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Elon University

Total Grad Surveys 1
Females 0
Males 1
Avg years at University 4.0
Research Quality A (9.2)
Research Availability A- (8.5)
Research Funding A- (8.5)
Graduate Politics A (9.2)
Not Errand Runners F (0.8)
Degree Completion A (9.2)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] A (9.2)
Sufficient Pay A (9.2)
Competitiveness A (9.2)
Education Quality A- (8.5)
Faculty Accessibility A+ (10.0)
Useful Research A+ (10.0)
"Individual" treatment A+ (10.0)
Friendliness A+ (10.0)
Safety A+ (10.0)
Campus Beauty A+ (10.0)
Campus Maintenance A+ (10.0)
University Spending A+ (10.0)
Extracurriculars A+ (10.0)
Scholastic Success A+ (10.0)
Surrounding City B (6.9)
Social Life/ Environment A- (8.5)
Not Errand RunnersF
Faculty AccessibilityA+
any college or university with a greater thanFeb 14 2019Astronomy
any college or university with a greater than 10% acceptance rate is, simply a check clearing business. ELON acceptance rate ~68%. this is a greek & party driven clown college and diploma mill. ELON flat out sucks. Zero respect in the real world. Unless your employment will be village drunk. Stay away from this poor excuse for anything but sleep away high school.
Research Topic(s): outter space
ELON flat out sucks,Dec 04 2016Communications
ELON flat out sucks, preppy rich kids from the north run this over priced sleep away high school. I want to transfer but my parenst would not allow it. Only regrets.
i can break thisAug 29 2016Unknown
Research Topic(s): communications
Aug 01 2016Animal Studies
ELON is a diploma mill and clown college.
make no mistake this is a clown collegeJul 31 2016Architecture
make no mistake this is a clown college and a diploma mill, 56% acceptance rate is a joke, they bend the numbers. Truth is high 70% a c average and a check book you too can have fond memories of puking under the oaks. Worst education money can buy, I am tired of interviews where no one has heard of this dump. Zero respect in the real world for this place. S u c k s !!!!!!
poor excuse for aMay 26 2016Communications
poor excuse for a university. Felt like four more years of high school. Same bs same type of people if I could have afforded to transfer I would have. Hate hate hate the place.
Feb 25 2016Communications
i am positive ELON sucks and is a total waste of time and money.
counting the days IFeb 02 2016Communications
counting the days I can put the place behind me. FU to all the exclusive frats/soro's u suc. Now I will have to spend my working years explaining what an ELON is....out 2016/ regrets forever.
ELON fully explained using a top ten listDec 14 2015Art & Design Department
ELON fully explained using a top ten list method... 1.beautiful campus
2.your chance to do high school over not have to worry about reality, does not dwell here team sucks (just like high school)
5.your debt will be like a scar to remind you it happened
6.frats & sororities define this hot mess of a place will will puke under the oaks
8.the mascot changes about every 20yrs, almost time again can graduate but you can never leave...
I excoriate myself formDec 01 2015Communications
I excoriate myself form this diploma mill. ELON flat out sucks, it provided zero towards any real future...If you are considering this poor excuse for a university, you are about to make a huge, life altering mistake...pick another set of oak trees to get sick under...
Nov 17 2015Unknown
ELON I cried because it is over and because it happened! :(
Allow me to MASS COMMUNICATE this to youNov 16 2015Communications
Allow me to MASS COMMUNICATE this to you. this place flat out sucks...You have been to high school, this is high school without rules. Been out of the sh t hole for almost 30yrs and still regret the time and money I spent under the oaks...Land of the misfits...facebook just reminds me how much I hated this place and how I wished I would have transferred...
what a terrible wasteOct 26 2015Biology
what a terrible waste of time and money. E L O N every loser's other name....out since 2007 still have trouble explaining what an elon is....
Oct 21 2015Communications
live without regret, do not attend this diploma mill....
Oct 16 2015Unknown
ELON sucks...Mass communications is the most useless degree this diploma mills offers...
so glad to beOct 05 2015Communications
so glad to be out of this hellhole, like a scar I still have student loans to remind me of this regretful place. And my sad past was real....
you may have avoidedSep 22 2015Communications
you may have avoided your high school friends by going here. you did not avoid high school part 2. this place sucks donkey balls...
Sep 22 2015Communications
I have hate, hate, hated this place since graduation day 1987! only regrets...
Sep 21 2015Communications
life after ELON...REHAB!
think back to high school all those studentsSep 21 2015Communications
think back to high school all those students and classmates that did not have a social life, these out of state a holes reinvent themselves here, join frats and sororities and feel like the fit in, only problem is you have to act like, think like and follow like sheep to feel like you have friends. this is high school with better fake id.. only regrets, the place has not changed in years....never will
Sep 17 2015Communications
ELON sucks...Just saying!!!
best interview question "WHATJul 15 2015Communications
best interview question "WHAT IS AN ELON?" Fond memories of getting drunk and laid under the oaks. Zero help in real world. Only regrets amassed at this graduation mill!
just went on another interview in nyc, spentMay 19 2015Business - Management and Administration
just went on another interview in nyc, spent the first 15min's explaining what an "elon' was. Where it was...Zero exposure in the business world. It would have been more beneficial to me, if I had averaged in aapl stock the past four years. Using my tuition $. Aapl 9/2012 $50 now $130 the education I received at ELON "useless"
home coming 10-16 2015May 11 2015Communications
home coming 10-16 2015 stop by and see the parade of fools who believe this place actually helped them in some way. This place is a joke, a diploma mill, a waste of time, energy and your student loan. You will graduate a first class boozer...
i graduate from this dump this springMay 05 2015Communications
i graduate from this dump this spring. so far every interview i have gone on, resulted in the same question. where did you go to school? nobody in the industry knows where this place is or adds any value to a degree from here. what a waste of time and money. i hope to go to graduate school and bury my past here. i wish i could go back and choose a real school with a real future. this place is a diploma trap.
Apr 13 2015Communications
memories of ELON only fill me with regret!
you bELONg here ifApr 08 2015Anthropology
you bELONg here if you are not interested in anything but your next beer, greek party or insult. High School had more substance. F THIS PLACE !!!
Apr 06 2015Anthropology
elon, best place to major in regret...
Apr 06 2015Animal Studies
go to elon... Major in regret!
Elon, is a terrible palce to attend, IMar 31 2015Communications
Elon, is a terrible palce to attend, I graduated almost 30yrs ago. I am still looking for a job. still, I enjoyed the tailgates, frat parties, football games and spring break in Florida. Not a total loss, but close.....Find a better place to waste your time, find a better diplmoma mill. This place flat-out sucks....
Mar 10 2015Architecture
best put, when asked what is my alma mater? I respond my "non of it mattered" is ELON. enough said....
went on several interviews,Mar 09 2015Communications
went on several interviews, I got tired of explaining where this diploma mill was and why I chose it. place has zero cridibility in the real world. ELON is worthless after the last frat party.
as a communications major from this pretend universityFeb 24 2015Communications
as a communications major from this pretend university I would communicate to you, go to the parties, the tailgates, enjoy greek life, it will be the most fun you will have. Unfortunately you will be prepared for nothing. Keep your memories close, they will be all you will take from this aweful example of a university. I want my four years and money back. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!
Read the reviewsFeb 23 2015Animal Studies
Read the reviews. The positive ones make the diploma mill sound like a sad, want to be place. Save your parents money. Pick one of the other 100 colleges in NC.
Research Topic(s): Greek life
If you missed outFeb 23 2015Communications
If you missed out on all the high school drama and exclusiveness. You can relive those days. It's a sleepover hs. When the other 100 colleges in NC do not accept you this sh t hole will. What a joke and waste of money
the tuition is not worth the return onFeb 18 2015Communications
the tuition is not worth the return on investment, elon is viewed as a party school, you will be in debt while there, both for tuition and trying to keep up with the no caring rich students, you will be reminded of the time you spent at elon long after you live, student loans, your base salary will not cover. if you plan to party like a greek rock star, graduate and marry a guy who works on wall street. maybe work for a few years and run up more debt so your wall street spouse can pay it off, THEN THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! F CKING DIPLOMAMILL...
Dr. Copeland seems like your best friend onlySep 14 2010Communications
Dr. Copeland seems like your best friend only until you have to ask him a question about your doubts over the program does he become arrogant and defensive. Unlike his sweet demeanor most of the time, underneath that he is a self righteous professor with little to no patience for a student. Not friendly at all.
Elon University has no appeal location in theSep 14 2010Communications
Elon University has no appeal location in the middle of no where. Ther new innovative Imedia Program that I entered is nothing more then smoke and strings. You waste money not even learning the skills you need to get a job in the long run. It is only in its second year so obviously they don't even know what their doing. Please save your money and believe me this school will not further you but just take your money and leave you with little to no skills.
Elon is an amazing University whose reputation isMay 18 2010Business - Management and Administration
Elon is an amazing University whose reputation is continuously on the rise. It has become more competitive to get in to for that reason even in the four years that I have gone here. Student organizations are prevalent on campus and have something for everyone. The classes sizes are never larger than 30 and professors continuously keep students engaged. Study abroad trips are common among students and community service activities incorporate experiential learning. I couldn't see myself going anywhere else and received a great education in the business school which continues to grow in size and strength. All the students that go here couldn't imagine going anywhere else and have all loved their experience.
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