring, this is an online-only curriculum. Scores of D for campus and school life is ludicrous. There needs to be an online-only school evaluative part of this website so that online-based criteria is available for rating. More critical is uptime of the classroom, ease of uploading information, ability to see payment status and payment through the same interface (has been available for 18 months now),and responsiveness of faculty. I find faculty to be much more responsive than some of the faculty in brick and mortar classes a friend of mine had taken during this same period.

Last quarter, I discovered some ugly facts aboutJan 07 2010Education
Last quarter, I discovered some ugly facts about Capella University so I decided to drop out. This school is very disorganized and very unethical in their way of doing business. Their professors and administrators are all confused and incompetent. All the attention is given to three services: recruitment, collection of fees, legal services.
I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2008Dec 08 2009Other
I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2008. It was the worst academic experience of my career. I wanted to go back to school and get a degree that actually got me a job and actually prepared me to DO something, which I didn't get at EMU, but I was not interested in doing the on-campus thing ever again. I enrolled in Capella and it has been the BEST academic experience I have had.

The professors have been friendly, available, fair, and provide feedback right away. All of them I have had thus far have accepted drafts of papers early, provided feedback for me to improve, then given me enough time to make the necessary changes so I can grow as an academic writer and get a great grade as well. Most of the students in my program are in their thirties or forties, a few are in their fifties, and there is a great camaraderie amongst us even though the program is online. I have connected with people during this online experience unlike when I was at EMU, when the students there were too clique-y for me to make friends and the faculty were unavailable and unhelpful.

The classes are ten weeks. Students have the option to take only one class at a time or multiple. With the schedule I have, I am currently taking only one class, but plan to take two so I can complete my program faster. The grading rubric is fair and similar in each class: the instructors MUST adhere to the grading policies and they have so far. I have been graded fairly and feel confident that I have earned each and every grade I've achieved. So far I have a 4.0.

My favorite aspect of this program is that it's not just a bunch of busy work like my undergrad coursework at EMU. I actually get a chance to LEARN. Not memorize and recite for a test and then forget it, LEARN. I have an academic advisor who is readily available; the online library is a great tool, and there is on online writing center as well as other resources. I've received better help through Capella than I EVER did at EMU. The school was poorly ran--Capella has been the opposite for me.

At times there has been a lot of work, but nothing I wasn't prepared for. At the beginning of each class my instructors have been crystal clear about expectations, assignments, and due dates, and with few exceptions, they have adhered to them. Any changes that have been made have been for the benefit of the students. I am very pleased with Capella and would recommend it to anyone who has what it takes to be an online learner. I would prefer never to have to set foot on a campus again, and this is definitely the way to go.

The administration of this school is totally incompetent;Dec 05 2009Education
The administration of this school is totally incompetent; the only thing they do right is student recruitment. I made a mistake and I believed in them and I am right now paying the price. Avoid this place to save yourself the trouble. Don't believe anything they tell you. Even most of the positive posts here are made by the administration in an attempt to control the damage.
I joined Capella two years ago with dreamsNov 28 2009Education
I joined Capella two years ago with dreams similar to what you may have right now but, gradually, I discovered I was scammed and didn't know it. Folks, this a new type of scam. Capella University is nothing but a money making machine. It is a disaster and it doesn't care about anyone anyone. Keep your money and stay away. My 2 cents:-)
I am not going to tell my experienceNov 24 2009Education
I am not going to tell my experience here because I am in the process of preparing to take this school to court. All I can say, this school is a disaster and it will make your life miserable. Don't believe anything positive you see here. I would guess they are all from the administration in an effort of damage control.
I am attending in Capella's School of EducationOct 24 2009Education
I am attending in Capella's School of Education earning my doctorate. Excellent is all I can say in every aspect. Beware that a successful student here must be self-motivated, highly organized in time management, and determined. After being a student here, I would have no problem recommending this learning format for anyone with the qualities I listed above. I earned my masters at Pepperdine, but would have enjoyed attending here. I find the online format has a bit more rigor.
I recently graduated (August 2009)and obtained my MastersOct 05 2009Education
I recently graduated (August 2009)and obtained my Masters of Arts from Capella University. My concentration is Education. I enjoyed this school tremendously. I found it quite challenging and rewarding. I have gained more from the content of Capella's coursework then I did when I attended in-class courses at a major university in Michigan.

In my opinion, an education from Capella is well worth it. However, you must be a self-starter that is disciplined and motivated to work independently. The programs offered are not for those who require structured, in-class lectures.

The instructors are very professional, as well as helpful. They are always willing to assist you with any problems you have in your coursework. In most of my courses, I usually had individual research assignments. I found this aspect of my coursework quite challenging, but it also helped me gain insight and understanding into the subject matter as I advanced through my program. Group coursework is usually assigned, and is well-developed. It has allowed me to gain life-long friends.

Of course, as with any school you attend, you will have some courses you dislike as well as some instructors, as I did. Additionally, Capella's tuition is steep, but in this economy, which college or university isn't?Overall, I am very satisfied with the education I received from Capella University, and I would highly recommend it to others.

I am considering returning to Capella UniversityOct 05 2009Education
I am considering returning to Capella University. I found it provided me with a quality education. I entered a master's program in a school in my state. I did not receive the educational quality I have obtained while attending Capella. I would definitely recommend this school to others. It is well worth it!
Research Topic(s): Business Proposal for Training Curriculum in non-profit agency
As soon as they get you in, take your money for couple yearMay 29 2009Education
As soon as they get you in, take your money for couple years, they treat you like dirt and jerk you around for every single thing. This school is also infested with racist administrators and faculty who resent their students and pledge to do anything to destroy your self confidence. My advice: keep your money and stay away. If you want to get an education, this is the wrong place.
Got my BS, MS and now working onMay 27 2009Computer Science
Got my BS, MS and now working on my Doctorate at Capella University. I have never had problems with faculty or other students. If I needed assistance the staff of Capella was always willing and able to assist me. Faculty is no different than any other College, some good some bad, do your work and ask for help when you need it and getting through a class is not difficult.
I agree with the statements below, their goalMar 22 2009Education
I agree with the statements below, their goal is your money without getting in trouble with the law. They don't like courts very much but I don't think they can be safe from courts. If you are African American, they will give you hard time always assuming your assignments must have been done by others. When I looked into the race and ethnicity of their employees, I found they are about 99.99 % white. I couldn't even find one single administrator or professor who is not white. The pictures on the web site are in no way representative for the demographics of the organization. It is one of their strategies to mislead the public and there are many more of these tricks to this school. My advice: Stay away!!!
I have been very happy with the educationJan 20 2009Business - Management and Administration
I have been very happy with the education I have achieved at Capella. Both my Bachelor and Master degrees were from a brick and mortor school, but as an adult with life and family responsibilities I could not take the two to three years (or more) off to complete a doctorate degree in residence. I attended University of Phoenix, but found their format difficult to work with and their staff less than helpful. While there have been some professors who could have been more helpful or more accessable, overall the quality of the education and the other learners has been excellent. I recommend Capella to others who want to pursue an online education.
My experience in the PhD program at theJan 09 2009Business - Management and Administration
My experience in the PhD program at the Capella University School of Business and Technology has been outstanding. My future degree, a doctorate in Organization and Management with a specialization in Information Technology Management, is well regarded by my employer, a prestigious international corporation. I recommend Capella to any working adult for a high quality graduate degree.
First let me say I am not aDec 15 2008Business - Management and Administration
First let me say I am not a faculty member, I am a true student. Individuals that provide negative feedback on this site are the ones who could not make it in an online environment; therefore, they feel they have to bash the school. The bottom line is any school is what you make it, either you are going to do the work or you are not. The professors that teach at Capella University also teach at brick and mortar schools; the only difference is that you work with the professor using technology versus face-to-face. In either case, the school is an excellent alternative for working adults as it offers the same top quality education by the same professors teaching at brick and mortar schools, and yes we have professors that are graduates of Yale and Harvard.
Don't believe anyone! Capella U is a goodNov 22 2008Education
Don't believe anyone! Capella U is a good idea for making making but not education. They teach one thing and they practice another. By the time you find out it is too late to start over at some other school. But people are finding out about Capella and it started shrinking. My advice, do some research and find a real school before you give your credit card. Good luck!!!
Nov 18 2008Education
Explore other options.
Nov 14 2008Business - Management and Administration
i got in to Capella cuz i couldn't got excepted into any other school.
All the positive postsNov 02 2008Education
All the positive posts here are made by Capella's administration to advertise themselves. The truth of the matter, this school is a money making machine. That's all they care about... good luck!
Capella University is aSep 11 2008Business - Management and Administration
Capella University is a school that will allow you to obtain a quality degree, spend time with family, and continue to work. I have learned a great deal in the courses I have taken to date that I can apply to my job and help make decisions that impact my company’s bottom line.
While Capella is considered an e-learning/online school, somSep 11 2008Business - Management and Administration
While Capella is considered an e-learning/online school, some of the professors that teach at this university are graduates from some of the most prestige universities in the United States (Tier 1). To this end, the same professors that teach at the brick and mortar universities are the same professors that are teaching at Capella University offering the same quality of education.
Capella has allowed me to work toward mySep 09 2008Psychology
Capella has allowed me to work toward my PhD which iwll complete next year without having to sacrifice my income and time with my family. As a clinician holding a Masters degree already, I have found the program very challenging and feel it will be a very important asset to my career. The staff and faculty at Capella have bent over backwards to help me on the path to complete my last degree!
Great school requires hardAug 26 2008Business - Management and Administration
Great school requires hard work and dedication. It is not as easy as one would think; taking online courses at this university has been a challenge. It is my opinion that brick and mortar universities tend to be easier than taking online courses at this institute.
In my opinion Capella University is a goodAug 05 2008Business - Management and Administration
In my opinion Capella University is a good school. As with any university it is what you make of it. Going to school in a non-traditional environment requires that an individual be dedicated and very discipline. If you are not an individual that can meet these qualifications then it is not a school for you. Having attended brick and mortar universities for two degrees, I found that Capella was more challenging and it required me to be a lot more discipline with my work than I was in a brick and mortar environment. That being said, I urge you to challenge yourself and attend Capella University in the very near future.
I have just completed my PhJul 29 2008Education
I have just completed my Ph.D. and could not have been more pleased with the program. It was high quality, well designed and very rigorous. The faculty were professional, some the best in their fields, and many from very prestigious universities. They expected work that was well-written, relevant, and as close to publishable as possible. They were sometimes brutal in their feedback, but always were honest and fair. Unlike a face to face university, weekly participation was always required. Readings had to be done on time, responses had to be scholarly (many times citations were required on even the discussions), and discussions between learners were rich and thoughtful. The learners were often Principals, Superintendents, or college faculty members. They were very motivated and it was exciting to have conversations with peers across the nation and even sometimes across the world. Yes, Capella's initial acceptance rate is high, but students who can not live up to the demands of the university are weeded out quickly, which most likely leads to some of the negative reviews seen here. We could often tell in early courses those who we would not see the following quarter. Those who made it to the end were committed and professional learners who definitely had the tenacity to complete an excellent and well thought-out curriculum. Part of Capella's mission is to reach a diverse population and to give those who are limited in their ability to travel to a brick and morter institution an opportunity to acquire an excellent education. Unfortunately, the potential negative reviews of some students who are unable to continue is a price they will have to pay for giving this opportunity. I have had experience at a very competitive face-to-face institutions as an undergraduate, and went to a state university for my masters degree. For the motivated student, Capella provides a curriculum that matches, and in many cases exceeds both in both quality and rigor. Capella aims to develop and nurture the scholar-practitioner. They do an excellent job.
After reading many of the posts I mustMar 19 2008Psychology
After reading many of the posts I must say that I've been a student at both the traditional brick and mortar and now online. I find that I have had to work harder at the online university because you have to be organized and able to work on your own versus the instructor standing before you and you take notes. As a student at Capella in the Clinical Psy.D. program I have nothing but praise for this school. Yes they did withdraw their APA Accreditation application however the decision was mutual between Capella and the APA. Due to the University changing from a Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology to a Psy.D. program the APA requires a school to wait before starting the accreditation process until a class has been through the new program's process. I have no doubt that Capella will pursue this accreditation once the first class of Psy.D. students has graduated. Please check things out for yourself instead of listening to the negatives you read.
I am happy with Capella's PhMar 07 2008Business - Management and Administration
I am happy with Capella's Ph.D. program after 1.25 years. The program is comparable to other B&M work I have done. Overall, the program is what you make it and for those that say the program "sucks" or simply cry "don't go to Capella, they will take your money" are indicating their intelligence when they post. It is a good program that will allow you to grow as a person and if you want to teach, you will be able to do so. I will add though, do not expect to teach at an Ivy League or Tier I type school because it will not happen. If you want to teach, you should focus more on community colleges, technical colleges, or even Tier III or IV type schools.
i'm enrolled in aMar 01 2008Business - Management and Administration
i'm enrolled in a program and the classes are of very low quality. It's pretty much a giant "chat room" without depth or substance. EXTREMELY LOW LEVEL!
I've been pleased withFeb 10 2008Education
I've been pleased with my experience at Capella. I feel that it is easily as good of a program as those in which I have participated at brick-and-mortar, non-profit institutions.If anything, there is a much higher degree of rigor.
Capella is a quality university - those whoJan 09 2008Business - Management and Administration
Capella is a quality university - those who put it down are either disgruntled former students (i.e. Jeff LaMarca) or have preconceived notions of online education.

I am receiving faculty development funds where I teach to attend Capella, and I don't believe that my college would waste money on a substandard program.Capella, like all endeavors, is what you make of it.

I give this "University"Dec 23 2007Education
I give this "University" a straight F. Don't get fooled by their lies; they will tell you anything to get you in. Even if you make it to graduation, your degree is worth nothing. You may think it is worth something, but soon or later you will find out. As for me, Capella University is a joke!!!!
Capella dumped their psychology program because they couldn'Dec 18 2007Psychology
Capella dumped their psychology program because they couldn't get accreditation from the APA. I'm glad I left and went to a state school. The difference in the instructional quality is vast. I'm almost afraid to tell others in my new program that I went to Capella as I've already had people laugh at me.
Dec 17 2007Psychology
For those who don't know, Jeffry LaMarca is the author of all of the Capella-hate posts.
On 7/1/05 Jeff sued Capella University for failure to accomodate and violation of the American with Disabilities Act.

On 11/19/07, LaMarca's lawsuit against Capella was dismissed.
According to Capella's site:

All charges brought against Capella University by a former learner were dismissed on Monday, November 19, 2007, in United States District Court for the Central District of California. The court found that Capella did not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act and provided adequate accommodations to Jeffry La Marca. Capella has consistently denied Mr. La Marca’s allegations.

Capella has brought counterclaims against Mr. La Marca alleging defamation and interference with business relations. He attempted to have Capella’s counterclaim dismissed, but was unsuccessful at the district court level. That decision is currently on appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In fact, the court found that:

1. LaMarca is not disabled under the ADA.
2. Even if LaMarca was disabled under the ADA, Capella granted reasonable accommodations.
3. Capella did not engage in retaliation by locking out LaMarca from Capella's courserooms due to LaMarca's abusive behavior. In fact, the judge found that: "Plaintiff's comments were abusive, harassing, and inappropriate for any public environment, let alone the functional equivalent of a classroom..."

Well well well MrNov 22 2007School of Information
Well well well Mr. La Marca looks like we finally have a name to put with the one-sided, disgusting filth that YOU spew. Looks like anonymity is no longer your good bedfellow. Good luck with your fact less, childish, tirade…. See how much support you can garner now Jeffry.

Yours Truly,

I've had nothing butJun 28 2007Business - Management and Administration
I've had nothing but good experiences at Capella in the MS and PhD programs. Resources for students continually improve. Health problems have caused problems for me, but everyone at Capella has helped me achieve my educational goals.
I attended this school for two years nowJun 16 2007Education
I attended this school for two years now. The professors are mostly very nice and helpful. Some of them are available to chat with your anytime and help you advance in your learning. I don't think I can ever reach that level of patience. On the other hand, the administration of this place is out of touch. They are in total chaos!!! My classmate said they have always been like that and I don't expect them to change anytime soon. Take my advice, find another. Good luck!
I worked at Capella-- it is a jokeJun 14 2007Business - Management and Administration
I worked at Capella-- it is a joke. They let in EVERYONE, and I mean everyone. We would laugh at emails we would get from "Learners" (capella speak for students) who couldn't even type a logical sentence, yet they were admitted to the PhD program. Think about it: you may be smart, but other doorknobs are graduating w/a degree from this place, making your degree a lot less prestigious. Don't waste your time or your money (which is all they were after. They were obsessed about "going public" with the stock, so the higher ups could get rich and retire).
Capella University is theJun 06 2007Business - Management and Administration
Capella University is the place for losers who can't cut it anywhere else. Do your research and you'll find that Capella is on par with other for-profit schools - a total waste.
Jun 01 2007Business - Management and Administration
I have enjoyed my education thus far.
I made the mistake of attending Capella UniversityJan 29 2007Psychology
I made the mistake of attending Capella University. In my opinion, this institution doesn’t deserve accreditation. At the time of this opinion, there were several lawsuits filed against Capella Education Corporation. (Google search)

Here are a few specific examples of why I took to the time to write this opinion and warn others to avoid Capella.

1. In my opinion Capella is losing ground. It has lost or withdrew applications for accreditation.
2. My experience with instructors and format were disappointing. When the format we used to interface with the university changed, it resulted in confusion. I dropped my class and protested. Capella refused to refund fees and turned it over to collections. Capella’s collection agency dropped the case, so Capella (and/or its agents) gave it to other agencies to continue the harassment. Other students also report unethical collection practices.

3. Poor quality of instruction. My PhD classes were taught by people that didn't seem to have the expertise necessary to teach the class. While there are some good instructors, I was disappointed in the education I received.

Recommendations - steer clear of Capella and heavily advertised online programs. Go with in-state online programs offered from reputable institutions.

I attended Walden before transferring to Capella toJul 06 2006Business - Management and Administration
I attended Walden before transferring to Capella to complete my doctoral degree. Two of my friends, who completed their MA degrees with me both referred me to Capella and both are in the dissertation phases of their doctoral degrees. They have had nothing but great experiences @ Capella and I echo those experiences. My academic advisor is great; she calls me monthly to discuss my progress and plan my courses for the next 3 terms; we discuss challenges and resolutions; this is something I NEVER got from any advisor @ Walden. The curriculum at Capella is challenging and the faculty expect graduate level work from the students. They also expect you to engage in and be accountable for your own learning. I am very happy there and would recommend it to anyone who is looking @ grad and post graduate school.
This school is aJun 29 2006Psychology
This school is a joke! If you care about your education you will go to a different school! Teachers are not knowledgable nor are they helpful. The administration cares more about making money then you getting a good education.
Education is about learning, not "going to school"May 21 2006Business - Management and Administration
Education is about learning, not "going to school". This program offers those who want a higher degree of understanding, the tools and support for them to attain that knowledge.Don't do "on-line" if you can't self start and self motivate. You will be throwing your money away... and most likely not receive the "sheep-skin".
I am active dutyFeb 11 2006Business - Management and Administration
I am active duty in the Navy and on Sead Duty, which means I deploy. Capella University has been willing to work with me so far and has been more understanding and willing than any other university I researched.
Jan 14 2006Psychology
Crapella University aka "Tonka U" is all about making the owners as much money as they can.Avoid it at all costs!!!
I started at Capella University in 2003 andNov 22 2005Psychology
I started at Capella University in 2003 and I have one more class to finish my MS in Psychology. I have enjoyed my time at Capella and I have found all my teachers as highly competent in their fields and great teachers. Although this is an online program there are opportunities to meet face to face with students and instructors through the University Colloquia's that are a part of the counseling programs. The Psychology program is heavily dependent on writing and I can certainly say that I have improved my writing abilities since undergraduate school. The MS program I went through at Capella was challenging and has prepared me for future doctoral studies in psychology at Capella or at a brick and mortar university. The one draw back is that you can not perform experimental research at Capella - they have no labs naturally.
Capella University hires and retains instructors who haveJul 24 2005School of Information
Capella University hires and retains instructors who have literally purchased their degrees from Diploma Mills. One of those "instructors," Diane Stottlemyer, along with the Provost (Karen Viechnicki),their "chief counsel" (Greg Thom), a Dean (Kurt Linberg) and others have been named in a lawsuit for discrimination and retaliation against students. Additional information on the lawsuit may be found at:
Capella university PhD studies are just as rigorousJun 30 2005School of Information
Capella university PhD studies are just as rigorous and disciplined as anywhere. One can download recent research completed by students there from ProQuest's website and see.

There is no way to hide online; deadlines are strictly set. People who are serious stay in for the long haul, become trusted friends, and provide wonderful content. The ones who have trouble disappear quickly (and certainly fail their comps). As time goes on, Capella’s reputation is only going to improve.

For working professionals with a graduate degree already from a respected brick and mortar -- this is definitely the school to check out if you're mid-career working full time and want a chance to earn your doctorate. The faculty are from some of the best schools around, and many are in senior government and private sector positions.

I use to be pleased with this schoolJun 17 2005Other
I use to be pleased with this school until I found out they financially rip the students off. I thought this school was a place to help the student obtain what they need, but realize more and more that this is not the case. This school only cares about the money they receive from you and nothing else. My eyes was completely open. And I am going to transfer some place else. Now, I am not foolish, most schools are about money, but when you're told to get an alternative loan to pay off something that should be included in financial aide let's me know exactly where this school is going. Money, money, money.
As a first year doctoral student, Capella hasFeb 26 2005Psychology
As a first year doctoral student, Capella has gone out of its was to ensure my success. The professors are highly qualified and willing to help with any questions. Course work is very demanding; it usually requires 20+ hours/week/course. Expectations from faculty are high. I would recommend this university to everyone.
I'm currently working on my second Master's DegreeOct 05 2004Computer Science
I'm currently working on my second Master's Degree from Capella University. While I much preferred/enjoyed the courses in my Education program, the courses in the School of Technology have been challenging and real-world oriented. Much of my dislike/problems with courses in the IT program have been due to a lack of background knowledge/experience in field. However, the other students and faculty have been encouraging and supportive of my learning. I have been able to learn and excel and pass on my learning to the students I teach (at a local technical college).

My only truly negative comment about the School of Technology is that the core courses and the "primary emphasis" is on programming. There is much more to the world of IT than programming and not all IT professionals are or desire to be programmers. The administration needs to realize that not everyone comes into the program with a system developer/administrators background. If the graduate courses are going to continue to require this sort of background, some sort of prerequisite courses need to be developed to bring those without the necessary background up to speed.

I will begin writing my thesis at the beginning of next year. I'm looking forward to it (and to getting it done!).

Research Topic(s): Not titled yet
I am a PhD learner at Capella andSep 30 2004Business - Management and Administration
I am a PhD learner at Capella and have 13+ years in IT management and Computer Science. It took me more than 8 months to research online and traditional schools for my PhD program. I chose Capella because of the programs, format, and their credibility. They were one of the few universities that answered my questions completely and explained the processes without holding or twisting any information. Now, I am almost done my classes and I am very pleased with my decision to join Capella University. I have a lot of colleagues and friends that attending “Traditional” schools such as Emory and GA Tech, and when we comparing the end results of courses and the program, there is not much different in amount of work and quality of the papers. Going to university is like every thing else you get more if you put more effort and hard work into it. Any fare minded person who actually understands the program, format, and purpose of the university will attest to the value and credibility of the school.

Just remember: Do your homework and compare the offered programs and the completion process with other universities, one thing for sure you would not find it the easiest or cheapest but you will see the degree that you would EARN will have a lot of value and actually mean something.

Best regardsK

Capella has been anSep 22 2004Business - Management and Administration
Capella has been an excellent choice for me. The overall learning environment is much better than I expected. Course work is challenging and time consuming but is also very rewarding.If you are looking to obtain a degree via distance learning I strongly suggest that you consider Capella.
Sep 21 2004Computer Science
Hideous is an understandment to describe the incompetence you'll experience at Capella. A complete WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.
Capella University has providedAug 21 2004Business - Management and Administration
Capella University has provided me with the opportunity to grow academically. It is NOT easy. I did my MBA at a traditional university. My PhD studies are more difficult, but more rewarding.
Jul 23 2004Computer Science
Avoid Capella University at all costs - this "school" is a ripoff - they'll take your money and run.
Entering Capella University is one of the wisestJul 18 2004Business - Management and Administration
Entering Capella University is one of the wisest educational decisions I have ever made. The level of quality - in both educational and research terms - is amazingly high. I dig the emphasis on theory at the PhD level and find my fellow learners to be generous and helpful at all times. Viva la Capella!
I hate to sound cliche, but you willDec 22 2003Other
I hate to sound cliche, but you will get out this program exactly what you put in. One can coast through turning in sub standard work and walk away with a degree after enough time. Yet, one has the freedom to take on the most daunting research projects and the absolute control over one's own learning journey.
Capella is a wonderful schoolAug 05 2003Education
Capella is a wonderful school. It's new (1993), accredited, business-like and innovative. All programs are online. Courses are challenging with varying interactivity of faculty. Some have been too easy in the past but now there are checks and balances and all have to provide regular feedback to students. The required residencies are amazing -the faculty are excellent, many brilliant. The students are from everywhere, all very motivated. It costs a lot but worth it if you can design a tight program plan and keep to it. This year Capella is exploding and so the chase is on to provide courses and mentors while keeping the quality very high. So far they are doing a very good job.

The organization works like clockwork, I love that about the school. Also, it's on the quarter system so programs are fast track. Many of the specializations are high tech and not available elsewhere.Online study is not for everyone, but if you already work and want a higher degree, are motivated and can use a computer then this is for you. I think by the end of the course I will have had more advice and interaction regarding my PHD and program than an in-person school. Also, the entire organization is about 'getting it done and helping the students = very positive; not at all rude or slowing you down.

Research Topic(s): Not yet!
Capella University Is one of the best schoolsJul 11 2003Business - Management and Administration
Capella University Is one of the best schools I've ever been associated with. I'm in the PhD program for Organization and Management and I believe that my professors are the best ones I've ever had. The learning is mainly online with only 332 hrs of in-class time in the program. That isn't really tha different from a traditional program because you spend most of the time researching anyway.

I just wanted to say that I've loved this program and I believe that it will definitely help my career. I wish nothing but the best for the school.

The administration is moreMay 20 2003Business - Management and Administration
The administration is more concerned with collecting your money than on your welfare and education as a student. If you can get past that, the professors are excellent.
Compare CapellaSave Capella

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