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Webster University

Total Grad Surveys 25
Females 7
Males 18
Avg years at University 2.3
Research Quality B+ (8.0)
Research Availability A- (8.4)
Research Funding B+ (7.9)
Graduate Politics A- (8.3)
Not Errand Runners A- (8.4)
Degree Completion A- (8.7)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B+ (8.0)
Sufficient Pay A- (8.2)
Competitiveness B+ (8.1)
Education Quality A- (8.3)
Faculty Accessibility A- (8.4)
Useful Research A- (8.3)
"Individual" treatment A- (8.7)
Friendliness A (8.9)
Safety A (9.2)
Campus Beauty A- (8.8)
Campus Maintenance A- (8.8)
University Spending A (9.0)
Extracurriculars A- (8.4)
Scholastic Success A- (8.8)
Surrounding City A- (8.6)
Social Life/ Environment B+ (7.7)
Social Life/ EnvironmentB+
This educational experience was the most positive ofMar 25 2014Political Science
This educational experience was the most positive of any for me. I am now enrolled in an online graduate program at a different university, and I am so disappointed in that program. The instructors are condescending, uncaring and uninformative. They do not teach - they only criticize. I am expected to teach myself to the point where I have to wonder what I'm even paying for. Webster was not like that - I really appreciated WU. The faculty were always helpful and really seemed to care about the students. I think campus learning is so much more beneficial than online learning. I learned so much. I only wish I had been able to apply my degree in the job market. I never found anything in my field, although I tried for the longest time.
Such a convenient way to earn a reputableOct 12 2011Communications
Such a convenient way to earn a reputable degree. I am enrolled in the online M.A. program for Communication Management. You get as much out of the classes as you put in so, for me, that is a lot. The textbook buyback program is nifty and the the amount of work per class is just right. Webster is a historied school and a stable institution worthy of earning your degree from.
I am second generation graduate of the WebsterJul 13 2010Business - Management and Administration
I am second generation graduate of the Webster University Louisville Campus. I completed my MBA in a little over 3 years. I took my sweet time because of tuition reimbursement from my employer. 25,000 dollar education with no student debt.

Webster in Louisville was one of the most wholesome places one could attend. Students were often in the same classes over and over, you would see someone for 9 weeks and see them again after a 2 month or 6th month break.

The classes are tought by high ranking members of the community. The faculty always had Masters or PHD's which I can't say for other universities I researched back in 2006.

If you are looking for a school to slack off in, this is not at all for you. I would look somewhere else if you wish to do this. As a student you are allowed 2 C's or an F before you are kicked out, trust me, they are being serious. I did see several people fail. This is not high school or second rate community college.

The school is made up of many races, cultures and religions. This is not surprising since Louisville is quite diverse but everyone's opinions are appreciated and allowed to be spoken.

If you do enroll enjoy a lot of laughs, a lot of growth in education and personal skills. Good luck!

Webster worked well for me as I wasJun 27 2010Business - Management and Administration
Webster worked well for me as I was a single parent, often needing flexibility, proximity to my home and I prefer smaller classes with give and take between professor and student readily available. Unfortunately, I have found repeatedly that other educational institutions in the region have a more marketable academic reputation in terms of recruiters. I found that out when I peddled my undergrad and graduate degree from Webster around to the top employers in St. Louis and elsewhere and was consistently passed over for even entry level professional track positions. In addition, I find that Webster often gets passed over by top international/national recruiting firms as well. That being said, none of those other institutions were anywhere near affordable for me and although I transfered in with a 4.0 from a community college, who knows if I would have made the cut elsewhere. I guess I'll never know...I'm stuck with a student loan that I can't pay as I have been unable to get access to anything other than dead end jobs, rather than the career that I had strived for. In addition, because Webster serves a number of military institutions around the country, I believe their job placement rate of 80% is heavily skewed as they count people employed in the military as part of that. You may want to ask what their civilian placement rate is.
Absolutely the best choice I could have ever made! I amJun 18 2010Business - Management and Administration
Absolutely the best choice I could have ever made! I am a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune and the classes that I took were a mix of online classes and standard live professors.

In both cases, all of the professors were extremely helpful and attentative and most importantly, flexible. They recognized that this is a military base and sometimes our schedule does not permit us to attend class some nights. As long as you get with them before hand, as with anyone, they are extremely helpful.

The support personnel (Cindy and Kim) who work in the base office are two of the most wonderful ladies you will ever meet. I knew I was on the right path during the first class but the feeling was solidified when I came back from Iraq in November 2008. After only taking four classes and having been gone for a year, they still remembered my name! That kind of customer service and appreciation is rarely attempted, much less acheived in today's world. I am very glad that I made the decision to attend Webster. If they offered a PhD on base I would be the first to sign up!

Research Topic(s): The Crash of Commercial Real Estate and the Rise of the Internet
The intellectual and learning experience as a graduateMay 07 2009Business - Management and Administration
The intellectual and learning experience as a graduate student was very stimulating. I received an in depth understanding of management theory and real business world practices. I'm a product of post World War II and the economic birth that America experienced from that time period to the present is replete with an abundance of information and technological advances. In many cases technological advances within the U.S. surpassed the educational material provided by American high schools and universities. In other words, as technology and information exponentially expanded - higher education lagged behind. It was apparent that the scientific management theories of Frederick W. Taylor would not address the rapid shifts in the global economy. We

needed more than specialization and division of labor. Business leaders and university administrators jointly decided that IT, financial, and people skills were needed to manage a plethora of scarce resources. Competition was no longer the sole element used in strategic planning conferences in U.S. offices and board rooms. Neoplasm was not merely a term that applied to the life sciences - it became embedded in the global business practices of offices and factories in China and India. Webster University decided to fill the gap by offering courses that energize workers and managers. Webster University is an American success story that developed course work for traditional students and demonstrated an intense passion for educating its citizenry. We are reminded that education and skill building is an on-going process that starts when we are born until our senior years.

Ironically, profit was no longer King and customer loyalty became the King’s cohort. IT, accounting, banking, employee training, quality goods & services, and work teams became some of the subunits of the King’s court. The King was no longer King in global arena. Even Adam Smith recognized that profit was not always King.

So why attend an institution like Webster University? Is it needed? I’m a 65 year old optimist who lives on the edge of the forest of confusion. I must not blame my neighbor; I must not complain or expect something from anyone. I must do something. Education launches me into the 21st century as long as it increases the qualitative value of my life, and in many respects the lives of others. The adding machine was replaced by the computer mouse. The Boeing 747 replaced the train as a mode of travel for the citizen. McDonald’s now has franchises in Japan. F-15 fighter jets are sold to Israel. Biotech companies sell genetically modified seeds to African nations. We are a nation of Germans, Africans, Irish, Scotts, Greeks, Sudanese, Brazilians, French, Israelites, and Indians. Can higher education solve all of our problems? Of course not, but more Americans want to understand why and institutions like Webster University provide an opportunity to learn and grow.

Nov 26 2008Business - Management and Administration
Good school with a very good reputation!
May 22 2008Communications
Great program, I really enjoyed this university. Relative to alot of other private schools this one was affordable.
May 22 2008Business - Management and Administration
My friends and I all enjoyed studying at Webster. Classes were small enough that I never felt like just another number
I enjoyed my timeMay 22 2008Business - Management and Administration
I enjoyed my time as a Webster University Student. I found the faculty both helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend this school to anyone.
My undergrad was obtained at a different university,Jan 23 2008Communications
My undergrad was obtained at a different university, in the same industry, but a parallel field. Going in to the master's program I was already at a disadvantage, which I understood and made me work even harder to understand and do well on all the 6 - 15 page papers I was writing every 9 weeks. The only problem.... EVERY class is practically the same, just a different teacher and a different class name. I'm convinced of the 9 classes I've taken so far, I could just change the headings of my papers, the product I was creating a Publicity Plan, Communications Strategy, Ad Campaign, Promotional Plan, for and the numbers. I am very disappointed in the university and the waste of my money to receive a master's. I'm almost tempted to write my thesis paper on the school and its program. Have I learned anything? Not really. Do I feel like a "master" of the arts? Nope. Am I doing to go into the Advertising & Marketing field? Not anymore.
Given that I had some very bad experiencesJan 07 2008Education
Given that I had some very bad experiences in undergradute school (Was not satisfied, programs elsewhere were usless, and I simply felt unprepared with a BA in business) the graduate programs of Webster provided a sense of solidarity. I had a greater understanding of the real world after complteion. However, I continue to struggle at finding success in the real world as a result of my degrees. However, the graduate programs (MA in Human Resources and EdS in Adult Education) did provide a level of maturity which I can utilize to counterbalance this somewhat. The EdS program at Webster is phenomenal. I had been greatly impressed with how welcoming the program had been to a student that pursued it as early in thier career as I, and that also had unique intentions. This is the kind of educational institution that will allow self-directed learning. If a student can generate a reasonable plan for which they will endeavour a program, and uphold the requirements of its essential functions, Webster will allow for their creativity. This is not a run of the mill educational system, not at least in its graduate component. I felt quite satisfied with the interaction, and personalization that Webster provided and its oppurtunity to become involved in the campus in a way that is different than most schools. For students who are underprivliged, the campus cares alot and they really do help a needy student achieve thier best. Few schools even discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act, yet Webster holds failthfully to such an important piece of equal oppurtunity. Do students with special needs have to work hard? Sure, there isn't any compromise to the academic integrity and rigor, but the diversity policy is certainly one of inclusiveness and universal design. Few schools actually plan to ensure the maximized potential of ALL its students. Webster does not only envision academic growth for students with special needs, but a pathway to making the most of one's challanges. There is some distance between certain student groups and others, theater and dance students are often very closed from the others. I have this expereince as I enrolled in a few dance courses while attending a early entry graduate program (I was 21-22 then so this made sense). Yet I realized a complete difference amongst certain programs. Yes, there remains some elitism in the culture of students. However, this is not the manner in which the cmapus is run. In my time at Webster, I knew the faces of college services by name and they trully apprecaited my presence as a student (financial aid business office, public safety, groundskeeping, facilities, food service). They were some of the kindest people in my life expereince. Webster also has a great work study program and is very generous with funds. I am still not without challanges in nmy life, however, Webster can take a marginal person and truly place them on the path to flourish, even if they don't make a plethora of money subsequent to graduation. Parents, if you have a son or daughter with special needs that needs a supportive structure, consider this school. Students, if you want a real world experience, that puts diversity right at your doorstep while you pursue an education, you too should also consider going here. Internationalism and diversity is truly the promotion of Webster and the really do live up to it.
Some courses are reallyMay 21 2006Business - Management and Administration
Some courses are really a bitch . Other courses are too easy . Some professors are real nice others are blank blank . All in all I would go somewhere else but if you are in the military its worth going to. It better than that stupid UOP. Not as good as a major university.
Till now evrything isNov 04 2003Business - Management and Administration
Till now evrything is looking pretty good. The interesting part is that Webster gives you the opportunity to go to Europe at one of its campuses (Geneva, Amsterdam, London and Wiena). This is a great opportunity and probably one of the best things Webster has.
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