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Elon University

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Jan 05 2015Unknown
Major Salary, Salary Trend, Satisfaction, Unemployment
Being at elon is a nightmare. the school is extremely misleading. They make the campus seem nice with flowers and fountains. big effing deal. Then your lied to about pretty much everything the school has to "offer." classes are a joke; this school doesn't have anything together. One professor cancelled weeks of class and I had to drop the course. It's a mess here. A school that wants to be an "up and coming" and a "top" university but really is only average, if that. I enjoyed my high school classes more than the classes here. Elon has nothing to offer, is known for nothing and I assure you, as I write this from the airport terminal dreading going back for "winter term", you will not get anything out of being at this school. I can learn more on my own, by working and being out in the real world, which is simply not elon.

I did want the college experience of going away from home, getting out of my pretty small town, and just being able to meet new people and learn new things. I'm from a middle class family, I have a sense of reality, I have a job, I don't get everything I want, and that's okay with me. But at elon, you will be around people who are delusional and just not nice people to be around. I don't want them as friends and I don't want to be like them. I am planning to go to a more affordable and bigger place next fall.

You should also know that if you're hoping to get financial aid, It won't happen. 40 thousand a year for some fountains and a man made lake to look at while trapped in middle of no where North Carolina. It's a facade. The entire place is a brain wash. It's not worth a single penny. But for some people it's great. That's the thing with elon, there's one type of person who goes here: rich, spoiled, close-minded, rude and unfriendly. If you fit that category you'll be happy here. I'm serious, you'll love it just like they do. If you're different: meaning you wear anything other than preppy country club clothes, you have different interests or a different way of thinking or talking, you'll be judged and outcasted. Mature right? Don't come here if your looking to for reality, to learn something, or simply be treated with respect. You will not find it here.

That's why I'm leaving. I gave elon a very fair chance but it's just been a waste of time. I couldn't wait to start, I believed everything I was told about the school and it was pretty, it had to be great right? Well the well maintained campus gets old fast, really freaking fast. I actually want to gauge my eyes out hearing the name of the place at this point. My entire experience, from housing and roommates (oy don't even get me started with the type of people you'll be living with), to the lack of anything to do on or off campus (I walk around In circles from one boring place to the next), to the immature and obliviously ignorant, snotty and 1% people I'm surrounded by (It says something that I have met maybe a few normal people out of 5000 people here). What the hell? This place is one big lie. It's not reality and no one here knows a thing about it.

Buy multiple cars, a house, pay my parents mortgage: just a few of the things I could do with the money this placed robbed of me. It's a trap. And it's not even a good school. People don't even know what elon is. It's like being in high school taking boring, unstimulating classes with professors and people who don't want to be there. They only care about social life: that being there cliques, there appearance, their sorority and fraternity. They don't want to meet anyone different, know anything different. So if your someone different (not even different, just not a spoiled brat), you won't fit in. You won't want to fit in if you're like me, I honestly can't even be in the same room with these people anymore. And that's ok with me because I don't want to be like them. Just know it will be a very hard and depressing experience at this small school if you don't fit the clone of the people here.

I actually have to take a double take when I see an Asian or black person. That's elon for you; it's not reality. But of course, the elon clone doesn't have to worry about money or a job, and is happy being in the boring country club hellhole that it is.

I'm being completely honest and sharing my opinion on here because this school is not anything of what it appears to be and I'm so disappointed and upset about my experience and the bullshit I've had to put up with here. I see people on the endless tours and remember thinking it seemed like the perfect school. I turned down money offered to me from other schools because I wanted to come to elon. Fast forward two years, I only wish I knew and I would have never bothered with this place.

Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: - Reputation: -
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Jan 04 2015Unknown
Major Salary, Salary Trend, Satisfaction, Unemployment
STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. I regret coming to Elon "University" for many reasons that i quickly realized upon my arrival. It is nothing but a green property of pretty flowers and water fountains in the middle of nowhere. It is a bubble. The people are close-minded and clones of one another. If you are a wealthy, country club, lily pulitzer wearing person with your parents paying your tuition, you'll fit right in. If you are an individual and want to actually learn something, meet different people and grow up, this is not the place for you and will not provide the experience your looking for. I would leave in a heart beat. Elon robs you of your money to make this school more "up and coming", making its appearance and campus tours appealing, but not actually caring about the quality of life and happiness of students. i've encountered one problem after the next during my time here only to be treated rudely by faculty and actually have them make things harder for me, because believe it or not, "southern hospitality" is bullshit, like everything else at this place. oh and the best part? the courses are all 4 credits, while other universities are 3 credits, making it almost impossible to even transfer out or graduate on time. for those who aren't having daddy pay for their "college experience" (crowded parties and judgmental greek life, stuck up, fake, and rude people, nothing to do at or around school), then this place will suck your wallet dry and be a waste of your time and detrimental to your mental health. STAY AWAY. i assure you there is nothing here, this place is known for nothing and you will get nothing out of coming here... elon is an embarrassment as a college and i can only hope i can transfer my credits somewhere that resembles reality and meet normal people and do something other than wander around this shit hole from one crappy place to the next, alone, bored every day. get me out of here...
3rd Year Female -- Class 2016
Campus Aesthetics: A+, University Resource Use: F
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Oct 29 2014History/Histories (art history/etc.)
Major Salary, Salary Trend, Satisfaction, Unemployment
If I could have transferred I would have. I would go back and tell my High School Senior year self not to attend Elon University. The Student Conduct office loves to dig into the business of students. If the University spent half as much money on paying professors and developing student resources as they do on the appearance of the campus and new buildings to draw in students, it would be a far better University. Finally, if you like attending parties where you are cramped into a small off campus house with limited room to maneuver, you will like Elon, however, these parties get too crowded and packed, but not in a good way. Want to meet girls at parties? Good luck when you can't move around the party without accidentally bumping a drink or stepping on toes. While the professors of this university treat each student fantastically, the Deans and leaders of the school only wish to advance the image of Elon University. They could care less about what students care about, unless that student's Daddy will donate to build a new building. Frankly its sad that such a University can maintain this facade. The faculty are great, but the people who run the school emphasize all the wrong aspects of the College Experience. Don't go to Elon if you want to have a good time in college or if you like privacy. The University loves to charge students with infractions even if they have very little evidence that the student violated the Honor Code. Frankly, they feel that a simple statement from another member of the "Elon Community," is enough to charge someone with an infraction of the honor code. Campus Police will antagonize students, but they let the real cops, Burlington Police, or The Town of Elon Police, handle the real criminals. I don't understand how people enjoy attending this school, because I certainly don't. A few good students here, but most are stuck up northerners who care about themselves more than making lifelong friendships. Wake Forest is an example of what this school could have been had the leaders of the school developed the students who attended the school. High Point is what this school is quickly becoming, because the school is in so much debt that they desperately need more students to attend the school every year. If you are a parent and have fond memories of attending college, don't send your student here, because they probably won't enjoy it like you did. UNC, UNCW, NCSU, USC. All are public schools that are better than Elon University. I have friends that attend all of these schools and the school puts much more effort into maintaining their student body than Elon University does. 5 of my 8 suitemates from freshman year transferred. The transfer rate of this school is so high, because people do not like attending this school. Everyday I see kids taking tours of the campus, but the tour guides are unrepresentative of the student body. If you think this is the school for you, I would recommend looking at other private schools where less students emphasize partying over work and the school puts more effort into pleasing students who attend the school rather than attempting to draw in new students. Parents will say "but they have strict policies against alcohol, clearly they protect our students." False. The school could really care less about drinking and partying, but they enjoy saying they crack down on these things to appease parents. Also, students, the parties on this campus aren't even fun. My degree from this University will likely be worth less than the paper it is printed on, so its good I will go on to graduate school, at least there I can get an education that means something. Parents, if you want to pay $35,000 a year because you think a small school is better for your reserved student, think again. At least at UNC your student has 20,000 other students that are all diverse. He or She will certainly find friends in that large student body. Unless you are from the North or happen to really enjoy partying in cramped environments, then this isn't the school for you.
3rd Year Male -- Class 2016
Education Quality: A+, Surrounding City: F
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