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Catawba College

There are 15 Comments
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This school cares nothing about it's students only

May 06 2013Psychology
This school cares nothing about it's students only the money in their pockets! Instead of making sure I received correspondences about an outstanding student balance, instead they turned me over to a collections agency and then made an effort to contact me. I graduated in December and got an e-mail about it to my personal e-mail in early May. This school is full of a bunch of arrogant pricks who have their head so far up their you-know-whats that they don't understand that students that just freshly graduated are having a hard time finding full-time work but still expect a student who just graduated to pay a large balance all at once so they can get their diploma. How can you get a good job without proof of graduation? This school is terrible and I do not recommend going.
4th Year Male -- Class 2012
Education Quality: A+, Faculty Accessibility: F

I'm on my first semester here at Catawba

Nov 02 2011Biology
I'm on my first semester here at Catawba and I'm very disappointed. I am an Environmental science major, which is why I chose Catawba. The ES program still seems good, but almost everything else I've taken has been awful. I have 17 credit hours this semester and I find two of the classes bearable. I have had three horrible professors here. One of which, a racist old hag who can't go two classes without working herself into a 15 minute rant about how stupid American students are (we're fat and lazy too, of course). Another who can't teach for shit, he even had to ask US how HE should change how he lectures and writes homework because the whole class had D's and F's. Even though we asked for help and made suggestions to get him to teach us (because ultimately, that was his job, no?) he didn't change a thing. four of us dropped the class and have to waste time retaking it next semester with a different professor. And one last professor who always makes rude remarks when you answer something wrong or can't remember a specific detail when she asks for it... Calm down lady, if we do something wrong it's your job to tell us what we did wrong- not call us stupid. On the other hand, I have had two great professors here who 1, do good jobs lecturing class, and 2, help when we need it- not poke fun at us, not say things like "well if you american kids these days would stop playing video games all day...", and not simply ignore us.

I had nearly straight A's in high school, my GPA coming here was 3.7. Now I'm struggling in all but two classes because the professors here, plain and simply, SUCK.

Next lets talk about the food. Holy hell is it bad. So over processed you can't tell what kind of "meat" they're serving. It tastes terrible, looks disgusting and is so unhealthy. They feed us, students paying 30 grand in tuition, like rats. This is one of the most infuriating things about this place. People will tell you "oh well no school has good food", maybe not, but I have plenty of friends in different schools around the state who are fed far better quality stuff than the shit I get.

I can't believe how badly they treat us here. All of my friends want to transfer, as do I. I'm very disappointed. I came here to get a good education, and most of my professors let me down. I'm looking at other options, and I want to transfer next semester. I don't want to wait until my sophomore year.If you're a senior in high school right now and are considering Catawba, please reconsider. This school is not worth the $30,000 tuition. I'm not getting a good education and the food they feed me is killing me.

1st Year Male -- Class 2015
Faculty Accessibility: B, Useful Schoolwork: F

Catawba College is a complete rip off! 28k

Jun 23 2011Communications
Catawba College is a complete rip off! 28k a year for what? This also is a 5 year college....most students graduate in 5 years, some, but very few graduate in 4. I made the mistake of changing my major, which I knew would set me back some, but little did I know. My advisor even told me that maybe college wasn't for me. The professors are arrogant as all get out. They believe they hung the moon and the stars in the sky, they're condescending and fake want to be goodie too shoes. And there is no such thing as middle or "common" ground in their options; you must either be extremely liberal or super conservative. Depending on what professor you get you need to make sure you are a brown noser and agree with every viewpoint he or she has. Most students that attend have never been told 'no' in their entire life. Students either play a sport or are in theatre. Those clicks DO NOT match well with one another, trust me. I did an athlete for three years, and the sport I played, wasn't funded enough money to buy our team t-shirts. Football gets everything handed to them, including their grades. There also is NO PARKING, and the ?public safety? writes tickets for evvvvverything imaginable. There is not enough lighting around the campus at night. Girls are asked to call one of the 4 public safety guards who are there on campus to chafer them??..If you chose to call, be prepared to wait 30 minutes before they appear. Overall the College pretends it has its act together while they?re giving you your tour of the school, but in reality it is a hoax. Thus far I have had a professor who had alcohol on his breath in every class I had with him, Wild Turkey to be exact, and another professor who hit on me and made me feel EXREMLY uncomfortable. Ladies be cautious wearing dresses to class if you have a male professor is all I?m saying. The activities they do have for students consist of, Build a Bear (knock off version) night (you literally stuff your own teddy bear! Definitely what every college student wants! ), Movie night in the student center, make your own lip balm, and a bunch of other cheesy things that I can?t remember because I quit going to them because they were so stupid. OH and last but not least, the books you buy at the beginning of the year are hardly ever accepted back, they?re excuse is that the chairman of whatever department, has changed the course outline for the following year, so I basically spent $700 on books each semester, to find out that they only accepted around or two of the books I bought. I would DEFINITELY re-consider going here. I got royally shafted!

P.S. Tuition raises each year?..have fun with those student loans!

Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: - Reputation: -

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