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Elon University

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Elon is a very particular type of culture

Mar 06 2014Language - French/Spanish/etc.
Elon is a very particular type of culture. As much as I would like to see more diversity in Elon students, anyone who decided to attend Elon must know that it is not as diverse as the administrators would like it to be. Most students come from very similar levels of privilege, and you can't walk around campus without seeing people dressed in the same preppy styles and sporting greek like gear. While the faculty have been highly supporting and knowledgeable, I would think twice before attending this school.
3rd Year Female -- Class 2014
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Social Life: C-

You can tell what Elon is going to

Jan 21 2014Biology
You can tell what Elon is going to be like from the moment you step on the campus for a tour: preppy, academically focused, and very greek. Any students that I know who do not like Elon have reasons relating to the latter factors. So do not expect to like Elon if the 'campus vibe' isn't you and you're not willing to be flexible. I've had a phenomenal experience at Elon, but I kept an open mind, tried new things, and chose to see the best in unfamiliar situations. Elon is a great school and the people who do not like it or chose to transfer, in my experience, should have known that Elon was not a good fit after spending just 5 minutes on the campus.
3rd Year Female -- Class 2014
Education Quality: A+, Collaboration/Competitive: B-

Elon is an incredible institution if you are

Oct 23 2013Biology
Elon is an incredible institution if you are a certain kind of student. My experience here overall has been positive, however there are certain things about this school that had I initially taken into consideration, they might have weighed on my decision to come here. Do not be fooled by the school's half hazard attempts to be "diverse". While there are certainly minorities here, by and large the vast majority of students who attend Elon are white, privileged kids who come from wealthy suburbs in New England. I have met some fantastic people here, some who fit that mold, and some who don't, and I will say it is absolutely possible to meet and get to know really cool and down to earth people. Don't necessarily let that fact scare you, it is simply important to realize that the student body here is about has homogenous as it gets. Along with that, the girls really are as beautiful as they say. Never in my life have I seen a greater collection of attractive human beings than at Elon. Again, if you fall into that category, you will absolutely love it here. It is also very true what people say about everyone dressing up for class. Everyone looks classy and put together here pretty much ever day of the week. I myself had the hardest time adjusting to this. It's a little exhausting to feel like you have to look great every time you step out of your dorm, however if you already prefer to dress that way then Elon could very well be the place for you. I will also say that the 60/40 girl guy ratio gets pretty old. Since it is a small school, while it's not like impossible to meet guys, you definitely can feel the surplus of women when you're walking around campus or going to parties. Because so many of the girls are beautiful and there are only so many attractive, straight guys here ( there is deff a healthy gay scene here, super fun if you want a gay best friend!), it can make the dating pool a bit limited. I am getting sort of tired of walking into parties and seeing hot ass girls with kind of dweeby looking dudes. Not saying you won't find a hot/decent guy here (I haven't had that much trouble), but it is something to think about.

The academics are a cakewalk. You should have ample time to get all your work done and be involved in several of the on campus organizations. The classes are small, and the professors are very good about really wanting you to succeed. If you're struggling, your professors will be more than happy to go over some things with you and provide the help you need. To be quite honest though, I've been completely and utterly bored by the academics here. I came from a prestigious high school and took a lot of AP's, so I'm used to a certain caliber of work that I really don't think is always achieved here. I wasn't even a super stand out student in high school, so I seriously am the last person I ever thought would complain about how unchallenging the academics are. Yet so far a lot of the work I've been doing feels like nothing but idiotic busy work that is comparable to assignments I was given my freshman year of high school. Worth the 40K per year? That's up to you.

In terms of social life, don't be fooled- greek life is everything. Upon coming here, I didn't really think this would bother me because I've always wanted to join a sorority. However part of me does wish I attended a university where it wasn't such an overwhelming presence. Plus because we have deferred rush here (meaning we rush in the winter before spring semester), it really helps to network and meet as many girls who are already affiliated in order to boost your chances of getting in one that you really like. That's another thing- people here care about tiers. Not everyone does, but some people definitely do. Just know that the greek system here has a definite hierarchy. Tons of people within the greek system couldn't give about "rankings", but certain people do. That turned me off a little. If you choose not to go greek, honestly it severely limits your social opportunities. You can totally get by without it- I've met people who absolutely love this school and never went greek, however the culture of the school definitely revolves around it. Once again, it is just important to be aware. There are definitely parties at Elon, and a lot of them. There are kids who go out several nights a week, although again these people are typically always greek affiliated. Overall, Elon's a party school, but it doesn't have to be if you don't want it to be. If partying is not your cup of tea, you definitely won't be alone. With all of the opportunities that Elon provides in terms of clubs and activities, you can totally find tons of alternatives to getting hammered every weekend. If you are friendly, wealthy, white and preppy, you will absolutely love Elon. If you air on the side of artsy and hipsterish, you could very well also love Elon. However I don't know if I would necessarily choose to come here if I didn't fit that mold simply because there isn't as much diversity in that sense as you would find at say, a state school. I ultimately have to transfer out because Elon does not offer my major. I am going to sincerely miss my friends and ultimately do not regret coming here, however I am looking forward to transferring to a slightly bigger school with a more diverse student body. There is a lot to love about Elon, but there are definitely things I could live without. Because of this, I think it's really important to do your research before coming here and to make sure that this school is really a good fit for you. If is, then you'll have an incredible four years.

1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Useful Schoolwork: C-

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