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Appalachian State University

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Appalachian State puts too much effort into tryingFine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc
Appalachian State puts too much effort into trying to market the campus. The school tries to market a "one love" diversity type feel to the campus, its very transparent. I transferred in '08. back when they really started to pour money into the campus via football. which what from I understand really changed the whole school.It bought a different type of people to the school than I imagained.The school milks the victory over michigan pretty hard, even though it was 5 years ago. Frats and Soroties got much bigger just within the three years I was there.Before I got there I think there were more "hippies" and other laid back liberal arts types.Appstate seemed like it was turned more into a business school than a liberal arts school when i was there. The student body is pretty cliquey (full of bro'd out stoners,finance majors,fundamentalist christians,frat boys, soroity girls,hispter types,atheletes,occasional hippies, somewhat outdoorsy types,and people who are really stoked about campus life.) Alot of the students can be self absorbed, including myself at one point. It can create a really superficial, unfreindly, and uptight enviroment.there are some good genuine people though you just got to dig. I attribute this to the town of Boone. It really can be a dull place to be with not much to do. Although it has quaint downtown. It has really pretty summers and great hiking and swimming spots. Watch out for floridians though they are the seasonal summer plague of western NC. There are some nice bars and beerstores surrounding. The bartenders at boone saloon can be really unfriendly(due to an undeserved beer snobbery)they are nice to girls though.The real estate is terrible.Most of the rental agencies rent cheap, crampt apartments. Some are owned by people in Florida others by people in town. They make a quick buck by exploiting the students into coughing up like 500-600 bucks a month on average for a small shitty apartment, I had a freind with black mold and his landlord refused to do anything about it. Not all are bad i would say 80% are pretty awful to rent from and a minority are sub-par to fine, just be careful when you live off campus, and you will the school is too small for the amount of students the school wants to bring in. Which means dorms are hard to get. the student advising is pretty poor, when I transferred I was assigned to this women who was a real dummy, i dont remember the specifics, but alot of people complained about her. Im not sure how she got her job. Finding summer jobs are tough here.

Its not all bad though...there is a great local music scene growing with some coffee shops and houses, they bring alot of musicians regionally and nationally in which is really pretty cool. The art department changed alot when I was there, it got much better. One of the few saving graces of appstate are the devotion that the art faculty and other facutly have to their work. I was actually going to transfer a second time but through developing relationships with them convinced me to stay.I learned alot about art, probably more than I would have at the other school i previously attended. Appstate in that regard was not bad. The library has some sweet art books you can check out.The writing center helped me alot. The art department is okay as far as art schools go, you get out of it what you put in. I was never a fan of art expo though. I felt it bought an unhealthy rivalry with students. And fed egos. My art got way better out of school, which is the goal of art school. There are some galleries in town which are supportive of students and let them hang work and have shows. In retrospect i think I needed a school that was less football and less business focus.If your looking for public schools that have more of an "artsy" focus in NC try UNCG or UNCA. The students i met from there were alot nicer and much more freindly and open. I think there are defiantly better places to go to school and better places to live if youre a student in north carolina or Western nc like the Asheville area or even the chapel hill area. All in all i dont like Appalachian state or boone that much, but I made alot of cool freinds , and had some great experiences.

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
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I'm currently a sophomore at ASU and everyBrightHistory/Histories (art history/etc.)
I'm currently a sophomore at ASU and every day when I wake up i'm reminded about how much I hate Boone and the university. Please unless you're like me and this is the best school you get into (based on academics balanced with cost) pick another school.

Academics - I'm a history major and very pleased with the department. Every professor I've had has been intelligent and friendly. However I can not say the same for other departments. Other professors have been arrogant, condescending, and not very smart. Coursework is very easy. Little to no homework for most of my classes with exams and papers. Neither are challenging.

Social Life/Town of Boone - Overall the town is absolutely dreadful. Locals are NOT friendly. I ride the bus to school every day and we have to pick up the lazy residents who don't have jobs and get drunk all day. Not pleasant. People at the university tend to be superficial and condescending as well. Not a wide diversity in personality types. I'm a friendly person and am willing to talk to a person before I decide whether or not to be friends and most people no matter what they look like are not intelligent and live hedonistic lifestyles. Food scene is awful unless you like chains and fast food. Police are assholes and enforce the VERY strict speed limit of 35 and sometimes even 25 on a 4 lane road!!!! Town is ugly and looks like a clusterfuck of chain restaurants. Mountains are pretty on the blue ridge parkway but not that great looking at them in the town. Drinking age in NC is 21 so majority of cops spend resources on busting "underage" adults who consume alcohol. Also only 2 bars in town if you are 21 and they are not impressive.

Dorms - some are nice some are not. ALL though are very small, but I can't really blame ASU for that since that seems to be a college life paradigm.

Activities - Drinking and smoking marijuana or whatever your drug of choice is. Other than that nothing. There is snowboarding and skiing in the winter and hiking when the weather is nice

Infrastructure/Aesthetics - Like I said before the town is ugly. The university is not very pleasing to the eyes but it could be worse. Roads in town are HORRIBLE. Potholes and bumps everywhere not to mention the highway to get to the town is a 55 mph that is enforced strictly. I dare you to try and find someone who hasn't gotten a ticket. Also people suck at driving here.

Campus activities - Lots of clubs which is a bonus but very hard to find out places and times. There is also a lot of Pro ASU propaganda on campus. But I guess that would be found on most campuses.

Food - Terrible don't even get a meal plan if you live off campus. If you are planning to live on campus I'm sorry is all I can say. There are lots of coffee shops but the quality is awful. I didn't know coffee could taste this bad. Please save your money and go somewhere else.

1st Year Male -- Class 2014
Education Quality: A, University Resource Use/ spending: F
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Appalachian State University is perfect for some students,Quite BrightUndecided
Appalachian State University is perfect for some students, and completely wrong for others. For me, the negatives definitely outweighed the positives leading me to transfer as soon as I wrap up sophomore year.

The campus is absolutely beautiful. Though there is a lot of construction, the campus is still very pleasing to the eye and most of the buildings are well-maintained. Just recently, the school completed it's renovation of Sanford Mall (cafeteria). The food on campus is great as well as the food in the local restaurants. ASU has several different gyms on campus to choose from that all contain state-of-the-art equipment and are open pretty much any time you'd ever want to be at the gym. Most of the dorms are nice, the ones that aren't are either being renovated or will be renovated within the next few years. The football stadium is small, but the school spirit is great. The campus is covered in black and yellow on Saturdays for the games and tailgating during football season. There are a lot of clubs to join. I was in the swim club and had the most fun I ever had at ASU through swim club events. Most of the professors I had were very lenient in their grading policies and students have complete control over their semester schedules (if they have enough credits to register before everyone else), which is nice.

However, if you have registering problems or are not sure what you want to major in, the general advisors at ASU are no help. Though my advisor was incredibly friendly, he never gave any solid advice and was often late for appointments. Most classes are not challenging whatsoever and most professors were incredibly liberal. These classes are fine for those who are very interested in feelings, opinions, and philosophies, but not enjoyable for any student who prefers structured, more challenging courses that are not passable with an A by writing a few papers on "I feel this way because..." There is no nightlife at Appalachian. "Legends" is not a nightclub. You cannot get into any bars in Boone or the surrounding areas without having an i.d. saying that you're 21. Most people have house parties, but beware, the Boone police are very strict, most landlords are very strict, and these parties are often busted (unless they are held deep into the mountains). Greek life is okay, if you're looking for traditional greek life however, you've come to the wrong school. It's not very hard to get into, but they also don't participate in typical greek activities. There is no sorority housing -sorority members either live on campus, in student apartments, or an off campus dorm for sorority members (a renovated hotel). It sounds cool, but its not. The weather here makes no sense at all. Summer and fall are great, its warm (not hot) and beautiful. After the leaves change colors, it rains almost everyday until it snows. This wouldn't be so awful if it also wasn't so windy and cold! If you love harsh winter weather and have a good 4-wheel drive vehicle, Boone is perfect for you! If you don't, DON'T GO TO ASU. Lastly, I'm a typical girl and I love to shop. The best mall closest to Boone is in Hickory, which is a good 45 minute drive. If you really want to do some shopping, you have to go all the way to Charlotte (2 hours). Though its not a huge issue, it's definitely something to keep in mind when choosing schools.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2013
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Collaboration/Competitive: D
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